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"Beautiful small town living."

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Grand Rapids, MI

Pagosa Springs, Colorado - 7/4/2011

RE: Your Review . . . or Lack there of . . . Why no Profile or Review of Pogosa Springs, Colorado? Come on - - you can do better! I'm counting on you folks. Thank you. Don

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Pagosa Springs, CO

No place for kids, young adults - 4/6/2011

I can't imagine why anyone with children would target Pagosa Springs. While beautiful, there is almost zero to do for youngsters, plus the school system has recently become the worst I've ever encountered, for the most part. The local governments lack leadership and are at least two decades behind the times. Unless you're a retiree, this ultra-conservative, backwards place will drive you to tears. Not the place for a career, culture or quality education. Great for outdoor recreation.

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Pagosa Springs, CO

Our town is BORING - 7/25/2010

it is so beautiful here. Nature is everywhere and the air is clean BUT there is absolutely nothing to do with small children. Cabin fever is an understatement.

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Pagosa Springs, CO

Small Business - 11/25/2008

Pagosa Springs has to be the most gosh awful place on the face of the earth to have a business. They are hurting for money..... you would think they would cooperate with the business owners a little more since, after all, the more money a business makes the more sales tax is generated for the city. Don't know about those public officials. Must have their head.... well, you know where. As far as beauty goes, the area is gorgeous. So before you think this might just be the place for you to move to and open up a little shop of your own - do a LOT of talking to downtown and the west end of town. You probably will change your mind. Unless you are one of those lucky ones with a bank account of $10,000,000,000.00 and can afford to donate it to the expensive town of Pagosa Springs, CO. Linda

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Pagosa Springs, CO

Comfortable Climate - 6/10/2008

Although the weather does change here often, overall it is very easy to live with. We have snowy winters (some more than others). It is not unusual to have a snow storm at the end of May or beginning of June. We have dry warm summers, but they are very tolerable. Very few homes have air conditioning. Most open their windows at night and let the cool air in and close them during the days to keep it cooler inside their homes.

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Pagosa Springs, CO

Pagosa - 4/7/2006

Beautiful small town, nice climate, winters are long but sunny. No crime, no traffic. Not much diversity. You need to drive 50 miles to buy a pair of socks. No cultural or educational opportunities.

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Pagosa Springs, CO

Home Sweet Home - 3/27/2006

This is the most beautiful place I've ever lived, not only that, the longest. We have been here for 13 years and counting, we don't plan on moving. Pagosa Springs is getting bigger by the day. A lot of homes being built,business being developed. When we moved here there was only 1 stop light down town, now there are several. We had one fast food place and that was subway, now there are many. But the most beautiful thing about this place is the attitude of the people here. Everyone actually wants to help eachother out, because many are belivers in Christ. So that's how they perform. I know as for me and my house, we serve the Lord. That's what makes this place so beautiful. It's Christ in them that's beautiful! All the mountains surrounding the whole town are absolutly gorgous! Especially in fall, when all the leaves are changing! The place just glows! By far the best place I've ever been! Great place to raise a family, and to just live. I encourage you to come visit Pagosa Springs, I'm sure you will see the same thing.

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Pagosa Springs, CO

Beautiful small town living. - 1/19/2006

One of the most beautiful areas in the state. Wonderful place to raise a family. Schools are great with low student/teacher ratios. Skiing at Wolf Creek (best in the state for snow) is only 20 miles out of town. The area is growing rapidly however as it is one of the few mountain towns left in Colorado with relatively moderate housing costs. Development is beginning to happen in the area though and hopefully won't "ruin" what we have.

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