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"Georgia on my mind"

Georgia on my mind - 5/18/2010
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Dalton, GA

Nice vacation state

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Enfield, CT

overall economy - 1/13/2014

would like to know at this time overall econmy for teachers, entertainment, cost of living would be nice also...

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Ringgold, GA

A lot to like - except for the summers and Tea Par - 10/31/2013

Thumbs UP: cost of living, property taxes, geography, schools Thumbs DOWN: 6 months of humidity, right-wing redneck overload

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Rex, GA

Dont move to atlanta georgia - 5/31/2013

I moved to atl from ny thinking it would be a better life for my daughters we been here for 6 yrs already and we been struggleing so much its depressing . i dont tell ppl to move here it really sucks nothing to do no were to go and if you work the money doesnt give for anything just pay bills . ppl are rude and very racist towards others . rude and ghetto . T HE MONEY YOU MAKE DOESNT GET YOU NO WERES NOT EVEN TO GET OUT DONT MOVE HERE (VACATION ONLY)

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Duluth, GA

Finding an apartment in Georgia - 1/30/2013

I have been in GA for almost a year and I still living in a house where I pay for a room and bathroom. I had lost money everywhere looking for apartments and losing the deposit after finding out big problems there, as bugs infestation. This seems to be a real problem in GA. I have a good job but does not pay enough to move into a nice apartment of more than $800. That is the base rent, then you have to add water, sewerage, garbage, electricity, etc etc. In general the only things that are less expensive here when you compare with NJ is the car insurance and health insurance if you get your own. GA is about driving long distances, and very expensive food etc.

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Acworth, GA

Ready to relocated ANYWHERE else - 1/19/2013

Georgia is not the best place for raising children. Cost of living is high, employment is low, education is down, and crime is up.

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Lawrenceville, GA

Unemployment = High - 7/7/2012

I have lived in the Atlanta area for 15 years. When my family and I moved here jobs were plentiful. I have enjoyed my stay here but I must leave because my husband and I are both now unemployed. I went back to school to finish up my education (I now have my MBA) but I can not find employment. He recently lost his job so now we must move somewhere we both can find opportunity (especially me). I am willing to let him be the at home husband because he is much older than I am and have a mechanical gift so I am not worried some much for opportunities for him. I have some experience and degreed Associates, Bachelors, and MBA in Accounting also studing for the CPA exam. I know that I can be an asset to some great organization. I want to relocate to the Houston, TX area since the economy there is good.

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Framingham, MA

Areas of Georgia - 7/5/2012

I would like help with finding out what areas have nice apartment housing near the Atlanta area, and the Marietta area. I am thinking of relocating there and I need all the help I can get

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Alpharetta, GA

Geogia - 6/5/2012

Nice place to live, but time for a change

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Atlanta, GA

Cost of Living - 2/21/2012

Cost of Living

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Duluth, GA

There are better places - 2/21/2012

I would not recommend the Atlanta or Georgia area to anyone. Got called into jury duty twice during the time I lived there. It really opened my eyes to what goes on in the area. It's a strange place. Do yourself a favor believe what people have written here, don't waste your time or money.

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Decatur, GA

Atlanta is a joke... - 2/20/2012

Don't BOTHER!!!

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Columbus, GA

Roads - 11/16/2011

Overall, road surface conditions are good except for certain streets within the cities.

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Milwaukee, WI

RELOCATING - 10/20/2011


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Springfield, IL

New Beginnings - 8/2/2011

I am new to this. I am a 24yr old single mother with a 3yr old daughter. I am wanting to move to GA in the coming months, but I don't know anyone or anything about GA. If there is any advice anyone could give me, i would greatly appreciate it. I am not even sure what city i want to move to. This is all new to me. I have lived in Springfield, IL all my life, but its time for me to branch out into the world.

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Canton, OH

grass not always greener on the other ... - 7/29/2011

I lived in the Atlanta area, Chamblee, for 4 years. Before that, I lived in the NE Ohio area, as I was born and raised here. To compare the two states is a snap for me. There are homewreckers everywhere...where are they not? We sure have them in Ohio. There are gay people (non-straight) everywhere...where are they not? They live all over Ohio and the North. However, here is one of the big differences... the weather. When I lived there, the furnace did not come on until December and did not go off until March. In Ohio, the furnace comes on in the fall and goes off in the spring which means that only one season here is w/o furnace-heat. And, the cost of living is more in the South, but that's what is called the sunshine tax. Here, the sunshine is not so much and the cost of living is a lot less...which is why I have not been in a big hurry to move back. But, the social life in Atlanta is way better than up North as there is more to do and more time to do it in warmer weather. Life is a series of tradeoffs, so a person must pick which set of choices appeal to him/her the most: weather, big city life, limited transporation, obvious diversity in the population, etc. And, to those who think the grass is greener elsewhere, let me know where that is as I'm sure that I can find fault there, too.

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Fayetteville, GA

Cost of living - 2/10/2011

The cost of living in GA is relatively cheap. I haven't been here long, so that is about as much information as I can offer on the situation

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Augusta, GA

Housing - 1/12/2011

The housing/Rental market is awesome in Georgia. You will find much newer options with very up to date finishes in most of the larger areas of Georgia. If new construction is what you want then come to Georgia

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Macon, GA

good - 11/28/2010

Its ok

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Auburn, GA

Moved to Georgia from New Jersey - 10/23/2010

I moved to Georgia from New Jersey six years ago and it has been quite a culture shock.The biggest shock for me has been how far behind the schools are. I am a public school teacher and the schools here (Gwinnett County) are easily two years behind in their curriculum. The people here also are not as genuine as the people in New Jersey. This has been a hard move for me. I have been trying to find a teaching job back home for two years now and due to the economy I haven't had any luck. Before moving to GA consider the great education in NJ. I wish I had done my research. GA ranks 41 in the smartest states. NJ ranks number four!

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Lilburn, GA

No fun... - 9/27/2010

I have lived in Georgia for 30+ years. Not much to do but if you like heat and humidity, then Georgia is the place for you!

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