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"Stay awayfrom Taylor!!"

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re: Stay awayfrom Taylor!! - 3/19/2013 - 11/21/2015
If you have that many vacant houses doesn't that mean that the people who originally owned the homes didn't have the means to care for the dwellings as well?

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Taylor, MI

Stay awayfrom Taylor!! - 3/19/2013

Due to budget cuts, the city closed 2 fire departments and reduced the number of police patrols in the city. As a result the response time of service is longer for the fire department and the police is based on an urgancy basis, so they too may not show up for hours. several of my neighbors have had their houses broken into and lost valuables. My children I take them to Charter schools or schools outside of the city because Taylor schools are out of control and score so low compared to the others. There There were several vacant houses on my block as a result of the real estate crash. My house's value plummeted from $170,000 to $30,000. The vacant houses are being bought up by "slumlords" or people without the means initiative to care for the dwellings and further decreasing the value of the neighborhood.Think twice before moving here.

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