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re: Valencia is great but too close to Newhall fo - 11/9/2010
I hope you are enjoying Valencia; it is much more aesthetically pleasing than Canyon Country, where I live. We have alot of land and thought about moving to your side of town but we love our huge yard and mountains and views. In response to your youngest child and the change that occurred, look into an inter-district or intra-district transfer within your school districts' main office. There are ways and options, since you are a taxpayer and parent, where certain "circumstances" will allow your child back into the school where you intended them to attend in the first place. These changes are best made during Winter/Holiday Break as well as Summer. If your child is content and has great teachers, I would leave it be but if its not working out you do have options. Good Luck.

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Santa Clarita, CA

Great Community and Great Peopl! - 3/3/2013

I love this place![read more...]

Santa Clarita, CA

Always Something to do - 6/26/2012

I love living in the Santa Clarita Valley because there is ALWAYS something to do, however the cost of living is outrageous, and that plays a big factor on why I may move out of state. [read more...]

Lancaster, CA

GHETTO, GRAFFITI AND TRASH I served my time here, - 4/17/2012

I served my time here for three years, that was way more than enough for me. I specifically lived in Newhall and it is the crappiest town ever. If you like graffiti and a gang-banger lifestyle, then be my guest and move here! In Newhall you can have the Tijuana experience but never go south of the border. But actually TJ would be nicer because at least it has decent weather. Santa Clarita's two seasons are blistering hot, or rains so heavy that your house flows down the river that used to be your street. Your version of a nice yard includes shopping carts and 99 cents stores bags blowing around. It is windy all the time. If you are lucky enough to send your kid to Newhall elementary they will need a translator since the majority of the students don't speak english. on top of it all you are next to neighborhoods like Valencia where middle-class arrogance prevails. The think everyone else is dirt! They are terrible to be around. Commuting around town is ridiculous, traffic everywhere. Master-planned? I don't think so, whoever did it should be fired. [read more...]

Valencia, CA

Santa Clarita is way overrated. - 1/21/2012

Have you ever heard of the saying, "Keeping up with the Jones"? Well that explains Santa Clarita in a nutshell. This city is horrible. It's overcrowded, too expensive, hotter than hot in the summer, and the people that live here act like they are in Beverly Hills. There is a major rise in crime and Newhall area is like TJ. Most of the schools are good if you are looking simply at test scores and you don't mind that your child is surrounded by spoiled children that have little tolerance. Money and status is what drives the people of this community and to meet somebody that is genuinely friendly is rare. Seriously, it's like living in the Twilight Zone here and I can't wait to get out. [read more...]

Valencia, CA

Great Community - 7/20/2011

As a lifetime resident of the Santa Clarita Valley, I have been able to watch my community grow and flourish. For me Santa Clarita has is a great place to live when you want the amenities of a big city, but still have the small town feel. The Santa Clarita Valley has seen most of it's growth in recent years, is home to Magic Mountain Theme Park, and offers many accommodations such as shopping areas, movie theater's, dining, and more. Santa Clarita is a suburb of Los Angeles, and located approx 35 miles north of downtown. Santa Clarita has ranked as one of the top places to live by Money Magazine, and has some of the lowest crime rates fin the nation. The Master Planned Communities here are great! Not to far from any neighborhood you live in, you will find parks, walking, running, and biking trails, supermarkets, award winning schools.[read more...]

Valencia, CA

Nice place to live - 4/21/2011

I have lived here for 12 years and will be here for at least 8 more years. Good schools and safe.[read more...]

Santa Clarita, CA

beautiful but overbuilt.... - 11/18/2010

a wonderful clean place to raise a family, great schools low crime very community oriented. just what any all-American family would want. the problem is there's only so much land, which is in way over built, terrible traffic problems, housing is way overpriced, property taxes are outrageous.... and most people have to commute out of town up to 1 to 2 hours to Los Angeles. beyond that it's paradise... at a cost..[read more...]

Canyon Country, CA

Too many residents and growth for our liking - 11/9/2010

Having lived in the Santa Clarita Valley for approx. 20 years now, the city of Canyon Country has grown by leaps and bounds. Unfortunately many of the businesses that thrived several years ago are empty buildings just waiting for someone to sign a lease. Employment is greater in Valencia and there are many more jobs to be found. This side of town is experiencing too many foreclosures and short sales and property values have dropped significantly. The crime has risen and though we live in a nice community, within the last year our home has been burglarized, vandalized and we operate security cameras 24/7. We used to be able to leave doors and windows unlocked and now we worry about just leaving a window unlocked. There are quite a few homeless people even at our local supermarket and the schools are overcrowded. The teachers are dedicated and the kids get a decent education but withing the public schools there are negative influences namely drugs and some gang members. We are looking to move out of state but since the homes have dropped so very much in value we can't leave here. For those looking to move into this city, its definitely less windy than Palmdale and has less crime than the Antelope Valley. Santa Clarita is not far from the San Fernando Valley but the freeways during the drivetime commute are bad!! Valencia areas are cleaner, don't get graffitti like we do and have beautiful stores and posh restaurants. Real Estate is much pricier on that side of town but Canyon Country homes have alot more land. [read more...]

Valencia, CA

Life in Santa Clarita - 11/4/2010

Love it![read more...]

Santa Clarita, CA

Nice, Upper Class- but crowded - 4/24/2010

Having lived off and on in the Santa Clarita area for over thirty years, I can say it has changed a lot. It is a very upper class, weel educated city, with nice streets, great shopping, and way too much traffic. With a population of about 150,000, the road system is just overburdened. So getting from one side to the other can take 30 minutes. But it is a very family oriented and nice community. It has nice hot spots, great recreation facilities, and for lA County, low crime. Home prices are very high, and expect to pay high taxes. Generally it has had good schools, but they are trending down in quality. Still some of the best in LA County. Climate is the LA valley type, with long hot summers, and very mild winters. Biking, walking, outdoor activites can be done almost any day. Little rain. But fires. Most years the fall will supply the valley with smoke with a few days. And occasioanlly buring right into the community because of dry brush and hot santa ana winds, the fires are extremely hard to put out. So a few days of smoke- the white ash is a little like snow- but you never get enough to shovel it. The area really has a lot for any age, faily, retured, trendy twenty somethings, and two freeways to LA only 35 minutes away (if we didn't have traffic). Great place to live.[read more...]

Valencia, CA

White Picket Fences - 2/18/2010

The Santa Clarita Valley is a beautiful, family friendly, close knot community literally surrounded by white picket fences. The growth in the SCV the last few years is concerning, because the traffic systems have not evolved with the growing number of people who live here. However, the development has been managed fairly well, and it is still a great place to live. I do miss the cows grazing where the TPC golf course is now. I moved up here because of those cows![read more...]

Santa Clarita, CA

Planned Comminities - 11/8/2009

Santa Clarita is a great family friendly planned community.[read more...]

Newhall, CA

Excellent quality of life - 11/2/2009

With the temperature might be hot in the Summer, it is not overwhelming other than about 3 weeks during the year. The Community is large enough to have all the shopping and services but small enough to not have the issues that larger metropolitan cities have.[read more...]

Newhall, CA

Different ways of life in different parts of SCV - 10/15/2009

So basically you can be rich and live in Santa Clarita. But then again, you can be poor and still live in Santa Clarita. There are different parts of this city, you have Newhall where it is mostly a Mexican population which still isn't too bad of a community environment, but probably these least rich part of the Santa Clarita Valley. Next up the ladder is Canyon Country...where I personally live. Where there is a good mix of White, Mexican, Asian, and African American people. This part of town has a movie theater and can be an alright place to live. Next up is Castaic, there are nice homes, and there are okay homes, but whether or not you live in this part of the city, you are pretty far away from everyone else. Next up is the Steven Ranch area where the moderately richer people live. There are quite a few town homes and nice houses alongside golf courses. This is also the hot spot for fast food, there is a place called "Hamburger Hill" where basically any SoCal fast food can be found. Of coarse there is also Sic Flags Magic Mountain, Santa Clarita's Theme Park! And there are quite a few restaurants along this area as well. Last but not least is the most popular place of the city, Valencia. This is where the movie theater, mall, city hall and a plethora of restaurants and car dealerships are located. Each part of the City of Santa Clarita has their own high school and it is expanding more than ever. Believe me I've lived here my entire life and I am 20 years old now, so I've seen it develop along the years. Not a bad place to live, could be a lot worse, and since there is a large high school population, there is a large high school kid population. Anymore questions? Ask.[read more...]

Newhall, CA

Health Care - 7/8/2009

This area has great hosplitals, close to UCLA, USC,Cedars, Henry Mayo, Holy Cross.[read more...]

Valencia, CA

Great place for a family - 5/19/2009

Still one of te safest cities.[read more...]

Canyon Country, CA

General Topic's for the area - 5/13/2009

Here in California the cost ofliving has gotten way out of hand! Even more here in SOCAL. Housing, Taxes, Food, Entertainment, State and local funding to assist Illeagle Aliens and the simple cost of traveling to work have made it difficult to say the least. My wife and I are looking forward to retirement to a more friendly and cheaper State and city![read more...]

Valencia, CA

Living in Santa Clarita - 5/10/2009

We've lived here for for 40 years and the city, which now offers more shopping than ever, has become crowded with people, traffic and town issues. The schools are not the best, we pay higher prices for everything and the pollen and allergy problems are high. What once was an open, smog free small, friendly town has become a big city with rising crime and problems.[read more...]

Valencia, CA

Federal Housing New Conforminfg Loan Limits for LA - 11/12/2008

The Federal Housing Finance Agency announced today that the new 2009 Conforming loan limits will be: For Los Angeles and Orange County: 1 unit - $625,500 2 units - $800,775 3 units - $967,950 4 units - $1,202,925 For Ventura County: 1 unit - $598,000 2 units - $765,550 3 units - $925,350 4 units - $1,150,000 [read more...]

Tony Lewis
Stevenson Ranch, CA

Santa Clarita famous for it's communities of Valen - 11/9/2008

Santa Clarita is a paradise in the heart of Southern California. Safe City, Great Schools and a destination rather than bedroom community. Pride runs rampant in this thriving community. Clean street with little or no litter or graffiti to be found. People are friendly yet busy so don't mistake the scurrying about to mean stuck up! You will not be judged by appearance or the car you drive as this is a city with an open heart! I moved here from Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan and feel as comfortable here as if it were any suburb in middle America. Trees align the streets, tennis, golf, boating and yes shopping are the best. One famous saying goes, "Come home to Valencia!" You will wish this were your home!!![read more...]

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