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Travelers Rest, SC

The Upstate - 11/11/2017

The Upstate (Greenville, Clemson, etc) is very nice ... lots to do and the weather, food and people seem to compare well to the Low Country

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Twinsburg, OH

Bluffton, South Carolina or anywhere in Carolina - 3/12/2016

I purchased a home in SC., and just sold after 2 years. Now ladies and gentlemen, please let me explain, my industry is travel. I've lived, loved, and played everywhere. This isn't the place. Unless, you like damp cold winter's that go right through you. Rude people who after 20 years think they're grandfathered in and a native-they want your money, but not you. If you need something done to your home---don't call a native company, they won't show up on time, make the appointment, guarantee their work or've got to go through the phone book and websites as tedious as it may seem and find a Yankee owned company. I'm dead serious. It's a common problem and complaint. The SC people don't like to work but on their own schedule and it's generally poor work. If you want to play golf...well, it rains and it rains a lot the courses our closed and soaked. Many people buy here thinking their winter's will be pleasant and go back north. As for culture...OMG. Forget about it, you want a Severance Hall or Orchestra you have to drive to Atkanta, or Charleston. Medical--Duke in Charleston. The food is horrible it's fried, fried, and fried. You can walk into a restaurant and your shoes slide. Crime lots of break-ins. Up to you but I'd head elsewhere. We are...or you could grow webbed feet. I'm not a tree, I don't need to live in such rain. The natives will tell you the trees need it and the trees are beautiful, but. I want to live. It's a big joke here. Savannah is beautiful, but you can walk it in a day. You are then done. And, looking for something else to do. The water also smells very bad. Remember this is a swamp. A big swampy state fit for animals not humans. There is a reason people buy and sell so quickly. There is a reason the state stayed undeveloped for do long think about it??? I would guide a person to North Carolina first. The weather us almost the same, less rain, a bit more progressive and you have Duke and Duke Symphony etc...the close proximity to outer banks and same fishing so on...

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Mount Holly, NC

Lake Wylie - 3/10/2016

Home buying near cawtaba

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West Islip, NY

retirement possibility - 3/10/2016

My husband and I are thinking of retiring in South Carolina, what city has the cheapest cost of living?

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Elizabeth City, NC

Crime rate - 3/4/2016

We are looking at house's in embert sc and we were wondering about the town . Can anyone please let us know about the crime rate . Cause we have three small children and we don't won't to live somewhere that has alot of crime, drugs, and murder.

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Pawleys Island, SC

South Carolina very difficult place to live - 7/25/2015

South Carolina is a very racist state, small minded, domestic abuse #1 in the country (google it) drugs abundant, ignorance even more abundant, very stupid state. Thank God for Nikkii Haley, hopefully she can help change things. I believe I am supposed to be here for a time, I am making the best of it. If you plan to move here, please do not trust anyone. Because it is a poor state, there is a lot of crime. Crime that does not get delt with or reported because they are afraid it will keep people from coming on vacation here. That would affect the financial stability of Myrtle beach and the surrounding beach towns. Horry County police force is horrible. I was robbed 3 times, physically attacked and then stalked for over 3 years by this same person, the cops did nothing for 3 years. It took constant work on my part, I finally found a woman detective who helped me and put a stop to it all. I have heard similar cases from many people in Horry County. They arrest people who commit the petty crimes because they are scared of the consequences of arresting people who really need to be arrested. If you look on for Horry County the only people that get arrested are people who shoplift and drive without a license. Very sad place to live. If you know that coming in you will be ok. If you move here please get your conceal carry, carry a weapon, dont trust anyone. Dont come here single looking for the right person. If You want to find someone to just party with its perfect for you. Myrtle beach and all the surrounding beach towns are party towns no one stays committed. All this is real and factual. If you dont believe me, move here you will find out pretty quick Im right. Anyone who wants to hate on me for this comment, that is fine I dont care. Im not looking for feedback direction or sympathy. I wish someone would have told me what is here. Thank you

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Pickens, SC

Greenville, SC - 5/12/2014

Greenville is a beautiful place. AND if you don't mind searching them out, it has many concerts, art shows, and additional Cultural Events. If you don't mind humidity, the weather is gorgeous much of the time! Snow in the winter is so rare that when it happens EVERYTHING closes! LOL!!! There are smaller cities surrounding, and little towns.

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Wagener, SC

Not all it's cracked up to be. - 8/18/2013

I moved here from Michigan. I've regretted just about every day that I've been here. It's hellishly hot and humid about 4 to 5 months out of the year. Never ending rain. And, surprisingly, it's mostly very ugly! Ever hear of fire ants? Hope you like them when you encounter them! And gnats! Wow! Be careful swatting them away from your face while walking- you're sure to walk right into spider webs. Yep, spiders hang EVERYWHERE. This part of the country is sold as a paradise of some kind. In reality, it's a nightmare come true. I was stupid to stay, so I'm still learning to be tough!

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Blythewood, SC

OK place to visit - 7/19/2013

There are some beautiful places in SC.

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Ogden, UT

Religion - at a Cost of Love and Concern in South - 7/16/2013

If I were anyone considering moving to South Carolina, from a state that has liberal views and respects other peoples lifestyles (I came from Massachusetts) I would not suggest moving to South Carolina! I was shocked when I came here that at every corner was a church and everyone was a adamant (or so-called) Christian yet, I have heard no lack of prejudice for black people, intolerance for poor people, and a general malaise for anything progressive in the way of accepting people at all. I originally came to live with a Brother in Law (B-I-L) who's family was associated with "The Bob Jones University/church", an institution who's unaccredited classes, that further close minds, piggery, waggery, scientific principles, place locks and chains on medical ideas, ultimately, likening S.C. to being in the Dark Ages. I was very leery coming here but was assured that I would not have much contact with these people, to my dismay I WAS around them and heard things I wish I could UN-hear and still can't believe that they were said with a tone of righteousness. So in the time I spent with these people, which happily I no longer do, I heard from my B-I-L's mother, that the "Samaritans" (a wonderful, giving, organization) are a horrible group because they "enable" drug addicts and unwed mothers and she's was sixty year old woman who has seen lots of life, she should know better, I nearly fainted on her comment! And when my B-I-L and I were relating a story about some church going people that left without paying a bill at Pizza Hut, my B-I-L's, Sister-in-Law (S-I-L) (whispering as though that would improve her next comment) said: "were they black people", sadly, she didn't get that the story was aimed at the "nice church going people" grumbling at the waitress, because it was late to their table, they proceeded to eat the whole meal (maybe 15 people were eating) then they fought with her and the manager, that they weren't going to pay since they felt that they had too many problems getting their order. I was appalled watching them ...I have had many waitress friends in my day so, I am always patient with help and tip well, I hate unreasonably picky clients, that eat their meals then pick on the server. (BTW We knew they were church goers since they talked very loudly about their "church work" and their status in the church). This whole mentality really sums up the "High and Mighty" Christian ethics of the south, and with the "take" of the S-I-L afterwards, not even

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Beaufort, SC

retirement - 3/14/2013

too cold in winter

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Fletcher, NC

Quality of Life in SC - 2/3/2013

Those criticism of SC are not correct. SC is a wonderful state to live in, low taxes, nice people, beautiful land, beautiful lakes and beaches. There are even mountains to enjoy in the northwest part of the state and its beautiful. Columbia has alot of cultural things to see and do, great downtown areas to enjoy, many events to take part in. SC has many historical places of interest also. Weather is good with the exception of summer in Columbia and surrounding areas where it is really hot. When doing things in SC its best in Spring, fall and winter. If you love hot, its summer for you. You would enjoy the state very much.

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Clover, SC

cost of living - 8/26/2012

moving here from NY you can't beat the taxes.

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Fountain Inn, SC

Its A Police State - 7/16/2012

Lived here for 12 years. Most small towns in this state are addicted to alcohol, meth and traffic fines. Highway Patrol are everywhere and they WILL ticket for the smallest speed violation. Fines can only be paid in cash. My neighbour is a retired cop and he told me they split up the money in the back room at the end of the court day. The magistrate takes the biggest cut. Lousy schools with low test scores/graduation rate. Meth is everywhere and the local police are often paid off to look the other way. Don't come here unless you love b-b-que, drugs, hunidity, teenage mothers,and guns.

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Greer, SC

weather - 7/10/2012

Awesome weather! Lots of sunshine and little rain.

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Reynoldsburg, OH

Suggestions - 4/20/2012

I am a transferable government worker desiring to move - preferably - to a costal state from the Carolina's to the Jacksonville, FL and perhaps California. My wages will require me to live in an affordable cost of living state...Yes I realize California is probably not a good option. Any suggestions?

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Cohoes, NY

water quality - 12/25/2011

Why is the water quality so low up and down the Grand Stand area?

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Charlotte, NC

I remember when I mentioned relocating to South Ca - 6/26/2011

5 good reason to bypass South Carolina 1. They dont believe in education 2. They hate women 3. They have no industry 4. If you live above the mason dixon line, you must be related to Sherman 5 Even the coast, though pretty is backward and problems like rape domestic violence, date rape drugs being administered in Grand Strand bars, major problems in the hotels with violence and theft..dont bother.

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Seneca, SC

Awesome climate! - 5/10/2011

not too cold but you still get the change of seasons.

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Helmetta, NJ

Autistic Adult - 12/3/2010

In 5 years my daughter will be 21 years old. She is autistic. I want to move to South Carolina from New Jersey. I will pick the city based on what it has to offer my daughter in the way of a day program. She will need to have a day program to go to or have a job. Does anyone know of a city that has programs for disabled adults? Also, I am a chef and would like to open a small cafe/deli. Do you think the people of South Carolina would like authentic Italian food??? Or am I barking up the wrong tree.. I would love some feedback. Thanks..Lisa

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