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76.52% of people are white, 4.92% are black, 2.58% are asian, 2.56% are native american, and 10.00% claim 'Other'. 41.82% of the people in Tucson, AZ, claim hispanic ethnicity (meaning 58.18% are non-hispanic).

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Tucson, AZ
crime - 3/11/2013

nice people;nice climate;but crime is pretty doesn`t make sense to me;as nice as people are;generally speaking....[read more...]

Tucson, AZ
Its a Very safe city - - 3/8/2013

I moved here from Dallas 3 years ago. I was so used to the gang violence, theft and all things that ruin towns. I have been so surprised that people leave things unlocked, outside, and so on and it is safe. Due to the huge amount of bicycles and the college here - bikes can be victims pretty easy. I love Tucson and love the weather here - no tornados, ice storms (unless they are laughable ones), its not too dusty like i thought it would be at all. Love the dry climate and not dripping in sweat like Dallas, where I had to bathe three times a day just to keep on. Love the mountains, the clear clear skies, clean air, very seldom windy, usually 7 mph, I love being surrounded by mountains and the beauty of palm trees right beside huge sahauro cactus (the tall ones with arms are everywhere) along with many other types of cactus. The freeway goes around Tucson so there is no transient freeway traffic to get in the way of the slow moving traffic. Such a courteous city they have bike lanes on practically all streets with wide clearance. The fire department here is stupendous! They are on the scene in a matter of seconds no matter if the emergency is big or small for rich or poor. Medical here is fabulous as well as social help programs. Its a very healthy and well living fun community. Lots of cool people I have come to call friends are hippies or music lovers of all kinds who stepped out of the rat race and back into a time where there was conversation, relaxation and safe get togethers of up to a hundred people with no drive by shootings to mess it up. Also the police here are very helpful and friendly, not jerks. I've been to lots of parties out here where if it was going on in Dallas the whole place would be shut down and everybody hauled off - for nothing much. Pot is very widespread out here may explain the laid backedness. There are other drug activities out here but nothing like Dallas. I worked with gangs there for 40 years, I know crime and I know safe. But I didn't know chilled out beautiful life in the high desert. Make Tucson your home... you won't be sorry.[read more...]

Tucson, AZ
Great - 3/7/2013

Great[read more...]

Tucson, AZ
Tucson's cost of living - 3/7/2013

It's extremely easy to live in Tucson - money wise.

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[read more...]

Tucson, AZ
Kick Back In the Old Pueblo - 2/18/2013

This is still a college town that is known for its cultural diversity and western hospitality. The winter is the best time of year for winter visitors (snow birds) to come and thaw out play golf, hike, site see and just enjoy the outdoors. Here you can be nice and warm on the desert floor playing tennis in the morning and go snow skiing up on Mt. Lemmon in the afternoon. We have a vibrant music community with a symphony and pops orchestra as well local music scene spanning everything from rock, jazz, folk, latin and everything in between. This month (February 2013) we have the Accenture Match Play, Gem and Mineral Show, Major League Soccer, Rodeo and U of A sports-not bad for "the old pueblo" in the desert southwest. The economy here is sluggish at best with our roads badly in need of repair around the city. The locals voted for another tax increase to 9.1% last November. The city council has seemed more interested in expanding social programs than in creating a growth oriented future by keeping jobs here and attract business from heavily taxed states like California. Real estate values are beginning to go up which is a good sign we may see better days ahead![read more...]

Tucson, AZ
Best place to live - 1/26/2013

If hot summers get to you travel to a cooler climate. However if you hate the cold like winter in the east this is the place to live. Winters are very mild with a few cold periods that are mild compared to the rest of the country. I love the hot summers which you have to battle out like the cold in the east. Have a pool?: jump in with a drink and cool off. Get a little tan and soon you will love the hot weather as much as the beautiful winters. Thousands come here in the winter. We call them Snowbirds, With affection. Mostly happy go lucky visitors who you can have some grate conservations. All in all I love this place.[read more...]

Tucson, AZ
Tucson has to change - 12/21/2012

I want to give you my perspective on living in tucson, az. I have lived in The bronx, NY, Lakewood, nj, phoenix, az, denver, co, new york city, and now tucson, az. I am a family man and have been working over 20 years in my profession. There are positives and negatives of any choice, to be fair. Positives: the air quality is really good here. Visually, that means you can see the natural beauty here. You can't in phoenix. Although Tucson smells like a sewer everywhere. (Sewer problems). There is a lot of beautiful nature here. That means you have areas that are wonderful to be in and enjoy with hiking, biking, etc. although that can be dangerous here because of the out of control crime. That's it for the positive. Now the negatives: crime-completely out of control everywhere and authorities have no plans of changing that neither does anyone care. Expect to get victimized here. Poverty, whoa! Massive and everywhere. The rich here separate themselves from the poor. This is a very poor town. Tucson is very run down and the authorities dont care. It looks like the great depression never left here. We are the northern border city of the U.S. it kind of looks like mexico. That accounts for the poverty, crime, and rundown look here. Pay is horrifying here and so is the housing stock. There are no families downtown, mostly singles from the universities. They like it here because lots singles here, but this is not an ideal place to raise a family. Landlords are running lots of scams because they can easily take advantage of students. You can walk downtown and bike, but not designed for bikers, could get killed on your bike. Downtown becoming yuppie now and dont care for it. They are just taking every dollar out of working man's pocket. Cultural stuff is repetitive and useless and overcrowded, although some of it is good. Tucson people are arrogant about Tucson which is obvious ridiculous. Weather: yikes! Global warming is here. 10 months of year 100 degrees is almost here and 2 months freezing weather, occassion nice day. Overall, i would recommend to run as far as you can from this place. It's not going to make it. [read more...]

Tucson, AZ
Don't Come Here - 11/15/2012

If you are thinking about moving to Tucson, DON'T unless you are going to retire! This is the most backwards state ever. I've lived here for 5 years because my husband's job relocated him. I wished we would have not taken the promotion. The people here are nice and welcoming, but that's it! The wages here are so low you can't earn a decent living. It doesn't matter if you have a degree, skills the pay is still crappy. The schools suck. Although I live in a upper middle class neighborhood the quality of education in the public schools is lacking. If you don't believe me research AZ's ranking among educating. My husband and I are trying desperately to leave this place. It robs you of you spirit. It is a college town and a prison town. The market is saturated with low paying service jobs and the employers are so use to paying low wages because they hire illegal workers, I think it will take decades to catch up and stop living in fantasy land. There is a lot of hate towards the Mexican people here, there is a lot of crime, drug abuse and child abuse. Please do you're research before coming here. The weather is great, but that's it.[read more...]

Tucson, AZ
Tucson - 10/14/2012

Great weather, summers tolerable, great biking, hiking, outdoors, low traffic, low cost of living, great culture.[read more...]

Tucson, AZ
Tucson - 10/10/2012

Tucson is an amazing city to live in. It has the feel of a small town but is incredibly big. The infrastructure of roads is poor but the people are great. It is definitely a college town. The spirit of the town is evident through the support that they provide to The University of Arizona. [read more...]

Tucson, AZ
College Town - 10/10/2012

Tucson has a uniqueness about it that you'll never find anywhere else. It has a strange, eclectic sort of culture that is fascinating. This is exemplified on the ever popular 4th Avenue District and the Downtown area. Even among the potholes and terrible traffic, there will always be a place in my heart for Tucson. It's perfect for the college student, because it lends to adventurous weekends, and making memories and stories to last you a lifetime. [read more...]

Tucson, AZ
climate - 10/10/2012

living here.[read more...]

Tucson, AZ
city - 10/10/2012

tucson[read more...]

Tucson, AZ
natures extreme reality or not - 6/4/2012

to all the newcomers and natives of less then 30 years,the definition of a desert is lack of rainfall,a high evaporation rate,a wide disparity of the daily low and high temperatures 30-40 degree spreads on average.the eastern sonoran desert is the wettest desert on earth but we are becoming like the mohave or sahara deserts, its never good when a desert is getting drier and hotter.if tucson looked in 1775 without the santa cruz and rillito rivers running the first white settlers, the spanish would have never founded tucson.thats what kept the original natives the tohono odhams here.anyone that says we have a good climate is a fool or liar,as a native since,eisenhower, was president you can be assured it is atough and brutal climate. the exact opposite of the artic tundra in winter.if you work outside you know besides water is life and 4 seasons invigorate the plant life.its a testimony that modern humanity is dumbed down to even want to move to abrutal climate.besides having serf wages and asuper high property crime rate and a huge drug addict population thanks to our corrupt goverment along with the rotten corrupt mexican goverment why would anyone consider moving to one of the stupid parts ofthe world. just anice place to visit.hopefully i will move soon.[read more...]

Tucson, AZ
For hikers, sun worshippers, students as well as r - 6/1/2012

I moved from Long Beach, L.A. a few years back, and fell in love with the slower pace of NW Tucson and the mountains in Oro Valley. Tucson has many benefits from lower cost of living, a great University as well as Pima Community college (campuses all over town)and sunshine. If you want to enjoy a very unique nature -living in this desert town might suit you. I am still surprised at the amount of creatures and birds as well as vegetation survive so well here. One learns to treat the hot summers here like the cold winters in other States. Stay inside in the A/C. Somehow the hot temps are manageable simply because it is dry heat -hardly any humidity until after the monsoons. There are various great spots to live here -and of course some rough ones (as all cities). [read more...]

Tucson, AZ
ripoff tucson - 5/27/2012

a native of Tucson for 50+ years please do not make the mistake of moving to this dump.a skill,college degree,and experience will not help in earning a liveable wage.geography has been a reason for wages being so low the thieves,robbers that hire illegal labor for decades has created this mess.a notorious burglary and drug addict population does not help.a anti business attitude from the socialist,communist pricks adds to the issues.when my parents came to america from a country south of the border back inthe late fifties legally not snicking in like mice this nation was still a powerhouse. the high taxes relative to income adss more burdens thank you demorats the democrat party died with John and Robert Kennedy, they are a hypocritical,robbing crooks worse than the Republicans a american of latin descent when wil the american people wake up.Commerce and Industry created a middle class and wealth,goverment steals and does not produce any,but more strangling regulations and taxes the second plank of the communist manifesto has been incorporated into the american system without the majority of the people aware.Wake up America.[read more...]

Tucson, AZ
tucson will not prosper due to indifference,corrup - 5/23/2012

as a native of tucson for 50 +years this place is a land of dishonest mean spirited can expect to make thousands or tens of thousands less per year even if your a skilled worker,experience does not matter,a college degree barely have to be fortunate to find an employer that gives yearly it any wonder we have some of the highest per capita burglary rates in the u.s. so much for the left leaning liberals that have run tucson since i was born.yes, illegal labor has been an issue in southern az. for well over a century but the root of the probelm is the nature and culture of this sorry part of the world.only here to help my elderly mother.[read more...]

Little Rock, AR
Stay Away - 4/30/2012

I would not want to live in or even visit Tucson again. The roads are horrible. There are an incredible number of potholes that can cause serious damage, poorly marked streets, lanes that end with little or no warning. Travelling in town is scary. Many drive 80 or 90 in 40 MPH zones/cutting mainacally across traffic. A lot of people try to jump the lights. That is they take off when the light turns yellow the other way but has not yet turned green their way. There are a lot of serious accidents. The only thing is Phoenix drivers are worse (though the roads are better). The central part of Tucson looks like some 3rd world country. Crime is through the roof. There are some good resturants and places to go but risking you life to go there is just not worth it. If you really want to see southern Arizona, I would recommend the small towns. Safford, Benson, Bisbee especially. Sierra Vista and Tombstone as well but I think Tombstone is too commercialized Also Nogales for shopping (it is helpful to speak Spanish there) and you can walk over to Mexico. if you go to Nogales you can stop in Patagonia or at Patagonia Lake for a swim ($10.00 per car). Thre are large mountain ranges near Safford and Sierra Vista. Safford has several campgrounds at 9000 feet which would be much cooler in the summer.

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Tucson, AZ
Tucson - 4/25/2012

I live in tucson[read more...]

Tucson, AZ
Sperling's View of Tucson - 4/22/2012

I have never been prompted to write a review until I read Sperling's outrageous view of my hometown, Tucson, AZ. Nothing could be further from my perspective than his ignorant assessment. I have lived in NY, Denver and Paris and have traveled far and wide, but nowhere have I found the richness of Tucson's natural beauty or cultural history. It is a haven for the arts, a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts and a bright spot on the otherwise right-wing looney fringe that governs the political landscape of our state. With an attitude like Sperling's it's no wonder our friendly city gave him the cold shoulder.[read more...]

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