Wyoming, Wyoming

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Riverton, WY

Summers are Beautiful - 1/23/2016

Because of the clean air, sunny skies and beautiful mountain ranges, Wyoming is an incredible place to be from May through September. However winters are very long and cold, so this is when you escape to sunnier climates.

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Sundance, WY

Hit or Miss - 9/6/2015

I am a native Wyomingite and love my home state! It is a state of vast openness, but also vast contrasts. Some of the most beautiful places in America can be found here, as well as some of the most empty and dull (depends on one's perception). Basically it comes down to this. If you're an outdoorsy person who loves the peace and solitude of mother nature, and strongly dislikes cities and crowds, then Wyoming is the place for you! If you have to be around lots of people and have easy access to services, you won't last a year! Winters are quite long and harsh in this state so one has to really like cold weather. Wyoming is a great place to raise a family and/or retire. Not a good place for singles unless you're here to make big bucks in the energy industry. The state is ultra conservative and there is a sort of oligarchy present. The cowboy culture is very strong here and in general, they tend to be somewhat unwelcoming to outsiders and people who don't conform in their ways. Minorities do well in cities like Cheyenne and Casper but in small towns there are some racial tensions that I have observed. But overall it's a pretty nice state.

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Laramie, WY

Laramie, NO BIG TIME! - 8/30/2014

This is very true, Laramie is horrible, very cold and windy, short summers, depressing and gloomy little sun, expensive and very limited, I will be here for another two years for my PhD, the school became expensive after they raised the fees, limited GA`s and assistance. I hate Laramie.

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Bulls Gap, TN

Wyoming as Home - 3/30/2013

Wyoming is a Republican state. Period. Even if you live in Jackson, the views are conservative and political life rules social life. There are many young people who are solitary. A re-occuring thought is that each person is a solitary unit, with a sort of cowboy like, outlaw existence. Don't come here unless you want to be a cowboy or marry one. The old families in town have a very unique mean streak and control everything. Mountains are beautiful, its VERY cold, (-20+ in Dec, Jan, Feb mornings) Skiing is FANTASTIC. Hope you enjoy it.

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Salt Lake City, UT

Missing Northwestern Wyoming - 3/9/2010

I have lived in various western states and the mid-west. I was blessed to live in Cody, WY for over 12 years and greatly miss it. The people are genuine, friendly and the clear days summer or winter are refreshing. Wyoming has some of the best public schools and the lowest taxes in the US. There are exceptional outdoor recreation opportunities and even a low cost recreation center for indoor activities. I would move back to this Northwest part of Wyoming if I could. I have been living in the Salt Lake City, UT area and there is no comparison, it is like the dark ages. Wyoming will always be home. If you are looking for what America use to be a clean country with values and a pioneer spirit, you can find it in Wyoming.

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Rock Springs, WY

great places - 5/5/2009

wyoming is a great place to live.

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Sheridan, WY

sucks - 3/8/2009

nothing to do.

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Riverton, WY

Great Place - For Some - 10/11/2007

Riverton, Wyoming, is a fine place to live. The crime rate is relatively low, the cost of living is moderate, and Wyoming takes education seriously and invests in their schools. However, if one is looking for a place with (or near) some nice amenities, the Riverton area is not it. For those who like various forms of outdoor recreation, Wyoming is great.

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Cheyenne, WY

No Crime! - 2/5/2007

No major crime in Cheyenne, that is a joke! I moved here from NYC and I am ready to move back. First of all my car was broken into with all 4 doors locked, luckily I am from NY and I do not keep valuables in the car and nor do I keep my car unlocked, that never happened to me in NY. People drink and smoke way too much and the meth problem is just terrible. I have to deal with noisy neighbors and stupidity from young people, which is why it is hard for people under the age of 25 to rent in NY. I see many people here that just live unhealthy lifestyles and obesity is pretty much the norm. I am used to clean cut men and here they all look as if they were on all night benders seven days a week. I guess dirty jeans , sneakers and looking like you were never introduced to a razor or a barber's chair is what you all call dressed to the tea. The women here are no better. In NYC woman care about their appearance and dress for success. I am in my 40's and I eat right, exercise and make sure that I always look my best when I am out and about. I do not look my age and I see girls here that look 10 years older than me due to the excess in beer consumption and chain smoking. If you never been out of Cheyenne I guess you would think that Cheyenne has alot to offer, as for the history channel, culture is best absorbed when you live it and breathe it not by turning on the TV with a beer in one hand and the remote in another.

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