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"Wubs my city =)"

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re: Wubs my city =) - 10/27/2009 - 12/31/2009
Gary, In is not a safe place to raise a family. There are too many issues that surrond the city and that is not just a sterotype, it's a fact. I can speak from experience, I grew up near the beach front in Indiana. In the early 80's it wasn't too bad. I couldn't imagine living there today. There are no jobs, the schools are out dated, and the scenery is depressing.

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re: Wubs my city =) - 10/27/2009 - 3/20/2011
Darryl, I hope you know this number is abnormally high for a population of 100,000?.. I live in Vancouver , British Columbia , Canada, It's quite the shit hole in some areas, obviously the downtown east side is a dump, but our average was 2.01 murders per 100,000 people, 58 people is a big difference bud.

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Gary, IN

What a city - 4/5/2015

Been here most of my life left and went to Air Force policies and elected residents are terrible not all there is a few that is really concerned but being that they say they are really concerned the city should not be in the shape it is in most of the elected should step down they have proven they don't care as a whole this statement includes county elected persons to

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Asheville, NC

I will always have great memories of Gary. - 1/5/2014

I lived in Gary in 1972 - 1976. I was just a kid but I loved Gary. My family moved to upstate NY and after college I moved to San Francisco, Ca. I will tell you this, I will always have a soft spot for Gary. Wonderful memories of walking to white castle with my brother. Great school and friends. When I tell people I grew-up in Gary they can't believe it. That is when I tell them how much I loved it. Listen, you get a certain kind of street smarts from Gary that is priceless.

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Aurora, IL

Worst Place to Live! - 12/30/2009

This is not a safe environment to raise your family due to the high crime rate. There are no jobs and the public schools are horrible. The atmosphere is dated and cheap. It looks like a ghost town. The only compliment I can give Gary, In. would be the fact that this is Michael Jackson's birth place. Joe Jackson knew what he was doing when he got his family out of that dump!

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Gary, IN

Wubs my city =) - 10/27/2009

Those who never left Gary cannot appreciate the brilliance that is the city. It has more major highway connections than cities 12x its size, it is less than an hour from 3 major airports, 2 international sea ports, and it has a great working class because of the mill. We've got tons of people who know how to work with electrical, mechanical, and contruction engineering. So please, just because your poor of spirit doesn't mean we all plan to wallow lay idle. We have over 40 miles the best beach on lake michigan. I go there almost every day in the summer time. Its quiet and lovely and no one bothers me. As a matter of fact I've been in Gary since I was born in 1972 and I always love coming back. Sure crime has become more of an issue, but its actually more of a media sterotype than actual figures. we average like 60 murders a year for almost 100k people...please pay attention to the differences of 60 and 100,000.

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La Crosse, WI

stench - 4/10/2009

it smells like dead bodys everywhere.I have only found 4 since i lived here but it smells like alot more.

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Metuchen, NJ

for ur info gary is the murder cap of the world - 8/25/2008

gary suckz. bad crime bad income and itz a shithole f gary and indiana

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Gary, IN

School System - 10/7/2007

Coming from the Chicago School System I was very shock to see a big difference in the Gary School System. My son has learned more in 4 weeks than he did in 12 years at the Chicago School System. I am really impressed with the amount of concern the staff and teacher has for each student.

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Phoenix, AZ

One of the Lowest Places to Live - 12/13/2006

I grew up here in the 60s and it was a pleasant community. Of course, I lived on the right side of the tracks (actually the interstate). We felt safe trick or treating and the neighborhood had a variety of ethnicities. My entire family was here. Going downtown was always a thrill even though there had been decline for a number of years (before I was born). With the underprivileged blacks and the decline of the steel mills employment, the town changed dramatically. With jobs leaving, businesses closing and houses standing empty, crime and poverty were all that remained. Whites fled to surrounding towns and when the blacks followed, the whites moved even further away. There is absolutely no reason to live here now. Why 99,000 still bother amazes me unless they are trapped. The town offers nothing to its residents but ugly brick buildings, boarded up neighborhoods, and the dying dreams of those who once enjoyed living in a thriving economy and a safe small city that had Chicago in its backyard. Today, there is no place that occupies the bottom like Gary does--of course there are some pretty unfortunate places in Pennsylvania and Ohio, but I only have experience in Gary.

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