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Atlanta, Georgia

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Atlanta, GA

Beautiful Place, Terrible People - 5/30/2012

I've lived in a few different places and I have to say that Atlanta, GA is by far the worst. The city itself is beautiful but most of the people here are either extremely racist or completely self-centered and rude. I transferred here for a job a couple of years back and came excited with an open mind. But I knew something was wrong when I attempted to say hi to a few people and, instead of acknowledging me, they quickly looked to the ground. It has been this way everyday since. Also, I have NEVER been a racist person and have had quite a few African American friends in my lifetime, but the way I've been treated here is appalling, hurtful and honestly surprising. Not EVERYONE is like this and I have met a handful of nice people, but not enough to stay. My guard has completely gone up since being in Atlanta and I look forward to moving next month before I turn into a misserable person.[more...]

Atlanta, GA

racism in atlanta - 4/26/2012

atlanta is very racist towards blacks and other people of color![more...]

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta - 2/15/2012

I have several friends moving to Atlanta from Brazil. By reading these postings, they were put off by the city. I have lived in Atlanta most of my life and call the city home. Although there is racism, I would claim that Atlanta would have to be one of the least racist places I have visited or lived. Atlanta has a very large population of all different cultures competing to just get by. This competition stems from survival, not racism. The majority of my time is spent in the suburbs, and they are not housing "rednecks." The suburbs are actually a place that houses families and people just trying to escape a life in the city. Although the city can be dangerous at times, Atlanta is an amazing place to live. With the abundance of cultures, Atlanta is a melting pot for all different languages and heritages. Clarkston, is known in the US as the most diverse region. This little part of Atlanta houses hundreds of languages and a refugee center that helps to introduce refugees to the city/country. Racism is everywhere, but in Atlanta, I feel that the only racism comes from the idea of congregating with those like yourself. Although I will not be living In Atlanta for much longer, I would recommend the city to anyone. [more...]

San Diego, CA

Thinking of moving to Atlanta - 2/13/2012

I have lived in San Diego for 10 years and was thinking of moving to Atlanta. Not reading too many positive things though. I was looking to move due to the high cost of living in California. I grew up in Scotland and i'm not used to the huge under current of racism. I never really experienced that in San Diego but it seems bad in Atlanta. Anybody got any other suggestions? I was also thinking of Charlotte, NC.[more...]

Lilburn, GA

Getting around in metro Atlanta-smog and traffic - 2/8/2012

I am an Atlanta native in my early sixties. I will not be retiring in the Atlanta area even though my friends and family are nearby. The reason for this is primarily a result of the horrendous traffic problems in the metro area. You may have a window of opportunity to get around between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. only. Drivers are very erratic and careless and road rage is a problem in the hot weather. Interstate 285 and GA 400 are really dangerous. Many people try to avoid these roads because they are so hazardous. I will probably move to the Asheville, NC area where traffic is much better and the cultural and political environment is more hospitable. If you love traffic, hot weather, lots of code orange smog days and right wing politics, Atlanta is for you.[more...]

Atlanta, GA

housing in atlanta - 10/23/2011

slow market[more...]

Norcross, GA


in your face racism,thats totally accepted here,poorly planned,and hot as a oven in the summer that sucks the life out of you physically,rampant violent crime,awful traffic...THE NEGATIVES FAR OUTWEIGH ANY POSITIVES IN LIVING IN ATLANTA....RETIRING TO BEUTIFUL SEATTLE AS SOON AS I RETIRE!!! [more...]

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta: Midnight at the Garden in the Southern H - 9/11/2011

I have lived in Atlanta for almost ten yers and its the time to consider a move to avoid a head on collision with my career. Atlanta is an OK city to live. It has some pros and cons and I will list some according to my personal experience. The most accurate description that I have ever heard of this city is that it is populated by those comming from more far repressive places in the South, they come here to play but they still carry some of that baggage. To give you an idea of the political flavor when Obama won, there were fireworks in the mostly African American Downtown. In the suburbs it was a Confederate wake. The Metropolitan area is a little more liberal, the surrounding suburbs more politically conservative. Lots of people from California and New York transfer here to avoid the harsh cost of living. They feel a little let down culturally but then they don't pay every cent they earn on housing. Climate- moderate, global warming making the summers harder Metaphysical- Does have a few New Age groups here and there Entertainment-excellent Traffic-Can be ugly. If you live intown and work in the suburbs, then its not that bad. Public Transportation-adequeate. Housing-lots of foreclosures, good time to buy, horrible time to sell. Economy-impacted by recession. lots of business closing. Commercial jobs can be unstable. Southern Stereotypes. Case by case basis, you can't judge everyone but yes, the sweet and syrupy types on your face then backstabber classic southern stereotypes do exist out here. Bless their hearts. Here, is not what you know but who you know and it is not as big a city as you think, if your burn a few bridges you will have to cross them again. Acceptance of those who are considered Different- Usually it is restricted to the intown urban metropolis. Intown, anything goes however as you leave the safety of the inner city circles, you are on your own.[more...]

Nashville, TN

Quite complaining about traffic - 9/2/2011

I moved to Atlanta for grad school and had hoped to stay there but couldn’t find a job so had to move. I have definitely liked Atlanta best of the places I have lived. I find it ironic how everyone is complaining about the traffic b/c what I liked best was that you had a lot of good in-town neighborhoods that were not prohibitively expensive. I lived in Druid Hills and was 3 miles from Midtown, Downtown, Buckhead, and Decatur (no reason to go anywhere else) and had a nicer apartment for half the price of my apt in DC. The only time I was ever on the highway was to go to the airport (from which you have a nonstop flight to almost every major city in the world). Of course housing is cheaper in the suburbs but that’s offset by the added transportation costs you have from living there. Plus you have a rail system that services all the main business centers. In Atlanta you had big city amenities at small city prices. [more...]

Powder Springs, GA

Atlanta area.... not what you expect! - 9/1/2011

I have lived in the Atlanta area for 11 years. The first 3 yrs were ok then I started to notice that segregation was rampant, the races only seem to get along on the surface, examine deeper and the truth comes out. Most areas outside of the city itself are occupied by "rednecks" Most positions in management is held by "whites". Most important "law making decisions" are made by "Whites" which support "their interests". I agree that certain areas are great to live, and you may feel that you are accepted by those around you,but if you are not from the South, non-white, female, educated, forget it! The system here is the "Good Ole Boy" The tension in this place between blacks and whites is terrible. Nepotism is the way of the land here, If you are not related or married to someone who has the authority you will not make it here for very long. The schools are very bad here, there are great relationships from elementary to middle school between the races, get to high school and it is nonwhite on one side of the lunch room and whites on the other. The work place( generalization) not all,co-workers act as if you are their enemy on the job(especially African Americans). The workplace is a battle field, throwing everyone "underneath the bus" is the way to excell. It is horrible. I enjoy the arts,music and good food and I am not afraid to go places. The whites look at you as if you don't belong in these is only for them. If you can tolerate this behavior fine. They make non-blacks feel "black" here.I am from another country, lived and traveled overseas. When I compare places and culture it is as if I have regressed into the dark ages. The south is too closed-minded and backwards.If you are educated, open minded, sensitive to other cultures and understand how relationships should be this is NOT the place for you. Many of the native people here come from across the state line... very rural areas... from a one stop-light town (literally in the bush)...They come to the "big city", get an education, get all dressed up and get high positions, but the deep southern, country, small-minded outlook at life and others is still the same as it was 70-100 years ago. Crime is pretty bad here, road rage and other crazy things can be seen on the roads. My house was broken into a year ago. When I first bought my house I did not have to lock my car and doors now I do along with a security system. Traffic is a night mare here like any big city. It is ok to live here if you are prepared to feel like a "non-person", or "stick" to one group of people(race) "kiss butt" to keep your job, get a promotion. MOST policies and procedures here seem to work backwards and it is designed that way to frustrate and keep Non-Whites out of the system and make it as hard as possible for them to advance. If you are growing up a young black child be prepared to instill in your child that they are equal to the whites because in schools they are forced to feel less than who they are. The school systems are bad due to racism. They are designed to keep the non-whites down and it is sad in this era that attitudes like these still exist here. Basically most Georgians act here as if the civil war is still raging in GA. The climate is great most of the year, very hot in the Summer with severe weather, cool falls and springs and mild winters. It is fairly easy to get a decent house and taxes are fairly low. Apart from that.... it is not all that it is cracked up to be. Planning on moving out just for a difference in attitudes, hope to find a more liberal and welcoming place. [more...]

Alpharetta, GA

Public school systems - 8/22/2011

As a sophmore at Alpharetta High School, i am voicing my opinion about treatment of students in Public school systems is unprofessional. There are alot of bad kids at this high school, we change principals every year. This school is like a juvinile detention center. The rules are like a prison. We only get 5 minutes between classes, the kids are extremly rude and snotty and push people in the halls. They dont give us any time to use the bathroom!!!!!!!! If we ask in class they make us fill out a bunch of information, and the answer is usually no. We cant wait upstairs before school in the morning without getting In-School-Suspension. The counselors at this school are usually off, and not very helpful on getting students ready for college. Teachers lock the doors after the bell rings, so it feels like being in lock down. The lunches are really expensive and small, and they even make us pay for a locker and plastic eating utensils and there are not even have enough lockers for everyone. We even get detentions for packing up at the very end of class, so we can get to our next class on time. Often very disorganized, there are clubs, but half the time noone shows up for them, they dont have the right room number, and students often get locked in rooms or out of them after school when this happens.[more...]

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Sucks - 7/17/2011

Not all bad but not all that is cracked up to be. Must be very selective to have quality from education to housing. [more...]

Brooklyn, NY

@Adrian - 5/7/2011

@Adrian You speak so harshly about the men in Atlanta...baggy clothes, ruthlessly destructive, but in your photo you sit with your legs open wearing pink panties and a bra....where they do that at (lol)? You're from Beverly Hills? Yea, have no class about you chile. get it together.[more...]

Atlanta, GA

Seasons - 5/1/2011

The Seasons are the absolute the best. Winter are from cold to mild. Some times you can have a 70 degree temp for some of the weeks in the winter time which almost make it a early spring. And when spring does come it is prefect as well as summer and fall. [more...]

Mesquite, TX

Marriage - 4/18/2011

If you have a good marriage and family stay away from ATL, and pray your spouse doesn't have to go there on business!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WATCH OUT ADULTEROUS VULTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![more...]

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta - 4/18/2011

I have lived in Atlanta off and on since 2002. I have never been the victim of a crime, and I have never witnessed a crime being committed. I think many people fail to take precautionary measures. When I lived in North Decatur I heard about people being robbed, etc. These incidents always took places after mid-night near ATM machines and parking decks. In addition, I have heard of men coming into college dormitories. Most often, men would enter unlocked rooms. My point is that you can drastically reduce your changes of being a victim by increasing situational awareness and protecting yourself. Zip code 30303 (downtown) was recently listed as the 4th most dangerous zip code in America. I lived in this zip code for 1 year and walked to and from work for 6 months (about a 6 minute walk). I never had a problem. I would argue certain parts of 30303 are safe for downtown living. Of course, there are areas south of the GA Dome that I would not walk around in. I have lived in many areas: Washington, DC; Sierra Vista, AZ, Knoxville, TN and others. I enjoy Atlanta the most. I feel safe here and the cost of living is lower than the national average. Also, starting salaries tend to be much higher than in comparable cities. Atlanta has the offerings of a big city, without the high cost of living. In addition, Atlanta has a small town feel because of its greenery and southern hospitality. Also, Atlanta is a melting pot. The population is predominantly black. However, the white population is actually growing. The hispanic population is also growing. Importantly, I find most are proud to call Atlanta home and notions of racism are (in my opinion) outdated and overemphasized. Yes there is racism and reverse racism (this is in all areas). I think those in Atlanta are more accepting of other ethnicities simply because we are a diverse area - the diversity leads to openness. I only wish GA did not have a state income tax![more...]

Norcross, GA



San Diego, CA

Rent - 2/27/2011

Im moving from San diego, ca and looking for a residential hotel near the amtrak station. Only looking to spend 500 ao less. Can anyone help, as this is a stepping stone that i cant afford get wrong.[more...]

Atlanta, GA

Dont come any closer - 2/7/2011

listen to the review its true georgia sucks[more...]

Ga Peach
Atlanta, GA

Not all is bad !!! in Atlanta - 1/24/2011

Compared to some south states Ga still has some southern hospitality. I want get into the white/Black/Purple/Green of things. But some drama did come along with an increase of 6 million out-of-towners, really what do you expect. People come here for cheap living and jobs that most thought they won't have to compete for when they arrive. Later they find out, that's not true because yes people from the south go to college too, Sorry. Yes there are still good hearted people in the city, someone to help you change a flat,make an emergency call for you. Yes we party here too, I know our parties are not as big as the ones up north. But if you plan on keeping it positive your more than welcome to join in on the fun. Traffic is bad from 7-9am and 4-6pm but I'm a Ga peach so I remember the day when we only had 2-3 lanes but once again do to the increase of about 6 million people. We have some fine dining and some hood spots, like any other state. But there's something for everyone, Art, Music, Plays, Parks, Fishing, Hunting. So please don't let one bad run-in ruin your taste of my city. Don't be surprise the person that pissed you off maybe from your home town or some where close. Remember only about 30-35% of the people here are natives. I wonder where the rest is from?[more...]

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