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Bellaire, Texas

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Bellaire, TX

Bellaire, Texas - 12/19/2012

Great place to have a Business..Close knit community..Very visible Police, but a tidy city... Children's Collections 5219 Bellaire Blvd. Bellaire, Tx 7740 713-664-5219[more...]

Bellaire, TX

Bellaire - 10/9/2010

This is a small town in a big city. The politics is narrow. The noise and congestion of the freeway makes being outside uneasily peaceful. I am close to cultural attractions in Houston. Being close to the Houston downtown and also having the enclave features of a suburb are welcome. Land prices and the gentrification of the neighborhood are challenging the small town friendliness. [more...]

Bellaire, TX

cost - 3/12/2007

acceptable and less expensive than many states[more...]

Houston, TX

Fabulous! - 6/7/2006

IF you can afford the area, I was there from '84 to '03, so know it well. Best Fire, Police and Library I ever saw. Safe. Neighbors are so-so friendly and not the chatty type, in general. Just a wonderful place to be.[more...]

Houston, TX

Great IF you can afford it - 6/7/2006

Lived in Bellaire from '84 to '03, so know it well. It has one of the best Police, Fire and Library departments that I have ever seen. Safe. People on my deadend were not particularly about to go out of their way to be friendly, so no mingling with the neighbors. However, I was too darn busy to care anyway. Just a fabulous area in Houston, and, if you can afford it, I say do it. You won't be sorry.[more...]