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"Good People"

Good People - 5/6/2007
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Lee's Summit, MO

Really good people.

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Hartville, MO

Worst place to live - 2/2/2014

It is the most filthy place to live I have ever been. The locals are all related and look at any new people as their income. You will be ripped off EVERY time you hire someone to work on your home. There is no law saying someone has to be certified, so some guy claiming to be a plumber, electrician, roof repair, ect will not only charge you much more than other locals, but will not do the job right, i hired so many people and some actually laughed in my face as they took my money, and left my family to suffer, sparks shooting out of my electrical, roof pouring in rain, you get the picture. I am not making this up, all the small towns around here do this and though i know this happens everywhere, i have never seen a people so warped and mentally ill enough as to be so unashamed. There is no shame here, there is also no law, the sheriff will show up but will do nothing, and even the locals feel the same about the so called law NOT move here for any reason, you will have a very big x painted on your back...the X stands for here comes another sucker, ha! HA![read more...]

Lebanon, MO

cost of living - 6/12/2013

The state of Missouri is not a good retirement state. [read more...]

Boonville, MO

MO weather - 3/29/2013

MIssouri is known for it's changing weather. There are definitely four season although spring and fall are rapidly disappearing. Winters are usually pretty mild with moderate snow but 2012/2013 has had heavy snowfall. Also, summers are HOT and HUMID.[read more...]

Nevada, MO

Getting worse here - 11/29/2012

The crime rate here where we are now, is getting worse and we are ready to relocate to somewhere new and start fresh. We are hoping that Elk City will be the place for us. [read more...]

Kansas City, MO

Life in Missouri - 11/18/2010

Its cold in the winter and hot in the summer but over all a good place to live [read more...]

St. Joseph, MO

Midwest - cost of living - 7/4/2010

Coming from the Northwest, you can find a lower cost of living and better employment. Kansas City has many features, food, micro breweries, coffee shops, fine dining that you would find in the Northwest. Housing is lower the recent "power and light district" is very Portland Oregon like... [read more...]

St. Joseph, MO

Midwest - cost of living - 7/4/2010

Coming from the Northwest, you can find a lower cost of living and better employment. Kansas City has many features, food, micro breweries, coffee shops, fine dining that you would find in the Northwest. Housing is lower the recent "power and light district" is very Portland Oregon like... [read more...]

Columbia, MO

Great - 9/25/2009

There are a lot of different and interesting things to do in Missouri. Something for everybody![read more...]

Chesterfield, MO

Overland, Missouri is a great location, central an - 9/12/2009

Although Overland is an older community it has a great location! It is close to Clayton, the Airport, downtown and Major Highways. There is affordable living for all people in all walks of life. They have a Community Center to enjoy. They have wonderful parks, ie. Mort Jacobs Park, Norman Meyers Park to name a few, there are many to explore, a Nature Park at Midland and Ashby. Ample shopping includes Schnucks, Food for Less and Shop N Save. Not far from the Metro Link. The VFW Hall on Midland near Woodson has the BEST FISH FRY IN TOWN! Muenks Tax Service is a 3rd generation local company in town and Overland Hardware is the place to go for all your hardware needs!!!! [read more...]

Kansas City, MO

100 degrees in three months - 7/7/2009

It can go from 100 to 0 degrees in 90 days or less - or the other way around! The winters really are not bad and we get plenty of nice pretty snows, but the summers can be horribly hot especially in the cities. If you are in Southern MO where it's hilly, rural and there's lots of trees, it's not so bad. Here in KC, it's hot and humid and there's no big bodies of water. I miss living near the ocean, but I like the snow. Last summer, I thought I would almost rip my face off - I was so hot! I went to Florida in August and it was cooler![read more...]

Troy, MO

Life In General - 6/26/2009

Troy, MO is a town/city not as small as Bryant Pond, ME where I lived as a child but no where near as large as St. Charles, MO. Unless you live in the city commute is the magic word. You are within 45-60 minutes away from conveniences of city living. We have small strip malls here in town. If you are looking for Sears, Home Depot or stores other than Wal-Mart you need to go to Wentzville, St. Peters, St. Charles or even St. Louis. There are plenty of routes to use to get to your desinations as long as you don't mind the commute. You can feel secure living in a small some what friendly location. It is hot and humid for a 2-4 weeks in the summer. Land locked, and the food at restaurants is average. After living in New England for 30 years I have spent 11 years here and my list of fine dining is short. The price of homes varies from inexpensive older homes to expensive newer developments. You must be very careful not to buy the fixer upper that has structural damage. If you are unfortunate enough to purchase one of these there is little to no recourse to recoupe your monies. This is also the case for modular homes as well. It's an okay place but I am not planning on retiring here.[read more...]

Lake St. Louis, MO

cold - 12/20/2008

St.Louis Well............. IDK really theres alot of wierd people here if you like to party have fun forget about it. but im thinking about moving to flordia and well as i see most people dont like liveing where they live. Everyone wants something new so come to st.louis and enjoy[read more...]

Chesterfield, MO

Senior Retirement and Healthcare - 8/12/2008

Reside in west St. Louis County but travel extensively throughout the state evaluating senior care.[read more...]

Kirksville, MO

Sweet people - 3/12/2008

The most distinctive comment I ever hear about Missouri is how nice the people are. I grew up in Rolla and am now attending college in Kirksville, and I have to say--I've never been anywhere where the people are as sweet (and I've traveled all over the country, and few foreign countries too!). If you're strolling in town, joggers and people walking their dogs will wave a sunny good morning from ten feet off. Out in the country, farmers call hello to any person or car that passes, whether they know you or not. Everyone is just as encouraging and helpful as can be. The entire atmosphere is laid back.[read more...]

St. Charles, MO

Missouri - 3/3/2008

Missouri is a great place to live. Lots of things to do. Not too expensive. The humid summers can be uncomfortable, though.[read more...]

St. Louis, MO

St.louis - 1/16/2008

The Weather is tricky it can be 100 today cold,windy the nextday then snow the third day.[read more...]


Good Place to live in - 12/6/2007

Missouri is a good place to live in..if u r expecting to see average cost of living,good education..etc..In all aspects it is a wonderful place with good job chances also..[read more...]

Sullivan, MO

Climate - 10/27/2007

St. louis area has a relatively mild climate, compared to northeast US and upper mid-west.[read more...]

Humansville, MO

Life in Missouri - 7/27/2007

We moved to Missouri from Colorado. Missouri is too humid and hot. It was too much of a change. Also if you are going to live here you need to like bugs because you can't get rid of them! On the plus side ... the lakes are every where and they are warm and wonderful. We had one very nice winter and one very cold (ice storms) winter. Love all the trees and you can grow wonderful gardens.[read more...]

St. Louis, MO

humidity - 7/5/2007

my husband and I have lived in st. louis, mo almost all of his life and my entire life. we want to move somewhere with low humidity and temps about 60-70' all year round. we are just not handling the heat/humidity combination at this stage in our life. we are looking of a new home where we can be outside whenever we can.[read more...]

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