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Marina del Rey, California

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Venice, CA

Relaxed Vibe, fantastic Community - 3/11/2013

Wonderful beach community, beautiful temperatures all year. Liberal minded neighbours, absolutely love it here![more...]

Marina del Rey, CA

Great place to live - 8/16/2009

The climate closest to the ocean is mild and rarely too hot. The humidity is comfortable and soothing. The town has a very relaxing feel surrounding the Marina with views of sailboats sailing from/to the Marina and the Los Angeles Bay. Nightlife is happening in Venice Beach which is a few streets away.[more...]

Marina del Rey, CA

Best Climate in America - 7/28/2008

The coastal areas of Southern California offer a fabulous climate. Never below 45 degrees F in winter, rarely above 90 degrees in summer. Most of the year is between 58 and 78 degrees.[more...]

Marina del Rey, CA

Absolutely Fantastic! - 1/23/2008

We've lived in MDR off an on since 1997 first in a rental, then purchasing a home in 2005. This is one of the few places in LA where you can actually walk and/or ride a bicycle to everything (supermarkets, post office, movie theaters, restaurants, veterinarians, doctors, etc.). The weather is wonderfully mild and temperate all year round. It is much quieter and cleaner than neighboring Venice or Santa Monica. The demographic is shifting to younger residents, families and professionals. The housing market has boomed as it is one of the remaining areas on the water that is still relatively affordable. The only difficulty is traffic generated on Lincoln Blvd. and the 90 Fwy (feeder to the 405). However, it is no worse than any other parts of Los Angeles. Getting to LAX is a breeze (15 min.), but you don't hear planes overhead. We absolutely love it![more...]

San Antonio, TX

The best weather! - 9/8/2007

The best weather in the US! (I think) Mediterranean weather - never too cold, and doesn't get too hot either. Loved it...[more...]

Marina del Rey, CA

Beautiful Weather - 8/13/2007

Marina del Rey is one of the nicest areas to live as far as climate is concerned. There is always a cool breeze in the evenings and rarely are air conditioners needed.[more...]


playa vista - 9/24/2006

playa vista,k 90094, is a new area which is not on your records. they already have 2000 people living here with at least another 1000 on its way with multi housing. it is adjacent to marina del rey. average price is around $550,000.[more...]

Marina del Rey, CA

Frustratingly Great - 6/19/2006

We love living in Marina Del Rey. It's right on the ocean, I sail on other people's boats in the Marina, the temperature is 15-20 degrees cooler than areas just 10 miles away, restaurants that we can walk to...what's not to like? The price of real estate! If you're not in and don't have a windfall, it's impossible to afford anything you'd like to live in. And the rents are rising steadily. Ours rose 30% in one year![more...]

Marina del Rey, CA

Cost of Living in Marina del Rey - 6/6/2006

Marina del Rey is absolutely gorgeous. It's got it all going on: sun, surf, shopping, restaurants. And that's why it costs more than $2000 a month to rent a two bedroom apartment. Want to buy? How about $700,000 for a "luxury" loft? Yikes![more...]