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Great Place to live, work and raise a family. - 1/23/2011
Alabaster Alabama ... affordable, adaptable and amiable.
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Escape from Birmingham - 8/31/2010
This is the sequel to "Escape from New York" staring Kirk Russell, but called "Escape from Birmingham" staring the dopes of Alabama. The people in this area Hoover, Alabaster, Calera, etc. talk about wanting diversity, (to make themselves feel better than thou) e.g. So they RUN from Birmingham which is 73% black with horrible schools. They think they are running from the enormous crime and pollution in Birmingham (not that Birmingham is neat. It is not suitable for your dogs or snakes to live). he crime in Birmingham is higher than Los Angeles, New York City, and New Orleans; both violent and non-violent. Pollution is among the highest of cities. Crime has followed the "Escapees" from the city to their little locales. Criminals go where the money lands. They want the small town feel, quality of life, so there are more gated communities going up in the area than anywhere else in the USA! Education is quite poor, unless you are one of the privileged ( the people that say they want diveristy!!) who live in exclusive communities that are over 97% white with very high incomes. The people in the area signed a petition/agreement between blacks and whites to commit to get along and live peacefully together. It is so ironic that the dumb-bells who signed this petition were really proud of signing it. AFter a few years this petition meant nothing and races migrated unto themselves. Only in this Alabama would people need to sign an Agreement to commit to get along. No wonder Condolisa Rice is the worst Sec. we have ever had in the history of the nation. If you come plan to home school, live in a gated community, be very careful and aware of your surroundings when visiting Birmingham, do not expect quality cultrual quality events, expect some religious fanaticism, black beligerance and anti-white comments. Plan to move somewhere else like a good number of Univ of Al graduates have done. They have moved to Texas, Fla., Mo., Kansas, IA, and have not tried to be "Escapees" to suburbs.
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Alabaster, AL
Alabaster, A Renewed Youth - 4/9/2006
Alabster is becoming one of the fastest growing cities in the state of Alabama. With the addition of the Colonial Promenadeand White Stone Shopping Centers the economy is recieving a much needed boost. If you are looking to start a family or move yor family to a family catered city in Alabam, then Alabaster is the place for yo.
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