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Family - 1/20/2011
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Edmond, OK

A very good place to raise a family.

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Edmond, OK

Three Season State - 7/29/2012

Edmond, OK has four seasons. Staring w/Fall it has all the good memories that it brings: Long Indian Summer, hues of oranges, browns, and yellows, leaves falling, lots of leaves on the ground, porches, and drive-ways both for fun, play, and everybody raking leaves, nippy cool and cold weather to be cozy and light the fireplace to smell wood-burning to watch all the football teams flags in yards, on people, in stores, and on t.v. More? O.K. Halloween memories of the past, because Edmond citizens are big on decorating their yards and doors for both Halloween and Fall w/pumkins, pumpkins, pumpkins, and even spiders! Winter too, has all the memories that it brings in three seasons state: "snow". Except from 2008 to now Edmond has had a lot of snow and even snow storms w/many power outages. It is recommended that if you have a natural wood fireplace to stock pile lots of wood in the spring and early summer when trees are being cut and pruned. The wood is also more inexpensive then. Don't forget lots of candles, water, non-perishable food to eat. Buy a "land line phone" because cell phones cannot be charged when there is a power outage. Winterized your pipes and cover them in freezing temperatures. Besides this...if you love snow, you'll love the winter in Edmond. Just wear your most heavy coat, a good covering for your head, a thick cozy scarf, and boots for the snow and enjoy all the fun, Christmas decorations, hot apple cider, the smell cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and cloves in stores and homes you visit...more football games in restaurants, Christmas concerts and plays at schools, colleges, theatre groups and symphonies; and Have a Very Merry Christmas commerating the Lord's birth bringing good tidings to all men, and Have a Blessed Properous New Year! In Spring, you can expect rain, somestimes alot and sometimes not which is not good because Oklahoma need a lot of raining day because it's very hot summers with temperatures over 100. For many, Spring is a welcome season because the temparture begins to warm. Schools and colleges typically end in the first or second week in May. In caring for your laws, be aware of grub worms, mole crickets, and moles that appear in the very eary spring. Instead of using a costly lawin service company, buy products that will rid your lawn/ground of the grub worms/crickets, some grass seeds with weed removal and just water it. I have found that products that emphasize "fertilizer" tend to burn your grass. Research through google and bing search for more or other information about lawn care in spring. It will be alergy season. Use the Weather Channel and local news and weather stations for information and updates on the amount of pollen is in the air for Edmond daily or weekly, especially if you suffer from allergies and have asthma. For Summer, responsibly use safe insect repellant, keep hydrated, watch out for the safety of children who will be out and about having fun, and ENJOY SUMMER and the 4th of July! [read more...]

Edmond, OK

Great place to raise kids - 7/17/2011

Good school in the state; Easy to find kids’ classes and activities for all ages.[read more...]

Edmond, OK

Quality of Lfe - 1/31/2011

Edmond is a very nice town. It has a lot of nice places to go, and I feel safe enough here to actually walk around town. It has the feel of a small town but it has two colleges here so it really is not small town.[read more...]

Edmond, OK

Family - 1/20/2011

A very good place to raise a family.[read more...]

Edmond, OK

Beautiful and low cost living - 10/31/2010

the title says it all. I've lived in (and around) Detroit, St. Louis, Sacramento and parts of France and Belgium. I can't speak for the rest of Oklahoma, but my wife and I love Edmond. The elementary school is wonderful, the climate is great, and it's actually green (interspersed with red dirt).[read more...]

Arcadia, OK

Edmond, OK - 4/25/2010

Edmond is one of the larger cities in Oklahoma, so there's quite a bit to do. With only about 30 minutes between there and Oklahoma City, the possibilities are endless. The malls are the biggest and most known places to go, but if you do your homework, you're bound to find all kinds of places and attractions to be involved with and enjoy. [read more...]

Edmond, OK

Hard-to-beat quality of life in Edmond - 12/15/2009

Edmond is one of those places you just take for granted until you don't have it anymore. As a family we are likely about to be transferred out of state for work, and boy will we miss Edmond. We have known how great we have it here, with the laid back atmosphere, low crime and low cost of living, but we are finding it is going to be almost impossible to replicate. Edmond is hands down the best place to raise a family in Oklahoma. With lots of in-town shopping and close proximity to OK City, everything is at your fingertips so you can have that small town atmosphere without sacrificing big time amenities. And clean and beautiful to boot! Great place to raise a family! We'll miss you, Edmond![read more...]


Why Edmond - 9/12/2009

Very safe place to live. Wonderful, clean city.[read more...]

Edmond, OK

High Schools - 8/5/2009

Edmond has three high schools and each has built "Freshmen Academies" to help with the transition between junior high and high school. While these students do interact with upper classmen during electives and tutorial they spend the majority of the day around other freshmen students. So far the results seem to be positive.[read more...]


Edmond is a great, family-oriented community with - 6/23/2009

When my wife and I moved here we were pleasantly surprised with Edmond. It is a suburb of OKC with excellent schools, low crime, very green, and has a nice family-oriented feel.[read more...]

Edmond, OK

school info good and bad - 12/23/2008

Sequoyah Middle school best middle school education and sport wise.Central is a fight infested school. Cheyenne is a good school. and summit is ghetto. Edmond is one of the only districts that does benchmarks to make sure everyone knows the material. High school wise Memorial is the best most kids transfer. A new program the high schools have freshman academies separate from the rest of the grades. Edmond is very competitive. Sequoyah has the highest test scores. Memorial again has best acedemics cheer band sports.[read more...]

Parker, CO

an honest opinion, I am impressed.... - 11/3/2007

We are in our late twenties and moved here from Denver a few months ago and liked it from the beginning. I have lived all over and the people here are very nice, social and kind. There is basically the same stores as Denver, with a lot better variety of restaurants and definitely great mom and pops places. I would definitely say this place is southwestern. The have a good bit of things from the west and some great features of the south. The cost of living is obviously less and the pace is slower. I mean that in a good way, people here know their trade or business very well. They are good workers, just not stressed out or in a massive hurry. My wife and I have found that we have been less stressed, as well. Crime is a fraction of where we came from and we came from the safest suburb outside of Denver. If I had a complaint, it would be that Edmond has a lot of people in their younger twenties that definitely haven't figured out that owning a Yukon or Suburban makes you special or important. But, you will look in your rear view mirror and see a girl with that "use to be popular in the deep south a decade ago" bleached blonde hair riding your bumper in a massive SUV. On your way to work you could have a 22 year old cut off fifteen cars in traffic, just because his BMW commands that respect. Just a "new money" kind of attitude I guess, but it is pretty funny really. I hate to go on a tangent with this, but it is proof that money doesn't buy you class. Outside of that, the people in Edmond are well spoken and have a great demeanor. It is an awesome family environment. Our two year old loves it. [read more...]

Edmond, OK

Low Crime Rate - 4/8/2007

FYI. for anyone wanting to move to the Oklahoma City Metro. I have lived in Edmond since 1992 and truely belive that Edmond is very safe. I am raising two sons in this town and I am very thankful for the City of Edmond and it's Police Department.[read more...]

Edmond, OK

Great Schools in Edmond - 4/29/2006

The public schools in Edmond are great.[read more...]

Flower Mound, TX

Former resident - 4/14/2006

We lived in Edmond for 18 years. One of the best places to live and hands down the best surburb in OKC. Hard to beat. Great neighborhoods, some really nice properties for the money, relative to the rest of the country. The east side of the city features thick cross timbers and rolling hills. Great city parks. Half a dozen nice public golf courses within the area (Coffee Creek is my fave), in addition to Oak Tree G&CC (1988 PGA Championship host). Several PGA pros call Edmond home. Quaint, old style downtown with bronze sculptures. University of Central Oklahoma is one of the foundations of old Edmond. 20 minutes north of downtown OKC and Bricktown Entertainment District. I hope to go back there for retirement some day. Gotta eat at Johnnie's Charcoal Broiler, Boulevard Steakhouse, Poblano Grill.[read more...]