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I hate Arizona with all my heart and soul. I am appalled and disgusted to even call myself an "Arizonan". I have had the misfortune of being born here, but by the grace of God, I am FINALLY moving out of this god-fosaken state!!!! I am sick of the politics, the horrible weather, the illegals with their drugs and crime, the trash everywhere, the complete rudeness. The list goes on and on. I was unfortunately born here and have seen this state get progressively worse. It's sad really. This state used to be nice. No more. I'm glad to be leaving . For all I care, the illegals can run this state into the ground!!!!! This state will truly live up to it's reputation as "the wild west".



Happy with move to the metro
Many of the reviews on Phoenix are very generalized. The metro includes 4.5 million and huge variety of options across town. Worst part is obvious, the hot weather 4 months a year. Nice time to get away. We moved to the Valley from Minnesota and weather there was frigid at least 4 months a year. Very nice to have 299 sunny days a year! ASU is very dynamic and attracting employers to the area. Education ranking is disappointing but many of those who complain about the low teacher wages compared to California aren't factoring in significantly lower housing costs. Traffic is busy and busier in the winter but that's the story in every major city in the US. People are friendly and interested in starting friendships because like us, came from some place else. A newspaper article stated that most out of state folks come from California, Illinois and New York - all high tax, high cost of living states. We live in Paradise Valley adjacent to Scottsdale and I challenge anyone to come up with a more beautiful small city with as much to do. Previous reviewer mentioned drug problems here. Like traffic, the whole country is suffering from opioid epidemic. It is tragic but not specific to Phoenix. What's also appealing about the state relative to the Midwest is the huge variety of terrain. Drive around and outside the metro and you see mountains and rocks and vegetation of every color. Nice to have friends and family come visit during the milder weather. If you want the place to work for you, it can.




I didn't have to go out of my way to create an account to do this but, I feel as a good person/citizen it is my "right" to help those who may read this.

If anyone can read this and it helps them, even one person thinking about moving here,then it will serve my heart right and i'll be glad that I could help someone

A little about me... I'm a southern baptist raised, WHITE, conservative man from a GOOD family who has ties to the South and the Midwest. I am educated and have always had a good income and am well connected across the country. I have lived in 4 other states before and have friends and family totalling around 10 states.

I want to be objective about this so I will list PROS first...

PROS: Terrific winter weather, honestly it's pretty sweet(at first), relatively low housing and rent(but I will get to this later), good location to nice places like Flagstaff/Sedona, San Diego, Las Vegas, SLC, LA pretty easily and quickly, if you are educated and actually successful there are networking opportunities in certain areas(think Arcadia/Biltmore and Scottsdale Ranch), Tempe is a fun town...

-No character or soul
-I've lived in Dallas, and I feel that Scottsdale is where the "30k millionaire" originaed from and there is a LOT of that here. A LOT.
-The housing market is set up for a BIG CRASH soon(think within the next 1-2 years)
- VERY rude, pissed off, mad, unfriendly(for no reason) people... the metro is filled with Psychopaths
- It is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to "trust" people here, they are ungenuine(sp?) and there isn't a sense of "I can believe/trust" so and so, people are not sincere/honest here
- No community, culture(unless you're Latino), sense of "comraderie" like we're in this together and etc like you may feel in other cities
-Absolutely ZERO soul or character
-VERY transient(i would be an example)
- VERY, VERY uneducated area ( i believe there's a statistic that shows only about 1/4 of the metro actually holds a college degree)
- VERY bad ILLEGALS problem... car theft, vandalism, robbery, etc is a BIG BIG problem here
- not a strong economy... compared to most cities of it's size, there actually aren't a lot of large companies that have their ACTUAL "HQ" here... they may have a satelite or a local site but not the "big/HQ" site
- Not a bright future with the population. The young crowd is very uneducated(compared to most other big cities), very fake, wannabee, vapid, not intelligent... does NOT set up for a "bright future"
= Many of the bright LOCALS are MOVING AWAY!!!!
*I want to highlight this as living in so many other states, this is probably the highest rate I've EVER encountered of the local, young crowd wanting to move away... it's ASTOUNDING
- Many of the smart money is moving away too! (read other reviews) and if you know of people in the in "inner circle" you can see it and hear it
- Going to several country clubs in North Scottsdale, the "word" was that many of the "smart/ACTUAL" money was moving away. That's why there are also so VERY many EMPTY country clubs in the GOOD MONTHS of Phoenix! It is because NO ONE wants to live there that ACTUALLY HAS money (again, very transient)
- Lots of "hidden fees" for registration and tax costs to live here so the COL actually isn't that "low" if you calculate all those in
- Many, Many people will warn you and tell you that they want out(more on this later)

I have to be honest here. When I first moved here, I work a mobile job and have no mortgage, no kids, single, minimal debt.. so I'm "mobile"; I had met a guy who would become my roommate at a mixer.
He had only stayed in the Phoenix metro for 2 months longer than me and had gotten a 3 month lease in a 2 bed. He offered an open room in his place for the remaining month of his lease. He was from the Midwest and we had some family and friend connects at the mixer. And ALREADY he was "on the fence" of staying in the metro. We got along very well and had a blast at parties and mixers for the remaining month. After the stay, he signed another 3 month lease in Tempe and we kept in touch. He told me had left Phoenix when his lease was up. So all in all he had only been there for 6 months!!!

AS stated before, I've lived in 4 states and NEVER have I met so many people that I met "in passing" that they told me they wanted to LEAVE! It is unbelievable and ASTONISHING! In my first 2 months there I probably met atleast 5 or 6 people who wanted to leave and told me in passing. As in, we might just have a casual/organic conversation and they would basically tell me all the cons I just listed(lol) and how they wanted to leave.

Eventually 1 + 1 = 2 and we realize the sky is BLUE and grass "should" be GREEN

*say NO to Arizona



Not that great
I moved from the suburbs of Denver CO to the suburbs of Phoenix AZ 3.5 years ago.

The Pro's:
The housing market is less expensive than Denver, Seattle, Portland OR and any place in California, though it's rapidly getting more expensive.

The weather from November through April is wonderful.

Some major companies have headquarters here such as Intel, Amazon, Discover and more tech companies that I can't think of at the moment.

The Con's:
It is so horribly hot between May through most of October that you run from one indoor location to another and still will sweat profusely.

Most here are so used to being hot that they set their air conditioning at about 85 degrees when it's 118 degrees outside which for me makes it miserable to go to anyone's home.

July and August is the monsoon season resulting in the weather being both hot and humid with torrential downpours for several months.

Generally speaking there are a lot of very ill-mannered people here. If you like any kind of gentility at all don't come here.

AZ has one of the worst education systems in the country right down with Arkansas and Mississippi. This results in lots of illiteracy and sadly ignorant people everywhere.

There is a huge problem her with drug addiction, especially narcotic pain killers.

There are so many elderly people here that it can take months to get an appointment with specialists during the time of year when the snowbirds arrive.

The doctor's have so many patients that they and their staff are often rude and really don't care if they lose you as a patient. It's common to not see a doctor at all, only the physician's assistant but they charge you the same.

Customer service in most industries including the medical profession is often horrible. Good luck to get your meal right in the restaurant or to have your doctor's office give you correct information about what insurance they are in network with.

Even in a nice suburb were I live I am approached all the time by people asking for money.

I've never seen so many sad, illiterate, messed up, depressing people in my life.

The drivers are extremely reckless, dangerous and aggressive.

Find another place to move if you can.

Now this is neither a pro or a con but there are lots of Mormons here. Their kids seem to be more polite than others from what I've seen.

I hope this helps anyone looking for info on Phoenix.



I agree with all the negative things that people say about Phoenix so I won't repeat it here. Recently, flippers have overtaken the valley and caused an artificial rise in real estate prices. As soon as these guys are finished, the market may crash again here. As a renter, everybody's rent went up to $1000 a month because of the flippers. Mine went up from $800 to $1000. in two months. I asked my landlord why the steep increase, he said, "Because I can!" I am packing and leaving Arizona and my slumlord, ASAP! You think that if the market crashed here, he would reduce my rent? No, I don't think so! I've been wanting to leave AZ for some years now, but AZ seems to suck the little guy in and won't let him go! I've heard this from a number of people. In most people's cases, you just don't make enough of money here to save and get out of here! If I have to take the Bus, I will escape from Phoenix!!



Hot, ugly, nasty
I have lived many places and Phoenix is bar none the most lowlife, classless, mean cold place I have ever lived.
The cost of living is high. The pay is horrible. They don't have to pay because so many people want to live there.
I almost felt like apologizing because I have an education, no tatts, I don't beat my wife and I have an IQ over 21 and I'm polite.
The young people are vicious and uncaring.
it's hard to make decent friends. You might make some if you want to stoop real low.
Good manners, class and kindness are sneered at.
The summers are enough to drive you crazy, constant heat, smog, dust, dirt, ugly scenery.
Most of the people I swear are on meth. The women love abuse.
They know nothing yet are hyper critical. "Do as I say not as I do"
They have such a chip on their shoulder.
Phoenix attracts the white trash mostly from the upper Midwest (except for Wisconsin - those people seem sane and kinder)
People are snobs - blue-collar, working poor snobs.
To give you an example of the idiocy there. I called a store and asked the guy "what are your hours". Now any carbon-based being would interpret that to mean "what time do you open and close". right? The doofus who answered said "Huhhhh, What do you mean?" an rude, ignorant peckerwood tone of voice. Never had I talked to such stupid idiot.
See the movie Idiocracy and you'll know what I mean.
There are more social problems and dysfunctional families than you can shake a stick at.
it's LA without the ocean and 30 degrees hotter and the IQ scores are about 30 points lower. The whole state of Arizona sucks.
I read at one time that it was estimated that 25% of the population of Maricopa county was functionally illiterate. That's probably UNDER stating things. The nice weather from November 15 to May 15 just doesn't make this rathole worth it.



Love the Valley
I have lived all over the country... Colorado, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina... there really is no better place than Phoenix. Is it hot? Yes, of course. But if you can bear the heat during 3-4 months of the year (easy to do with AC and some fun indoor activities), you'll LOVE the weather for the rest of the year. Sunsets... unbelievable. People... very friendly. I run a pigeon control business and I have to say, it's an absolute pleasure to deal with most people here. People are very friendly as long as you are friendly. I think the sunshine keeps people happy. I love Phoenix and I can't see myself living anywhere else.



Arizona native for 43 years
The description of Phoenix really isn't accurate. Average commute time is not 15 minutes, its typically 30-45 minutes based on traffic. Schools are also crowded with about 1 teacher to every 26 students. The summers are extremely hot, hiking is nice if you enjoy the desert but you can always drive north where it is cooler and there are trees and mountains. We're looking to relocate to the mid west to escape the non drivers and find a friendlier city, instead of worrying about keeping up with the Jones.



Like Groundhog Day
I'll be brief. I've lived in several different states in the US, and have lived/worked overseas as well (non-military). I hate Phoenix and its metropolitan area.

Cons: Murderous heat. No soul, heart, or personality to the city. Everything looks the same---generic, tan, fake, bland. Horrific drivers. Live life shuttling from one enclosed space to another. Angry old white people (I'm white, btw). Vapid superficial ignorant young people. Traffic is horrendous. Airport itself sucks. Vast spaces filled with dirt, rocks, generic suburbia. Few decent jobs compared to size of metro area. Overpriced housing.

Pros: Cheap airfares ie easy to escape Phoenix. Lots of places that actually have personality/character are within one day's drive--LA, San Diego, Albuquerque, Vegas, Tucson, Grand Canyon, etc.

Bottom line...every moment of every day kind of runs together when living in Phoenix---most people, places and moments virtually indistinguishable from one another. Intense heat, relentless sun, generic nondescript landscape. Think of it like this: if you had to eat at the same Applebees or Chilis or Cracker Barrel every day, always crowded, unchanging menu, etc. Sure, everything is "there" and is generally "acceptable" but you still know that there's more "out there," way way way more.

Can't leave this city soon enough. Don't worry--I won't let the door hit me on the way out....



Not a wholesome town
I would rate Phoenix only 1 star because after moving and living near Phoenix we have made a decision to leave. We moved here from the Chicago suburbs for a professional job opportunity for my husband earlier in the year.

At first, we didn't see all the negatives but were really enticed by the beauty of Scottsdale.

After some time we really got an understanding of the crime issues in Phoenix and rude people. Being from the Mid-West we are both generally warm and friendly people but have found the contrary here.

We've had so many rude drivers cut us off or drive wildly out of control around us even during the morning commute rush that it's been eye opening! It really feels like you're in a Mad Max movie with everyone out for themselves here!

We even made reports to the Phoenix police and they do nothing because they are dealing with violent crime issues that are more pressing.

I also didn't understand the concept of gated communities with manned security guards until moving here are listening to the local news crime report. If you decide or have to move here, I suggest only living in a manned security gated-community. Please take this advice! Also, avoid Phoenix as much as possible and stay in the gated community in Scottsdale or other safer suburban area - far from Phoenix.

Or only visit as a tourist occasionally but don't move here for a job opportunity.



Not a wholesome town
I would rate Phoenix only 1 star because after moving and living near Phoenix we have made a decision to leave. We moved here from the Chicago suburbs for a professional job opportunity for my husband earlier in the year.

At first, we didn't see all the negatives but where really enticed by the beauty of Scottsdale.

After some time we really got an understanding of the crime issues in Phoenix and rude people. Being from the Mid-West we are both generally warm and friendly people but have found the contrary here.

We've had so many rude drivers cut us off or drive wildly out of control around us even during the morning commute rush that it's been eye opening! It really feels like you're in a Mad Max movie with everyone out for themselves here!

We even made reports to the Phoenix police and they do nothing because they are dealing with violent crime issues that are more pressing.

I also didn't understand the concept of gated communities with manned security guards until moving here are listening to the local news crime report. If you decide or have to move here, I suggest only living in a manned security gate-community. Please take this advice! Also, avoid Phoenix as much as possible and stay in the gated community in Scottsdale or other safer suburban area - far from Phoenix.



Rude people, No good jobs
Most of the jobs in this state are very low paying. If you want to make minimum wage or something close to it, this place is for you. If you want something better, you;ll have to look else where. I am not from this state and was pretty shocked at just how rude and aggressive people are in this place. Every block, house and street looks exactly the same (weird) like one small area was duplicated several times and that compiled with the fact that there are no seasons here makes it very hard to tell what time of year it is and how much time has gone by. This place almost didn't feel real to me while I was there...It has no culture and you are surrounded by stuck up snobs that come from rich families and have an I'm-better-than-you-attitude. Everyone else is poor to some degree and its as if the middle class doesn't even exist here. This place seems to lack culture all together save for Mexican culture which is everywhere, and it doesn't seem to have its own identity aside from being a very Republican state. I find it bizarre how many churches there are literally everywhere including right next to stores in strip malls. This state feels like one big strip mall...I also find it unusual how many meth addicts there are in this city. Didn't that drug phase out everywhere else by now? It seems everything in AZ is behind by several years.



Incomparable (Phoenix Valley)
Im 42 and have moved around all my life. Ive lived mainly up and down the east coast. From Orlando/Atlanta/Charlotte/Maryland/Wilmington NC/Williamsport PA/Asheville NC and then for something completely different Phoenix AZ and was there for more than 3 years. Anywhere you go or live, it is what you make of it and more importantly how you react to it. Everyone is on a different path and nowhere is perfect. I would say there is always a balance of good and bad anywhere you go. I would only digress to say if I had to live anywhere between Ohio and Mississippi I would probably be better off dead. That said Phoenix is absolutely a different as can be in comparison to the rest of the country. Of course Californians might look at it as the wanna be LA in the desert. Which in all actuallity its a Mecca for hispanics living out the American dream like its 1956 all over again. I would say that Phoenix is far behind as far as culture, entertainment and over all community togetherness. Its the epicenter for the old school nuclear family idealism with sprawling suburbs and shopping malls that go on for miles and miles and everything looks the same. (brown town) Its like living on a space craft sometimes at night especially, which can be a unique and interesting feeling coming from the east coast. The bads are really bad there and the goods are great. The entire 3 years I've lived there I've really had no worries with money, have had a decent paying job, which you can afford to live here because things are relatively "easier" you don't have the extra expenses you do like living on the east coast other than the AC bill from Mid May- Sept. But Other than broken windshields (get it on your insurance) and the need to upgrade your window tint on your car Phoenix can be a relatively low maintenance place to live. In some areas it can be breathtakingly gorgeous and in other parts can literally take your breath as you try to breath from the pollution, dust and ozone depletion. I think most people know these points about Phoenix. Its well known enough and enough people live there to state their case if they are not a walking zombie (education is horrid) but that said if you move there with a decent IQ this place makes you feel like a genius and you get it in return. And thats what I would like to imphasize the most single GUYS! If you are a grounded, smart, funny and a genuine gentleman especially from the south you will have zero problems with the ladies. They crave down to earth guys there because the majority of the locals there are mouth breathing douchebags. In 3 years i was in 4 different and pleasant relationships, i just kept moving on because i could. I never had this experience in the south (Asheville) where i was single for 4 years before moving to AZ. After 4 months I was in a great relationship having a blast. AZ girls are the best if you find the right ones (latin) if you will. It can be a double edged sword though if you want to move and take them with you. They are planted and Im not. And speaking of plants every single tree in the valley was planted and the lack of nature connection other than the sky is redundant. Only so many rocky sandy trails you can go down before they all run together. The east valley looks exactly like the west valley. Just more Mormons in the east and Hispanics in the west. All and all living in Phoenix has made me a better person by seeing the good and embracing it. Its not the best but sure is better than most because its just simply unlike any other place in the US. Im now back in Asheville due to friends and family and just getting away from the heat to a more moderate climate but hell i do miss Phoenix just due to the diversity of the place, cleanliness, openness, vistas, beautiful friendly women and over all anything may or could go attitude. Btw living on Mars can be interesting its all how you react to it, and what you do with your time there. Going to Sedona, Tuscan even LA or San Diego on the weekend is better than the options of ATL or Charleston. I guess my biggest plus about Phoenix its a place you can go to get away from your past because nothing will remind you of home when you live on Mars.



Pleasant toursit town
I think a few reviewers moved to Arizona just to escape the cold, or, perhaps, were looking for an easy place to find meaningful work.

You do not find meaningful work in a traditional tourist town unless you have a trade that is sought out by tourists.

Moving to the desert filled with retirees, the young professionals that support them, hospitality workers, and small business people may not the suitable for young families looking to move up in corporate America without a firm educational background.

Are you interested in the hospitality industry?
Mining industry?
Health Care?
Customer service?

You would no more move to Arizona to move up in heavy industry as a corporate ladder climber than you would move to Hawaii. Arizona is a Key West or Miami that drew people to it by its climate and tourist scene. You do not move to Key West for the schools and the industry. You move there for the climate, the beaches, and the party scene.

You also, do not move to Arizona to make VP of Marketing of Google. You move here for the climate, the outdoor recreation, and a calm, fun tourist atmosphere.

Do you own horses? Off road motorcycles? Play golf?

Without as much industry as some states, you will need a trade.

Ac repair?
Flight instructor - there are many flight schools here because of the sunny days.
Auto mechanic?
Golf Instructor?
Do you have an MBA? Everybody else does.

If you don't like the heat and have no use for the desert activities, you would no more be happy here then you would be moving to Aspen if you don't like the cold and don't ski.

Would you like to live in a sprawling suburb of Aspen with a million other workers there to support the tourist industry and the light industry that comes from a growing town?

Probably not. And certainly not if you do not care for the ski scene and do not have a firm trade or are not a small business person looking for a growing area.

There is no reason to just move to the middle of the desert if you do not:
1 - like the desert
2- like the heat
3 - like to fly or are a pilot looking to start a flight school.
4 - are a person of some means who can afford to live in the nicer places instead of a lower-middle class, hot, suburb.
5- are educated enough to take advantage of business opportunities in a growing city.
6- are retired.

If you are moving from the rust belt with a high school diploma, looking for a large company to work your way up in, this may not be the place for you. Of course, there are very few places for you.

What do you like? Boats? Go to Florida.
Surfing? California.
Flying, golf? Arizona.


Find what you like, then move to a place that supports it, and work in that industry. Like health care? Arizona is great. Flight school? Yes. horse vet, tourist trade, construction engineer, bar owner, ect.

Good luck. The people here are very pleasant, except for the frustrated ones who move someplace where its 110 degrees but they don't care for the heat, and have no trade, little education, and are not interested in the desert in the least.



I See Stupid People
My god Ron, I know exactly what you mean. I got marooned here, moved here for my six figure job... sequestration hit, we all got laid off. I need one of those T shirts, "I See Stupid People.." They are everywhere...

I hate to admit this... but I've taken to "dumbing down," when I speak. Before, all I'd usually get was the stank-eye look. Now, if I mix up my tenses, drool a bit and shuffle my feet, I've noticed they're actually helpful.

Add to that, this State is ridiculously expensive. Groceries, taxes, utilities, everything.


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