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"A True Garden of Eden"

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re: A True Garden of Eden - 4/25/2009 - 5/5/2009
are you talking about port arthur, tx????!

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Nederland, TX

port arthur ace hole capital of the world - 7/28/2015

Port arthur and surrounding areas CONS: hot and very humid summers cant go outside during summer hungry mosquitos chase you. Most pdople on the road especially with trucks either suffer from road rage or are just ace holes. Did i mention walmart when you go shopping or HEB people dontbsay excusme when their and want all the aisles for themselves and always with that look on their face like they are mad or sour. My advice dont come here to raise a family you can feel the negativity in the enviroment while shopping not only black people but also white people and hispanics have this problem in this area. Cant wait to move to Chattanooga TN next spring

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Port Arthur, TX

Slow grind - 2/14/2015

Seattle, here we come!

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Port Arthur, TX

Pierre - 4/26/2014

I live in the Port Acres area of Port Arthur and I like the rural area very much. I do have to wonder what kind of hallucinogenic drugs he had used prior to writing his review of Port Arthur in 2009. To the objective observer, Port Arthur is nothing special. There are no beaches to speak of, certainly no clear water until you get as far south as Corpus Christi. Maybe, he was mocking the reader? Maybe he wrote it on a dare? Like all places, the City is not as utopic as Pierre writes and not as bad as the bashers write either.

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Beaumont, TX

Armpit of the world - 1/5/2013

I moved here over a decade ago. This not a place to raise a family, nor accumulate a substantial savings, nor find entertainment. It is extremely expensive to live here with over the top taxes. It is dirty, it stinks, the beach is filthy, the roads are terrible, the interstate system is dangerous, police protection is non-existent. Whites are a minority and blacks let you know it. Restaurants are dull and tasteless unless you like jalapeno juice in everything. Everyday people go out of their way to be hateful for no apparent reason. It is big oil environment and none of the money stays in the local economy. Do yourself a big favor, don't even visit this hick town.

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Port Arthur, TX

A True Garden of Eden - 4/25/2009

Port Arthur has to be the most beautiful city i have ever seen. Most every house in the city beckons the observer with their charms of a lost splendor of the Victorian Age. Cool gentle aqua marine waters gently lap along the lakeside enticing multitudes of bathers and summer frolicers to wade and bathe in the glimmering sunshine. Her beaches are unequaled not even by those of Tahit or Fiji and the lovely tropical scent of coconut palm and exotic flora permiate the air. The climate is always supurb with warm sunshine yet cool soothing breezes that keep the atmosphere just right. Her people are simply the best, Warm, friendly, and jovial you will feel welcome the moment you arrive. Yes, I simply love Port Arthur and believe me you will too. Ill see you there...

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Groves, TX

Low quality of life; low property values, high cri - 7/10/2008

14 years ago I made the mistake of choosing Port Arthur to call home. I rectified it 2 years ago when I broke even by selling my home and moved to a neighboring community. Port Arthur has to rate as one of the worst communities in the country. The weather and pollution from refineries aside, the city lacks leadership, integrity, morals, and vision. The downtown district consists of deserted and crumbling buildings that resemble a war zone complete with the regular sounds of gunfire. The city is overrun with serious crime. The so-called community leaders are jokes; they have their hands out looking for a payoff and are driven by self interests. All facets of the city government are inept, and the local school district is even worse. The schools are low performing and lack discipline. The school board and administration has a history of cronyism, corruption, and just general poor performance. I can't think of one good thing to say about Port Arthur and strongly encourage anyone considering a move there to not do it.

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Groves, TX

Port Arthur ISD is Bad - 7/9/2008

All my children attended Port Arthur Schools with my oldest having the dishonor of graduating from Memorial High. The PAISD is a complete joke with a terrible board and administration. It is a reflection of the city; Port Arthur lacks leaders and vision. It is a welfare city racked with serious crime problems and a downtown that looks like a war zone complete with crumbling buildings and the sounds of gunfire. If you care about your children do not even consider a move to this city. If you already live in it, do as I did and get out while you can.

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Port Arthur, TX

I hate this climate - 2/1/2007

I am a person who enjoys snow. That sounds strange coming from someone living in a place that rarely sees snow flurries let alone heavy snow showers. Port Arthur's climate changes rapidly. The summers are hot and humid while the winters are mild with the average daily high of about 55-65 degrees. Spring and fall are variations of the summers and winters. The worst part of the year is summer, especially July and August. Temperatures can range in the upper 90s and lower 100s for a whole month without showing signs of cooling down. Summers are also very muggy and can make you feel sticky. EEWWW!!!! Thunderstorms are also common here in Port Arthur with periods of rain lasting for up to a week.

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Honolulu, HI

Aftermath of Hurricanes - 11/24/2006

Before the hurricanes it was a good small atmosphere still not very diverse or open minded but at least people were friendly now it's like a depression happened every one is very rude and ignorant. Sorry to say this I used to really enjoy living in this town aside from the huimidity but now when I go back to visit family I am always releived to get out of there where the people are nicer.

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