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Rapid City, SD

Quality of Life stinks unless have monry - 1/29/2016

South Dakota is not a place for young or old poor people. Only the rich can enjoy this state The state does not care about the poor,kids,or elderly.Fine example cut education by 800,000 dollars and now cutting teachers and ones that are left will get a little more in pay. Lowest paying salary in nation here for teachers. Right to work state this is a joke. Cost of living lower because you get paid sub wages. Women are treated like second hand citizens,especially since gel moms. Elderly who need work because they don't have enough to live don't get jobs and no programs here. Government does nothing for the poorer class of people. Soon when they get done with pipeline and mining this state will be like of America, contaminated water,dirty air and in shambles all because of their greed. If you have a nice car forget it that car is doomed. We got raised 6 cents for roads and roads are never fixed. They tried to tax vehicles for each wheel that was turned down but believe me they will get way without the people deciding.The people here have no say what goes on. The only thing they got here is the hills and bad lands other than that not a place to thrive.

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Country Girl
Madison, SD

Heart of America - 10/30/2013

I've lived in South Dakota most of my life. I love this place I call home. There was a time when I hated it here, but now I can't imagine living anywhere else. Some people say the winters are bad or the summers are too humid. I used to think this, too, but I decided to look for the good in South Dakota rather than the bad. Now, I can't wait for winter so I can dance in the snow, make snow angels and snowmen, and catch the snowflakes as they fall from the sky! I can't wait until winter so I can listen to the tinkle of the snowflakes as they fall through the air and then to catch them on my eyelashes! I can't wait until winter so I can go ice skating with my friends, invite friends over for a cup of hot chocolate and a game! Winter used to be my worst nightmare, now it is my dream! Some people say there is nothing to do here or you can't make a living here. If you are used to making $20 an hour and having the mall 10 feet from your back door, then that is true. But for me, I have plenty to do here! I can always invite friends to my place, or go shopping in Sioux Falls. There are also plenty of tourist attractions here, too! I can always call up some friends and go to DeSmet to the Ingalls Homestead, or take a tour of the Ingalls Homes in town. We can always go to Watertown to the Redlin Art Center, to Madison to Prairie Village, or visit the Corn Palace in Mitchell. Then there is the Black Hills which is only 8 hours from where I live, I go there at least once a year anyway. There are so many places to sight see there! I've lived in SD for more than 20 years and I still find new places to go each year! We may not get paid the best here, but usually we don't need to get paid top dollar, we don't need a mansion or expensive take-out food, we just need a nice home with a usable kitchen, which doesn't really cost that much in South Dakota. There are some people who say there is nothing in South Dakota except cows and corn fields, I used to think this, too, but like I already said, I decided to look for the good instead of the bad. Here on eastern South Dakota we don't have many trees which makes it easy to see the sunrise and the sunset each day and we don't have big cities, so we can actually see the stars at night! Here we have wide open areas which makes it easier and safer to go snowmobiling in the winter or four wheeling in the summer, or driving any other toys during different seasons. I have learned to look for the beauty in the trees,

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Titusville, FL

Great place to live - 10/9/2011

I am a person who has been around the world (Navy) and have lived everywhere from South Dakota to California, Hawaii, Florida, Virginia, Overseas in Naples, Spain, more... Of all the places the one that sticks out the most is South Dakota. I have been fortunate to live in a small town (Ree Heights) and larger places like Huron and Spearfish as well as Mitchell. The areas are very different. You can find your type of people somewhere in South Dakota. It is a very diverse state. Many younger people will not like it of course... Have you ever met a teen who didn't want to live anywhere but where they are now? Anyway, I am a Democrat and as you know the majority in S.D. are republican. It is a normal thing in cattle and farm country but I still have hope for all of you :-) Actually I disagree with much on both party lines so will not get into that here. I am Christian and can respect the different ideals of both sides. Both have good points and both have very bad points. The Black Hills have always held a dear place in my heart and I would be interested in trading places with someone there. My home in Florida for your country home in The western area of the state... even swap... what do you think. The low crime rate and cost of living is very interesting to me. I would be happy to live there for the rest of my life. If you live there and do not like it then the issue may be with you personally. Not with the state.... Make a change... find new things to do,. There are others there to help you in your dreams. Someone cares for you in South Dakota. Try to make that statement for New York or Seattle or San Diego...

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Pierre, SD

South Dakota - 8/31/2011

low crime, low unemployment, low taxes, a great place to work and live

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DeKalb, IL

South Dakota is best-kept secret - 8/2/2011

I am from the Chicago area and have been going to South Dakota for the past 15 years on vacation. I actually go at least twice a year and it feels more like home than a tourist destination. There is so much to love about South Dakota, but especially about the Black Hills area and Rapid City. If you're looking for culture, go check out Praire Edge, which has a great bookstore, better than the typical Barnes and Noble. There are many art galleries, especially in Hill City. Crazy Horse has some great art, too, particularly if you have an interest in Lakota culture. The natural beauty of the area, added to the clear, clean skies and the absence of urban sprawl, makes it a great place to be. Rapid City is growing more diverse every time I visit, and the people everywhere I've visited throughout the state are friendly and decent, even if most of them are Republican. You really can't expect a Democratic majority in a state that is based on ranching. But that doesn't mean the people are rude-- quite the opposite is true.

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Freeman, SD

I have 5 reasons why you should stay away! - 7/29/2011

I'm from South Dakota and it is AWFUL! 1.-They resent democrats. I'm a democrat and they think that I'm terrible because of it.n If you aren't a republican they won't accept you. 2.-Nothing happens. Unless you enjoy literally doing nothing you'll be bored out of your mind. 3.-All they talk about is agriculture and hunting. It's really either corn or what they did with their new shotgun. 4.-Their too slow-paced! If you want to get somewhere today, be warned! Some people will actually get out of their cars just to talk to someone and not care if they hold up traffic. 5.-They're a little too friendly. One time a random person walked up to me and started talking about the news and when I didn't respond he asked me what my eReader was. Please avoid this state at all costs, I would know I live there and can't wait until old enough to leave.

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Spearfish, SD

Do not move here. - 12/28/2010

My husband and I moved from Seattle to SD about 5 years ago to start a family.We thought small town would be better then big city to start a family, boy were we wrong. I wish we never left. It has been horrible from day one, yes the summers are nice and sturgis rally can be quite interesting, but the winters are cold and depressing.The job market is horrible if you like working in a mill or a gravel pit and like making a bit over min wage 8.00 per hr is the average here. Thank god for my husband who is a surgeon or we would never have been able to survive. Forget about diversity If you are a republican, right to lifer who hates the "happy people" or anyone of color and who likes to drink then you will love it here since there is nothing to do in a small town then go to a bar or casino. So my advice even if you don't currently like where you live give it a chance because things will always be worse in SD. So glad we are moving back to Seattle!!!!!! Good Riddence SD

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Spearfish, SD

not a place for my liberal tendencies - 7/5/2010

its rare to find friends with similar beliefs here

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Renton, WA

everything - 10/3/2009

i would like to know eveything about there but in the las dos years

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Fort Pierre, SD

A family, not just neighbors - 5/22/2009

The state of South Dakota is like one large family. Wherever you go, people are friendly and helpful. The general attitude seems to be, "If you're here, you belong. I'm glad you're here."

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Webster, SD

SD climate - 9/4/2008

Too cold in the winter.

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Custer, SD

Horseback Riding - 8/29/2008

South Dakota, especially western South Dakota offers tons of horseback riding opportunities. With lots of National Forest Service land, your horseback riding experiences are endless!

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Canistota, SD

It's the place to be..... - 10/17/2007

I've lived in Alabama, Germany, and then Arizona for 8 years. Arizona may have the climate - but nothing can compare to South Dakota's family values mentality. The area is beautiful - and has 4 distinct seasons. There is something for everyone. Sioux Falls is growing as are all opportunities. Thanks to Mr. Sanford's donation, we will also have one of the largest Children's hospitals for our use. No longer will we have to travel to neighboring states. Crime is low - and future prospects are high. We live on 10 acres of land 20 miles west of Sioux Falls - overlooking the Vermillion River Valley and only 2 miles south of Lake Vermillion. We currently have this house on the market (see it on Ebay) - but will be building a new house in another town close to Sioux Falls. We didn't even consider leaving the state, even though my husband lived in Arizona for 29 years of his life. I grew up here and can't imagine raising my two boys anywhere else.

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Pierpont, SD

Taste it once; Taste it again! - 3/1/2006

I live in the state of infinite variety! And just to let you know, this is an utopia-kinda day > most everyday of the year! Reconnecting with nature is easily letting the wind blowing on your face; which, by the way, can be temps exceeding a minus (-) 20 degrees below zero or temps exceeding the 100 degree mark.......records have been broken in any given month. From mountaintops in the beautiful Black Hills next to Mt. Rushmore to the rich farmland on the eastern side of this glorious state. You can energize your spirit with each deep breath and appreciate the native flowers, grasses and pungent smells that fill your lungs and makes you aware of all the little things in this life , perhaps some take for granted. Life truly is a gift in South Dakota. Thank YOu and enjoying the ride. SDak cowboy---gene. *smiles to you*

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