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""Hollywood is coming to Norristown""

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Voorhees, NJ

Intended relocation - 6/22/2009

No review yet, rather a preview: We are looking to relocate from Hong Kong to Philadelphia or its environs and, via Internet sources, we get the impression that Norristown is a good place to purchase homes and settle, but seems to be in decline and wonder if that's the start of descent down a slippery slope. Philadelphia itself is confusing: It has terrible comparative stats with other major US cities (e.g. New York) but we've been there and it seems less dangerous and unpleasant a place than statistics suggest. We wonder if its troubles are confined mostly to certain neighborhoods or if they are citywide. We will find out this August when we visit for three weeks. More then...

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Paul Greco
Norristown, PA

"Hollywood is coming to Norristown" - 12/2/2008

Keep an eye out here for news of the(10 sound stage) Movie Studio coming to Norristown. Norristown Real Estate values are on the rise( may go even higher, making Norristown a great buy in these challenging times. Paul Greco Century21 Alliance 610.212.1474

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