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Sayreville, NJ

Forget About It - 3/17/2008

Years ago, Sayreville was a large town full of people who worked at DuPont, Hercules and National Lead. At the time, there was very little crime, and not much to do, as Sayreville never had a "downtown". Neighborhood watch was always in effect. All of the residents knew each other and it was safe. That's no longer the case. The blue collar workers are gone, along with the jobs and the companies that employed them. The long-time residents either died, or moved on because they can no longer afford the taxes, or got tired of the decline. The high school (while never a highly ranked school)is seriously overcrowded, and the other schools leave a lot to be desired. It would be foolish to leave your doors or car unlocked. There are several dangerous areas, including some very undesireable apartment projects. Sayreville has become a quick stop in the ever-increasing influx of people in the apparently widespread exodus that involves one or more of the following moves: Bronx to Brooklyn to Staten Island to New Jersey. The people who move here hate it! But Routes 9 and 440 give them a getaway route where they can get their quick fix from the city, until they get the courage to move down closer to the shore.

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Parlin, NJ

Too expensive - 5/30/2006

I find Central NJ WAY too expensive. I am considering relocating to NC. Any suggestions?

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