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Area is Deceptive; Looks Healthier Than It Really - 11/24/2016
Many people who come to Tucson see the big homes in the foothills and mountains around Tucson and think that the area is doing well. After all, when we see wealth like that, we assume that it is reflected by the local economy and says a lot about the city itself. Well, Tucson defies the norms. It is not a normal city. Many of the big beautiful homes and spectacular views that one sees are no reflection of the city and its economic health. While there are a lot of them, these homes mostly belong wealthy retirees who contribute little in the way of taxes or an economic base or are second homes for Snow Birds (winter residents). The property taxes that these homes generate don't even benefit Tucson for the most part but stay up in Phoenix. SO DON'T JUDGE TUCSON'S HEALTH BY THE MANSIONS SURROUNDING THE CITY. They are in their own little world.

Tucson is not run by professional politicians. It is run by mostly nice people, yes, but not very aggressive or assertive politicians who can take the bull by the horns (so to speak) and get things pushed through. They are amateurs. Thus, Tucson lags the rest of the state in rebounding from the Great Recession, if indeed it has rebounded at all. The city likes to throw statistics at you about how it is coming back but the rebound is paltry compared to what needs to happen and in comparison to other Sunbelt cities. Tucson's politicians are all homegrown, which is part of the problem.

I get no pleasure out of saying this because this really is a nice place with great potential but also a place that continues and continues and continues to disappoint. Get the point. In short, Tucson is still a Cowtown, run like a cowtown, falling apart like a cowtown, surround by rich people in the foothills who have nothing to do with the city and who could care less. Tucson is a poor city, with poor economic prospects, with poor wages and worker conditions. Add to it that it's a very backward and Red State that puts all its money in its capital, Phoenix and surrounds, and things don't look good for the ole' Pueblo.
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Warning - Cowtown Camouflaged as Up and Coming Cit - 11/21/2016
Tucson is still in the Great Recession / Depression that started in 2008. Home prices have gone nowhere for the most part and the city has fallen apart. It can't afford to even keep up its streets. Empty store fronts everywhere and major thoroughfares look terrible. Not ever a professional city and what was on its way up is still heading down, as other Sunbelt cities get their acts together. Tucson shouldn't even be there. There is no industry, no economy - just a university and an air force base. If you are thinking about moving here, you really should think twice. Most of us who are stuck here who can't sell our still underwater homes can't get out.
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Stupid Tucson - Caught with its pants down - 10/25/2016
Tucson has had how many years to figure itself out and get itself on the right track or any sort of track? Something like 300 years, right? Tucson is one of the oldest, continuously inhabited cities in the country. This may be an old city but is also the most clueless and backwards place you'll ever live. It goes beyond ignorance. Tucson has fallen behind if not fallen out of the race completely because it hasn’t wanted to change and grow. For years, it has shun growth and now no one wants it. There are too many other cities who got their acts together. Yes, it’s that simple. Yet, Tucson remains arrogant in its ignorance. It just assumed growth would happen anyway, so it didn’t plan or prepare, it didn’t fill city hall with professionals who knew what they were doing, it didn’t feel there was any need to jump out in front and steer the ship… So, now it’s caught completely by surprise, like the emperor without his clothes, when the music stopped. And now Tucson finds that nobody wants it. Now, when Tucson most needs it, it can’t rally, change and grow. It is being taken for the joke that it is as it risks irrelevance in the 21st Century. I doubt Tucson will remain in the top 150 cities much longer. There in no economy here. Large companies have all gone elsewhere. Shame on Tucson. Shame on the citizenry of Tucson who have let this city become the mess that it is. This place is only good for those who isolate, for the dying and vultures who want views. Cheapest real estate in the Southwest now that it has fallen completely through the cracks and can't come back. In fact, almost the cheapest and worst kept housing stock in the country. The place is diseased.
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Anti-Growth & Anti-Jobs - 10/15/2016
Tucson's problem and the reason that it will not be on anyone's 'places to be list' for decades is that it has shunned growth and jobs for so long that it will take decades to recover what it lost in the housing bust and great recession. They won't tell you this here but there's not going to be any recovery or much of anything you can measure, just a slow slog out of the mire...a mire of its own making. It's depressing and it should be depressing for anyone who had investments here. Five to six years after the trough, just about every other Western Sunbelt city has come roaring back and then some - except for Tucson. Phoenix is going gangbusters. You can't find property in Flagstaff. Prescott has come back. Tucson just never got its act together; they took growth for granted. They didn't work with neighboring cities, town, and counties to come up with coordinated plans for smart growth. They didn't market the city to businesses or seek to diversify their employer base. How long have we had the big four - the U of A, Raytheon, DMAFB, and hospitals/healthcare? We lost commercial and residential construction so no longer have the big five. I would say that this city has another 15 years or so to go before it reaches the level of excitement or housing prices before the big bust. By then, every other decent city in the nation will be comparatively far out of reach.

Tucson sealed its fate after years of sticking its head in the sand. It's not coming back. This is not a city for anyone who wants a healthy or thriving economy or social scene. It's so behind the times, you can smell the decay and rot in the air here. Short of Miami and South Florida going under water, Tucson will not be anyone's radar any time soon.
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Slowest Moving and Acting City - 10/6/2016
Tucson is slow to move and act on just about everything, which will drive even the most patient of people mad. In Phoenix, Tucson is known as Hokey-Pokey Tucson and now I know why. They can't or won't (or just don't) fill city offices, so things don't get done or done well. They wait until things are at crisis proportions before they act. This is not a rising star of a city by any means but one whose luster is tarnished from years of neglect and uninspired leadership. They've had their wake-up call and are too deaf to hear it. Neighborhoods for the most part are deplorable with little in the way of uniform rules & regs in place for parking, architectural changes, colors, maintenance, etc. It's an Out-of-Control city that never recovered from the housing recession and doesn't look like it's heading anywhere good soon.
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Agree with Criticisms about Tucson - Most Inept Lo - 10/5/2016
Haved lived in Tucson on and off for 50 years. The place is still the same do-nothing, going-nowhere cowtown that it always was. Am always thrilled when my job allows me to move somewhere that has some life and energy to it. The next move will be outta here for good. Nice people but but the town is in a permanent rut, lots of poverty, horrible neighborhoods with jumbled up infill housing, and a lot of junk homes. The city does nothing. It's either corrupt or permanently incompetent. The city council does nothing. The place is rotting and nature allowed to run its course. Not a place for anyone who wants a social life or culture. Best thing about Tucson is that Phoenix is 100 miles north.
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Problems with Tucson are CULTURAL and deeply embed - 10/2/2016
Tucson should rank high on Sperling's "Most Disappointing and Wasted Potential" cities list. After having lived in various places in Arizona and the West for 50 years, Tucson is the most "Stuck-in-the-Mud" and oblivious places that 'could've been, would've been but probably never will be' in the West. There are three types of people who dominate the area (1) people who come here to retire and die; (2) students who leave as soon as they graduate because the city has nothing to offer them; and (3) people who can't afford to live anywhere else. Tucson has its devotees as well. The weather is pretty nice for the most part and the mountain views and drives if you can afford to live in the Foothills are spectacular. However, it's a love/hate. What good is a view and a pretty drive if the city is stuck in neutral? Don't expect change here. Don't expect a vibe here. Don't expect to be excited here. Tucson doesn't want change. Tucson resists change. The culture here is hands-off, laissez-faire, Libertarian, a little red-neck and anything goes - which is why most of the city, its infrastructure and it's neighborhoods have been rotting to the ground. From what I've seen the past 15 years here, Tucson wouldn't know how to begin promoting itself and doesn't have what it takes culturally to turn itself around. It really needs an influx of new professional talent and leadership from outside instead of this homegrown group that keep perpetuating the same ole cultural malaise.
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Run Away from Tucson - Fast! One of worst planned - 10/2/2016
All Ye who enter here, leave hope behind!

Politicians in Tucson want you to keep your head in the sand. Make sure you keep your blinders on as you drive through crappy housing in crappy neighborhood after crappy neighborhood throughout most of Tucson. If you must move here, move outside of the city limits to Vail or Oro Valley (for your children's sake at least) and hope they eventually put a freeway in within the 'next century' or so. Tucson is the slowest moving and most apathetic place you can imagine. Their motto is to let nature takes its course so they let everything die and rot in place including roads, buildings, neighborhoods, and culture. There is little sense of a community that has the capacity to come together, cooperate, and make anything great here. It's hands-off in Tucson which means anything goes. Apathy rules the day. Denial is big business. Nobody seems to care and for the most part, they're lazy - que sera, sera.

The politicians are not professionals and don't know what they're doing. They're friendly to your face but don't expect anything to change. All of Tucson's problems were preventable if they'd ever hired talent and people with vision. But they haven't and they won't. The only things they seem capable of managing at all are their very small downtown and the area around the university. Other than that, everyone is on your own. Every other part of town is left to its own devices which means entropy rules - things always deteriorate and fall apart. The streets are ugly. 70s strip malls dominate. There's no landscaping to soften the view.

This is a relatively new western Sunbelt city that should be up-and-coming, not mired in a relentless housing crisis and an endless economic recession while the rest of the country has come bounding back with gusto. I hope you like to bike and hike because that's all there is to do. You also have to love retirees and a really slow pace because they run the show here. The rich ones from the Foothills and the poor ones in Tucson.
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Tucson should rank as one of worst places to live, - 9/29/2016
Tucson is an overgrown cowtown in every sense of the meaning. It should not be on anyone's radar of up and coming or desirable cities unless you are retiring, don't need a job, and looking for cheap housing. It likes to see itself as always been 'on the verge' of turning the proverbial corner towards 'greatness', yet never seems to make it. While many US cities have bounded back around the nation from the Great Recession, including Phoenix, clueless Tucson just keeps drifting and falling further and further behind. Once very nice neighborhoods are still deteriorating in 2016 because the housing market is still so depressed that homes aren't worth the cost of maintenance. Many homeowners are forced to rent their homes out because they still can't sell. City codes protecting property values are virtually nonexistent. Anyone can park their cars or huge RVs across their front yards and board up broken windows instead of buying new ones and that's just fine in modern-day Tucson. People need to be warned that since there are few rules in Tucson for property maintenance (most apathetic and 'anything goes' place I've ever lived), there's nothing to stop renters and bargain hunters from trashing neighborhood after neighborhood as housing values continue to stagnate. You'd think they'd wake up at City Hall and update codes but they're too blind and mired in small town ignorance. Schools in Arizona and Tucson in particular truly are some of the worst in the nation. Arizona ranks last in terms of school quality and money spent on education. The local economy in Tucson is also nothing short of scary. It is probably one of the least diversified city economies in the country. Jobs are low-paying for the most part and workers have no protections. Unless you're a nurse or a doctor or you work for Raytheon, if you lose your job you'll be very hard pressed to replace it here. And don't look to the city for help. The city doesn't have any money either. Being a Right-to-Work and very Red state, wages are low and there's little in the way of a tax base. Tucson has had every opportunity to take a good look at itself and make serious changes but continues to disappoint. While the weather is enviable and the views can be beautiful, don't be fooled. Tucson is not a place for anyone looking for a viable economy or healthy housing market.
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Looking forward to making Tuscon my new home. - 6/29/2016
If anyone can answer my questions it be much appreciated. I welcome all negative and positive reviews of Tuscon, AZ. I'll be quick. I fell in love with Phoenix several years ago when I stayed here few weeks and was hired for law enforcement position post military....Still to this day I regretted my decision of not following through due to problems back home needing addressing with family. Here I am over 10 years later, I that time I'm able to afford a simple retirement at a young age of 35 with all things considered, I can live off a budget now till I die, but by no means am I able to be non frugal every day. Here is my scenario I from NJ. Yes most stereotypes is true here, but I was able to make most out of it, my time is done here.....I love sunny weather just puts me in great mood. Again is spent July in Phoenix ten hrs ago and I walked through city with Jeans and a football jersey without breaking a sweat, near impossible to do here in NJ the humity is crazy here June thru most of September....I can't stand the cold even more. Now my plan is to rent for two years, I'm sure that is how long it will take for me to get good idea if like a place I'm open minded and enjoy most things Tuscon has to offer as far weather and numerous activities I can engage in on daily basis. My only issue is finding a 2 bedroom apartment in a very good area, my budget is 1,000 per month for rent. If anybody can give me an idea of apartments that y'all experienced or heard about it be much appreciated. Area very important as I have my son through out summer and winter breaks. Having hard time deciding on it them. Right now I'm looking at overlook pusch ridge, which actually is under my budget. I've also contemplated Brittany apartments on speedway. Please I welcome any recommendations.
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climate - 3/3/2016
its hot
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U of A - 3/1/2016
If you're looking for an awesome college town, U of A (and Tucson) is the place to go.
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Tucson. - 3/1/2016
Tucson is beautiful and very cultured.
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tucson - 3/1/2016
I like it
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Thinking about moving to Tucson? - 12/29/2015
About a year ago I was given the opportunity to pack up my family and transfer from Michigan to Tucson, AZ. I had never even been to Arizona and thus had a lot of questions. The information I found was vague, shallow and/or disorganized. I kept coming back to, “I wish I just knew someone who lived there to talk to.” But I didn’t have that person, and the move turned into a bit of a leap of faith. There are a lot of things I wish I would have known. I wanted to share what I've learned over the past year so I wrote the book I wish I could have read before making the move. Moving is hard enough; you don’t need to bring a lot of unanswered questions with you. Check it out at

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