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Gordon, PA

Scary - 4/8/2010

Drove across the states to relocate to Schuylkill Co., PA so have experience with many state's drivers. PENNSYLVANIA IS THE WORST. OMG, NO ONE goes the speed limit, CHRONIC tailgating on a DREADFUL road system. Engineers in this state have to be the bottom of the barrel; even mall parking lots are convoluted. WHY is EVERYONE in such a HURRY?? Can't wait to relocate - IF I CAN MAKE IT OUT OF HERE ALIVE!!! Sad, sad situation. As someone mentioned earlier, school taxes are insane; SOMEONE'S getting rich while the citizens are getting the shaft.

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Fairview, PA

New account - 4/6/2010

Erie is a nice place to live. Looking for nicer climate year round.

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Sellersville, PA

Sellersville - 3/15/2010

nice little town, close to everything.

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Birchrunville, PA

Birchrunville - 2/15/2010

Picturesque northern Chester County PA country village about 25 miles west of Philadelphia. Exclusive because it's expensive. Plan on buying hundreds of acres for tens of millions if you want to live in this place.

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Bryn Mawr, PA

Infomation - 2/5/2010

I appreciate your data. Thank You, Jim Lomax

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Leola, PA

Lancaster County, PA - 1/1/2010

If your not from here, don't even think of moving here. Seriously if you weren't born here, no one wants to know you. We moved here 11 years ago from Massachusetts, and most everyone we have had contact with, judge you first, make their assumptions, and then ignore you. The only people that are friendly are the Amish! If I had known how rude everyone was out here, I never would have moved. I made the mistake of selling all we had, and settling here. Now I cannot afford to go back, or anywhere for that matter. Yes, the cost of lviving is cheaper here, but I wouldn't mind paying a little more to find non-judgemental people!

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Tannersville, PA

Live in the poconos - 12/27/2009


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Hello - 9/24/2009

Born and raised in Hreshey, Pennsylvania - home of the Hershey Chocolate.

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Ambridge, PA

Life is fun again - 8/10/2009

Although life's stresses will find you any where, here in PA there is no additional keeping up with the Jones. My family has found it a lot more relaxed and easy to go about life here than any where else we have lived.

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Schnecksville, PA

School Taxes - 5/31/2009

The school taxws here are forcing me out of my home ,am on a fixed income now and have to leave this state.

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Auburn, PA

Infrastructure - 4/27/2009

Pennsylvania really needs to take action in making this state more navigateable for its citizens.

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Owings Mills, MD

what is the best place to live in pa - 2/21/2009

what is the best city to live in pennyslvania

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Tamaqua, PA

Visit PA - 2/2/2009

Pennsyvania is a beautiful state especially if you enjoy the four seasons...fall in PA in the best! Gorgeous colors and weather.

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Blakeslee, PA

Cheap - 12/28/2008

I am looking to move south where it is warmer. The only good thing about PA is that the housing prices are very cheap.

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McKeesport, PA

Pittsburgh - 12/24/2008

Boring; would like to live anywhere else. I don't know of anything fun to do, and anything I want to do is never in the state, or it's in a very far city away from me.

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Muncy, PA

PA economy crippled by poor government - 6/10/2008

PA has too many government agencies and programs created to promote economic development. At best, the efforts are ineffectual, and at worst, they make it more difficult for businesses to operate in the state by increasing taxes and bureaucratic paperwork.

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Gouldsboro, PA

the 4 seasons - 5/31/2008

If it is diversity in climate you are looking for you have found the place. Winter Wonderland begins in Late December we usually have a White Christmas, there are exceptions but for the most part, the winters can range from 0-30s spring arrives mid April these days, and there is a steady increase of temps until we reach our Summer conditions, happening just around Now, June-we usual see 70-80s and sometimes 90s in the dog days of August, then a steady decrease in Sept and October frost is inevitable. I do find that when you are experiencing great changes in temperature you find there is 2ce the expense, you will need your tanning oil and some quick Joe ice melt, Hat, and scarf, bikini, and sandles. You may have a snowmobile and a jetski, a fireplace and an air conditioner, So when you are living here looking for these items--pay attention to your newspaper as these are "seasonal items" you will have to plan your budget to work around the merchandising! In the light Beth

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Reading, PA

The good and the bad of Pennsylvania - 5/18/2008

The good: seasonal changes, variety, landscape and wildlife, reasonable cost of living The bad: state, school and property taxes, bad for businesses to set up, too welfare friendly (need a better check and balance because it's abused too much)

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Philadelphia, PA

A State to live in - 4/18/2008

Pennsylvania is a beautiful state. There are a lot of historical cities. The landscapes in some of our cities it's awesome. It's an experience one must see for themselves

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Easton, PA

retirement - 2/10/2008

Will retire in 42 months. Reviewing options

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