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Chicago, IL
Winter in Chicago compare to winter in Phoenix - 2/8/2015
It's 34 degrees here and we still shoveling snow compared to 80 degrees in Phoenix. I've lived in Chicago almost all my life(59yrs) and the winter aren't getting any better. I'm planning on moving to the Phoenix area in a few years when I retire.
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Sun City, AZ
HOT, TOO HOT - 10/28/2014
I had an unfortunate life changing event in 1998. I moved to Phoenix. The heat is oppressive, whether it is labelled as 'dry heat'...whatever...native Phoenixites (?)claim you can fry an egg on the sidewalk, yes, very probable. Then there is the disturbing issue of high, high crime rate, both property and violent type, huge amt of drug trafficking and use, #1 in car theft, #1 in identity theft, #1 in teen pregnancy, #1 in high school dropouts, #46 in quality of education k-12, corrupt police force, anti-Constitutional law (as in human rights) since the legislature has forgotten what our founding fathers wrote in the Declaration of Independence since our good ol' boy sheriff has their support, and has been affectionately named "America's Toughest Sheriff" but in terms of curbing the repeat offender percentages, forget about it. Then the Hispanic American profiling that is rampant, which by the way, the Federal Govt is trying to soften the blow by chastising the local powers that be...to no avail as of yet. So if you wish to live in a colorless desert, with high prices, big traffic, slow road construction, corrupt, bankrupt govt, mindless, uneducated populace that can do ONE thing exceptionally well (have lots of babies) then Phoenix is your kind of place. Bring eggs!
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Glendale, AZ
Venting! - 10/20/2014
6 months! Cannot Wait! Just got home. Pulling out of a parking lot and someone pulled around another vehicle down the street. He was doing about 70 in a 40. Flipped me off like him almost hitting me had nothing to do with his speed. Had a sleeveless, beat up trashy t shirt on. Typical Phoenician.
Aggressive, sense of entitlement, trashy, ignorant, snobby. Success is defined by how much you make or how much you think you will make. Even the ones that don't make money behave like they do. Thats this culture too. Commercialism, job titles and acting the part. Thats all this town is about. Even the ones who do make some money don't make enough to justify their behavior. People do a lot of things here, but they don't do them to enjoy them or because they have a passion for them. They do things for bragging rights. I went scuba diving, I went to California, I went to a club last night, I...I...I. I've witnessed this this all my life here and thats why I'm leaving.
My brother took his kids to another state about 10 years ago. What a turn around in their behavior! No way am I telling anyone which one. First of all it would get nit picked. Second, If I would not want to anyone to make the place more crowded. They have such a sense of spirit now, that most don't have in Arizona.

I've never seen such an empty, dead place of all the places I've been.

Damn near everyone is divorced or married multiple times, never live in the same place for a few years and act like they live the California lifestyle. As if that was not bad enough, they do it all at the same time they preach family values. If you want to pretend like your living "the" lifestyle here, until you're old (between the sun and smokers you will look it), burned out and miserable and your kids grow up to be empty, soulless, and materialistic sociopaths then this is the place for you.
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Dust, strip malls and planned neighborhoods... - 10/10/2014
Without a doubt, Phoenix is THE worst place I've ever lived. I've been here only 5 months and I'm already in the process of moving away for good. Simply put, Phoenix has zero culture. There's not even decent Mexican food, though Barro's pizza is pretty good...but pizza is not Mexican food.

All Phoenix has to really offer is planned neighborhoods and strip malls, though outdoor activities do exist, you'll travel far to get to them. You'll find a grocery store or gas station every other block and those of you who like to get out and walk, prepare to do so with no cover from the sun...ever. Speaking of walking places: you could do it, but it will most likely take you a long time to get to your strip mall destination. This is a car town, folks. That being said, Phoenix has THE best city grid I've ever seen. It's roads are long, straight and go on forever and ever, with no end or change in sight.

As for weather, when it's hot in the summer (hot is not 102; hot is 115), pray that the electricity doesn't cut out or you will surely succumb to heat stroke while in your home. If you park your car outside in the summer, chances are it will have suffered significant sun damage. When it rains, prepare for flash-flooding of biblical proportions only to see the water all be gone in a matter of hours. Watch out for microbursts, those pesky thunderstorm down bursts that can rip the roof off of your house or flip a semi truck, but not before a haboob has covered everything in dust, which most likely will contain Valley Fever spores. Granted, Phoenix has the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen, but it's a land of extremes. And folks here will defend this city's honor to the bitter end during the milder winter months, choosing to live in this odd, amnesia-like delusion that summer is long gone...but make no mistake, it will rear it's ugly head again. it's a vicious, vicious cycle and if you don't accept this simple fact, you will pay dearly with your sanity.

Phoenix "culture" is kinda like a desert version of Jersey Shore, especially in Scottsdale. Just lots of folks driving raised pick-up trucks, shiny sports cars and rocking out with cheesy Affliction apparel. I don't care if Scottsdale and Phoenix were founded at different times, Scottsdale is merely a rich man's suburb of Phoenix. People in LA get a bad reputation for being snooty, but honestly, they can't hold a candle up to the majority of folks I've come across in Phoenix (and it's suburb of Scottsdale). When you first arrive, prepare to feel like you're wasting people's time just by existing. Locals will stare at you, refusing to say hello, as if being cordial were a cardinal sin...if they do say hello, it will be done in a way that will make you feel like an outsider. That being said, it seems the only nice folks here are not native.

All in all, Phoenix is like a sun-soaked, voluntary lobotomy for your soul. For those of you who enjoy thinking outside of the box, stay away from this sprawling, concrete hellhole. For those of you who are either masochistic, sadistic, sociopathic or have too much money to care, Phoenix may be the place for you.
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The MOST disgusting, gross low class place I ever - 10/1/2014
I lived in Phoenix for 8 years. There is NOWHERE that you can live to escape the non-stop crime. I lived as far north as you could get, within 2 miles of the open desert. I put a brand new RV gate on my house and it was stolen in broad daylight, ripped from the hinges, while I was at work. I put out small yard decorations and those were stolen, too. Then, there was a guy hopped up on something who tried to break into my neighbor's house at 11PM one night. The neighbor was an ex-cop and pointed her revolver in the guy's face as he was climbing into their kitchen window. The guy went to the next house, took a shovel and tried to break the stained glass in the front door. That neighbor was an Arizona native - he promptly went and got his gun and tried to shoot the perpetrator thru the front door. He missed. The police came in 8 squad cars and an overhead helicopter and arrested the guy. They told the homeowner that he was lucky that he missed when he shot because they would have to arrest him because you can't shoot someone until they're all the way in your home! The perpetrator would not give his name and the police had no way of knowing who he was since he was not a legal resident of this country, so they let him go!! That was it for me - I sold my home and left.

There are people who approach you in the parking lots of stores begging for money, con games galore, homeless people standing on the street corners with babies in diapers trying to play on your sympathy to get money.

There are stray dogs everywhere and colonies of feral cats running around. I called animal control to ask them to come and get the cats because they were using my yard as a toilet - I had piles everywhere. I was told that "they don't do that". I called one morning to report a baby kitten on a roof, as it was already close to one hundred degrees and was told "it got up there by itself, it should be able to get down by itself."

I had neighbors in the block behind me that constantly invited about a hundred people over for parties. They'd all stand in the street guzzling beer and blasting ethnic music and my neighbor or I would have to call the police. Many times, they wouldn't even show up. I walked over there one time during a party and saw young teenagers standing in the street chugging beer. I called the police about the noise and also told them about the underage drinkers. A policeman came to my house and told me it was an "accepted cultural practice" in the country where these people came from. Really?? So, they don't have to conform to American law???

When the downturn happened in 2009, many of these people packed and left. The houses were TRASHED inside - that's why the housing values went down so fast in Phoenix. I sold my home for a huge loss and moved out of Arizona. I had a great job that I still miss a lot. Phoenix has so much potential; it's a real shame that it's such a mess there.
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Drugs, crime and Jerks - 9/30/2014
if you move here that is what you should expect. The mexican drug cartels have such a tight grip on this city and target mainly the white middle class. ive had friends die as young as 16 from shooting heroin and its gettting worse. if you have children and are thinking of moving here i would highly suggest somewhere else. ive been waiting for the opportunity to leave here since i moved from Canada with my parents back in 1997 and have found only trouble since. Finally im able to move and I cannot wait. people are such assholes here and it worries me because i dont wanna turn into that and in some ways i have. Please take heed. Dont get stuck in this crappy hell hole chances are u will regret it. the only people ive met that like it here are people that dont know any different. This city will eat you up and spit you out believe me!
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Glendale, AZ
42 Year Resident - 9/23/2014
Please do not listen to the real estate agents posting here.

This city is so diluted with commercialism and has no no culture whatsoever. Its bland and everything looks the same. If you click on things to do in the news website, the only thing they talk about are bars, dining and movies. In that order too. Very rarely will you see festivals or outdoor events. Most of the larger outdoor events they do have are always overrun with gang activity. Also, you will not be able to enjoy the event as they are in the hot summer or two hours away. We've lost 40% of our forestland in Arizona in the past 10 years due to fires and beetles. If you want to have culture or your kids to have lifetime experiences. This is NOT it. You can find it, but it is rare and diluted at best.

I've posted here many times before. I will probably go on until I leave in March of 2015. I was one of those suckers that always talked about leaving, never did and became institutionalized by my familiarity with Phoenix.

Life is short. You can do much better.
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Phoenix, AZ
Something for Everyone - 9/16/2014
Myself and my family came from Utah five years ago, and we've enjoyed the surplus culture, variety of areas and people, and overall genuine community. It's surprising to find a born-n-raised local, as many residents are transplants. Folks from such a variety of backgrounds it makes for a colorful melting pot. The infrastructure and outlaying sprawl are practically new since the majority of development occurred post 80s, but much of central Phoenix is home to fascinating 60's architecture--love it or hate it! Phoenix supports a variety of everything; the valley is speckled left and right with animal & nature preserves, museums, fairs, shopping districts, events, conventions, restaurants, small businesses, second-hand shops, private schools, interest clubs, colleges, libraries, and little cultural gems.

What's important to mention is that the Phoenix valley is subdivided into many towns and suburbs, each with their own personality. Some areas blend more than others, but the valley stays primarily checkered. What makes this work is how easy it it to visit each part to experience the best that community has to offer.

You'll find large pockets of Little Mexico in West and South Phoenix. If you're seeking a small-town, experience, try Gilbert, Buckeye, Avondale, Chandler, or Mesa. Searching for a reasonable alternative to LA, seek out Scottsdale (if you can afford it). Is a clean, upward-bound city more you're style? Look around in East and North Phoenix. Want a trendy, San Diego vibe? Check out Tempe, home to ASU. If you're looking to settle, Paradise Vally, Arcadia, and Scottsdale are gorgeous and full of luxury. Desire every modern commodity with a taste of the Old West, seek a homestead in Cave Creek or Gilbert. Looking for a full-on urban experience, try Peoria, Glendale, or West Phoenix. If you're a staunch conservative you'll enjoy the politics. More of an organic granola cruncher, you'll love the community. Info fitness? You'll be up to your ears in bike and hike clubs. Enjoy underground culture or the arts? Where do I start! Wether you value the outdoors, night life, or neighborly units, you'll find your community somewhere. Las Vegas, Flagstaff, Yuma, Mexico, and San Diego are less than five hours away when you're ready for a vacation.

Navigating is a breeze, the freeways are quick and accessible, schools and jobs abound, it's home to an international airport and pro sports team, and there's literally something for everyone--so what are the cons? From May to October it's HOT HOT HOT. Bring your swimwear, folks. That's nothing new, but you may be surprised that the monsoon season overlaps with summer. Fall, winter, and spring blend together for a mild second season. The smog is average, but there is a lot of dust trapped in the basin. Some areas that were promising in the early 2000s have deteriorated since the crash of 2007, but other areas have grown. Scorpions, ants, and roaches exist, but even lazy maintenance keeps the worst at bay. Dysfunctional ghettos and dangerous part of town do exist. A 10-minute drive can take you through a ghetto, an outlet mall, three suburbias, and a multi-million dollar community; it can feel disjointed, the new mixed with the old, the wealthy abruptly next to the ghetto. It's a renter's paradise, but a large investment if you're shopping for real estate. If you're a white, fascist-xenophobe, the racial diversity may bother you...but you're not, right?

I would recommend Phoenix to small families and singles under 30 interested in renting, or ambitious 30+ who can carve out a place in Phoenix's impressive, competitive, and educated workforce. Large families and retirees may find the hot summers too restrictive and not as many options for low-income/casual living. It's a wonderful city experience with a never-ending stream of variety. From culture to activities to nature to shopping to food (don't even get me started on culinary wonders!!) it's a smorgasbord.
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Gilbert, AZ
Getting used to dry heat - 8/16/2014
I live in Phoenix, AZ area, and I agree. I haven't gotten used to 4 months, 5 months of extreme heat. The only thing that consoles me is that when it's so hot here, It's pouring rain or extremely humid in the state I used to live in and everyone is complaining about it on Facebook. I also am able to rely on the weather here and plan accordingly. The winter is fabulous and I love it. After living here since July 2011, I am getting used to the climate in summer though. My favorite climate is fall in my old state. I do like sunny days, overcast days, but don't like winter. I guess wherever you move is a compromise in something.
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Climate - 8/13/2014
Being what they call a "dry climate" doesn't help very much when it's well over 100 degrees in June, July and August. Nights in September start to cool down even though days are still mostly 100+. Overall, eight beautiful months a year and four that are tough.
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Scottsdale is as bad as the west side - 8/12/2014
Agree with everything negative said about Phoenix. I live in what used to be a nice area of Scottsdale, but with the economy, a lot of white trash have taken advantage of the foreclosure wave and lower rents to move in, you can drive through the neighborhood, look at the yards and houses and see who owns and who rents. A friend with a nice condo in Scottsdale said some of her new neighbors looked like dust bowl okies. Some people here have nice homes, others live like pigs. Phoenix in general is a beacon for the nationwide stream of flakes, unemployed, low skilled and druggie losers. In addition to living around the cream of the crop, yeah right, you can also enjoy filthy air, traffic and extreme heat, made worse by miles of concrete pavement. Can't wait to leave this $hit hole, and I hope the rest of these idiots who love Phoenix stay forever. Other states don't need that kind of stupidity.
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Glendale, AZ
Carefully Consider - 8/8/2014
My parents moved here when I was two and I have lived here for more than 45 years. For the last two years I have been preparing to leave Phoenix for another location. I’m not going to say where. I find that people can pinpoint small stuff if you give the name of the destination. We are narrowing down the job search and updating our home to maximize our equity and shorten the sale time after it goes on the market. This does take time if you want to do it right.

Some (though not many) of the negative comments on here are from people that have already moved out of Phoenix. Note the location after the person’s name. Others state that they are in the process of moving or, like myself, have to prepare before they go. Others may be stuck here for a while until they get some things situated. Some may have family to take care for example and would leave but can’t yet. The bottom line is most of them (negative posters) ARE leaving or would leave if they could.

Why did they move here to begin with? Job transfers, seductive real estate brochures, family, parents moved out when they were children, whatever. Yes, some knew that it would be a desert and decided to try it and just underestimated it. Now they hate it and ARE leaving or are planning their exit.

Most that come and stay are looking for job security. Others want to escape 15 feet of snow. Why they move from the freezer to the oven and don’t pick the milder climates? No idea. There are plenty of places between the two extremes. There are many other issues besides the heat (see my previous top ten post). Whatever the reason they move here, about half decide to stay and the other half leaves WHEN AND IF THEY CAN.

Why do the remainder stay? You start to notice the small details of the local behavior when you have lived here for as long as I have. Some did want to leave at some point but life just catches up with them and so they start to rationalize their existence here. Then they tell themselves they like it. Others get institutionalized by their jobs, or by their familiarity of the area (this happened to me until I woke up). Then they just deal with all the negatives. Also, some have only been here a few years and have not got over the euphoria of moving to a new location. Very few of the people that live here actually love it from start to end. Those that do are very unique.
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Okay...So if you are this unhappy....LEAVE! I am sooooo sick of people complaining about the summer heat! Hello?!?! It's a desert! And thanks for informing me and other readers that every single person who lives here is from somewhere else! Theoretically we all are! Even people who lived on the east coast are from somewhere else as NONE OF US ARE TRULY NATIVES! DUH! So by you criticizing that every Arizona Citizen is a transient is absolutely ridiculous, rather an uneducated guess about the actual state statistics and how it compares to other states: Relating to demographic information associated with place of birth. Who cares where you were born? People pride themselves so much in the most uninfluencial ways by stating they fit into this category of people because they were born in (Jersey) this state. More than likely you can't even remember what your state flag looks like or who your congress people are by name, because all you associate with your "hometown" is what football team you probably "live and die for" and how nice people are (from your perspective), in your generalized region of the country (east coast or midwest). And for those of you who say "poor pay and I can't find a decent paying job or no one will hire me!" Cry me a river! Every single professional has been unemployed at one time or another in their career and everyone has tough times but don't blame the STATE OF ARIZONA for your Lack of motivation and/or experience or abilities to apply for, network, or land an interview successfully! If you have any talent of drive worth the jobs that pay well....you will land a job! As for the racial slurs towards gangbangers, $35k per year earnings for snobs, and the comments made about snowbirds....it looks like YOU ARE the PROBLEM...not them...as you take your twisted perspective on how diversity ruined your day, every day, and how unclassy everyone is...and darn you snow birds. ..quit adding your retirement funds to our state so we can grow and prosper! Shame on us for embracing diversity from young native American children on their tribal lands, to the old retired couple from YOUR EAST COAST HOME TOWN WHO LIVE IN AZ 6 MONTES OUT OF THE YEAR, so they can live a longer and happier life by decreasing their risk of heart or respiratory issues by living in a drier climate, and yes...to all you gangbangers in south Phoenix! Where did you come from? How dare you invade the bad parts of town and speak Spanish! Corona? Nah, we don't drink that where I am from! At least MY HOMETOWN DOESN'T HAVE ANY GANG ACTIVITY OR MOFIA AFFILIATIONS! UNDERGROUND ORGANIZED CRIME WITH DRUGS, WOMEN, ALCOHOL, LOYALTIES ARE JUST UNHEARD OF!!!!! DES SIGH......PEOPLE OPEN YOUR EYES. EVERY STATE HAS GANG MEMBERS, VIOLENCE, RAIN, NOT ENOUGH RAIN, SNOW, NOT ENOUGH SNOW, HEAT, NO ENOUGH HEAT, 2 SEASONS, 4 SEASONS, SNOBS, IDIOTS.....I WILL STOP THERE, AS THIS ARTICLE AND THE RESPONSES BELOW REFLECTS the most negative perspectives on Arizona that I have heard of in my life. Negative comments and ideas and perspectives = uneducated, bored, rude, and snobbish comments that paint the most unrealistic picture of the town and everything associated with it. So pack your bags, your football jersey, and your abilities to NOT SEE THE BEAUTY OF ARIZONA AND GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM. If your hometown or your last place of residence was so great, why did you leave it?! By you staying in AZ...you are placing your imperfect self into the categories associated to every negative picture you painted of AZ in your comments/article...so you look like an idiot for A. STAYING B. WRITING THIS TRASH. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU MI DES CITIZENS OUT THERE WHO HAVE SO MUCH RESPECT FOR THE GREAT STATE OF ARIZONA AND FOR OUR UNITED COUNTRY...WHERE NO STATE lines should BLUR our vision of freedom, bravery, and loyalty. God bless the Citizens of the good old USA!
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Glendale, AZ
Simple Formula for Phoenix - 6/8/2014
Phoenix = Los Angelas - Beach + 20 Degrees
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In conclusion - 6/4/2014
I'm not going to reinvent the wheel here...but all the negative comments are correct. The people are mostly low class / low educated /low character /low morals, and they act like it. They are the nation's culls.
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