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Irvine, California, gets 14 inches of rain per year. The US average is 39. Snowfall is 0 inches. The average US city gets 26 inches of snow per year. The number of days with any measurable precipitation is 34.

On average, there are 281 sunny days per year in Irvine, California. The July high is around 82 degrees. The January low is 46. Sperling's comfort index for Irvine is a 85 out of 100, where a higher score indicates a more comfortable year-around climate. The US average for the comfort index is 54. Our index is based on the total number of days annually within the comfort range of 70-80 degrees, and we also applied a penalty for days of excessive humidity.

  CLIMATEIrvine, CaliforniaUnited States
  Rainfall (in.)  13.639.2
  Snowfall (in.)  025.8
  Precipitation Days  34102
  Sunny Days  281205
  Avg. July High  81.686.1
  Avg. Jan. Low  45.622.6
  Comfort Index (higher=better)  8554
  UV Index  5.94.3
  Elevation ft.  921,443


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Thank you baby Jesus for the housing market stabilizing! I'm sure Irvine was a great city 10-30 years ago. I can only imagine what it was like before the multi... (read more)
Irvine CA
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So Cal- LA & the OC from a real native years born
Beaches & Sun - YES - But that is not all- Traffic no matter where you are going, if not between 10am and 2pm then after 9pm, do not leave your house. Example: Irvine... (read more)
Quality of Life
We have lived in Irvine for the last 22 years and have enjoyed an excellent quality of life. The city is clean, well-laid out, and virtually free of crime. Our... (read more)
Honest Review about Living in Irvine
I've lived in Irvine for almost 5 years. I've ultimately decided to move out of the area for several reasons (see my opinion of the negative aspects below). I'll start... (read more)
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