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"A beautiful place no more..."

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re: A beautiful place no more... - 5/11/2007 - 4/28/2016
yep.. i feel the same way about my home town, Toledo. Same thing happened there.. (:

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Akron, OH

crime in akron - 1/4/2016

The city is a turd hole living in Akron for forty years!

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Powell, OH

A city going downhill... - 5/6/2015

I lived in Akron and other surrounding cities for 30 years and unfortunately I witnessed this city go downhill rapidly throughout this time. I only regret that I didn't get out sooner. This is a city that is basically a suburb of Cleveland and resembles the same depressing qualities but on a smaller scale. It has been hit hard from the loss of industrialized jobs and the rubber factories that once brought many people to the city and has had a difficult time recovering. All of the neighborhoods are full of abandoned buildings and dilapidated houses and it is no wonder that everyone is leaving the city which is proven by it's high loss of population that continues to this day. I can't think of one good neighborhood to live in any more and the only ones that are worth it are cities and towns outside of the Akron such as Fairlawn and Stow. The economy is poor as it is very difficult to find a decent job even if you are college educated and also crime is increasing by the day. It seemed like you could not even go a day without hearing about a robbery or shooting. The weather is horrible and there are basically two seasons as fall and spring are very short so basically it goes from being bitter cold in the winter to brutally hot in the summer. The snow in the winter is terrible and Akron gets almost as much as Cleveland. There is little to no entertainment or any fun things to do and no culture whatsoever. Its's just a city barely with a pulse and close to being dead.

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That Gal M
Akron, OH

Akron, OH - 10/22/2012

Not going to move anytime soon...it looks pretty good compared to many places I've been in the past few years, even for all of the complaining folks do about how much things cost. I find the most complaints come from folks who do not get out of the area...

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Akron, OH

Living in Akron Ohio - 4/22/2010

We were transplants to Akron nearly 30 years ago and it has been our home ever since. In those intervening years we have seen the rebirth of the downtown area, the expansion and development of the University of Akron campus, and the development of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Biking and hiking trails, a scenic railroad line, and proximity to a variety of cultural activities make Akron a pleasing place to live.

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Akron, OH

Weather is tolerable, but lack of sunshine is depr - 1/8/2010

Weather is tolerable compared to many midwestern cities, but so many cloudy days and lack of sunshine are depressing

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Akron, OH

No Jobs, High Crime & Racial Tension what’s not to - 9/8/2009

I think it’s funny that most of the people saying Akron isn’t that bad don’t live there. The surrounding areas have nice schools and low crime. Hudson, Tallmadge, C. Falls, or Stow are all decent areas. After living in Akron my whole life and watching it fall apart and get worse by the day I was finally able to move my family out. If you do move there I would recommend buying a gun. I can’t say enough about how bad the crime in Akron is. The hospital I worked at received about 3 gunshot wounds a week and we are only one of 3 trauma centers equipped to deal with them. That’s not including the ones that died on the scene. For a city with less than 250,000 that is ridiculous. Racial tension is high. By that I mean that the blacks really mess with the whites. I’m sure I will be called a racist for saying that. If you’re a white family and you send your kids to public schools they will be in tons of fights. The school will ignore it. There are no jobs in Akron. The public schools are horrible. The violent crime is high.

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Akron, OH

Housing - 8/3/2009

I am presently looking for some really private senior housing which will include my dog. Rents are the cheapest I've seen, having come from Vineland, N.J., which is sky-high. The social services are adequate, but need to do more for disabled, handicapped, homeless, jobless and otherwise people who are going down the tubes. What are we? A welfare state rapidly turning into a third world country? Get with it, Mid-West! Be an example for the rest of this joke! Andrea F. Bascelli

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Grove City, OH

school project - 1/23/2009

This website is amazing! It's the best website to use for any project!!

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Akron, OH

Snowfall - 4/16/2008

Just to let you know we get lots of snow in the winter. This year we had a blizzard and we reach into the negatives for "highs" during the day in January and February. I just thought you may want to update your information which shows snowfall as 0.

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Stow, OH

low housing cost - 4/15/2008

housing here is very good i rent a apartment for $500 a month incl heat and hot water a nice place

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Akron, OH

Akron Oh. lacks in care for people with H.I.V./Aid - 2/21/2008

I have lived here a year now, in Akron Ohio. the attention given to those of us on a fixed income, ( disability ) is atrocious. their is only one care center for those of us with hiv, and it is being runned by a woman who figures shes gods gift to those with aids, the appointments I have made with this 1 office called the care center, where they cancel my appointments, don't respond to my concerns. and I have even had the phone hung up on me, by the woman who runs this clinic! This is just the medical side of the horrors. It has now been a year since I've seen a doctor or taken any medications. I am now going through waisting syndrome. I have hunted and searched for an hiv doctor out here to no avail. everything sends me back to this same, summa care center. Theirs nothing to say about any other assistances for those with HIV / aids who need assistance in Akron Ohio, except that their isnt any. the one office called violets cupboard wants paperwork that intails your lifes history, and for what? a couple of bags of old , and many times spoiled foods. This is what Akron Ohio has to offer those with HIV who are looking for any type of help. How do I know this? because I have HIV /Aids, am disabled, and I have hunted for help. So if you want to Live. Don't bother with Akron Ohio's medical establishments for HiV assistance. I myself will be leaving here shortly, maybe try California.

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Barberton, OH

Akron Ohio. What is really here ? - 1/25/2008

As a business owner and native of summit county for over 40 yrs. Northern Ohio is nothing more than the place you were born. Hopefully your parents came for the rubber jobs like mine did. All that is gone leaving taxes poor housing appreciation and not really anything positive other than you are above sea level a bit. There is not much money here that is why we are sheltered from influx of mexicans ( they know that money is slow here). I would leave asap and run else where. All college grads go elsewhere to make their money. Weather is hot or cold. Miss the change of season come back and vacation and see same people on the same barstool ( year after year). so sad only 166 days of sun.

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Tallmadge, OH

Not so bad - 12/17/2007

Lots of transition over the years in the Akron Area. Downtown is looking great, new restaurants, new watering holes, New Art Institute. Alot of downtown weekend activities. Akron has a small town feel, with a great airport with flights to most major cities across the U.S. Akron has a committed group of people with an interest to see Akron not only grow, but become a place younger people would love to live.

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Akron, OH

Akron is becoming a ghost town - 7/15/2007

We have had the same leadership in this city for the last 20 + years and all I see is my taxes going up and the economy going down. don plusquellic's failure at the helm and his hard nosed attitude and arragance has got to come to an end other wise I will have to leave a city that I love. Consider very carefully before you move here.

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Cuyahoga Falls, OH

No jobs - 6/15/2007

The Akron area is an easy place to make a lower-middle income life. Crime isn't too bad and life is not congested. However there are a lack of options for employment. The economy is pretty lousy in terms of finding something you really want to do. Make a living? sure. Fufill a dream? Probably not. Education is expensive and taxes are high, with property taxes holding up most of everything public.

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Akron, OH

Akron -- a place for all -- for all time - 5/16/2007

We have an incredible park system available to runners, walkers and bicyclists. We have several excellent restaurants, a newly redesigned art museum that will reopen in July. In many cases, you can find a country living situation, and, still be no more than ten minutes (or less) from the mall. We have theater productions, a university, and a minor league baseball team. We are mid-point between two airports: one in Cleveland, and another, Akron-Canton airport that major discount airlines: AirTran and Frontier. Ideal! Revere and Hudson (public) Schools can't be beat!! A lot of house for the money compared to other cities. Ten minutes max to shopping, doctors, post office, school, hospitals. Oh! World class Children's Hospital. West Point Market! A lovely zoo. It's Akron, we love it!!

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Akron, OH

A beautiful place no more... - 5/11/2007

I lived in Akron all my life and was very proud of it until 2000 or so. Many people must have heard of how nice it was and rushed on in on the natives. The crime is crazy 2-5 deaths are reported daily. There are hate crimes, race, and the system seems weak. What do you do when major city crooks move into your quiet little town? A beautiful place is now just a memory.

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Akron, OH

No longer "Rubber City" - 4/27/2007

Having grown up in Akron, I have seen lots of changes over the past 45 yrs. I find Akron to be just the right size city to live in.Our housing costs are still some of the best in the country, low crime, GREAT library system, and plenty of entertainment and recreation options.We are no great metropolis,nor perfect,but if you can't find what you want in Akron, it must be the ocean!

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Shelton, CT

What's crime like in the rest of Ohio ? - 4/18/2007

I'm very confused here. I see a number of comments that claim that Akron has a low crime rate,yet the stats on City View indicate that Akron has a horrific crime rate. I'm on the east coast and these crime rates are far higher than any we have and I thought NYC was suppose to be high.Startling!

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Akron, OH

The undiscovered Akron - 3/22/2007

Akron and the surrounding Summit County have some of the best cultural and recreational resources in the US. From professional theater, internationally acclaimed orchestra and dance, to national parks, natural and man-made wonders, Akron has it all.

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