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Great.... - 12/28/2009
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La Rhon

San Antonio, Texas is a great place to live if you are of the following: (A) an entrepreneur, doctor, lawyer, techie or a flight attendant, (B) have an income of over $60,000, and (C) travel frequently.

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George West, TX

Hate San Antonio - 2/23/2016

This place is the worst place ever!!!! The roads cannot keep pace with the amount of people here. It is dirty every where... Don't buy a house here...the builders can't get good workman ship. No good jobs....The only place you will find nice people is at resturants -- and this is because they want your money.

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Schertz, TX

San Antonio - 1/1/2016

Excellent weather and a large city with a small-town feel.

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San Antonio, TX

San Antonio is rat poison for the soul. Go to Aust - 12/22/2015

Been stuck in San Antonio for almost 15 years and it is another world down here, a very small, ignorant, uneducated world. Abandon all hope ye who enter here. It feels like Summer all year around. Those cute snow boots I bought from Jersey almost 10 years ago have still gone unworn. DRIVE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Most people in SA don't formerly learn how to drive and they come straight from Mexico. There is a MASSIVE drunk driving problem due to all the illegal Mexicans that never gets addressed. You will constantly see lives cut short down here due to drunk driving and many other accidents caused by the sheer stupidity of these people. If you value your own life I'd advise you to be off the streets by 1 a.m. every morning and midnight on the weekends if you can help it. It's ridiculous. There is a big problem with recycling too. I always tell people you'll know when you're in San Antonio when you start seeing mounds of trash everywhere. Beer bottles outside neighborhood parks and plastic everywhere all along the highways. It's a hideous sight, not to mention all the dead animals you'll come across on your travels. Seeing roadkill here is almost as common as seeing 20 year old Lupita walking down the HEB grocery aisle with her 9 kids and another one on the way. Holy hell. There is also a major problem with unchecked growth. I'm not racist just keeping it 100. Mexicans multiply like rabbits and they get pregnant at very young ages, so the city is constantly growing and this creates a butt load of construction all over the damn city. Traffic is already horrible but the city is under constant construction always at rush hour. Apartments and other subdivisions are getting put up EVERYWHERE and anywhere they can which just makes the city look even more like a ghetto. So now they finally have to do something about the roads which the city has been putting off for ages. It's a mess. If you are young, a professional, or both, then you're screwed if you move to SA. The job market is super limited due to a number of factors. SA is a city that prides itself in ignorance. Most of these good but albeit uneducated people just want to live paycheck to paycheck, drink, smoke, eat tacos and Whataburger, party, and wear "GO SPURS GO" t-shirts. Education, diversity, and building a better future is not a big deal to the sect of Mexicans that live here, and the job market reflects that. HOWEVER, Mexicans look out for each other here more than anything and if you're not in the "clique" then you stand a small chance competitively. A Spanish speaker will get a job over an English speaker even if the person who only speaks Spanish isn't as qualified. As a young person myself, one of the worst things about SA (and there's a lot of bad things) is the social/dating life. Dear God it's terrible, and SA has been rated one of the worst cities for dating and relationships, mostly if you're not a Mexican. You'll just have to go to Austin to have yourself any kind of healthy social life. Why? Mexicans in SA are extremely lacking in diversity and tend to have a lot of family and friends all in the same place since they never leave and they're very cliquish. Due to this most of them are already in close relationships with each other and they pair off with each other at young ages (which usually ends up in teen pregnancy). Now enter people who are new to the city looking for new friends to make and new relationships to build. That creates a problem. It's like a new kid going to a new school but there's no other new kids to make friends with at any point. All the other kids have just so happened to have been there their entire lives and already have their own exclusive groups. And strangely and hypocritically enough, SA Mexicans tend to be very prejudice towards other Latinos and extremely prejudice towards blacks. Some are prejudice of whites but many are more accepting since many try to emulate whites a lot, which is beyond bizarre. So overall, if you're not already in their group or if you're not Mexican or white, you won't be accepted into the fold very easily. This is very true for black people though, especially black females. If you are a black female you will have a hard time finding positive relationships in SA. Mexicans are very family oriented people and many Mexican women seem to not like black women for reasons I'm sure have to deal with insecurity. If you're black and have a Mexican boyfriend his mothers and sisters will most likely give you hell, and because Mexicans stick together this will ruin any kind of relationship you have. I've seen this happen at least 3 times. It can go either way with a black guy and a Mexican female, but it's something about black females some mexicans here do not like. I've found out a lot of mexican guys will find non mexican women attractive but are afraid to do anything about it due to fear of their families' disapproval, so they just stick with each other almost all the time while considering you as their side piece. This overall makes for a very horrible dating experience and just a bad life experience. Bottom line is the only place worth living in Texas is Austin. You'll have a much better quality of life there in all areas. Take heed.

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San Antonio, TX

Worst Place Ever - 12/3/2015

I have had the misfortune of living in San Antonio for 2-1/2 years now. Too hot, too crowded and too ignorant. It is estimated that 40% of the drivers here don't have driver's licenses and since that means they've never been formally taught HOW to drive, the drivers here are horrible. One out of every ten cars uses turn signals. And it is also estimated that 60% of the drivers here don't have insurance. So when you get in an accident, and you will, good luck. Drivers are aggressive and mean as they pull out of the many mega church parking lots down here. Hypocrisy abounds. The Hispanic women all dress like prostitutes. I've never seen so many stillettos and painted on eyebrows. Recycling is not mandated, and there is litter everywhere. I don't think Hispanics care too much about littering. And since the city is suffering from unchecked growth, subdivisions are going up EVERYWHERE. House upon house, 10 feet apart. But the roads haven't changed much for decades, and the traffic is horrendous. (Congestion AND horrible drivers. Most of the money at the school's go to FOOTBALL which is a big deal down here. And Texas doesn't keep a record of football related injuries. How convenient. My son's school has a Jumbotron and pays the coach six figures. I only wish the same amount of money is allocated for academics. the state of Texas just announced that it is sueing the federal government for trying to place SIX Syrian refugees in Dallas. And yet in San Antonio, there are illegals EVERYWHERE. More hypocrisy. I'm not even going to dwell on the crime rate, which is super high here. So why would anyone want to move here? I have absolutely NO IDEA. I am counting the days till I can get out of this hell on earth.

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San Antonio, TX

Not for Hard Working Professionals - 9/11/2015

San Antonio is simply a city of vacation and festivals. I moved here thinking that I could find employment * I am a experienced and licensed professional. Everyone here has a really slack attitude regarding work, recruiters don't call or come to interviews on time, companies don't want to pay you and there seems to be a complete disregard for people trying to get ahead in life. I will say there are a million programs to pay or supplement your housing, food, living expenses etc. It's almost like San Antonio wants you to not work hard, just chill out and get welfare of some sort. I am leaving immediately.

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Round Rock, TX

Spurs, Riverwalk, Corrupt Cops, Meth - 8/4/2015

Enough said.

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Helotes, TX

Hot, hot, hot in San Antonio, TX - 8/4/2015

San Antonio is a great place to live if you don't mind the weather in the summer. For me, it's simply too hot and I'm looking at moving. But, if you can handle the heat, there is lots to do, great people, lots of job opportunities and home prices are still very reasonable.

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San Antonio, TX

crime - 3/30/2015

very bad. to many non citizens. drugs.

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San Antonio, TX

Worst place next to hell - 3/18/2015

San Antonio Texas is the worst city I've ever lived in the people are fat and ignorant the job market is loaded with low paying jobs.Hispanics here are very prejudice towards blacks every job I've had in the last few months I've been laid off due to my supposed work ethic.All the streets have huge potholes in them and the traffic is terrible in a sense people out here got their license from a cereal box I'm moving back to Georgia where things are a little better

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San Antonio, TX

no review - 1/28/2015

I have no review at this time

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San Antonio, TX

Overall - 1/4/2015

Very reasonable cost of living. Friendly people, east town to get around! Love it!!

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Superior, WI

How good is it - 12/15/2014

I wanted to know how good is the bus service there? Can you get around good to get to places?

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San Antonio, TX

No work or friendships for non-Hispanics - 10/13/2014

I moved here after my unit finished Desert Storm. I WAS an outgoing, friendly, trusting, happy person. NOW? None of the above. Yes, the indigenous men and women are very unfriendly and clique-y. They come off first as being outgoing and wanting to be friends (they will tell anyone who wants to listen all their life's history in 5 minutes) but you WILL get the chill. This has happened to me time and again. I would make plans to have a friends' night out with some of the local ladies and men and then would end up being ALONE at the venue. Later I would get strange excuses of "family" this and that, etc. ad nauseum. Why am I still here? No work for someone who has an M.A. degree but doesn't speak Spanish. So I work for myself doing service jobs' work. Saving up nickels, dimes and pennies to get the hell out of here hopefully by 2015 when I will have saved enough $$$ to pay cash for a modest home in a PROGRESSIVE state....Washington State.....where it isn't a black mark on your history if you speak ENGLISH and are educated and NOT Mexican Hispanic!

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San Antonio, TX

Wiki - 8/6/2014

If you enjoy hispanic culture, this town is for you. If you don't speak Spanish and are looking for a job after relocation, good luck because you will need it. Very few applications on line here or in person do not include the question of whether you are bilingual. The heat in summer is not tolerable without air-conditioning, and if you are not of hispanic culture then you are in the minority here. While the night life downtown is active most weekends, it again revolves primarily around Tex-Mex and hispanic culture. The jobs are present for Master's Degree holders in Teaching, or high school level service jobs. If you are somewhere in between these levels you may be looking for a job for a while. The town is set up nice for tourism if you enjoy shopping, lavish hotels, and touring the city. The river walk is pretty and clean, but mostly hotels and food on the walk. Not to many places to sit unless you are eating at a cafe. The Zoo and Sea World are great for kids. The parks for walking and biking are plentiful but not safe at night. Lots to do and see but do a lot of homework about the area before you move here permanently.

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San Antonio, TX

Great place to live - 8/5/2014

There's always something to do in San Antonio if you don't mind a short drive to any given side of town. It is a rapidly expanding city that is home to a ton of young families. Everyone is very friendly and you couldn't ask for better people to have as neighbors. Not always as entertaining for young 20 something's, for that I would recommend Austin as a place for the 20-30 range. But still a very great place to live with a lot of solid job opportunities.

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Freer, TX

My own personal hell - 7/7/2014

Yep, that's San Antonio. I would move too if the jobs weren't so pathetic that I can't even make a living wage, much less be able to save up enough to move away.

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THe TRuth SpeakeR
San Antonio, TX

Why dont you San Antonioians trying being real??? - 5/27/2014

First of all I can speak of San Antonio because I was born in 1978 so I know what has changed for the good and the bad of San Antonio not people who have not lived here all their lives.... In the 80's and 90's San Antonio was fairly descent but once the Millennium came it's as if they opened the border gates and let all "Those" people over here...and I am hispanic so Not being racist or prejudice just stating the facts...For instance South side which in the 80's use to have a Dillards and Sears right on Military and Pleasanton was shut down by the early 90's and ever since that area has literally turned into little Mexico.. All you see now are nothing but illegals and that is the truth...hardly anyone speaks proper English or English for that matter and they expect you to speak Spanish when they come to our country not knowing the language and expect us to accommodate to them. So yes we are infested with alot of illegal Mexicans and they are everywhere now...EAST North South and even by Stone Oak that area is not as nice as you people make it out to be...They don't have anything but a bunch of pretentious wanna be New York restaurants that don't come close to cutting it plus it is so packed with traffic every direction that takes away the thrill... and as far as our drivers?!?! Yes they are the worst look at the news...Every single nite you hear of someone killing someone who is a drunk driver or just a dumb driver whom slams into someone...So when the top story told of having someone slam on their breaks to be ugly...Yes that is very typical of San Antonio drivers....Most importantly and Unfortunately that person was right and I know because again have lived here all my life and thank God I have not had any children because I would refuse to raise them in this city with so many illegals...I went to my old elementary not too long ago...and when I was a child you would rarely see any type of Illegals or Spanish spoken and now could not believe me eyes and ears...that's all you saw and heard..It was so sad... The people here are very weird too...They are extremely nosy especially the Hispanics and very rude...Lack manners in every way because where they come from they are not use to treating people with a certain type of respect and decency..I am very sorry to say this about San Antonio but again we need to speak the truth about this city which is sinking into a hole of disgrace...Just as when Charles Barkley was commenting on our women...I was thinking well the man is right..We do have alot of heavy set women here but its not just the women the men especially and whats so strange is the women think they look good cause the men validate them and same with the men...Very Big!!!

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San Antonio, TX

Luv SA - 4/16/2014

Overall this is a great place to live. If you're looking for high-brow, intellectual activities, this may not be the place for you. The cost of living makes housing affordable, although the prices are climbing quickly. Taxes are high, but I'm from NY where taxes are ridiculous.

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San Antonio, TX

A critique regarding article by LauMand in 2007 - 12/16/2013

The comments made by this writer are laughable, and are only exceeded by ignorance. But she can't help it because she was brainwashed by her ancestors. At some point, in San Antonio, and more than likely in the rest of the state as well, a faction of people, who considered themselves the earlier settlers in Texas, somehow, and maybe even perhaps by chance, banded together and called themselves "anglos" in order to differentiate from more recent immigrants who had fled the Mexican revolution and settled in the state as well. This faction included; Germans, Englishmen, Irish, Czechs, Poles, Greeks, Italians, Syrians, Lebanese, Jews, etc., half of which, even by a stretch of the imagination, could not be considered Anglicans. More than likely because of the Great Depression, they did this in order to apply economic and political sanctions against the Hispanic "newcomers" whom they considered a threat to bite into their portion of the precarious "American Pie." These early sanctions against access to jobs and politics are well-documented, and there is no need to revisit them at this time. The unconstitutional ploy lasted for perhaps a couple of decades, during which many so-called "anglos", acquired a false sense of superiority over their "more recent" fellow immigrants. The latter, to their credit, never resorted to rioting in the streets, burning automobiles, looting stores, nor killing innocent people. They had an innate feeling that society would evolve naturally as it has since the dawn of time. So now, despite the historical claims of ethnocentricity, by many, we see, over the internet, and through many other sources, that all ethnic groups have the same successes, failures, intelligence, ignorance, and levels of religion and morality, as any other.

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San Antonio, TX

Our economy - 10/7/2013

Is picking up quickly

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