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St. Louis - 9/2/2011
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I grew up in St. Louis and never really lived there as an adult but wanted to give my input as I've lived in a number of different places.
The cost of housing is very low and there are a wide range of communities in both the city and county so there should be a neighborhood to fit most everyone’s preference. Traffic is not bad (can you say traffic is “good”?) and there is a fairly extensive light rail system.
There are lots of cultural and leisure attractions, many located in the large Forest Park and many (zoo, science center, botanical “Shaw’s” garden, and most museums) are free. The zoo and symphony are considered among the best in the county. There are many good Italian restaurants with unique specialties such as toasted ravioli and (very) thin crust pizza.
Nightlife areas include Laclede’s Landing, Washington Ave, Soulard, CWE, the Loop and more “decadent” activities can be partaken in across the river in Illinois (the only reason to go to the “East Side”). There are good state parks and lake activities (Lake of the Ozarks) 2-3 hours away and you can take Amtrak to Chicago.
Civic pride is strong and centered on the Cardinals and Anheuser-Busch (although since AB sold out that might have changed). St. Louis is very Catholic and the most important thing for St. Louisans is where you went to high school – there are more private schools per capita than anywhere else (so I’ve heard) and many families have attended the same high school for several generations (whether public or private). The main sports for kids are soccer, baseball, and hockey. There wasn’t a lot of racial/ethnic diversity when I was growing up but I think this has changed some.
In short, if you’re a young (esp. Catholic) family I think it would be the ideal place. If you’re a single transplant I think it’s definitely worth a shot as it could be a good place to settle but it will probably take a while to break in.

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Saint Louis, MO

St. Louis City - 4/13/2015

Best kept secret. Incredibly affordable and accessable. Beautiful neighborhoods with tree lined streets and quality historic brick homes. Art galleries, theatre and live music is more than abundent. World- class universities (over 20 colleges in the city). I doubt that there is a city in the U.S. that can match the cost of living, conveniences & amenities of St. Louis City.

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Saint Louis, MO

Saint Louis - 11/4/2014

Saint Louis sucks for black people. Yes, a lot of places sucks for black people, but Saint Louis really sucks for black people. If you are young, black & educated, I don't really think I need to advise you not to move to the STL area, but in case you didn't know..don't move to the STL area. The racism here is just along the lines of uncomfortable & altogether stupid. Also, if you are a single black female, especially over the age of 27, finding a half-way suitable mate is next to impossible.

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Saint Louis, MO

The St. Louis METRO area is not No 1 in crime - 11/1/2014

The St. Louis METRO area is not #1 in crime, not even close. Crime stats are being reported for the St. Louis City only and then compared to the metro stats for everyone else. That is comparing apples to oranges. Anyway- St. Louis Rocks!

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Carlinville, IL

St. Louis - 1/5/2014

It's great.

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Miss Missy
Florissant, MO

DONT - 12/26/2013

Lived here all my life. I'll keep it short and sweet. Dangerous, Poor housing market, sorry race relations, racism, sagging job market, brutal winters, lazy cops (want to get away with a crime? Move to Ain't Louis, Misery). Plan to move when I can unload these two homes (had to rent one because the market was too bad to sell and the cops didn't put an end to the harassment from a neighbor, though they arrested her several times and she's had over 30 restraining orders). It's trying to grow, but why try to entice people to move here when they'll just get robbed/beaten/murdered anyway? Anytime a white person comments on how bad race relations are you know the city has a problem. People steal the shine off of spit. Porch plants, Xmas bows on doors, you name it.

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Miss Missy
Florissant, MO

Believe the stats - 12/26/2013

Born and raised here, and looking for a place to relocate. Problem is, I have two homes I'll need to unload in a dismal housing market. Was being harassed by a neighbor and the cops did nothing, so I (and many others) had to rent our homes because we couldn't sell. Now I have two homes. I'm surrounded by renters because owners lost their homes, which means the neighborhood is declining. Therefore I HAVE to wait for the market to improve (4 bedroom next door sold for under $50,000). Violence is horrible. Dumb, senseless crimes by bored young adults and the legal system is a joke. Want to get away with a crime? Move to St. Louis. Only good thing about it is the cost of living. Otherwise it's like living in quicksand. And don't get me started on the racial tensions. When white people talk about how racist a city is you KNOW you have a problem.

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Mission Viejo, CA

Looking for a 3 bdr house, 1 bath in the city - 8/31/2013

Is it possible to find a house for under $16,000 in the inner city, if it's not in a gang area? Thanks for your comments.

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Saint Louis, MO

St. Louis - 6/25/2013

Love St. Louis, Love the Cardinals, Love the River front around the Arch. Great City.

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Saint Louis, MO

Schools - 3/31/2013

For secondary school education in St. Louis, there is a wide variety of choices. In addition to day schools, there are also boarding school options. There are large schools and very small schools. All-boys, all-girls, and co-ed are all well-represented. Some schools are secular, others have a religious affiliation. The amazing thing is that each school has something very special to offer. This is a great place to raise children!

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Saint Louis, MO

Depends on your goals and part of town you're in.. - 2/11/2013

I've lived in St.Louis my entire life and planning to make a change very soon! I'm 31, an African American woman, business owner, and single mother of two. I do pretty well for myself, (we live in a LARGE town home 2bd 3bth for $800)in South St.Louis, the best part of St.Louis if you asked me. It's more cultured and the people in the area don't carry that racial tension on them as they do in some other parts of St.Louis. The con of growing up in St.Louis is the school system. If you're African American and grew up in a low income part of the area, your education will be low budget! Sure they have magnet schools, but if you're child is Af.Am...look forward to be put on the BOTTOM of the list! St.Louis city is becoming more diverse and with the mixed incomes, it seems that "other" ethnicities get the first available classroom seat for their child. It was even mentioned to me when filling out the magnet school form for my youngest child, to put he was "other" on the application instead of Af.Am!! An advantage of living in St.Louis is that if you want your name to be well known and you love to network...this is the perfect city. It's soooo small that it's easy to get in front of the right people to help you launch almost anything. Meet one person... tell them what your plans are... and they know somebody that knows somebody. South St.Louis has amazing neighborhood restaurants and pubs. Just walk out your door and you can enter a cafe or enjoy fine dining. I'd end by saying with all my pros, I still want to leave St.Louis because I believe that in my profession I have reached my full potential's time to take my show on the road so that I can be exposed to more opportunities!

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Saint Louis, MO

Ready for consolidation - 1/22/2013

The St. Louis area is made up of the city then dozens of municipalities around the city. Many of these municipalities are so small they can only afford to maintain services from tickets. There's some but little cooperation between the municipalities and it's holding the St. Louis area back from thriving. If this problem can be solved the area would grow tremendously because the cooperation would lead to improvements in infrastructure and attraction of new companies to the area.

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Beverly Hills, CA

Class spelled with a kapital "K" - 11/13/2012

This entire region is the middle step child of American cities. It isn't large enough in any positive category and it only has the worst qualities of midwestern living. Lousy real estate values, terrible salaries, only IT jobs are well paying since the midwest is a top choice for data centers since it is easy to avoid disasters here. The entire state of Missouri is a cultural toilet and St. Louis is the permanent brown ring that everyone refuses to scrub. The iconic St. Louis Arch is old and usually closed for maintenance to prevent the hapless from making the tourist climb to the top. The Mississippi river creates a stench and the night life is either frightened or fleeing. Drivers are clog the passing lane and hate anyone with out of state plates, most people that visit Missouri are only doing so because their plane made an emergency landing and the pilot can't wait for the replacement parts to arrive. St. Louis and Kansas City best days are a hundred years behind it since commerce bypasses this region just like the railroads after the invention of the diesel truck.

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Saint Louis, MO

St. Louis is only good for the well-off. - 10/2/2012

I attended Webster Groves and Parkway North in high school. I was in the foster care system so I always attended schools in the county. I was always cut off from the city, Other than the arch for field trips. But once out of state custody, I was left to fend for myself. With a minimum wage job, no car, and no roommate, I was forced into the city. Even with a roommate I would not be able to afford a car, so getting a management job or a 10/hour job clerk job was nearly impossible because it takes a while to get from the city to the county. The county is were the half-way decent jobs are. I was stuck in poverty. The problem with St. Louis is if you are not well-off, you are pretty much doomed to live in poverty. You're only aquatainces or friends are thugs, drug dealers, section 8 government dependent people. They all are happy to see you stuck in poverty with them. So much fighting for street credit and popularity. If you get thrown into the chaos from the well-off county, you will find yourself depressed, anxious, and stuck in a hole, you can never climb out of. Stuck in your roach infested apartment with no friends because if you don't do drugs you are an outcast. And scared to let anyone in to visit because you know things will get stolen. No one ever cares to maintain contact with you because you are stuck like them and they are looking for friends that are well-off that can possibly help them out of the gutter. This has been my life since I was 21 yrs. old. I can get a degree but what would it do for me, since I don't have a car and insurance and gas is unaffordable. Without a boost, you get no where in St.Louis. You just constantly here about your neighbors getting locked-up. The system works only for the well-off here in St. Louis. I wonder if other cities are the same.

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Saint Louis, MO

Show me state - 9/12/2012

I have live here my whole life and it is affordable city but the crime rate is risky, its small city, great baseball town, not alot of opportunites but its not hard to find work if you stay on it.

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O'Fallon, MO

Outsiders review of St. Louis - 4/17/2012

Each city has 'pros' and 'cons' and St. Louis is one who has variances in each direction, but in different areas I have never experienced before. About me, I have lived and worked throughout the world. I have lived and worked in countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. I carry professional certifications for my industry as well as advanced level degrees from a variety of international institutions. Pros: a) Conservative - very "educated middle class" and and somewhat 'Right Wing' b) Safe - Everyone watches out for each other. The best example is the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals Championship parade; no violence, no burned cars; I am a Cardinals fan just because of the Cardinals fans. c) Clean - the people here even pick up their own trash after concerts and even put their shopping carts up after they finish shopping, etc. I am originally from Atlanta, and the city is going to the dogs - filth everywhere. The people here appear to care about their city and surroundings. d) Cost of Living - the overall cost of living is attractive e) Job availability - if you are seeking a professional, upper middle income profession, this is the city. St. Louis is starved for talent and if you have any outside (outside St. Louis) training and/or experience you would be "heads-above" all your peers. Cons: a) "Where did you go to school?" - Once I explain this, as an outsider, you will learn why this question is not only rude and intentionally insulting. The locals do not care about where you went to college nor your professional certifications, they only care about where you went to High School. Yes, they judge you on where you went to High School and establish your social status upon this juvenile slice of information. Essentially, you can carry an MBA from Harvard or Oxford but if you didn't go to "their" upper class high school, then you are of little value. Also, they "incorporate" that High School environment/roles in the work place (think about it). b) Stagnant - Very few people here in business have either traveled, studied or experienced business abroad. And when they hire someone who has, you are immediately perceived as a threat to everyone else. Be very careful when you tout your education, training and experience - it could lead to an adverse work environment. c) "Good 'ole boys" - Being from the deep south I have to expect this, even in NYC they hire and promote based on friends, family and "Good 'ole boys". However, if you didn't go to a St. Louis High School, then you are not a "Good 'ole boy" and do not expect advancement unless you have "Top Cover" in your work place. d) Housing - this city is backwards in relation to housing/homes and their prices. I have lived or worked all over the world and in St. Louis they price a $400k home for what I have paid $110k in other cities. These homes are what I would call "Home Depot" homes, they are built with what you would find a Home Depot. Very little high quality material and extremely overpriced. I actually had dinner and drinks with a general contractor about this issue, he willingly admitted he left building in other cities to build here because the people pay high prices for mediocre work and material. e) Baseball Heaven - NYC may be the center of the baseball universe, but St. Louis is the mecca of baseball. Why is this a "con"? Easy, you are going to spend a lot of money going to very amazing baseball games with your family and friends. Very kid friendly so expect to pay out for the hats, balls, bats, etc. ;-) Enjoy!

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St. Louis, MO

Block by Block - 3/11/2012

We live in South City. St. Louis City is ten times better than most of St. Louis County.

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O'Fallon, IL

Horrible quality of life - 3/7/2012

I've lived in many places throughout the US and the St Louis area is definately towards the bottom of the list. Horrible hot and humid summers, gloomy chilly wet winters, constant winds, tornados, very high crime, and no where to escape. The lack of recreational opportunities may account for the high drug and alcoholism rates.

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St. Louis, MO

Beautiful Parks - 2/13/2012

St. Louis has many beautiful parks located right in the center of the city. Forest park is my favorite.

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St. Louis, MO

Been here 11 months - 12/25/2011

Came for job that didn't pan out. Now feeling displaced. Even if we could afford to move... where do we go?

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Maryland Heights, MO

Living in STL - 9/22/2011

We've been living in St. Louis for 4 years now. My husband attends Logan College of Chiropractic. This is a beautiful place to live. The sun shines most of the year. When it rains, it really pours, but then its over and the sun comes right back out. The summers are unbearably humid, and in the winter that moisture in the air turns to ice and nips at your bones. Tornado season is pretty scary, esp this last one. Entire houses were taken out just down the street from us and there was damage to our house as well. This is a great place for hiking and camping, if you don't mind pulling out ticks. There are A LOT of bugs in Missouri! There is a very high crime rate in certain areas, so check your area online before deciding where to move to. We are in Maryland Heights and its been a nice place to live. On a more personal note, I don't like living here. It is hard to make friends, people aren't too friendly, and I feel like the whole area just has a negitive energy to it. Some people really love it here though!

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