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"Living in Nashville"

Living in Nashville - 9/15/2007
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Hermitage, TN

My husband and I relocated in a suburb just east of downtown Nashville (still Davidson County) in 2005. We moved here from a Maryland suburb 30 miles north of Washington, DC. Having lived "up North" most of my life, I am a serious Nashville convert! Cost of real estate is SO much more affordable, property taxes are much lower, and the people are just plain nice. OK - traffic can be a pain at times, but if you live in a major metropolitan area anywhere, there are ALWAYS traffic issues - goes with the territory. As for crime, like most places, it depends where you live. There are good areas and "bad" areas. You have to do your research. Salaries are lower than in the DC area, but overall, they are in line with the cost of living here.

Guess the biggest negative is that the state sales tax is 9.25%. OUCH! But, on the positive side, there is NO state income tax.

Bottom line - we are VERY pleased with our move here, and I don't see any reason to leave. We purchased a wonderful single family brick home for $134K that would have cost us easily $300K or more in the DC metro area. Taxes on it are less than they were for our 850 SF condominium. Winters are mild (compared with up North) - altho this summer ('07) has been incredibly hot and dry.

Come visit - you really might love what you see!

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Economy - 2/16/2015

Bustling. Lot's of growth.

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Hermitage, TN

Single Women Over 40 Do Not Move to Nashville - 10/30/2014

Nashville has no quality of life for single women over 40 (unless you are a swinger)! No activities (concerts and outdoors activities for starters. Property taxes on a rental are 40%, too much infill without planning-no historic buildings left, emission testing, and very high crime all bring down the quality of life in Nashville, TN. Examples: 1)If you even go to an art exhibition you will be stopped by police (my instance was a dealers bracket around my plate) and hit on. Then you get the sermon on if 'anything' happens to you since you are a single female over 40 it is your fault and do not bother the police. Same thing happened when I was hit twice! 2) One officer claimed I was dating a 16 yr old male who was a witness(?) and of course did not even ask if I needle medical! 3) Next time I had staggered into the interstate after getting struck at 70 miles hour from behind and thrown across all four lanes of the interstate (lucky a EMT came and got me for transport-not that the police even asked if I had any injuries again). Just too many examples to warn about. In other words in two years I will be out of this cesspool and into my new home state and city with better amenities and quality of life. Oh, and do not get me started on all the hateful and angry transplants, will definitely not miss them at all!

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Pigeon Forge, TN


We lived in the Nashville area and was so sad that we had to relocate. I miss Nashville SO much! The people are great, lots to do, beautiful at Christmas time...just a fun place to live especially if you are a country music fan! We are still hopeful that we will make our way back there.

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Madison, TN

Nashville, the beautiful! - 10/3/2013

I love Nashville, full of some of the best chefs and food! It is growing and has so much to offer. I have lived all over the world and would not choose to live anywhere else. So many great unique neighborhoods and shops. It lets people live (especially the celebrities) and yet still remains relative and friendly all at the same time. Very few places can offer that.

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Brentwood, TN

Moved here to be near family - 7/24/2013

Love the slower pace of TN over Seattle area.

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Brentwood, TN

nashville vs orlando - 3/18/2013

housing costs for people moving to nashville

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tennessee - 9/18/2012

tennessee is like the best place ever! <3<3<3

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East Lansing, MI

Overall opinion of Nashville - 9/15/2012

Hi all! So my husband is wanting to join the Nashville police. We currently live in Lansing, Mi (which is just horrible) and I was just wanting some general advice.. like good school districts, neighborhoods to stay away from, fun child friendly areas to live near .... Idk, any helpful advice I'm willing to take :) Thanks!

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San Francisco, CA

Not for singles or outdoor-sy types and, you NEED - 6/7/2012

You will be very lonely if you're single. Not very many professionals here compared to other cities. You must have a car. There are no sidewalks anywhere and you never see people outdoors. BTW, its one of the fattest cities in the US. Its very spread out so, getting around is an ordeal. Lots of fatal car accidents. The people, however, are very nice; friendly and kind. Not a place for those with allergies, into health food or outdoor activities. Women have that catty southern thing going on but, not as bad as Atlanta. Physically beautiful and has mild temps.

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Tuscaloosa, AL

muslim man - 10/3/2011

I 'm muslim and I want to move to Nashville !

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Nashville, TN

Nashville Crime - 9/21/2011

The crime statistics is right on the money. Nashville does have a lot of crime. Nashville was also ranked one of the most depressed cities by Bloomberg Businessweek. I believe that is true as well. I knew a number of people on prozac and other anti-psychotic drugs. I think that Nashville is a good place to visit. The crime just makes it unattractive. Also, Nashville has a lot of racism. Interracial couples will not do good there.

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Nashville, TN

Many diverse opportunities - 8/17/2011

Nashville is a city that has so many opportunities than country music. There is an eclectic mix of many different styles.

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La Vergne, TN

Nashville has lots of fixing to do! - 8/8/2011

Wow, where do I start. Priorities are all wrong. Nash wants to be know as a metropolitan city, "reality check" it's has a very long way to go. Downtown nashville is way to small for all they want to go on down there. Mostly bars and a few places to eat, Sidewalks are to small. People stand out in the street to take picture while traffic is trying to move. Cars cruse the main street (Broadway) which prohibits buses to move about. Not sure why people get excited about it down there. Not really much to see. It's pretty much a stop thru place while on a vacation to someplace else. You can see all of what Nashville has to offer in a day or less. People are rude driver's that think they own the road and they really can not drive that well. It doesn't take much to get a driver's license here, if you can turn a corner you get one. God forbid it snow's or even rain's hard your much safer staying off the road. The bus system can be so much better then what it is. It's has a very long way to go. Way to much to talk about there. There are no bus lanes downtown to help (city) buses move freely but they do have valet parking on the busy bus fareways not to mention the buses has to with tourist buses, horse-n-buggy, hotel vans and people standing in the street like they think cars and buses won't hurt if they get hit. Simple solution bright law makers of nash. Put no parking lines and/or no loading signs in places that are high traffic area's on bus routes. Paint a yellow line on the corner of 5th and B'way on both sides of the street at least 60 feet long and give out ticket or fines to those that won't obey. Get rid of the valet parking on b'way ITS DANGEROUS!!!! Common-sense is not a strong point for people here at all. This just a very small bit about Nashville, I choose not to go further to avoid carpaltunnel syndrome. When I hear people from Tn say " I visited NY and loved it but I could never live there" I know why! NY is way over your little heads. There are some nice people here don't get me wrong. I just don't run into them that often.

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Nashville, TN

Weather - 8/3/2011

Summer: Very hot and high humidity make air conditioning a must have. Some days the heat index swells over 112F Spring: Beautiful and warm. Spring weather starts in March and by April temperatures are well into the 60's. Temperatures range from 60-85 between April and June. Strong storms occur frequently and weather changes rapidly Winter: If you are coming from a place that sees a lot of snow, Nashville will suprise you. When 1 inch is forcasted, schools and some businesses shut down. The city does not have enough snow plows to adequately keep high ways and busy roads in working order, especially when 2 or more inches fall. Drivers are unsure how to drive, making it hazerdous to leave your house. Temperatures rarely fall below 25-30 degrees. Fall: Fall is beautiful and warm.

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La Vergne, TN

Nashville is an average city - not too bad not too - 7/24/2011

Wow, I wish I had found out about this site sooner as I have spent the last few hours reading people's funny and accurate reviews of different cities. I found this site by getting reviews about Atlanta as I was thinking about leaving this place. However there are horribly reviews about ATL from everyone and I learned when the majority of people say similar things it is most likely true. Most of the things said about Nashville are true as well. I have lived here for 11 years and the funny thing is that I had recently said something to my now ex-girlfriend that I read someone else say on here.... that the people here are fake. I have lived all over the world and I keep coming across fake people and so had my girlfriend. Then I said perhaps that is just how this city is, full of fake people? Also someone else here mentioned how no jobs want to pay more than $10.00 per hour and that is so true. I am mixed with white and black but I am more of a white guy with a tan, whereas a lot of mixed people still look and act totally black. For the first time in my life I had to pull the race card, as I always used to think that racist accusations were silly. I have posted my resume for programming and a lot of people are contacting me and setting up reviews. They say that they are extremely impressed with my skillset, yet when they meet me for the interview, I am not hired. Even though I ma handsome, well spoken, well dressed, and have all of the skills they are looking for, I am declined. One company even gave me a test to pass to get the job, I passed it and was still denied and even the recruiter said that didn't make any sense. So how is it they immediately contact me and say how they want to hire me right away, but when I complete an interview that goes smoothly, they hire a young white guy with not as much experience as me? I am still programming from home and making a lot of money with my skill that all of the companies around here are denying. Sorry for my rant, just had to get that off of my chest. Another poster here commented about the single life, I totally agree that if you are married and have a family Nashville is great. However for a single person like myself, I go downtown and all you see are families, couples, or a group of people all together having a great time and ignoring everyone around them. In my old city it seemed like clubs and bars were the place to meet people. Extremely obvious open invitations from females that they wanted you. Here they just site and smile, and answer your questions until you leave as they are only there to listen to music and get a few drinks. This is a great city if you are a hardcore country fan who is married and lives in Brentwood or Franklin. If you are middleclass and not completely white it will be a challenge.

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Antioch, TN

Living in Nashville - 6/21/2011

I relocated to Nashville in 1986 and have moved out multiple times, but now back again due to family illness. I have never worked in Nashville...I have always travelled and use Nashville for the airport. I can say that I am always looking for a reason not to live in Nashville. It is Not for someone who wants a more expanded lifestyle.

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Nashville, TN

Nice veneer, BUT... - 6/19/2011

People in Nashville are very nice to your face. It's what happens behind your face that gives the total picture. If you're not from here, and worse, not from the south, unles you marry someone from here you will always be an outsider. I've lived in a number of non-south locations and never had and problem meeting people and making friends. Here, they say they'll have you over and it never happens. You don't get invited unless you're from here. Especially in the wealthier areas, they all seem to have gone to school together. If you're not Church of Christ or Baptist look out. If you're Catholic and from the north, you may as well have a third eye. Many transplants here that I've talked to agree. The few friends we have made are fellow transplants. If you're ethnic, it's worse yet. Met a Hispanic PhD here who told me he was treated like he was a groundskeeper when at an event at a local club.

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Nashville, TN

Nashville, Tennessee - 6/6/2011

Wow, I am so happy and relieved to know that I am not the only one who is deeply unhappy here in this "Great" city of Nashville!! I have laughed at some of the other postings because every bit of them are true. I moved here in 2000 and have been broke every since. I feel like I'm literally frozen in time. I often ask myself, am I better off now then I was 10 years ago? Nope! I moved here to take my life to another level, to find employment, make a decent salary, purchase a home, perhaps meet someone get married.....NONE of that has happened yet. Every job wants to pay 10.00. Mind you I have graduated from college and have experience. I am single, with two children. There is no way I can purchase a home and be confident about that major purchase making 10.00 an hour. When I moved here I was not looking for love. If I found it fine. But I was not looking. Have I found it yet? Nope! The men I meet here, are either married or are as broke as I am. So I just keep moving. I grew up in Michigan and attended college in the South. I fell in love with the South. But this part of the mid-south I can not take any longer. If I could pack my bags and move tomorrow I would. But I have made up my mind that I will be leaving Nashville. There are too many people here, who are happy with too little. I do not want to be in that group any longer. PS If you are planning to move to Nashville, Tennessee I hope you are moving here to retire.

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Murfreesboro, TN

Cool place - 4/1/2011

Nashville continues to grow in a down economy and stays active all year long. It has some traffic flow congestion as all major metro areas experience but offers many universities, restaurants, music and performance venues. If you want diversity in an area you will have to go to Detroit or Chicago to beat the communities of Music City. The airport is great and "You can get there from here!"

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Hermitage, TN

Living in Nashville - 3/3/2011

We moved to Nashville 3 years ago from California. We thought it would be cheaper here and I wanted to be closer to family. Well actually living in Nashville is more expensive than it was in Southern California. High Sales Taxes (9.25%), lower pay, high utilities, higher groceries (with a food tax of 7.75%, etc. I'm glad I found this site as the one I was on that told me for so long about how cheap TN was only allows sugar coated views. Was not allowed to write anything negative or what others have experienced. So I will be telling more people of this site so they can hear both sides and can make a great judgement before moving here. I wish I'd found this site 3 years ago.

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