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"Great Place to live."

Great Place to live. - 8/24/2010
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Fort Wayne, IN

I got out of the Navy in 2003 and moved to Fort Wayne. I was a MN native and my wife was a VA native. We both within a couple years fell in love with the city. It has that small town feel with the big city amenities. We love going to the new Tin Cap stadium to watch a baseball game. The festivals start in May and don't end till November. We have 3 kids and it is hard to think about raising our kids in another place. Chicago is only 3 hours away, Cincinatti is 4, and many other close places to get to. There is a wonderful Zoo and Science Museum. If any one is looking to come it is great. Maybe not for the young people looking for a big city life.

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Fort Wayne, IN

At least it changes all the time - 7/27/2013

Fort Wayne has a lot of cloudy humid days but just when you start to get sick of the bad day an almost perfect weather day will slip in to help make up of the otherdays[read more...]

Fort Wayne, IN

Fort Wayne is not a place to live! - 10/22/2011

The city is ran by greedy morons and does everything to line pockets of the city council members and do their personal agenda. The city, council, politicians, especially mayor Tom Henry, uses the city for his/hers personal gain and affluences. They do not treat the citizens with equally or with justice. I don't blame major corporation for pulling out. The city treated them (as citizens living in this city and the company) as bad as it does its tax paying blue collar workers/ citizens (us the 99). Fort Wayne has to be one of the worst places to live. Surely do not come here for the weather. It may have cheap housing here, but tell me why do we have such a high rate of homeless here? Something is really wrong here in Fort Wayne. Air and water quality is bad here(look at EPA statistics). Stress level for this city is about the highest in the nation and there is no quality here, just cheap house, but jobs here do not pay enough to make it worth it. A Lousy City and a poor excuse for "All American City" as they once claimed.[read more...]

Elgin, IL

is there any african braiding shop in Fort Wayne? - 6/17/2011

In my search for the best place to live I found Fort Wayne. I am an african lady and I do braids, african braids. I hear that there is no african hair braiding shop in Fort Wayne, I dont know if my information is true or not. If someone can tell me how black ladies manage to get their hair done. I am planning to open an african hair braiding shop in Fort Wayne. I would like to know if it is a good idea. I need your advices Thanks.[read more...]

Fort Wayne, IN

Good place to live - 2/17/2011

I grew up here wanting to live in the southern US; however, as I raise my family here I'm realizing it is very nice. The county schools rank pretty good. There are parks everywhere with several bike trails popping up everywhere. Theaters and shopping are ample. Cost of living is very low. And there is easy access to several major cities within 2-4 hours ie. Indianapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Cincinnati, Columbus, Toledo, etc. We are also within a couple hours of the Lake Michigan and Lake Erie. If you like lake activities there are several clean lakes scattered throughout to the west and north of all sizes and price ranges. The only negative is that winters can drag on but if you dress right and drive responsibley you can manage with good spirits. I love how diverse our city is getting as minorities are making up close to 1/3-1/2 of our population. People are very helpfull and friendly in general with the southeast side of town as the exception. For business owners as myself it can make or break you. Reputation means everything here as people tend to rely on word of mouth more than most cities of similar size. So, if your business survives a couple of years you'll find it's a very great place to live as there is low cost, easy travel, and your money can go pretty far.[read more...]

Fort Wayne, IN

Great Place to live. - 8/24/2010

I got out of the Navy in 2003 and moved to Fort Wayne. I was a MN native and my wife was a VA native. We both within a couple years fell in love with the city. It has that small town feel with the big city amenities. We love going to the new Tin Cap stadium to watch a baseball game. The festivals start in May and don't end till November. We have 3 kids and it is hard to think about raising our kids in another place. Chicago is only 3 hours away, Cincinatti is 4, and many other close places to get to. There is a wonderful Zoo and Science Museum. If any one is looking to come it is great. Maybe not for the young people looking for a big city life.[read more...]

Fort Wayne, IN

what are safe areas - 8/3/2010

Ok so I am 24 and I am moving to Indy. I'm from Fort Wayne. I am having the hardest time finding a Safe place to live. I am a mother of three young children and I am also a loving foster parent. I am on a budget as far as rent goes. I am looking for a home apartment-house whatever is in the price of 700-850 range. I am told the eastside is bad and southside. I've heard pike is a good area but can anyone give me advice as to where to move or what areas/townships are safe and family oriented. Also what charter or magnet schools are good. Thank you, Kandace :)[read more...]

Fort Wayne, IN

My thoughts after 6 years in Fort Wayne - 7/16/2010

After living in Fort Wayne for 6 years, and now just recently moving off to Indy, one of the largest things I've noticed so far is the change in traffic patterns. I loved Fort Wayne traffic in general because there very rarely any bottlenecks, even during rush-hour, even on the freeway. Plus, as a bonus to my lead foot (and as a consequence of not having a lot of congestion and cops that have better things to do), you can get away with speeding pretty much everywhere you go. In fact, I'd take that one step further in saying that although the people in Indy 'speed' more, it's because the speed limits seem to be considerably lower in Indy than in Fort Wayne. In terms of gay life, although Indiana is in 'The Bible Belt' of the country, and general attitudes are on the conservative side, I never once felt unsafe displaying gay PDA. There are two primary gay bars in Fort Wayne - Babylon (Babs) and Afterdark (AD). They're owned by the same person, who is almost always a cheap-ass. One important thing to note though is that the crowd and the number of people there in general varies quite a bit from day to day and week to week, so you might be there one time and it's dead as a doornail, and then come back a week later and have it packed to the gills. I believe cover is $3 at both places, and drinks are generally about $5.25. They're not always super strong (remember to tip your bartenders well and they'll take care of you), but very rarely weak. In terms of other nightlife, I've been really impressed with the number of big-name performers that have come to town, which usually perform at Pierres complex (a huge complex of many different bars, all in one area). In terms of venues, it's beyond me why such big names choose such a small arena, but they must pay them well. I mean, in terms of bars, the place is huge, but in terms of concert venues, it's minuscule. My favorite of the bars in the complex (especially since I lived in Canterbury Green Apartments, which is directly next door) is a small hole-in-the-wall bar called Peanuts. They've got cheap beer ($5-$6 pitchers of domestic) and generally cheap beer (check out their specials), plus sever pool tables and electronic dart boards too. My only complaint is that the music is solely from the jukebox, which means none of it is free, and although I normally went there on weekdays, I've been told that it can get pretty crowded on the week unless you show up earlier in the evening (8p-10p). There's generally plenty of street parking downtown, and even if not, there are several garages which due just fine. Taxis aren't abundant, but they're around if you call ahead of time. And to get from downtown to the edge of the general city limits, it's about $20 or so. There always seem to be plenty of events downtown during the summer months, and during the winter, they at least keep the streets well-plowed and salted the majority of the time. Some out-of-state people worry about the roads, but unless you're driving in really extreme conditions, you learn how to deal with the wintery conditions. Namely, you test your traction before you get on the road to see how long it will take you to come to a stop, then you give yourself plenty of stopping distance between you and the next person. Also, when approaching lights, you have to decelerate slower than you would normally otherwise. If you do these things, you should be just fine. Anyway, that's all I can think of, but feel free to post any questions you may have, and assuming I get notified of a comment, I'll respond as best I can. Cheers, Tim G.[read more...]

Glendale, AZ

born and raised - 5/9/2010

I left Fort wayne when I was 18 and have lived in arizona for 33 yrs.I wish now I would have raised my kids in Fort Wayne.In Phoenix you have non-stop traffic, crime,Air pollution is terrible.Yes Fort wayne might be a little boring compared to other places but the quality of life beats Phoenix hands down.When I visit Fort wayne the stress I have from living in phoenix just goes away.The education I received in Fort Wayne was excellent.A lot of you complain about the weather just be careful what you wish for .I know I regret it. [read more...]

Fort Wayne, IN

Gray, gray, gray - 9/23/2009

No one lives in Fort Wayne for the weather. Winters are the worst - not cold or snowy enough to be recreational - just chilly, wet and monochromatic.[read more...]

Fort Wayne, IN

Great cost of living! - 7/12/2009

While Fort Wayne doesn't have a lot to offer when in comes to quality of life, the cost of living can't be beat!! Housing is incredibly low but salaries are pretty moderate and here affords us the luxury of traveling to more exciting places.[read more...]

Phoenix, AZ

Fort Wayne is OK..... - 6/4/2009

If you moved here from one of those crowded and busy East Coast cities, you will probably find Fort Wayne to be very dull. However, it has a superior cost of living and the schools are pretty good, making it a good place to raise a family. It’s also within just a few hours drive of major Midwest markets. And its near many small lakes in Northern Indiana. But that’s probably where the good ends. There are not many high paying jobs and not much to do, especially if you are single. Crime has been on the increase a little. On a scale of 1 to 10, Fort Wayne would get a 5. But the only reason Fort Wayne has ‘grown’ a lot is because it annexed Aboite Township to the west several years ago. I actually like Fort Wayne; it seems similar to Lansing or Grand Rapids, MI.[read more...]

Fort Wayne, IN

Culture - 11/20/2008

I really like living in Fort Wayne. There are many culturally exciting things to do such as, visit the museum, Science Central, Embassy Theatre, Fine Dining, walking trails, safe neighborhoods (which are getting safer all the time), pretty scenery and a town that takes pride in recreation and culture.[read more...]

Decatur, IN

Bwah ha ha ha!!!! - 9/27/2008

Did you see that percentage of republicans to democrats?!?! If anything should speak about the open-mindedness and culture of this city it's that. Really?! This country is riding on a Bush-shaped turd down the toilet and that many people still claim republican? Whew... that one really gave me the giggles![read more...]

Decatur, IN

the weather pretty much sucks - 9/27/2008

I've lived in this area for about 22 years, and I have to say the weather is one of the main reasons I'm leaving. The winters are horrible! We get a ton of snow, and it gets bitterly cold. The best time of year is summer and early fall. There's really only good weather here for about 4 or 5 months out of the year, but granted I don't like cold. Maybe if you enjoy a good romp in the snow this is your place. Maybe not though, because the summers get to be pretty hot and humid. Usually in the high 80's and 90's, and very muggy most of the time.[read more...]

Fort Wayne, IN

Realistic expectations - 9/17/2008

I did heavy research into a new place to move after school, and I ended up finding a great job in Fort Wayne. I noticed mostly negative comments on nearly all the places I researched including Fort Wayne. I have found that very few people have realistic expectations, people want low cost of living, abundant high paying jobs, pefect climate, everyone to share their own personal, social and economical views, no traffic,safistication....have I left anything out? Fort wanyne is not overly safisticated, but it is safe, cost of living is low, people are nice, plenty of places to shop and eat, ect. You can find safistication in Fort Wayne but it is not thrown in your face, there are beautiful low priced homes, over a dozen golf courses, nice malls, car delersips from BMW, Audi, porshe, mercedes, lexus as well as all the domestic brands. [read more...]

New Haven, IN

Hows' the Weather - 8/11/2008

The weather here in Fort Wayne/ New Haven is pleasant. Granted this is my first year so I could just be hitting a deceptively nice summer but thus far it is enjoyable. The temps this summer have not gone below 70. But we did have a few tornado warnings and a couple of tornado watches also. And when it rains it Pours. During the winter I have to warn you the snow comes when it comes and the Road crew is not so swift on clearing off the roads and if you live on a back street I recommend putting snow chains on because the Ice gets thick![read more...]

Fort Wayne, IN

Lived here my entire life... - 7/14/2008

Like any city in America, Fort Wayne has many positive and negative qualities. Starting with the negatives, there is a noticeable lack of sidewalks/bike lanes along city streets, though recently, there has been a huge movement for recreational trails around the region. Another negative is the suburban sprawl, mostly on the west and north sides of the city, which has taken prospective businesses and residents from the core of the city, contributing to some urban blight. Also, the local economy has been hit hard in the last twenty-five years, with scores of manufacturing jobs leaving overseas, making high-paying jobs in the vicinity harder to find. Fort Wayne also lacks many museums or cultural centers, with the exception of The History Center, Science Central, and the museum of art. And, as many have mentioned, the winters are long, cold, dark, and gloomy, with summers usually hot and humid - not ideal for most people. Educational opportunities along with crime are a bit vanilla in the city, and can go in either direction, depending on where you live, but overall, most area school fair reasonably well near the national average, and crime can vary dramatically from year-to-year. As for Fort Wayne's positives, there is an enormous market in the local sports franchises (Komets, hockey; Mad Ants, basketball; IPFW Mastodons, basketball and volleyball; Wizards, baseball; Fever, soccer; Freedom, football) most of which are played at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum. Also, many people have cited the "dead" downtown, but in the last year, construction has begun on a new baseball stadium for the Wizards, Marriott Hotel, condos, and shops, as well as the revitalized and expanded convention center and Allen County Public Library, all hoped to bring life back to the core of Fort Wayne. Also, the community has backed a huge rejuvenation of the library system, the main downtown branch containing the second-largest geneology collection in the nation. Another huge positive is the very affordable cost of living and low-cost housing with the median home price hoving around $100,000. The Fort Wayne Children's Zoo, parks, and developing trails are also positives to the community. Overall, I enjoy living in Fort Wayne; it has its high and low points, like any other city, and I truly think it depends on your personal likes and dislikes when it comes to Fort Wayne.[read more...]

Fort Wayne, IN

Fort Wayne is OK - 6/26/2008

I moved back here about the time we were having our children. The schools are great, the housing is great, there are lakes nearby, plenty of festivals, within driving distance of skiing and big cities, and we can always find something to do. I think it has a bit of a bad image because it really isn't a hot spot for the young 20 year olds. Not many entry level jobs, but mid-level engineering and insurance sector jobs here, and that is probably one reason people, like us, move here in their late 20s.[read more...]

Springfield, OH

Fort Wayne has nothing to offer. - 4/11/2008

I moved from Fort Wayne 25 years ago to Springfield, Ohio. I was planning on relocating back home after I retired from my job. I am retired now but there is no way in hell I will live in Ft. Wayne again if I can help it. It offers nothing.It is depressing.It is old-fashioned.There is nothing to do.Wake up leaders of Ft. Wayne. It's time to do SOMETHING.[read more...]

Monroeville, IN

Living in Ft. Wayne/Dante's 9th circle of Hell! - 4/3/2008

Ft. Wayne is one of the ugliest cities in the United States. It doesn't matter which road you enter on, it looks gray, dismal, and depressing. I have lived in and around (New Haven,Monroeville)Ft. Wayne my whole life and can truthfully say that there are very, very few redeeming qualities about the city. The "nouveau riche" are sequestered in their $250,000+ homes in either the Dupont Road area or the West Jefferson Street Area. The downtown area is dead, even with the construction of the new convention center, etc.,there will probably not be a significant rise in revenue or shopping.What kind of culture does a city who "welcomes" a Honda Gold Wing convention have? HAHA The lower income, inner city neighborhoods like Pontiac/Creighton Streets and Wells/Spring Streets are drug and crime ridden and increasingly becoming inhabited by Hispanic immigrants, not to mention the existing poor,white trash inhabitants already implanted there since the 60's-70's. Only on or around Wells/Broadway Streets can you still find people with Billy Ray Cyrus mullets sporting cool,acid wash jeans and a Poison t-shirt. They obviously haven't evolved and still think they're the epitome of cool. Nightlife consists of a cruise of Pierre's meat market, eating out, movies, or a visit to one of the cities many strip clubs. In Ft. Wayne,most people have a job in a factory that you're chained to for life or some other inconsequential position (Lincoln Life,GTE, etc.)Employment is hard to find unless you have an education or are willing to work through a temporary agency, which in and of itself is a joke. The growing Hispanic population is employed in every sector of commerce of Ft. Wayne, mostly in the jobs that Caucasian people won't do.Wake up Ft. Wayne! Hispanics are building, painting, drywalling, and landscaping your new home. Hispanics are preparing/serving your food and washing your dishes, not to mention cleaning your bathroom. Hispanics are about the only people without a lot of education who're making any money in Ft. Wayne.You can't call me prejudiced, because I'm married to a Hispanic. I simply state the truth.Don't move to Ft. Wayne unless you want to live in Dante's 9th circle of Hell!!![read more...]

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