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"Many bad guys past"

Many bad guys past - 3/7/2011
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Belmar, NJ

Our new governor is in the hot seat. He has to reverse the graft laden damage that the previous 3 governors have bestowed on our wonderful state. Hope he can stand up to the barrage of pushback, run amuck unions, ridiculously high state salaries & overlapping multiple state pensions. Without all that NJ is one of the best pieces of real estate in the nation. If you come, come join the fight to take her back

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Sicklerville, NJ

taxes - 2/22/2014

NJ has the highest taxes and it's hard to remain here when I retire.[read more...]

Browns Mills, NJ

looking for a place to retire - 1/22/2014

Presently live in NJ. I hate the cold and high taxes. Looking to move to the Carolinas or Florida. can not decide.[read more...]

Willingboro, NJ

Education - 3/2/2013

Long Branch is the place for Education . They have the best schools. Especially for handicap children. The rent is high but its worth living there. As long as you keep to yourself. The beaches are beautiful and the houses are beautiful too. I can't wait to move back counting down the days. [read more...]

Clementon, NJ

taxes - 2/26/2013

you have high taxes in lake worth florida? south jersey taxes are between $4,500.00 and as high as $10,000.oo and north jersey above jackson run anywheres from $10,000.00 to over $20,000.00 plus the weather, seasons are nto great,lucky you who live in florida![read more...]

Voorhees, NJ

recreation - 12/15/2012

lots to do!! [read more...]

Miami, FL

Cost of living - 12/5/2012

I 'm planning to move to New Jersey on 2013.[read more...]

Roselle Park, NJ

Too expensive - 8/14/2012

Residents in New Jersey pay too much in taxes, too much in car insurance, too much for housing, and have no extra quality of living to show for it. I was born and raised in this state but I can't wait to get out.[read more...]

South Plainfield, NJ

no immediate comment - 7/31/2012

a new member in an overtaxed state.[read more...]

Hightstown, NJ

out of control property taxes - 7/30/2012

The corruption in the county and state government is so entrenched that it will take at least a couple of decades to clean it up ,if it ever get cleaned. I live in East Windsor ,here the property taxes are out of control,sixtyone cent of everydollar goes towards the school district.( Iam sure most of it goes toward paying salary and benefits and less towards in any education) Here they over inflate your house price so they can come back and raise your property taxes every year to pay for all the pensions and the so called benefits of the state employees.( I call it milking the cows). I don,t know why anyone would even consider buying a home in New Jersey. [read more...]

Saddle Brook, NJ

Property Taxes - 7/25/2012

New Jersey was a great state to grow up in. But property taxes will be its undoing. It has become a cash cow for municipalities. Need more money? Raise property Taxes! Want to add a bathroom or make your home nicer with some addition...Raise property taxes. Soon, there will only be the very rich and the very poor living in this state. So sad that I cannot afford to retire here.[read more...]

Trenton, NJ

Too expensive to live in New Jersey - 6/8/2012

I'm a native of New Jersey and nearing retirement age. The cost of taxes and car insurance is way too expensive and my husband and I are considering moving south. We are interested in North or South Carolina but don't know where to start. I'd like to live where the cost of living is low. Suburbs of either Charleston or Myrtle Beach. Another consideration is a suburb of Raleigh. Any suggestions?[read more...]

Hainesport, NJ

Hainesport, NJ - 6/4/2012

Great small community with mixe of farms and single family housing within 40 minutes of Philadelphia and 90 minutes of NYC. Grat family atmosphere with above average public schools and many private institutions nearby. Great public spaces and public officials who work well with citizens [read more...]

Brooklyn, NY

best places in nj closet to ny to live - 4/11/2012

planning on moving to nj in 2 years. need a town that is close to ny.[read more...]

Bridgeton, NJ

Going to Hell Quick, Fast, & in a hurry - 1/24/2012

I have lived in NJ all of my 40 years and am truly disappointed of the decline of living standards in the southern part of the state. Especially Cumberland County. I grew up when we could leave our windows open and feel the night breeze and if you fell asleep under the tree in your yard you weren't raped or robbed. At the very least for paying the highest property taxes and darn near highest car insurance in the nation one should at least expect to be able to read the paper without finding out that another senior citizen has gotten beaten up and robbed. This town, Bridgeton, is so small that I live in that if you blink while driving you pass right through it. Not a problem in my book. However, that darn small with so many police NO ONE should be getting attacked in broad daylight as if we were in Chicago or something. Granted there is crime everywhere in the world. It's just going to be so because sin does exist. I don't know what disgust me most the lack of feeling safe anymore, police officers arresting their own for selling drugs or police protecting their own. Everyone acting and pretending to be so busy and yet nothing getting done to my satisfaction. Why to my satisfaction because I am the taxpayer!! In every doctor's office there is a sign that says "payment due when service is rendered" well I have given payment so can I get some service rendered? There is absolutely nothing to do. So many sex offenders and inmates from the largest prison in the state being located here and staying once released will give you one thing to your back. Overpaying for absolutely no reason whatsoever.Relocating, relocating, and relocating![read more...]

Freehold, NJ

Central New Jersey - 1/10/2012

Central New Jersey has many wonderful attributes. It's close proximity to beaches and NYC are the top features! Schools are excellent as well. Neighborhoods are friendly and safe in the Monmouth County area. [read more...]

Hightstown, NJ

New Jersey - 12/7/2011

In my opinion New Jersey's most appealing attribute is it's proximity to 2 metropolitian areas, the coastline & beaches, and the Pocono Mountains, and Atlantic City. The state has many exclusive affluent places to live, but as a whole the state is not worth it. The tax burden is near the top (if not the highest) in the country. The urban areas have been neglected/ decaying for years, the population density has pitted poverty right next to plenty and generaaly speaking the people seem to be proud of their "Jersey Attitudes" which at best could be described as inconsiderate and rude if not outright hostile towards eachother. Still, as far as places in the Northeast, New Jersey is certainly not the worst place on the map.[read more...]

Skillman, NJ

Property Taxes - 7/26/2011

NJ has been voted the #1 state for the highest property taxes in all of the US beating out California. We own a 4,000 sq. ft. home on one acre and our property taxes are about $17,000/yr., most of it going toward the public schools. It's a beautiful state with pristine beaches; close proximity to NYC & PHL; many cultural activities; local theaters; beautiful bike paths. For all it's beauty and all it has to offer, this is not the state to turn to for retirement. [read more...]

Edison, NJ

Highways - 7/22/2011

New Jersey, a small densely populated state, criss-crossed with too many highways, many of them old and crowded. Why do I remain here? I ask myself every day! [read more...]

Morris Plains, NJ

Cost of living is off the hook! Traffic! No time - 5/16/2011

My wife and I make close to $90,000 a year and it is tough to get by. Property taxes are rediculously high. Traffic is bad every day of the week. I believe that people are the same everywhere. There's good and bad where ever you go. The problem here is that everyone is so crowded and in such a hurry they sometimes just don't take the time to be nice. I'm originally from a town in Tennessee where you smile and speak to strangers on the street, where strangers will often wave to you as you drive by their house. I sometimes do that here and get very positive responses. People are the same everywhere.[read more...]

Dunellen, NJ

Fills our needs - 3/13/2011

The state offers the best in recreational areas - mountains, beaches, playgrounds, lakes, etc. Great shopping - endless malls everywhere and discount outlet stores. Wonderful theatre and concert venues in Newark and the State Theatre in New Brunswick. Close access to NYC by bus, train and car - very important to us transplanted New Yorkers.[read more...]

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