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LA - 8/27/2010
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Los Angeles, CA

You can't beat the climate, as long as you don't live in any of the valleys or out in the desert.

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Woodland Hills, CA

education - 1/27/2015

I live in a suburb of Los Angeles, Woodland Hills. I am constantly reading about how bad the educational system is, yet the people writing these posts have poor grammar themselves. For example, they might say: "Me and my family want to move to Bakersfield." No! "I want to..." and you always put others first. Should be: "My family and I want to move to Bakersfield." Come on people! Education first, then everything else can follow!

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Van Nuys, CA

Why I want to leave Ca - 1/24/2015

The cost of living has skyrocketed in the last five years. It is good if you have a large extended family because they are the only ones who can fit 2-3 families in one house to meet the high rentals here. A single apt with no bedroom starts at 950,00 a month. I rented a house in Van Nuys for 14 years and saw my rental increased to 1,000.00 a month from 650.00 even though I maintained my property in excellent condition and never was late with my rent. Van Nuys is rent control, but over the years my rent was increased. I have dogs and coudn't bear to part with them. I am now ready to retire. Although the climate is wonderful traffic is insane for the most part you are judged by what you drive and how you dress. My neighbors with the large extended family and anchor baby moms coming and going calling the fire department because they decided to build a fire in the back yard draining sewage onto my lawn had to call the sanitation department. Throwing trash in front of my house-not containing their dogs and they would go after the mailman who ultimately refused to deliver mail there. This large extended family ethnic group has taken over Los Angeles and had marched down town and brazenly burned our American Flag and hoisted their flag up in the air with absolutely no consequences I try to be open minded and fair-but enough already

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North Hollywood, CA

Looking to possibly Relocate - 1/8/2015

I've been living in the North Hollywood/Toluca Lake area for a while. It's a nice part of LA, being close to Burbank, Universal City, and close to the freeways. However I feel like I'm getting a little burned out on LA and looking to possibly relocate soon.

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Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles public transit sucks - 12/23/2014

Everyone knows that LA's traffic sucks. That's because the city grew too fast for it's freeway system. The freeway was not designed to support so many people. By the time it had grown, it was too late (costly) to fix it. This is also evidenced by our poor public transit system. The train makes a couple of T's and L's across this massive city, but from there, you'll have to get on the bus. Buses have to deal with LA traffic and have to make round-about routes, so you could be waiting for hours if you are trying to get to the other side of town. But the weather is great! haha

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Winnetka, CA

Changing Climate - 11/18/2014

Los Angeles is facing an ongoing severe drought that is becoming chronic (circa 2014). There are more windy, dusty days. The winter weather is lovely and mild and becoming a bit warmer. The summers are quite hot unless you live near the beach areas.

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Porter Ranch, CA

water problem - 11/10/2014

Due to California's historic drought, many home owners that have lawns in yards are suffering from watering the lawns

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Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles Transforms - 10/5/2014

While I was born in Southern California I was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. After traveling while enlisted in the Army I moved to LA and have lived here since 2009. I have spent two years living in Santa Monica, three years living in the Valley (Northridge/Reseda) and a year living in Koreatown (a mile or two west of Downtown LA). The city has certainly gone through some rough years however it is apparent that neighborhoods all around are changing for the better. LA is known for its traffic (everything you've heard is true - nay - it's worse) but the people of LA are finally finding an alternative to driving in LAs Metro Rail system. Its' network of subways and light rails is expansive and is growing rapidly; residents everywhere are ditching their cars (and gas and parking) and "going Metro". I live in a beautiful 90 year old 1 bedroom apartment situated right on the Purple Line subway just 5 minutes from Downtown and 10 minutes from Hollywood. A space with equivalent square footage and access to popular neighborhoods, nightlife, transit, and restaurants in SF or NY would cost at least twice as much. There is a lot left to fix here but the changes are happening and the community seems motivated - I recommend this beautiful city - come and be part of its transition back into greatness.

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Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles - 8/12/2014

Great City

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Lakewood, CA

Living in California - 6/20/2014

Cost of living is very very high here... But! the weather is Great :)

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Los Angeles, CA

Enjoy the Variety - 6/20/2014

Born and raised in LA, and having travelled all around the country, we are lucky to have a wide variety of home styles here. Many US cities enjoy miles and miles of the same thing.

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Playa del Rey, CA

Significant Changes in Quality of Life - 12/2/2013

I have lived in the Los Angeles Metropolitan area for almost 38 years. Now I am an aging baby-boomer and have experienced a serious deterioration in the quality of life here over the last several years. Recently this area has experienced another critical mass which has had serious consequences. Most seriously, this area has had a steady increase in both violent and property crime due to the effects of a two year long prison release program, imposed by the State Legislature on the entire state (AB109), one-third of whom have been released to Los Angeles County alone. This increase may not as yet be reflected in the latest crime statistics. Los Angeles is suffering, in large part, from the effects of the Law of Diminishing Returns. This is due to the dramatic increase in population of both the city and county of Los Angeles, along with the sheer geographical size and distances one encounters in living in Southern California; torturous commutes along gridlocked freeways and surface streets, along with an increasing population density, resulting in discontinuation of once pleasurable activities. Other contributing factors are an aging and deteriorating infrastructure, resulting in increasingly frequent power blackouts, poor and deteriorating streets, underground pipes bursting with significant water damage to streets and buildings: all areas which the city and county governments seem unwilling or powerless to adequately address. Finally, social relationships have deteriorated as the resident population seems increasingly angry and unfriendly, and uninterested in forming and maintaining new relationships. This has resulted in a sense of increasing isolation and alienation among many social groups; especially those who are single (of any age group), the divorced, the widowed, senior citizens (who are effectively rendered invisible), and those who are among the Lesbian and gay population (from adolescents to seniors). In reviewing your list of the most stressful cities to live in, I believe it would be helpful to add a column of the measure of use of other drugs (e.g. marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, designer drugs) which may be obtained from CDC or SAMSHA, as well as a column measuring overall broad measures of general physical health, community spirit, and a column measuring one's sense of belonging. I believe the above are all indices that will affect the level of stress an individual will experience in any city. Thank you for the opportunity to present these comments.

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Los Angeles, CA

Northeast Los Angeles - 10/19/2013

I live in the area of northeast Los Angeles (NELA) which is comprised of many older neighborhoods. Over the past 10 years, NELA has become a popular destination of Los Angeles hipsters, defined roughly as young, urban and into the music and art scene. The socioeconomic statistics of this population vary from upper income to low (minimum wage). My specific neighborhood is called Glassell Park. It is considered to be one of the next up and coming neighborhoods for this population and is in the beginning stages of gentrification. Glassell Park is bordered by Glendale, Eagle Rock (NELA) and Cypress Park (NELA).

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Sunland, CA

Sunland/Tujunga Quality of Life - 10/16/2013

The community of Sunland and Tujunga is a real sleeper community. Very small town feel but close to just about everything since the 210 freeway runs parallel to the main blvd(foothill). The community is nestled along the mountains thus developers cant build huge apts. and over develop the area. The developers have tried to sneak an apartment into every last space but all the empty land is taken. With the mountains to the North, its impossible to over populate the direct area. Traffic is much less intense than most cities within Los Angeles. Crime seems very low and the town shuts down at night. If you want nightlife, Hollywood is about 20 minutes away. The community has really been on the upswing. Streets are finally being paved and home prices are up. You get a lot for your money compared to the crowded nearby cities of Glendale and Burbank, so i like it. The best thing about this town is that most places are within 15-20 min of the community, then you can come home to less of a rate race. People please keep investing in your properties and taking pride. Every little bit helps!

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Encino, CA

Thinking of moving to Los Angeles??? - 8/22/2013

Don't! Avoid it as if your life depended on it. I have lived here two years, both in Hollywood and now a more upscale suburb. This place is a slum with few inhabitable areas. Beverly Hills, BelAir, Malibu... Don't be deceived about what money will buy here. Unless you have 20 million or more, you will be exposed daily to the slum life. Corruption, unethical business practice and dishonesty are so common here, it is rare to find professionals who even know what ethical, professional behavior is. Real estate agents are the scum of the earth here. I worked with three before finally buying a house. They are here to scam you, from both sides, buyer and seller. If you want to live in a safe neighborhood, plan on a home costing you at least 2.5 million. This does not however guarantee that you will not have to shop in a grocery store with uneducated, unconcerned, unethical management, employees and customers. The really disconcerting part is this city is so far gone, there is nothing that could ever make it a decent place to live. Why do you think stars move to Austin, North Carolina, and other places and commute to work here. I live in what is considered an upscale neighborhood here...houses from $700k to probably $10 million. A truck drives up to my house, starts stealing items from my property. I call the police while the robbery is in progress. Do you think they sent a police car? No, not during the robbery, not after the robbery, not ever. I pay over $12,000 per year in taxes and you cannot sent a police car when I am on the phone watching people rob my property? Los Angeles is a slum. I don't care how big the promotion is, or the salary, don't waste your time.

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Los Angeles, CA

The City of Los Angeles - 5/20/2013

LA is a place to sell. everyone is selling something, more often than not- themselves. best of luck!

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Las Vegas, NV

Horrbile !! - 2/27/2013

Lived in California all my life and can’t take it anymore moving soon and can’t wait! First, cost of living is high, California is one of the highest taxed states in the nation. You are taxed and taxed to death. Good luck getting a good job because the cost of living is so high mist good companies are leaving to Texas.. the good jobs are leaving in droves here. An average apt in a nice area 1 (bd) is about $1,600+ . Most of my college friends who have degrees live at home because they cannot afford to live on their own, or they have 2 or 3 roommates. If you want to buy a house forget it. So expensive that most people drive to Riverside county and have a 2-3 hr commute. Traffic is horrible and I mean horrible takes about 1hr to get anywhere. You cannot park anywhere in the city without a worried of getting a parking ticket or being towed. Crime is about the same in all large cities but you here you also have to worry about the cops. The LAPD is one of the worst corrupt police agencies in the country. I’m actually more afraid of the LAPD than the criminals. And in Orange County, Sheriff Mike Corona was arrested and sent to prison for corruption . Just Goggle his name and read the story not even Orange County is crime free. Most people here live pay-check to pay-check live at home until in their 30’s because the cannot survie. The people that seem to have money are only 1 paycheck away from the street and in debt so much. California only has the weather that is it !

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Los Angeles, CA

I have to leave Los Angeles - 2/25/2013

Let me make it very clear from the start: I love L.A. I am not a native, but have been here since 1983. I'm originally from Oklahoma City, and have lived in (in chronological order): Oklahoma City, Portland (OR), Seattle, San Francisco, Beverly Hills, Albuquerque, San Diego, and now, Los Angeles. Back when I had money, I traveled 2-1/2 months a year, and have been to every state and major city in this country, and to 52 foreign countries. I don't think any city in the world has the unique combination of climate and cultural diversity that Los Angeles has, and that's the main reason I love it here. But I can't afford it anymore. My income is dramatically less than it used to be, and my rent (for a simple studio apartment in an older building in a decidedly not-fashionable neighborhood) takes over two thirds of that. For that reason, and that reason alone, I've got to return to my hometown, Oklahoma City. If I wanted to, I could rent a larger apartment or even a house for less than what I'm paying here. Since I'm over 70 now, there's no way I can work full time (I'd love to work part time), so the only income I can count on is my social security, and it'll go much, much farther in OKC than it's going here in LA. I'm back in touch with old highschool classmates back in OKC, but I have to admit that most of the people who are really important to me now are here in LA, and I'm going to miss them terribly. But, surprisingly, OKC has morphed into a surprisingly cosmopolitan place, so I guess I'll be OK.

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Rochester, NY

All Does Not Glitter in LA - 2/17/2013

After 6 months of living here I have found several means of discrimination here: Grocery stores in south LA carry the unhealthiest foods one can buy; why? Low price. South LA is mostly populated by minorities. I must shop in the suburbs further south or shop in LA proper. Housing choices seems to be dated from the 1950s. Non-food shopping can also be difficult here, if you want to shop in a mall. Where are the malls in s LA? A dead one in Hawthorne, a decent one in Manhattan Beach/Lawndale, and a better one in Carson. Even the Big Box stores here seem to be lacking. Okay, I moved here from Reno, NV; completely different from LA; and super conservative-no thanks. I'll put up with the shopping and housing issues here for a bit, rather than returning to an uncomfortable city for me. Most of the people I've encountered, here, are friendly.

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Los Angeles, CA

California is so overrated - 1/12/2013

I've lived in Los Angeles since 1980, and that is a very long time. I hate this area for so many reasons. First of all the housing costs are astronomical. For $300,000 you get a tiny crappy house in an area with gangster tagging everywhere. It's INSANE. My sister has a huge mansion in Houston that was 220K. The same house in LA would be at least a million dollars. I've been robbed at gunpoint by gang members and I live in a "good" area. I could go on and on about the joys of multiculturalism. This state has been ruined by the Democrats and their refusal to do anything about illegal immigration. The state is many billions in debt and doesn't seem to be able to correct the sinking ship. An illegal totalled my car on the freeway and had no insurance(of course) so I had to eat it. I have story after story like this. The city and is broke too, so the cops write lots of nonsense tickets and the parking "officers" also rape and pillage, all in the name of revenue enhancement. I believe that almost anywhere in the USA is about HALF as expensive as Los Angeles. I don't know why people stay here. I got stuck. Oh, the weather, that's right. It's supposed to be so great. Well, the last week has been cold as hell with nights in the mid 30's. I feel like I'm in New York. Can I say one good thing about LA? Okay, there are some good restaurants. But the mayor is a fool, and the city council is a crew of dunces. California is extremely overrated and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too expensive. I'm planning to leave as soon as I can work it out.

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New Castle, DE

Moving to Miami, FL - 1/4/2013

I must say Miami, FL is the place to be. Dont get me wrong but Los Angeles is a nice place to live. You got to have money to live here or Miami. Both places have a high crime rate so it wouldnt matter. I travel alot an if you like hot weather, nice beaches, fast pace and beautiful people then Miami's where you need to be. Los Angeles also has the same things but contains more of an american style in activities. Los Angeles is a very big city that has different area's such as the valleys, mountain ranges, and beaches. Its beautiful but they have Earthquakes which is worse than a hurricane. Los Angeles also has Landslides, Santa Ana Strong Winds and its polluted. There are beautiful people there but most have surgery done so dont think its all what it is on tv. LA is also can be very sad (HOLLYWOOD) there are lots of homeless people there and the people in a LA are just rude. But to me Florida citizens are very nice an Florida has nice clean air and its a relaxing place to live.

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