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"Memories of Columbus, Ohio"

Memories of Columbus, Ohio - 11/8/2010
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Montague, MI

I lived in Columbus for four years when I was young, and hated every minute of it. Way too crowded and dreary weather. The cops were nasty and were always hassling people.

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Columbus, OH

Addendum to review of Columbus, which was written - 4/22/2014

In my prior review of Columbus in 2012, I commented then, pertaining to the substandard snow removal program, which Columbus has. I might have well predicted the winter of 2014, in Columbus, as the nearly 58 inches of snow, which Columbus received this past winter and early spring, was not removed very well. There was ice and snow (including black ice), which stayed on the ground for weeks. Sure enough, we heard the same nonsensical excuses, which I've heard for forty two years. Now, it appears that snow plows which were on order, didn't arrive in time, and the city officials promised to have more snow plows in time for the winter of 2015. Unfortunately, I heard the exact same excuse in 1978, following the blizzard, which struck that year. In 1979, the snow plows which we were ordered, never arrived in time. Also, even if the additional snow plows arrive in time for next season, it won't make any difference, since many of the older plows will be retired. Also, to this date, the city of Columbus still has not officially revised its obsolete policy of ignoring the residential side streets, until the snow reaches four inches. The fact of the matter, is that Columbus has ignored its own policy and has failed to spread salt and plow residential streets, even when the snow has reached four inches. Indianapolis has the same amount of miles of streets as Columbus does (about 6,000), yet it has over three times the amount of snow plows (over 300, counting ones provided by private contractors). On the other hand, Columbus has barely 100, counting private contractors. Until this town decides to devote a higher priority to snow removal, the quality of life, in the winter, will continue to be abysmal. [read more...]

Columbus, OH

Columbus is a Joke, STAY AWAY! - 1/17/2014

I have lived in Columbus for 4 year now and there is definitely more BAD then GOOD. Sure, it's a city with things to do BUT the people are weird. A lot withdrawn, fake, insecure, and FAT people. OMG there are so many nasty people here it's funny and sad. Diversity is great if you like to feel the racial tension in the air. NO ONE knows how to drive, horrible. I live in a good area and my car has been broken into 3 times and my brother in laws truck was stolen. The crime here is outrageous. Way worse than any place I have ever lived. Sure it's a little cheaper here but so is the pay. Downtown if that';s what you want to call it has some things to do but it gets old quick. I have lived in a lot of different places in my life but the people here seem to be the worse. There's seems to be a disconnect to it, kind of hard to describe. Maybe it;s the crap weather. I can;t wait to move in February and never come back. If you visit, take a drive down Sullivant Avenue, it's the best! LOL, this place is seriously a joke. The only reason it's growing is because of the cheap, low income housing everywhere and the foreigners. Good Luck! [read more...]

Westerville, OH

Dispelling Ignorant Columbus, OH Myths - 9/28/2013

As someone who lives in Columbus, I'd like to dispel a lot of ignorance that has been posted to this board, especially from one poster about a year ago whose comments overused phrases like "extremely boring" and "nothing to do" since it seems this person never left his/her house. Columbus is a very diverse city. To the Clevelander who posted that nearly everyone was from West Virginia--I only laugh at this since a. it's not a fact and b. it's a very, very ignorant and prejudiced observation. Columbusites have their own prejudices about the aging city of Cleveland, so I guess turnabout's fair play (and I won't get into disparaging that city by stating some facts). 2013, Columbus was ranked the most intelligent city in the United States by the Intelligent Communities Forum, so I think that speaks for the so-called "brain drain". We did have an issue with that some years ago, however, since we've been growing at an average rate of 7% over the past few years, we've made up for it. Traffic in certain areas can indeed be bad. Anything near the East side (i.e. I70) is a rough trek. The Polaris area is also notorious for bad traffic, but this is all part of living in a big city. Columbusites can be, for the msot part, somewhat aloof. We're not overly friendly and we're not overly rude. Most people are quite polite, so to say that people are "awful" is again blanketing the city based on people you've met (whom aren't all from West Viginina ...). Comments about the food scene are also hilarious. Yes, like any other city, Cbus has chain restaurants. However, go down to the Short North and to the downtowns of the suburbs and even downtown Columbus and you'll find many non-chain restaurants of high caliber from creative and talented chefs. The Mitchell establishments and others have won awards. I guess the person who stated this missed Restaurant Week the entire time he/she was here. Grandview, Upper Arlington and other inner suburbs have great restaurants. Go above and beyond an Olive Garden, please. Things to do: Columbus has a nice Museum of Art, sports (pro hockey with the Jackets; Ohio State is the biggest college sports scene) and many, many recreational facilities. I can't even name them all ... Our Metroparks are amazing. Bike and leisure trails galore, from the city out to the country. Cricket and soccer fields. I could go on. If you're outdoors-y, you're within a half hour of countryside and maybe about an hour to camping. Not to mention Hoover Reservoir, which is popular for water sports. The cost of living is pretty amazing here. The tax is under 7%, housing is very reasonable and it's easy to get around. The City school district is working to do better, but it's not that great. Meanwhile, many suburban school districts are very good, even the inner ring 'burbs. There are many, many neighborhoods to choose from depending on your style, desired atmosphere and, of course, your pockets. We also have many stable companies here, which helps to keep our average unemployment at a very reasonable rate as compared to other parts of the country (Nationwide Insurance, Limited Brands, Tween Brands, Deloitte, JP Morgan Chase ... just to name a small few.) The weather can indeed be sketchy. We joke that if you don't like the weather in Cbus, wait five minutes. And it is true that our winters are hard to predict. One year it can be long and unbearable and the next, hardly any snow with warmer temps. Our fall can be cool and crisp one day, but then we have a late heat wave a few days. It really varies as will your utility bills as a result. In short, if you review an entire city, please get out of your house and actually experience it before posting limited knowledge on the web.[read more...]

Grove City, OH

Columbus, Ohio: Great City - "AWFUL PEOPLE" - 9/21/2013

First, let me say Columbus is a very nice city to live in. there is a lot to do and the city is easy to get around in a relative short time. There are activities for all and the city is rebuilding. We cannot wait to retire and leave this city because the people for the most part are terrible. At first they seem nice but if they find out you are not a native of the city they are either very cold or they are sarcastic and verbally abusive. If you even mention the state Michigan they are obnoxious and just plain mean. They will insult people from different states and they are also verbally abusive to visiting fans. It is a real shame they treat people in such a disdainful manner because the city is actually very nice. [read more...]

Columbus, OH

Columbus, Ohio - 8/28/2013

Great city - very affordable and gets better every year![read more...]

Columbus, OH

Quality of Life - 8/14/2013

For anyone wanting to raise a family, Columbus is PERFECT. If you're coming here for Broadway Theatre, Museums, or whatever it is that people from the East Coast and other larger cities do for entertainment, you won't find it. I am a single mother, relocated here from Cleveland,Ohio. There was a culture shock when I first arrived due to the large number of people from West Virginia, whew, main stream media has never exploited their honey boo boo bretherns like they have my black ghetto bretherns. If they had, I would have been more ready to handle the mentality of the large number of WV hicks. Even a large number of the black here are from West Viginia. So I think that's the attitude a lot of you are mentioning, the Appalachia mentality. But for raising a family, you have great housing, great schools in most suburbs, plenty of family activities: parks everywhere, fishing, main library with many branches, great city parks and recs with plenty of activities, one of the biggest state fairs, and Colleges galore, mega churches - everything I needed to raise a well educated, loving, content son. And on the few occasions I needed some more upscale adult entertainment - I escaped to Cleveland,Chicago or Atlanta. Singles or couples not wanting to have kids - I'd agree Columbus is not the place for you.[read more...]

Hilliard, OH

quality of life - 8/8/2013

Columbus is a fabulous place to live. World's biggest small town. You can have most all of the amenities of a metropolitan area, yet you can be to almost anywhere in the metro area in less than 30 minutes. Very welcoming community to all types.[read more...]

Columbus, OH

Columbus isn't perfect, but it's livable - 4/9/2013

I've read a lot of comments on here that are biased in saying that Columbus is either heaven on earth or hell on earth. Columbus is neither. I have lived here with my family for the past five years and as like getting used to a different place, it took some adjusting. First off the weather is sporadic. One year it cold snow, a lot, not like in Cleveland or northern Ohio, but enough to close the roads down and the next year it could not snow as much, barely at all. One year we could have a long winter from October to Mid-April and another year winter could start in December and end in March, you just never know. One day it could be hot and the next day over cast and rainy. It's not ideal weather but it is not as cold as Cleveland, NY or WI by any means. The cost of living in Columbus, depends on the part of town you live in. If you live in downtown Columbus and pay $400 in rent, don't let the nice houses fool you, because you are in the middle of the ghetto. If you want to live in an area with decent schools, Columbus city schools have a bad reputation, then you have to live in a suburb where a condo/apartment could cost you $900+. Also since we live in the Midwest, we have to pay utilities like gas, which in other parts of the country are unnecessary. So if you can afford it, by all means, head to the burbs. I heard that the people in Columbus are ruder than people in NY, and if you're in the ghetto or in a very uppity part of town, then yes people can be trashy or rude respectively, just like in every city in the country! Columbus is no different. I also read a comment where it mentioned that Columbus has nothing to do and to throw your nice clothes away because there is no where to go. So Columbus isn't NY or LA or Miami, or Chicago. You have to remember you are in the MIDWEST! Columbus has corn fields for crying out loud! The people are simple, down to earth, and hardworking, and that is something you can not say about NY or LA or Miami. People aren't pretentious or superficial. They are not the friendliest and warmest people in the world but they are generally very polite. The restaurant chains in Columbus are it's downfall where one part of town could have an Olive Garden where another part of town doesn't so you have to drive eight miles to get Olive Garden. It's like trying to find a needle in a hay stack sometimes finding an address because everything is so nondescript and the roads are confusing if you don't know the area. Invest in a GPS or smartphone when looking for an address here. Columbus has several theaters like the Palace theater and Southern theater, the Ballet Met holding several shows a year, art galleries with an annual Gallery Hop, a vibrant local music scene, an up and coming poetry scene with a different coffee shop open mic reading every night M-F, along with the many conventions, fairs, festivals that happen around the city annually. There are good places to eat in The Short North, the famous North Market to visit, along with a nationally ranked Jack Hannah owned zoo. The children's museum, COSI is also nationally ranked. There are dozens of parks where they have community gardens, bike trails, walking paths, and The Park of Roses in Clintonville. The University holds all sorts of events from performing art productions, to festivals, the Ohio State Fair, art museum, holds different concerts featuring orchestras and bands alike. Along with all the other things to do near campus, there is the Gateway Film Festival showing a broad range of artsy independent films. The Nationwide Arena holds several different sporting events relating to the Hockey team. The Ohio State games are a very big deal here whether they are Football or basketball and are a sight to see if you ever get to see the TBDBITL perform in all its glory on the field. Central Ohio is home to nearby Amish Country which is a nice day trip to take with the kids. In other words, if you get bored in Columbus, it's your own fault and maybe you don't belong in a city with culture. If you need more culture than that then by all means, NY and LA are calling your name. If you get sick in Columbus, head to The Ohio State Hospital, with a nationally ranked Heart and Cancer center. All in all, its a great small city to live in. A lot of the things in Central Ohio are nationally ranked places to visit from the galleries to the hospitals. If you can deal with the weather, understand that no place is perfect, and can steer clear of the sketchy areas of town you'll like it here. [read more...]

Columbus, OH

Columbus needs to be more hospitable - 2/23/2013

Daisey you are right I've only been here 7months and I had no idea the people were so rude. My brother just moved here from New York and he said columbus by far is worst. There are a lot of things to do but don't move here if you have high blood pressure. You have to fight traffic because there is hardly any courtesy and the hospitality I would rate a 3 out of 10. Pubic housing has a 2 year waiting list and most of the good school zones have high rent rates which would not be a problem except most jobs don't pay well. A lot of people have two jobs here and that's not living when you have a family. Racism is alive and well here although you don't see rebel flags waving. My best experience here was catching a glimpse of the presidential motorcade or Marine 1 flying over my job. [read more...]

Newark, OH

Columbus - 10/12/2012

Columbus does have a variety of things to do for the family, arts and entertainment. Cost of living is okay and I haven't been affected by the crime rate. I am seeking a new start soon and I am seeking a new city to move to. If anyone has any ideas, I am willing to listen.[read more...]

Columbus, OH

Housing - 9/1/2012

Columbus, Ohio has a great housing market. There are plenty of low cost accommodations that fit to most people's circumstance. Either renting or buying, you WILL find something. For the real estate investor, it can be a wise risk, of sorts. There are many universities and colleges which keep values up. There are also many smaller municipalities and townships that are responsive to the needs of their communities. This means that you could live in Columbus proper, but be on the edge of one of these communities and reap all of the rewards that they offer. The City Government is also very proactive in keeping the community thriving by investing in infrastructure, supporting emergency services, and looking out for the arts communities. They regularly partner with the university and other civic organizations to create new and fresh ideas and activities. I also want to mention that one of the biggest and most prestigious research universities lives in Columbus, The Ohio State University. There's more to tell, but you kinda get the picture. [read more...]

Columbus, OH

BIG MISTAKE!!! - 8/30/2012

The people here are very rude, mean, and unfriendly. The water quality is horrible. Air very poluted. Then there's the occult of the osu football. EXTREMELY HIGH CRIME RATES ABOVE CITIES IT'S SIZE. [read more...]

Columbus, OH

Seriously, I hate this city - 5/9/2012

Look, Columbus sucks. I absolutely hate this place and I wish I would have stayed here a few days before deciding to move here. The air quality is horrible and this year I have had BY FAR the worst allergy season I've ever had in my entire lifetime. To call Columbus a "real city" is a complete JOKE. This is a cowtown at best full of cliquey, standoffish, backstabbing, mean, ignorant and boring people. This is funny because you'd think it would be quite the contrary with the fact that this place somehow houses one of the top colleges in the country. My thought is that the city suffers from brain-drain in that the best and brightest individuals leave for better areas of the country. This city has some of the worst drivers I have ever seen and I've been to other major cities such as Cincinnati and Cleveland. Columbus is about as worse as it gets driving wise. The land area is just way too small to accommodate the over 730,000 plus people that live here. The sad story is that even more people are moving here by the day. Roadways are a nightmare during Rush hours and most times of the day and there is no form of a highly developed mass transit system like a rail system. Columbus only has COTA as a bus system which is honestly a joke. The restaurant scene is horrendous. If you want to go out to eat, you have your choice between all of the typical chain restaurants. This is a travesty especially if you were used to tasty mom and pop, small business eateries etc. Nope, you won't find much of that in Columbus. In terms of entertainment, there is nothing for young people to do around here. It's extraordinarily boring. The city also has no culture whatsoever. There is nothing that defines the city or makes it stand out from the competition. Yes, there is a melting pot of diverse culture that lives here but they contribute nothing at all to this city. Most share the same agenda that I have, they just tolerate this place because this is where they work but they show no loyalty or contribution to the region. How about land geography? Well, Columbus is a whole lot of nothingness. It looks like someone cleared out a farm and built a bunch of buildings on top of it. The terrain is extraordinarily flat and there are no interesting parks or natural wildlife areas. If you like nature, here is another reason to hate Columbus. The suburbs are your typical cookie cutter suburbs where there racial segregation and income disparities become apparent. Downtown Columbus is a joke and is dead after rush hour traffic has cleared. It also looks like trash in that it should belong to one of the smaller, more economically depressed Ohio cities like Dayton. Speaking of economy, the economy in Columbus in my opinion is typical of what you'd see in Ohio. It's not as bad as Northeast or Northwest Ohio but it is not far off. Don't be fooled as there are no jobs here and you can really do better some place else in the country. How is the weather? It is schizophrenic like most of the city's residents. One day it might be 80 degrees and the next 5 days it's raining with highs only in the mid to low 50's. When you wake up, the sun and warmth will smile in your face and later that day the cold will freeze your spirit. The summers get hot and muggy and the winters are long and cold even though it doesn't snow much here. I failed to mention the wild, psychotic obsession over the OSU buckeyes but why even bother? Unless you're into OSU football, you will already have a big enough reason to feel overwhelmingly out of place here. I know after reading all of this, you are wondering to yourself "Well, what is good about Columbus, Ohio?". To be honest, absolutely nothing and I truly mean that from the bottom of my heart. The place is abysmally lame and overrated. Anything that I have found tolerable about the city are traits that I could find in a city with better weather, more friendly, educated residents and a stronger, more diverse economy. I don't plan on staying here much longer and am seeking to move in a couple years. If you're reading this and deciding whether or not you should "take the plunge", step away, no..., run away from the diving board before you make a mistake you will regret. There are better options. Remember, location is everything..... [read more...]

Dayton, OH

Great place to live if you're an OSU football zomb - 4/26/2012

Everything here is about college football because the city isn't good enough to have a professional team. For a city that was touted as "up and coming", I was surprised how hillbilly it was. Third rate news talent, overrated restaurants and shopping, and people that don't know how to dress or act (throw out your dress clothes because you won't need them here no matter where you're going). Very unfriendly and cliquish people too. In the two years I was here, I didn't make one friend. Lived in a number of places including the east coast. Philadelphia was the worst, and Columbus comes in second.[read more...]

Westerville, OH

Do your research - 3/5/2012

I have lived here almost 20 years and I do have to weigh in. First, all the posts that I read about Columbus are correct from the good to the ugly. The most important things to consider before moving here are: 1) racial tensions. There is a huge influx of immigrants from all over the world coming to Columbus, Ohio. It is one of the most diverse cities in the U.S. and there is approximately 250 different languages spoken in this city. This causes a lot of problems especially when you have people coming from areas where internal fighting or wars are a natural state. You will get people who continue to live in this state of mind and life even in the richest country in the world. If you want diversity, this is the place for you but be careful what you wish for. 2) To work in this town you have to know someone. They call this a cowtown because the "good-old boys club" is still thriving. It won't be enough for you to network. If you don't know someone you will be unemployed until you can find a good network of people that will recommend you. Make sure you have about 8 months of financial support until you get on your feet. 3) Because this is 500 or 600 miles to 70% of the country (don't the know the specific numbers) you get a lot of drugs, guns, and human traffiking crimes. We've had a lot of horrific types of crimes in small sleeping towns across Ohio. Just a word of advise, do your research before coming to Columbus and be sure to know someone who can help you get acquainted with people and tell you the places to avoid and where to find work. [read more...]

Columbus, OH

Comments on living in Columbus, Ohio - 2/5/2012

I've lived in Columbus, Ohio for nearly forty years (yes, four decades), having moved here from Brooklyn, N.Y. There are a number of positive aspects of life in Columbus, and the immediate vicinity, as well as a number of aspects of life, which are either unpleasant, or which can stand improvement. Pros- a) The cost of living in Central Ohio is lower than the national average. Although the cost of electricity has recently climbed to about 13 cents per kilowatt hour, for years, it was much lower than that. Also, the cost of natural gas has moderated, and has actually decreased in recent years. In addition, the cost of water/sewer services provided by the City of Columbus is reasonable. Columbus does not charge its residents any additional fees for trash collection, and recycling, at no additional charge, will be provided in the near future. Real estate taxes of homes, are much lower than similar homes in the northeast, or on the west coast. b) Commuting by car is not really a problem, even at rush hour. Rarely, does the Columbus area experience the bottlenecks in traffic, which are prevalent in larger metropolitan areas, such as L.A., Chicago, NYC, etc. c) Maintaining a car- It does not cost that much to maintain an automobile in the Columbus area, as there are many auto mechanics, and competition tends to drive the prices down. d) Food- There are many retail grocery markets such as Krogers, Walmart, Meijers, which tend to be competitive, and keep grocery prices at reasonable levels. e) Medical care- The quality of medical care, with rare exceptions is very good, and prices are also reasonable. There are many drive in drug stores, which make buying prescription drugs very convenient. f) Banking- There are also a number of banks with drive in facilities, which also make the banking experience a pleasant one. g) Home maintenance contractors- One can choose from many different contractors for home repairs, whether it involves roofers, plumbers, electricians, painters, driveway contractors, heating and air-conditioning personnel, etc. Although prices have risen in recent years, I still feel that the prices are competitive. Cons- a) I've never gotten used to the driving habits of Columbus motorists. I've observed numerous accidents which could have been avoided, if the offending motorist would have kept a clear distance from the car in front of him, as required by law. Instead, Columbus drivers tend to tailgate, and fail to stop in time, thus striking the car in front of them. b) Also, I've observed numerous Columbus drivers who excel in making obscene gestures with their fingers and hands. Many times, Columbus drivers will daydream and hesitate, when the light changes from red to green. Hence, a gentle tap on the horn is a gentle reminder for them to accelerate. Unfortunately, it is also a signal for some drivers to make obscene gestures. c) Many Columbus drivers don't believe in using directional signals when changing lanes, make sudden, and unsafe lane changes, fail to yield the right of way, go through stop signs, drive with defective mufflers, headlights and taillights which don't work,or drive with license plates which have not been cleared of snow, or even drive with license plates which should have been replaced. Also, I've noticed drivers who will pass one's rear bumper with less than two inches to spare! d) Anti-semitism- Although people don't like to hear about this phenomenon, there are still those in the Columbus area, who can't seem to accept the fact that observant Jews have the right to walk to the Synagogue of their choice on Saturday, without being verbally assaulted or intimidated by anti-semitic motorists in their car, who will either loudly honk their horns, or yell things out of their cars. e) Racial tension- Unfortunately, racial tension in the Columbus area still exists, whether it involves whites against blacks, or blacks against whites. f) Crime- Many homes in quiet residential areas, now have burglar alarm signs in front of them. Whereas years ago, there would be signs which stated "Welcome, "The Smiths", now there are signs which prominently display the name of the security company, with warning signs. Unfortunately, homes have suffered burglaries, and homeowners have incurred thefts of items, which cannot be readily replaced. Hence, they have no choice, but to invest in a security system. In addition, there have been a number of heinous crimes in the Columbus area, too numerous to mention on this site. g) Sports arenas- Regarding Nationwide Arena and the Schottenstein Center, unless one has a private box, it is difficult to feel comfortable being seated, when watching a professional sports team, as opposed to a college team. Alcohol is served at those events, and it tends to loosen inhibitions in people, leading to rowdy, and aggressive conduct. h) Lack of an effective snow removal program- In the forty years that I've lived in Columbus, I always hear the same ridiculous excuses every winter, to justify the City of Columbus' substandard snow removal program. The excuses are "the equipment broke down, we didn't have sufficient warning that such a large snowfall would result, we didn't anticipate that a freeze would result, before the salt could be spread, our personnel have worked twelve hours straight and are fatigued, we don't plow residential areas, if the snow is less than four inches", etc. Quite frankly, Columbus has run out of excuses. In 1978, there was a large blizzard which struck Columbus, and the city closed the downtown area for days. Motorists were stranded all over town. At that time, the city promised that new snow plows would be ordered, and such a situation would never occur again. Unfortunately, the same situation has occurred time and time again. In March, 2008, the City of Columbus failed to effectively plow James Road, a large arterial roadway. As a result, there was black ice on that street, which caused a very precarious driving situation. Also, even when the snowfall has reached four inches on the residential streets, the snowplows in many instances never come to the residential areas. If they do, all they do is spread the existing snow around with a plow. The residential streets are never salted. On the other hand, a number of the suburban municipalities in the area surrounding Columbus, have very good snow removal programs, as does the airport. [read more...]

Reynoldsburg, OH

Quality of Life Says It All - 1/29/2012

Columbus actually has a lot to offer. It has a relatively low cost of living, affordable housing, a pretty stable economy (proven through the many ups and downs the country had gone through) and is definitely - 'Midwest'. There are numerous options in culture, education, high quality health care, parks & recreation, shopping, dining, and professional & college sports. It is a family friendly community that is easy to navigate. All-in-all, the climate is pretty mild considering how far north the state is located in the country. If you are considering relocating to Columbus, know that is is within 550 miles of more than half the US population - Which makes visiting family a little easier. I highly recommend Columbus as a viable option if it presents itself to you.[read more...]

Joliet, IL

Can I support my family? - 12/9/2011

I am looking into relocating to Columbus area from Illinois. Since I would be the only person working (hopefully not forever) I need to know if a salary of 44k can support a family of five in the Columbus area. Also, need school info (elem, middle and high - I have one at each level) I would appreciate links to other websites that you believe could be helpful to me in making this decision. My husband has not worked in 3 years, I work PT. Needless to say we have been struggling and it just seems to get worse. I need to know if moving to Ohio is going to improve things for my family.....[read more...]

Pataskala, OH

Always something to do - 10/13/2011

There's symphonies, ballets, horse, dog, and cat shows throughout the year. Also, there's cultural festivals almost every month. In in October there's the Pumpkin Festival for example. The Columbus Zoo is fun even in the winter time with the Christmas lights. There are ammusement parks in two different directions outside of Columbus (within an hour or so away). Just about whatever you can imagine you can find to do in Columbus or surrounding areas. Plus it is convenient to everything along the Eastern half of the US.[read more...]

Columbus, OH

quality of life in columbus, ohio - 8/6/2011

Columbus is a place where midwest values meet Big city activities, great restaurants, health care, education, culture and friendliness. There are always so many things to do---every weekend it is hard to choose. If we had a beach and mountains it would be perfect, yet it is green and lush in spring and summer. It does not get that cold in the winter. We do lack sunshine compared to other places, but we are able to hop on a plane and go visit for sunshine.[read more...]

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