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78.40% of people are white, 6.49% are black, 3.12% are asian, 1.89% are native american, and 7.32% claim 'Other'. 40.10% of the people in Phoenix, AZ, claim hispanic ethnicity (meaning 59.90% are non-hispanic).

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Gilbert, AZ
Getting used to dry heat - 8/16/2014

I live in Phoenix, AZ area, and I agree. I haven't gotten used to 4 months, 5 months of extreme heat. The only thing that consoles me is that when it's so hot here, It's pouring rain or extremely humid in the state I used to live in and everyone is complaining about it on Facebook. I also am able to rely on the weather here and plan accordingly. The winter is fabulous and I love it. After living here since July 2011, I am getting used to the climate in summer though. My favorite climate is fall in my old state. I do like sunny days, overcast days, but don't like winter. I guess wherever you move is a compromise in something. [read more...]

Phoenix, AZ
Climate - 8/13/2014

Being what they call a "dry climate" doesn't help very much when it's well over 100 degrees in June, July and August. Nights in September start to cool down even though days are still mostly 100+. Overall, eight beautiful months a year and four that are tough.[read more...]

Scottsdale, AZ
Scottsdale is as bad as the west side - 8/12/2014

Agree with everything negative said about Phoenix. I live in what used to be a nice area of Scottsdale, but with the economy, a lot of white trash have taken advantage of the foreclosure wave and lower rents to move in, you can drive through the neighborhood, look at the yards and houses and see who owns and who rents. A friend with a nice condo in Scottsdale said some of her new neighbors looked like dust bowl okies. Some people here have nice homes, others live like pigs. Phoenix in general is a beacon for the nationwide stream of flakes, unemployed, low skilled and druggie losers. In addition to living around the cream of the crop, yeah right, you can also enjoy filthy air, traffic and extreme heat, made worse by miles of concrete pavement. Can't wait to leave this $hit hole, and I hope the rest of these idiots who love Phoenix stay forever. Other states don't need that kind of stupidity.[read more...]

Glendale, AZ
Carefully Consider - 8/8/2014

My parents moved here when I was two and I have lived here for more than 45 years. For the last two years I have been preparing to leave Phoenix for another location. I’m not going to say where. I find that people can pinpoint small stuff if you give the name of the destination. We are narrowing down the job search and updating our home to maximize our equity and shorten the sale time after it goes on the market. This does take time if you want to do it right. Some (though not many) of the negative comments on here are from people that have already moved out of Phoenix. Note the location after the person’s name. Others state that they are in the process of moving or, like myself, have to prepare before they go. Others may be stuck here for a while until they get some things situated. Some may have family to take care for example and would leave but can’t yet. The bottom line is most of them (negative posters) ARE leaving or would leave if they could. Why did they move here to begin with? Job transfers, seductive real estate brochures, family, parents moved out when they were children, whatever. Yes, some knew that it would be a desert and decided to try it and just underestimated it. Now they hate it and ARE leaving or are planning their exit. Most that come and stay are looking for job security. Others want to escape 15 feet of snow. Why they move from the freezer to the oven and don’t pick the milder climates? No idea. There are plenty of places between the two extremes. There are many other issues besides the heat (see my previous top ten post). Whatever the reason they move here, about half decide to stay and the other half leaves WHEN AND IF THEY CAN. Why do the remainder stay? You start to notice the small details of the local behavior when you have lived here for as long as I have. Some did want to leave at some point but life just catches up with them and so they start to rationalize their existence here. Then they tell themselves they like it. Others get institutionalized by their jobs, or by their familiarity of the area (this happened to me until I woke up). Then they just deal with all the negatives. Also, some have only been here a few years and have not got over the euphoria of moving to a new location. Very few of the people that live here actually love it from start to end. Those that do are very unique.[read more...]

Peoria, AZ

Okay...So if you are this unhappy....LEAVE! I am sooooo sick of people complaining about the summer heat! Hello?!?! It's a desert! And thanks for informing me and other readers that every single person who lives here is from somewhere else! Theoretically we all are! Even people who lived on the east coast are from somewhere else as NONE OF US ARE TRULY NATIVES! DUH! So by you criticizing that every Arizona Citizen is a transient is absolutely ridiculous, rather an uneducated guess about the actual state statistics and how it compares to other states: Relating to demographic information associated with place of birth. Who cares where you were born? People pride themselves so much in the most uninfluencial ways by stating they fit into this category of people because they were born in (Jersey) this state. More than likely you can't even remember what your state flag looks like or who your congress people are by name, because all you associate with your "hometown" is what football team you probably "live and die for" and how nice people are (from your perspective), in your generalized region of the country (east coast or midwest). And for those of you who say "poor pay and I can't find a decent paying job or no one will hire me!" Cry me a river! Every single professional has been unemployed at one time or another in their career and everyone has tough times but don't blame the STATE OF ARIZONA for your Lack of motivation and/or experience or abilities to apply for, network, or land an interview successfully! If you have any talent of drive worth the jobs that pay will land a job! As for the racial slurs towards gangbangers, $35k per year earnings for snobs, and the comments made about looks like YOU ARE the PROBLEM...not you take your twisted perspective on how diversity ruined your day, every day, and how unclassy everyone is...and darn you snow birds. ..quit adding your retirement funds to our state so we can grow and prosper! Shame on us for embracing diversity from young native American children on their tribal lands, to the old retired couple from YOUR EAST COAST HOME TOWN WHO LIVE IN AZ 6 MONTES OUT OF THE YEAR, so they can live a longer and happier life by decreasing their risk of heart or respiratory issues by living in a drier climate, and all you gangbangers in south Phoenix! Where did you come from? How dare you invade the bad parts of town and speak Spanish! Corona? Nah, we don't drink that where I am from! At least MY HOMETOWN DOESN'T HAVE ANY GANG ACTIVITY OR MOFIA AFFILIATIONS! UNDERGROUND ORGANIZED CRIME WITH DRUGS, WOMEN, ALCOHOL, LOYALTIES ARE JUST UNHEARD OF!!!!! DES SIGH......PEOPLE OPEN YOUR EYES. EVERY STATE HAS GANG MEMBERS, VIOLENCE, RAIN, NOT ENOUGH RAIN, SNOW, NOT ENOUGH SNOW, HEAT, NO ENOUGH HEAT, 2 SEASONS, 4 SEASONS, SNOBS, IDIOTS.....I WILL STOP THERE, AS THIS ARTICLE AND THE RESPONSES BELOW REFLECTS the most negative perspectives on Arizona that I have heard of in my life. Negative comments and ideas and perspectives = uneducated, bored, rude, and snobbish comments that paint the most unrealistic picture of the town and everything associated with it. So pack your bags, your football jersey, and your abilities to NOT SEE THE BEAUTY OF ARIZONA AND GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM. If your hometown or your last place of residence was so great, why did you leave it?! By you staying in are placing your imperfect self into the categories associated to every negative picture you painted of AZ in your comments/ you look like an idiot for A. STAYING B. WRITING THIS TRASH. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU MI DES CITIZENS OUT THERE WHO HAVE SO MUCH RESPECT FOR THE GREAT STATE OF ARIZONA AND FOR OUR UNITED COUNTRY...WHERE NO STATE lines should BLUR our vision of freedom, bravery, and loyalty. God bless the Citizens of the good old USA![read more...]

Glendale, AZ
Simple Formula for Phoenix - 6/8/2014

Phoenix = Los Angelas - Beach + 20 Degrees[read more...]

Houston, TX
In conclusion - 6/4/2014

I'm not going to reinvent the wheel here...but all the negative comments are correct. The people are mostly low class / low educated /low character /low morals, and they act like it. They are the nation's culls. [read more...]

Sun City West, AZ
damn - 4/7/2014

its hot[read more...]

Glendale, AZ
Zombies everywhere - 3/18/2014

No culture, no community cohesiveness, no personality. Just a bunch of zombies walking around and sweating in the heat.[read more...]

Phoenix, AZ

im a politically moderate conservative white guy from philly, lived in phoenix 3 years and anywhere in the entire phoenix area are the most inconsiderate, rude, pretentious people with anger management issues who blow a fuse AT ANY LITTLE THING. its like people always look like theyre always disgusted n annoyed at EVERYTHING and EVERYONE just cause your breathing their air. Alota, but not all people of phoenix fit the definition of psychopaths which is some1 whois anti-social and lack empathy. Not all people of phoenix r like this but a good amount and more than the average city and i lived in 5 different states. Its like people get very belligerent VERY QUICKLY at almost anything like they dont have any control over their anger. I have never lived anywher where people r like this 2 such a degree of, hostility, bitterness, pretentiousness and with such a high sense of low class that just act like trailer park entitled brats. i just wanna know why they have a chip on their shoulder and such a superiority complex with no reason 2 have 1. its not beverly hills. i been in l hills and its no way near like the high sense of entitlement phoenix people have with no reason…what gave them the right 2 act so superior, belligerent, condesending and so critical and judgmental and so hostile an disgusted 2ward others 4 no other reason just cause they might ask u the time or just breathing their air?…its not beverly hills, its not manhattan, its just phoenix..they gotta get over themselves?[read more...]

Glendale, AZ
Top 10 dumbest excuses for Phoenix - 1/19/2014

I lived in Phoenix for all of my life and I have never liked it. I have been trying like hell, especially over the last couple of years, to leave it. I'm just trying to get that job lined up and get into a better position. Maybe its just me and I have a different tastes for climate. However, I hear some of the lamest rationalizations to stay. Hear is my top ten list. For the dense, I even explain why. 1) There could be worse places to stay. -Thats pretty bad when you need to talk about the worst places to make Phoenix look good. 2) The snow gets about 15 feet high where I used to live. - Theres plenty of places that get snow. However, some of those that do may only get a few inches. 3) Some plants get frostbite in the winter. This is proof of how cold it does get hear. - Some yards in Phoenix have tropical plants and/or higher temperature zone plants in them. This means these are not native to phoenix and the one time of the year we get freezing temperatures they don't do well. 4) Yes, Phoenix does have high pollution. However where I come from there is a lot more. - Refer to the explanation in excuse number one. 5) There are a number of good schools in Phoenix. - Yes. But only very few. The rest are sub par. Phoenix has been consistently ranked in the bottom forty of states for education throughout all facets, for many years. The most recent ratings have improved only because they have recently been allowed to use their own state grading guidelines. 6) There is plenty of culture in Phoenix. - Phoenix is the Alabama of the southwest. I will let you find out for yourself on that one. If your still willing to move here. 7) It's a dry heat! - Yes, for ten months out of the year. For two of the hottest months of the year (the ones that count), it's very humid. You'll wish you had Florida's humidity for those two months. 8) The crime is worse in some cities. - Again, refer to the explanation in excuse number one. 9) The pollution is worse in some cities. - Do I need need to repeat it? 10) The desert is so wonderful and the sunsets are awesome! - Dry, dead, stucco, gravel, brown, haze, cactus, sand, barren. I guess the sunsets would be great if everything else is crap. [read more...]

Dave C
Texarkana, TX
Not recommended - 1/7/2014

Most of the negative comments on this board are true. It's a hot, ugly crowded, polluted city. The people are snobs. They are very pretentious on $35K annual incomes. It's full of working class snobs from the Great Lakes area (mostly) pretending to be uptown. They have brought their snotty attitudes with them. The people left behind in those states are probably celebrating these losers leaving for Phoenix. The crime is high. Drugs are PREVALENT (understatement). Vato gangs all over. The pay is lousy / good jobs that pay decently are few, even with a degree. Hard workers are not rewarded, the butt-kissers are. The people just seem to be so angry and always on the verge of exploding on you. The females here all seem to have "Battered Woman's Syndrome", they love tough-acting, abusive men. The men are ignorant, brutal and stupid. The educational level is low. There is no culture. Multiculturalism just divides people - we are all humans and that should be enough. If you show any intelligence you are brushed off like you're some sort of weirdo or loser;...not the other way around. Like one of the posters says, bad behavior is rewarded in Phoenix. Sincerity is mocked. If you have money it's tolerable, but you either have it here or you DON'T. I have lived in several places and I can say I don't miss it ONE bit or have any real warm memories from it....other than the nasty summer heat.[read more...]

Phoenix, AZ
Extremely Hot Summers - 12/9/2013

With all the asphalt, buildings, concrete, the summers are difficult. The winters are wonderful. The Valley of the Sun, really only has 2 seasons ... extreme heat in the summer, and great weather for the fall, winter, and spring which all run together. I recommend try summer living first before you make a commitment to live here full time. If I could afford to be a "snowbird", I would.[read more...]

GREAT CITY - 12/9/2013

We really like it in Phoenix. I moved here with my family 3 years ago, but I had grown up between here and California. I have 3 kids and they are doing great in their schools. That was the point of moving from our home in California. I like the people here. You can not say that all people are nasty in Phoenix. Try going into a grocery store or Dr office in a bigger city. Everyone seems great here. Yes 8 out of 10 people do not match with my personality.. Lets face it the planet earth has many different personalities. Anyways, I feel bad for the people who hate it here. They should really leave and find that perfect place. To us being with family in a nice part of town with a low cost of living makes it HOME.. Work to Live.. [read more...]

Scottsdale, AZ
Arizona Love it or leave it? - 10/31/2013

Lived a lot of places Arizona and Phoenix metro is just fine with me. Town is very clean compare to other big towns. Excellent freeway system easy to navigate., Travel north of Phoenix and you will find elevation climb to 3,000ft. Exotic cars abound, no billboards signs to speak of. Strip malls no where as many as other large cities. Lived in San Diego many years tell me that living by the ocean fog, damp jacket weather is great weather year round? We drive our convertibles year round here, and nothing like sitting by your negative edge pool at 8pm and talking with friends without shivering all the time. BTW Phoenix is close enough to Vegas or San Diego when you want to get away for a couple of days. All in all many people move here love it but can't afford to stay so they have sour grapes, enjoy the snow and crime of other towns, Arizona is one beatiful life if you come here with money.[read more...]

Phoenix, AZ
Like Any City, it Has Issues, But I love Phoenix - 10/15/2013

Certainly Phoenix is hot five to six months out of the year, and REALLY HOT about four of those months, but it is the desert, and if one moves here, and does not understand that deserts gets hot, they're likely to be unhappy. Having said that, the remaining months are a delight. I've been here six years now, having moved from the panhandle region of Florida, and those complaining of the heat here (it's not uncommon to have from 3%-6% during the heat, although that increases during the monsoon season) should live on the Gulf Coast, where it can be 100-105 with 100% humidity. I'll take 117-120 here in Phoenix ANY time. As it is an urban environment, of course there are many freeways, lots of concrete and asphalt, the traffic can be heavy, drivers lousy, and frustrations high. Did I mention that Phoenix is an urban environment? With nearly 5 million people? I'm amazed with some of the experiences others on here have cited. I couldn't help but wonder about them, as I've ridden the Light Rail often (it is true that the distance it covers is relatively small at the moment, but it has been a success, and is expanding), have had interactions with police officers, and such, and haven't had any negative experiences. But I recognize that each individual has their own unique circumstances and experiences. As with any major city, there is crime, but the crime rates have been declining here the past 5 years. Phoenix was heavily hit by the burst of the housing bubble. Many people were very hurt, and some suffered financial ruin. It seems as though this area went overboard putting its financial hopes and dreams into speculations. However, the economy is on the upswing at this time here, and the housing market is also recovering. Arizona, though, does not pay well. It is a right to work state, and employers tend to have workers over a barrel, and pay accordingly. That is a definite down side. An upside to that is the cost of living here is not as high as in many urban areas. It is true that the public transportation system leaves much to be desired, so dependable vehicular transportation is necessary to secure employment here. I was struck by one reader's comments that Phoenix is nothing but concrete and asphalt. The only thing that came to my mind when I read that was that the person must not get out very much! There are Desert Preserves scattered all round the metro area. Phoenix is one of National Geographic's best hiking cities and has been recognized by Travel Website TravelNerd as one of the Top 10 Urban Destinations for Nature Lovers. South Mountain Park alone, a centrally located area, has more than 16,000 acres. The South Mountain Park/Preserve is the largest municipal park in the country, according to the Trust for Public Land. It boasts 51 miles of primary trails for horseback riding, hiking (and superb trail running) and mountain biking for all ability levels. And there are nine other similar reserves located IN THE METROPOLITAN AREA. Anyone who thinks this area is just concrete and asphalt really has no idea of what they're talking about. I can, literally, hop in my car, and within 30 minutes, in an area of 4+ million people, feel as though I'm in a wilderness setting. I know of no other major city in the United States that can duplicate that. The air quality varies with the time of year. During the winter, it is not good at times...very not good. But it doesn't remain that way all winter. Fronts moving in from the west coast clear the air out on a cyclical basis. I have read others' comments that Phoenix is an extremely conservative city. I suppose, to some degree, there is truth to that. Personally, I found it more liberal than the Gulf Coast of Florida where I moved from. But there are pockets of more conservative areas, and pockets of more liberal areas. There are also large Hispanic areas, which some might view as a negative, while others view as a positive. An aspect which, for me, I find disconcerting, is the laws pertaining to is truly the Wild West in that regard. It's not particularly uncommon to see a gun strapped onto someone's hip. There is a very active jazz and blues scene here. There is a wonderful NPR radio station, KJZZ, which dedicates much of its playing time, to both genres of music. There are numerous colleges and universities in the metropolitan Phoenix area: > Arizona State University, > The Maricopa County Community College District, being comprised of: Chandler-Gilbert Community College, Chandler, Mesa, Sun Lakes Estrella Mountain Community College, Avondale GateWay Community College, Phoenix Glendale Community College, Glendale Mesa Community College, Mesa Paradise Valley Community College, Paradise Valley Phoenix College, Phoenix Rio Salado Community College, distance learning community college Scottsdale Community College, Scottsdale South Mountain Community College, Phoenix, > Arizona Christian University, baccalaureate university affiliated with the Conservative Baptist Association of America in Phoenix > Grand Canyon University, doctoral university in Phoenix > Ottawa University, in Phoenix > Park University, baccalaureate university in Glendale, Arizona There are Graduate Institutions: > A.T. Still University, medical school in Mesa > Midwestern University, health sciences graduate school in Glendale > Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, naturopathic medical school in Tempe > Thunderbird School of Global Management, business graduate school in Glendale > Phoenix Seminary, Masters and Doctorate level classes, Phoenix, Arizona There are For-Profit Institutions: > Argosy University, Phoenix > The Art Institute of Phoenix, Phoenix > Brown Mackie College - Phoenix > Chamberlain College of Nursing, Phoenix > CollegeAmerica, Flagstaff, Phoenix > Collins College, Tempe, Phoenix > DeVry University, Phoenix > Dunlap-Stone University, Phoenix > Grand Canyon University, Phoenix > High-Tech Institute, including Arizona College of Allied Health, Glendale, Arizona > Lamson College, Tempe[citation needed] > Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts Scottsdale (formerly Scottsdale Culinary Institute), Scottsdale > Penn Foster College, Scottsdale > Phoenix School of Law, law school in Phoenix > Sessions College for Professional Design, Tempe > Universal Technical Institute, Avondale > University of Advancing Technology, Tempe > University of Phoenix, Phoenix > Western International University, Phoenix And, finally, there the Religious Institutions: > American Indian College, Assemblies of God Bible college in Phoenix > Cook College and Theological School, Nondenominational tribal Bible college in Tempe > Fuller Theological Seminary, Nondenominational Bible college in Phoenix > International Baptist College, Independent Baptist Bible college in Tempe > Phoenix Seminary, Nondenominational seminary in Phoenix For me, coming here for a job, with the expectation that I would hate the area, I have been very surprised to find that, in six years, I have grown to love the area. I would not call it a great city, but I wouldn't call it a lousy city, either. In the time I've been here, I've seen it become more diverse, more artistic. I wouldn't advise someone to move here without a job first lined up, but if you have one secured, Phoenix can be a wonderful place to live. [read more...]

Phoenix, AZ
Heat In Phoenix - 9/9/2013

It is true, the winters are great in Phoenix. I'm not sure if they are good enough to make up for the miserable summer heat. When we moved on June 15, 2013 from an apartment to a rental house, the temperature was 118 degrees. Our movers almost collapsed from the heat. You really must want to live in the desert and tolerate temperatures that don't go below about 95 degrees at night. If this doesn't bother you, you will love it here.[read more...]

Scottsdale, AZ
Arizona is Hell - 8/18/2013

Got married in ‘97 and my wife and I moved to Arizona. We are missing 16 years of our lives and I hope we still have time to make up for the loss. Arizona is a place where you are either a have or a have not depending on which side of the valley you live on. After 14 years of living in on the slum side of town, we got to enjoy two years of living on the snotty, uppity shithead side of town. We currently live in Scottsdale (also referred to as Snottsdale), which is a steaming shithole of pretentious one-upers who spend their entire life savings to appear to be rich, where they sneak into the bathroom at Sappio’s to call Discover card to have a $50 increase to buy another drink, where anyone with $30k owns a Hummer, where gold digger women go to find “love”, where the average cost of a piece of an ugly southwest style home on a 1/8th acre prison-style lot (with a block wall) is over a million dollars even after the real estate crash (the same money would buy a 10,000 sqf home with style and 10 acres in an upscale suburb back East), where every building and home looks the same, where all the streets are in a square grid, where there’s only two seasons (Summer or Hell, 122 degrees), you will completely forget about spring, fall or winter. Those memories will fade with time. This place is great for causing or contributing to Alzheimer’s disease. Remember those Christmas memories you had when you were a kid? They will fade away and your kids will never experience a real winter, Halloween or Easter. There are no seasons to worry about, and no family holiday memories, the only thing your kids will remember are the monsoon storms with muddy rain (those memories will supersede any traditional holiday memories you might hope to instill upon them) and you will need to use oven mits to open your car door or to touch your keys otherwise risk having 2nd degree burns, where you can get second degree sunburns from 15 minutes exposure outside in the sun and certainly count on having skin cancer soon, which will likely metastasis to your liver and kill you, where you cannot find a place to park at the municipal park on the only nice day of the year and your children have no swing to swing on, because there’s a line to the playground with fake fathers and mothers pushing their children, smiling in the 105 degree temps, where you have to drive three hours just to prove to your kids that snow is real (Flagstaff) and once you get there, there’s no hotel to stay at because everyone else had the same idea, where dialysis clinics are located in every strip mall because everyone has kidney disease secondary to chronic dehydration, where the blacktop reaches 198f as recorded by an IR thermometer, where babies wind up in the hospital ER if they crawl on the blacktop for even a few seconds, where diamondback or mohave rattlesnakes commonly lay across the sidewalks (yes even in the city) waiting to hurt or kill the next adult or child, where you can step on scorpions when walking through your house or get bit by a black widow when turning on your garden hose at night on Christmas eve, where you can have your eye poked out and lose your vision from bending forward and sticking your eye on an agave needle at night, where wild pigs with razor sharp teeth will go through your trash can and even charge at you if you try to scare them off (they can cut you to ribbons), where a wildcat can stalk your baby (yes even in Scottsdale, in the city), where everything is dead, dying or brown (plants and people alike), with no natural grass or trees, no oxygen, pollution so pad you can see a GREEN (yes GREEN) cloud over the valley ALL winter long, asthma, allergies, horrible medical care where doctors will laugh at you if you present with a case of adrenal fatigue or breathing problems brought on by the pollution and/or heat (and lack of exercise since you can’t go outside in either case), where the Sheriff is as corrupt as a Ukrainian politician with money, where the Scottsdale police require five cop cars to pull over an old lady with a broken tail light and where Scottsdale police shoot innocent grandfathers holding their grandsons (look it up), where you will get tased by an “officer” (redneck) for speaking out of turn, where people can do 30mph over the speed limit and not get pulled over, where people with road rage can endanger your entire family, where people use their cars as deadly weapons and sometimes shoot to kill anyone doing 5mph under their speed just to get home in time from their 3rd job to pay their mortgage that is 3 month’s behind already, for their financed-to-the-hilt home in DC Ranch where everyone is so fake you think you’re living on the Truman show, where Scottsdale air traffic (mostly jets but often loud Avante pusher prop plans) come within just 200’ of your rooftop (sometimes Harriers since the Military has a refueling contract) and the Scottsdale airport doesn’t give a crap when you call the noise complaint line, where three types of harmful jet fume chemicals are lowering you and your family’s cholinesterase levels and slowly killing you with myasthenia gravis type symptoms and possibly cancer and heart disease, where you will be fined and insulted by the DC Ranch HOA community patrol kid for missing ONE bush in your front yard that a wild pig uprooted the night before, where if you rent a home, your racketeering slumlord will pocket your $4,500 monthly rent for a year (like he does with other homes) and you will come home one evening to see the house of your dreams that you wanted to eventually purchase being auctioned off and you have 24 hours to leave, and the locks are changed, because of a loophole in the law that normally gives you 30 days, where fakes run and jog outside in 110 degree weather pretending that they’re not going to die that evening just to show off their butt on a sidewalk looking for a like-minded fake to run into and fall in love ($$$), [SCOTTSDALE FAKES! ATTENTION PLEASE! IT IS NOT OK TO JOG IN 110 DEGREE WEATHER, DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT IT DOES TO YOUR BODY? Apparently not. You win the Darwin award], where everyone has a three-letter mega-church sticker on the back window of their car that has a 7 year auto loan that implies they’re holier than thou, where idiots will walk in front of your car and walk SLOWLY across the parking lot, where you can’t find healthy food even if your life depended on it (oh wait, it does), where you will have to pay $150 and wait an hour for American food or risk dying of e-coli after eating bad lettuce on your cat taco, where statistically speaking, you are more likely to be murdered by an illegal Mexican than die of old age, otherwise you will eventually wind up in Sun City, the place where everyone goes to die, the place where no one has a driver’s license (they either drive without a license and kill people accidentally or drive golf carts) AND SO MUCH MORE. I have no more time to write. I’m packing, I’m getting my family the fuck out of here. To those die hard Arizonan’s with the sunk-cost principle mental complex that keeps them here, who say “glad you’re leaving Arizona”, I say, GO FUCK YOURSELF – I’m GLAD YOU’RE STAYING IN ARIZONA! God created Arizona to dump shit here. Humans are NOT meant to live in Arizona. This place is uninhabitable. The Indians who were here thousands of years ago were probably just snowbirds and the supporting archaeological artifacts haven’t been uncovered yet. Personally I would not even recommend visiting Arizona even to escape freezing temperatures for a couple months a year.[read more...]

Glendale, AZ
Oppressive Heat/Cool People - 7/11/2013

I'm an outdoor person. In Phoenix, as early as May it will be 100 degrees or more for several days...(sometimes in late April). By June, it is 100 plus for 30 plus days or more and that continues until mid-October. Everyone prays for some relief in the monsoon season but these are not "nice" gentle rains, these are accompanied by high winds, and haboobs (nasty and sometimes terrifying dust storms that ruin swimming pools and cause serious health issues if you have allergies or asthma). The people are friendly on the outside (so friendly when you go into stores and always friendly to just say hello). Try and make friends? Tough....People keep to themselves, they never come out (well, in the summer I don't blame them), and perhaps because I'm from NYC they don't like my point of view on a lot of issues. Why worry about other people's choices in life if they do not directly affect or impact your life? They should be happy too. Too judgmental of others lifestyles if they don't agree with their own. Basically so many people have moved from somewhere else or they are transient. No wonder they are not friendly. They have not invested their feelings (or fortune that as it may be) in this town. I thought NYC was large - Phoenix is so spread out you cannot imagine seeing people from another area more than once or twice a year. NYC was just not like that. [read more...]

Phoenix, AZ
Bigotry - Hate - Insanity - Christian / Conservati - 6/24/2013

I am a single white male 41 yrs old, and I have 15+ years working in computer support, and I grew up in a suburb of Detroit, MI: -I have been attacked three times here thus far. Last April while taking the light rail to a stop where taking a taxi is cheaper than the complete $30 fare to get back to either South Phoenix, or Tempe (There are NO buses that run past 11:00pm/12:am -some places even EARLIER) a group of three white bigot rednecks (total hicks) attacked me because they thought my red hair, and pale skin, and because I am skinny/not athletic all of it apparently makes me a homosexual. By-standers did NOTHING but act amused and the security guard that arrived after I escaped did nothing and drove off. Second, a latina employee at the Friendship Inn attacked me OUT OF THE BLUE from behind her counter calling me with a club that had a taser on the end of it, and calling me a "fucking cracker" right while I was trying to discuss getting my 10 dollar security deposit back -THE POLICE DID NOTHING, and the police said that the Friendship Inn does not have to provide the video tape from the lobby if they do not want to. The police have not returned my phone calls requesting an update on the case and weather we can get a subpoena for the video tape. And the last time was about two weeks ago, some fool during their 'First Friday' art walk, tried to start a fight with me at the Lost Leaf, because his girlfriend thought my red hair and pale skin was "creepy" -it was broken up by staff while he stepped in my face yelling at me to leave -can you believe the outright bigotry of these 'people' here ?!?!?!?!!!??? -Moved to Phoenix, AZ 8/15 to start work on 1099 contract at Honeywell to do I.T. Windows Suppot Administration. My boss was 23, this was his first and only time working in a professional corporate environment which was for the past three years, his boss/our supervisor was his father, his brother-in-law ran the data center, and two other Americans (all were white) were part of the team. All of them praised the bigotry of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. When I asked my boss about how important "community" was for him -he responded none: 'as long as I have my truck, my gun, and I can go to the shooting range before or after church, then I do not care about community'. The remaining 11 other techs in our department were from India, and all of the out-sourced labor from Indian COOPERATED, TOLERATED, and TRAINED EACH OTHER while the 'Americans' I worked with were obsessed with who was a liberal/democrat and who was conservative/republican. After they found out that I was not into supporting or involving myself in their conversations about their conservative/christian-extremist websites the 'Americans' I worked with avoided any type of interaction with me, and then after training a woman from India how to do my job, they then fired me.After I lost my job, I could not receive unemployment, and I am still stranded here in Phoenix after living off of the money I had saved for 1099 taxed. I am broke, unemployed, and an object for abusive and subversive conservative/christian extremist anti-social behaviors. -I moved here in August 2012, and lived in Tempe: every thing is covered in asphalt, strip malls, fast junk food, and TRAFFIC. The bus system here is a joke. The light rail only runs through the ASU campus and then East of it -nothing near Southern Ave where I lived, nor on East Baseline where it is kept in car culture and destitute. -My first day here I had four police officers waiting for me before I got off the plane, because a woman from Phoenix thought I was interfering with the flight crew: I was sitting in my chair the entire flight, and before the flight took off while I was sitting I contacted an flight attendant to come to my seat. I needed to know why I paid hundreds of dollars to sit in front of an LCD screen less than 1 foot in front of my face (the flight was Delta - DO NOT FLY DELTA AIR - and each seat had an LCD monitor behind each head rest that was only for playing advertisements). It didnt seem fair nor made any sense that we all had to turn off our computers and other electronic devices while this LCD screen is still on and constantly playing advertisements less than 1 foot in front of my eyes. This was just before the place took off, and I never stood up, and the flight attendant was responsive and kept responding to and adding to our discussion, but apparently he snitched on me and I was held until humiliated for 45 minutes just outside the gate. I was never arrested, but they constantly berated me, and threatened to give me thousands of dollars of fines for "interfering with flight crew" -How could I be interfering with flight crew if they responded to me sitting in my seat using the plane seat button to contact the flight crew???? Why didnt the attendant ignore the button I pressed to begin with, or even TELL ME that I was interfering with anything??? Arizona is like what most of the USA is deteriorating into: as 'snitch' mentality, no sense of communication, no sense of cooperation; only bigotry, and threats. -If you move here you get to feel the heat not only from the sun above, but you also get the feel the heat and fumes seep and steam off of all of the asphalt -THERE ARE NO COVERINGS/SHADINGS built over any side walks on Southern Ave or East Baseline. ASPHALT IS EVERY WHERE YOU NEED TO WALK> IT IS TERRIBLE HERE. -The first place I lived at my first month was infested with meth addicts. The second place was for one month and filled with people completely open and relaxed about expressing their ignorant racist views ALL OF THE TIME, and the kitchen was not kept unusable. The third place I lived at was with a black couple who happened to hate white people, but had no problem taking my money for rent. I am now living at the YMCA which is run by security that make up the rules as they go alone; each day they change the rules to serve their own power high as an excuse to degrade people that live here. -The parks here are run by bigots: for example by the downtown ASU campus near Central and Filmore by the post office the security guard at the park harasses me and I no longer go there. I finally asked, 'why are you harassing me? I am just sitting under a tree; its 2pm and I am not doing anything' -the guard said that the mayor has instructed them to harass 'certain types of people here...'. I said that I would never invest in a start up company in this state, and the security guard walking away like a coward replied 'you must be democrat!' -I said: 'I am an AMERICAN, and I don not appreciate you walking away after starting an important conversation about bigotry...' -The corrupt sheriff here closed down some prisons, so that he could open his own little fortress prison in the middle of the desert where they can detain people w/out arresting them for weeks. This 'prison' is a bunch of tents in the middle of the desert. Amnesty International was not allowed to enter the county when they tried to inspect the conditions of Sheriff joe arpaio's prison. -Since there is no connecting bus line between Southern Ave and E. Baseline, you have to walk a mile in between bus routes along six to four lanes of asphalt with car exhaust and dirt blowing in your face w/in 100 degree weather and there is NOTHING around but walled in little condo communities and the occasional gas station. They worship car culture, sprawl, and traffic here. -I have heard people here brag about going to their super churches; they worship hate and bigotry here. Information is disseminated at these bible thumping cult meetings that have them leave and go to work and say things to me like, 'why live in the city? the city is the populist vote, so we need to decimate if not hinder city life, since they are all liberals and evil...' -THIS IS WHAT 'AMERICANS' ARE SAYING ABOUT OTHER AMERICANS!!!! [read more...]

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