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Great City for Retirees
Tucson is a great city for retirees...lower cost of living and slower paced. I highly recommend it. As for Clive, the self-appointed judge of the Tucson-Phoenix area: My God, Clive...get a grip. You are obviously extremely angry at Tucson for some reason. I think you may be projecting your anger about somewhere else you lived onto Tucson. If you don't care for Tucson, then please do everyone a favor and stay away. We don't need or want hotheads like you there. I think you do need a few sessions on a therapists couch though. There are some great ones in Tucson. :)



Moral Idiots
Tucson has always liked to see itself as better than Phoenix, superior in morality and care of its citizenry and environment.
Tucson has long seen Phoenix as a cancer in the desert and caring only about growth for growth's sake. Tucson made its choice to be the alternative to Phoenix, a more down home and friendlier place.

Coming from another metropolitan area, I don't see much that Tucson has to be proud of, certainly not its lack of vitality, its decaying neighborhoods, and its dead economy.

Phoenix is booming. Have you been there? The growth that Tucson calls cancerous is coming together quite nicely. Streets and landscaping are well taken care of. The downtown is beautiful. The freeway system is among the best designed and most beautiful in the world. And the traffic while bad at times does indeed flow. It's no worse than the traffic on surface streets in Tucson with all the stop and go. Of course, Tucson didn't want highways or better flow so in reality every hour is rush hour because there are no freeways and every intersection is a red light.

Tucson's superiority complex covers a long history of social and economic sins. What Tucsonans call a controlled approach to growth is really neglect and lack of any action, period. This is not a town to be praised or given accolades, but to be pitied for its lack of planning and inability to get itself going. It is not resilient. Loss of one industry or one large employer would bring the city to its knees or better yet, keep it on its knees. The city can't afford to pay salaries and do the things it wants (but says it doesn't) to make it more attractive. Almost every effort is amateurish and short lasting.

I'm so glad for Tucson and its citizens that they feel so superior and blame Phoenix for their ills. It keeps the focus off of themselves and their inferiority.



Stagnation and Lack of Growth in Tucson
According to the 2016 Census, Chandler and Gilbert are now equal to Tucson in population. Tucson comes in at 530,706 people. Chandler comes in at 247, 477 and Gilbert has 237,133. Mesa alone at 484, 587 people, is just a few thousand shot of Tucson. Scottsdale at 246,645 is almost half the size of Tucson.

The population of metro Phoenix is 4.66 million making it the fifth largest metro area in the nation. Phoenix tops the nation in population growth in 2017. Tucson meanwhile is not among the ten fastest growing cities in Arizona. It was eclipsed by most cities in the Phoenix area.

Tucson has accomplished its goal of controlling growth, if not encouraging negative growth. It is the poorest large city in Arizona with over 25% of people living below poverty, mainly because there are no jobs and salaries/incomes for Tucsonans are among the worst in the state. That decayed and dead look in Tucson is right on the mark. It is a reflection of how poorly the city is really doing. Yet, the mayor and city council continue to stand out in one way. Tucson is the most 'activist' of all Arizona cities, focusing on social issues at the expense of sustainable economic and urban growth. Tucson's performance coming out of the Great Recession is one of the poorest in the nation. The mayor and city council have a lot to be proud of. I'm all for social issues but not at the expense of economic vitality, much less survival. Tucson just doesn't get it. If you really want to promote social causes, it helps to come from a position of strength instead of being the worst performing city in Arizona.



Can't Stand it in Tucson
Will right more when I'm less angry. Never lived in a more clueless, disconnected city, if you can call it that. You simply cannot get anywhere in a hurry. You hit every red light. Drivers do not move over when going slow. They never check their mirrors. They go slow in both or all three lanes. Traffic signals are everywhere and are not coordinated to facilitate flow but to slow traffic and create more stop & starts, wasting gas and creating more pollution.

A clueless place. City council is like the Supreme Court; they stay until they die. They see themselves as an activist government and promote activist causes which carry no weight and make them feel good as the city continues to fail around them. All the city dares to care about are it's flailing downtown and the neighborhoods around the university. It can't handle anything else. Tempe is now growing faster, with more construction cranes, with better energy and with more sophistication than all of Tucson put together, and we are only talking about one, rather small in size, suburb of Phoenix.

Tucson is just dead. It's a dead place. Where does the mayor and city council get off on calling Tucson the next Austin or Portland? Dream on. The average age here must be 80+. Young people have no ambition. Why should they? There's never been an economy here to support ambition or inspire young people. Other than serving the elderly, there's precious little to do in Tucson...still the same problems, the same ruts, the same joke of small town that can't move forward. I find Tucson with its unending problems and its inability to move forward frankly so old now and disgusting, that I have to control the road rage when I drive around. Tucson is a joke. They say that the few flights that actually do come in here don't need oxygen. All the passengers are already on it. The mayor got his $200 million light rail and now no one rides it. What huppuned - it should have been a slam dunk on our way to Portland.

No way. Buzzards and people with futures live here. That's all Tucson has been and will ever be.



Do not move here!
There is a high crime rate in this metro matter which neighborhood you live in. There is much gang activity, theft, robbery, property crime, gun crime, shootings...and I’m talking about GOOD neighborhoods like on the east side of town. Just drive around any area west of Panasonic Road (3/4 of the city) and houses have bars on the windows and doors.

The Tucson City council is more concerned with expensive boondoggle idiot projects. This means they cut back on necessities like police and road repair! Taxes are high, here. Lots of unemployment ( unless you work in the medical field). This city and county government is anti-small business!

People in this city take very poor care of their pets! This should be known as the city of strays (stray cats, stray dogs). Overpopulated animal shelters, too.

And the heat. Summer lasts 7 months. And it’s NOT dry heat! The humid monsoon season starts in late June and lasts into October. So if you like being in 100 -to- 115 degree heat June thru September, move here. The nights stay hot....lots of summer nights never cool down below 75 or 80. If you own a dog, you can’t take it for a walk after 8a.m. because the sidewalks are so hot they burn your dog’s feet!!

The rate of pay in Tucson and Pima County, for most jobs or careers, is well below the national average. Many neighborhoods are weedy and shabby from poor upkeep, and people just dump trash and garbage in the street; and open areas out in the desert near the city are used for illegal dumping. Very ugly and dangerous places.

So, if you love heat stroke, poverty, high crime rate, trashy/seedy/dirty looking places, and dipsy incompetent government, then move to Tucson.



Forbes - 24/7 Wall St. - Wallethub 2017 Ratings
A 2017 survey published by Forbes Magazine finds that Tucson is the 8TH WORST CITY IN THE NATION FOR JOBS AND JOB CREATION. Scottsdale, Chandler and Gilbert in the Phoenix metro area conversely placed in the top 10 cities nationwide for job growth.

The good news doesn't stop there. According to 2017 article in the Arizona Star, which was following up on research posted on AZ Central, a website for investors has decided that Tucson is the 28th worst city in the United States. Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau, analysis and commentary website 24/7 Wall St. says that its identified America's 50 worst cities to live. The website made its determination based on crime rates, employment growth, access to restaurants and attractions, educational attainment and housing affordability. TUCSON, THE ARTICLE SAYS, IS ONE OF THE ONLY CITIES IN THE SOUTHWEST THAT RANKS AMONG THE WORST PLACES TO LIVE. "The city’s poverty rate of 25.2% is far higher than the national poverty rate of 14.7 percent," the article says, adding that Tucson's economy has also grown slower than most other cities' in recent years. Also factoring into the rankings is the fact that Tucson has one of the highest property crime rates in the country.

There there are the annual Wallethub comparisons of cities which in 2017 ranked Tucson 486 out of the top 500 cities in the US in terms of economic, political and social/cultural health and resiliency. In the same analysis, Tucson ranked in last place among America's largest cities, coming in at 62 out of 62. Tucson has ranked at or very near bottom since Wallethub started publishing their city comparison surveys.

There is a tremendous disconnect between these rating agencies (and all other published indices of health and well-being) and what Tucson City Hall and public officials are claiming about Tucson. Tucson is simply the worst performing city in the Southwest. The Tucson residential housing market is sputtering and is not expected to reach pre-crash levels until 2025 - 2030 according to Case-Schiller, placing it in last place among cities in the Southwest. The commercial real estate market is faring little better.

You have to wonder how problems can be addressed when city officials refuse to publicly announce that there are serious long-standing problems. There are no public discussions or invitations to outside talent to help Tucson really look at itself take steps forward. Everything is white-washed. It's the land of make-believe here. Tucson should be a destination city not a trap to avoid. The political and social culture here has not changed and kept up with the rest of the nation. If anything, Tucson is in the worst shape that it has ever been in - 1/4th of it's population living at or below the Federal poverty level. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING? They are thinking that if they stick their heads in the sand that their problems will go away. Denial rules the day in Tucson.



Troubled Tucson and No It's Not Getting Better
I cannot understand how people can give Tucson glowing reviews today, unless they are trying to provide what they think is needed balance to overwhelmingly negative reviews. This isn't a competition between Tucson devotees and Tucson detractors. How does that help anybody really judge a place?

As far as Tucson goes, the news has been and continues to be overwhelmingly negative. Is that so bad? It doesn't have to be forever. And I fail to understand how it helps anyone or helps to improve anything if we all pretend that that the problems aren't so bad or don't exist. You can't learn from something you don't acknowledge. The truth is that Tucson is not doing well. It's performance coming out of 'The Great Recession' lags behind just about every other American city. And it is not just a matter of attitude or opinion either. Objective data don't lie.

10 years after the crash and well into recovery from the Great Recession, Tucson still ranks comparatively at or near bottom of all US cities in terms of wages; employee rights and job security; household income; people living at or below the Federal poverty level; income disparity between rich and poor; economic growth; economic diversification and resiliency; short and midterm economic outlook; infrastructure management (especially roads); the quality of public education; the quality of social services and safety nets; services for the mentally ill, children and vulnerable populations; homelessness; public transportation, per capita crime; alcoholism and drug addiction; recovery of the housing market, and the health and well-being of Tucson city government and Pima County government. Ask for help and they'll pretty much all tell you that they can't fill department jobs and hire quality talent because there's no money in city and county coffers.

Yes, this is a lusher Sonoran desert than you will find in Phoenix. The mountain views if you can afford to live outside of the city can be spectacular. The weather is cooler than Phoenix in general. If you like to hike and bike, you'll find plenty of places to do that in and around Tucson.

If you don't need to work or earn an income locally or if you're one of those few people who can find secure employment here, there are bargains aplenty in Tucson. But for most of you, I would think long and hard about calling Tucson home until things change drastically in this here 'Ole Pueblo'. Any time that you hear that children who grow up here can't remain here because there aren't enough quality, decent paying jobs to support the population the city already has - you really need to look hard at the fundamentals of where you are considering moving. This has always been true of Tucson. Young adults leave as soon as they graduate. Tucson has never been self-sustaining. Let's hope the citizenry is learning that lesson now. But don't hope for a quick turnaround. Tucson is incredibly slow to plan and act. There is tremendous embedded inertia here.



Desert paradise
Maryland native moved to tucson in 2008 same job since 2008 making good money the recession sucked but wasn't horrible in my field of work. It is imprioving slowly. Housing market is improving depending on your location. Summers get hot (june-sep) but winters are awesome and mild, you can wear shorts year round. Plenty of outdoor activities Mt. Lemmon, Sabino canyon, Madera canyon plus many more activities. Plus 3 malls, outlet stores, plenty of movie theatres, wild West stunt shows and towns, tombstone and Bisbee are close by.
Used to live in Rancho Sahuarita (southern suburb area outside of Tucson) it is a great place for families but can be tiresome (driving) if you like to go out alot. Moved to north tucson beautiful mountain views and closer to stores. Never get tired of seeing winter snow on mountains while I'm in my t-shirt. Nights get cold in winter perfect for sitting by fireplace, temps warm up by 10am in winter to 70f. Never have to worry about bad weather year round until monsoon (july-sep.) Not many states can say that. Been to Phoenix many times, it has big city vibes but not for me since I'm more into outdoors vs. Big city life. Plus gets 5-10f hotter in summer and I'm maxed out here in summer. I enjoy Tucson and still to this day find new places to check out so definitely a good place for the traveling adventurer. Tucson is very sprawled and may take some time to find areas you are interested in. Don't forget the desert museum and kitt peak there pretty cool places to check out. Maybe one day I'll check another state out but now I call Tucson home.



Wallethub - Thumbs Down Part 1
From someone who has lived in and around Tucson for the last 40 years and is intimately familiar with local politics and trends, please read this carefully. Look at the majority of these recent threads. Tucson is a trap.

In Wallethub’s 2017 Survey of America’s Least Resilient cities, Tucson again came in LAST PLACE among the nation’s largest cities. In a ranking of 500 American cities in that same 2017 Wallethub study, Tucson ranked 486, placing it THE BOTTOM 3% OF ALL US CITIES in terms of economic viability, growth, and resiliency. Unfortunately, what has already been brought up in many of these 2015 and 2016 Sperling’s posts about Tucson is still all too true for 2017. Tucson also RANKED LAST PLACE in Wallethub’s 2015 Survey of least resilient cities, so no change there. Tucson has been ranking at or near bottom for 10 years now as most of the US leaves it almost completely behind, including Detroit.

This is a city that has blown just about every opportunity for real economic and income growth for many decades. Like the Rustbelt cities, it can’t support the working population it currently has. But unlike the Rustbelt cities, Tucson never had a viable industrial or economic base to begin with so it didn’t take much beyond a turn down in construction to bring the city to its knees. Tucson has not recovered at all from the 2007/2008 recession. In short, Tucson doesn’t have jobs. And the jobs that it does have are typically very low paying, menial, and uninteresting. Arizona is a Right-To-Work / At Will state, meaning you can be fired for nothing and have no worker protections. As an employee, you have no rights in Arizona which makes work and life in Tucson, a town with few jobs, even more precarious. A prominent local labor attorney put it best: “Tucson is simply the worst employment jurisdiction in the country”. If you must work and live in Tucson, remember that you are easily expendable as a worker and they will treat you accordingly. Your fellow employees will avoid you like the plague if you are fired for any reason and climb all over themselves to get the job you vacated. Learn to keep your eyes down and to grovel if you can even find a job that pays well.

On top of all this, Tucson has one of the nation’s worst social service systems. Arizona doesn’t believe in government or government programs so there is no safety net. The homeless don’t need to move here; they are created here and given bus passes to other cities. Arizona also ranks last in public education. Talent needs to be imported if it is here at all and usually leaves at the first opportunity. They can’t retain a quality head city planner to save their lives. The city has no money so many city offices and positions go unfilled. There is no zoning or code enforcement because they can’t staff the department. The city is even currently seeking donations for new police cars and protective gear for its law enforcement. Tucson is just this side of insolvency unless it can continue to cut departments and programs and raise taxes again.

Tucson’s performance over the past decade has appalled even its major proponents. No one talks about recovery anymore, just a long and uneven slog forward at best. The city is at least 20 to 30 years out at best from turning itself around, if it can find the political will and support to do so, which is doubtful. By then, it will be so far behind its competitors that it is unlikely that it will ever amount to more than a 3rd class retirement town, with depressed wages and lifestyles that go with that demographic. I see Tucson not as a real city, with any energetic or creative core (regardless of what kind of spin City Hall wants to put on its little downtown), but as a spread out and out-of-the way retreat for retirees who could care less about anyone but themselves. Retirees are basically split into two categories – the well-healed who live in gated or far-flung communities in the foothills and desert around the city that don’t pay city taxes and contribute as little as possible – and the poor ones, most of whom barely get by on social security and watch every penny because they’re not earning interest. So, if you are looking for a vibrant, involved community with vision, or a community that cares, DO NOT BUY THE TUCSON COMPANY LINE AND STAY ABSOLUTELY CLEAR OF HERE. There are no movers and shakers here if indeed there ever were in Tucson’s 300+ year history. This is a place with tremendous embedded apathy, neglect, decay, and missed opportunity. YOU SHOULD REREAD THESE Sperling’s POSTS BECAUSE THEY ALL SAY THE SAME THING… One has to wonder how much of Tucson’s morbidity goes with the retirees and their control over politics and the economy here, the area’s rampant libertarianism and isolationism, and apathy by the general population. It goes without saying that this is also a very disempowered population, with the exception again of a few big names and corporations and wealthy second-home retirees. As for the university, it is a self-contained world. It doesn’t benefit anything beyond a few blocks either way. Unlike ASU which was also more of a commuter campus that now has large presence throughout metro Phoenix, the UA is self-contained in Tucson, except of course for its new branch in DOWNTOWN PHOENIX - another thing that doesn’t bode well for Tucson, as more of the UA relocates to Phoenix.



Wallethub - Thumbs Down Part 2
To many real estate and financial experts, Tucson is unlike just about every other Southwestern city in that it is beginning to be doubtful that it ‘can’ recover from the real estate recession. It appears to be falling off the map. One has to wonder why when 10 years on, Tucson is largely stuck in place with real estate prices in many parts of the city still near bottom and empty store fronts all over town. Meanwhile, metro Phoenix is more-or-less completely recovering – again leaving Tucson in the proverbial dust. While Phoenix does have the airport and the central location ideal for travel within the state as well as the bulk of resorts and convention centers serving the tourist and business classes, it was also very badly overbuilt during the last real estate bubble. Tucson doesn’t have that excuse. Tucson’s problems have more to do with decades of poor planning, managerial and fiscal incompetence, and embedded inertia or ‘the lack of collective will’ to get out in front of itself and stop using the same failed and lackluster formulas it has used for decades. It can’t even retain talent it hires from outside, no doubt because the challenges facing the city and any sort of meaningful turnaround are so daunting and the cultural malaise infecting city government can’t be hidden for long. It is no joke that city department heads come in and then turn around and move back to their old cities within months of being initially hired. This has happened far too often over the past decade to be coincidence.

How does one change a culture that doesn’t want to change? How does one promote growth to a population that is risk averse, especially when the city couldn’t handle its own major redevelopment project and had to surrender control to the state? Obviously, you can’t. Tucson has spent most of its years attracting middle and lower income retirees, which is exactly what its housing stock and overall condition reflect and why change will be hard and slow. The city was essentially built with this demographic in mind and moves at a pace suited to this demographic; hardly exciting and hardly vibrant. Sure, there are exceptions but with the real estate collapse, this demographic has now moved into once nicer neighborhoods and is bringing property values down in areas that were previously less affected and should be improving. In a city like Tucson, where you are allowed to park cars all over your front yard and don’t have to keep up your home at all, and they can’t afford to pay code enforcement officers to enforce what little codes they do have on their books, there’s very little to keep neighborhood after neighborhood from continuing to deteriorate. Don’t confuse Tucson with the newer communities surrounding it like Oro Valley and Vail where they have learned from Tucson’s mistakes and have stricter codes and/or homeowner’s associations to keep neighborhoods in shape and protect property values. Tucson itself is one of the poorer and worst kept cities in the metro area.

Is it any wonder that young people can’t wait to move away? It’s not just about jobs. Is it any wonder that the only thing that city hall can now use to attract anyone to move here is the extremely low cost of housing and living? Each year that the city fails to see property values increase and natural growth occur, they have to raise taxes to simply stay afloat. And they are not staying afloat. What city hall won’t tell you is that they have already cut services through the bone, not just to the bone. We are talking about a city that is seeing a rise in poverty year over year as its property values and assets stagnate. The locals like to blame Phoenix for keeping all the money but the truth is that Tucson has been in the slow lane for so long that it wouldn’t know how to market itself or compete with Phoenix for its share of funding. Compared to Phoenix, every effort that Tucson makes to promote itself looks amateurish and unprofessional, again because it has no local talent or money. And the cycle just repeats itself.

As for who is to blame, I don’t think Phoenix set out to make Tucson fail. Tucson seems to have done an excellent job of that on its own. Unfortunately, while there have been improvements these past few years to its small downtown and around the university, it’s basically all window dressing and hype. The rest of Tucson is still a long way from any sort of meaningful recovery. And people now are just giving up and moving, regardless of what they can get out of their homes because it’s obvious that there’s no real recovery and it’s simply too depressing to continue to wait.



Terrible Economy
The Tucson economy is terrible. Do not move here for work or a career or you will be very sorry.



An Acquired Taste
Coming from Los Angeles, I never thought I would end up in Tucson. I lived there for about 10 years. Tucson is one of the greenest deserts in the world. The Sonoran Desert, the topography, and outdoor life are great. There is plenty to do in this city, there are always plenty of events. Housing is affordable, people are down to earth and mostly friendly. Although Tucson is in the nationwide index as one of lowest income places, people are kind and always willing to step up and help, even the transient and homeless people have a sense of community and are chilled. There is a place for anyone upscale, hippie lifestyle and everything in between. Tucson was a great place to live, to explore and discover its rich history and the southwest feel will greet you if you decide to come. The summer is harsh between the end of May and the end of July but the nights always cool down and are comfortable. The magnificence of the Monsoon season will leave you in awe. I love Tucson, and it will always live in my heart. If you do have young ones you have to choose your schools carefully and a strong education in re: to drug use will be needed. Tucson is very well known for its Marijuana use starting at a young age, and so ensuring proper guidance and a close eye is always necessary. Other than that I would absolutely recommend Tucson. If you come here as a retired person, or with a solid job offer you will do fine. Finding a high-paying job is very hard and there is little room to grow as a professional. But if you like a laid-back lifestyle and are happy with a simple life come on down. Tucson has all the amenities of a big city and still holds the feel of the small town. Oh and stay away from the Southside.



Tips on Tucson if you must live there.
This post will repeat some information about Tucson previously posted, but add additional tips on how to live there (not recommended).
I advise those that doubt my veracity to do thorough research on the net, google, etc as you will find what I have said to be true, although maybe somewhat exaggerated.

Lived there on an off for about 12 years. I am a retired human services professional. I have lived in half a dozen U.S. cities and extended stays in many others. Have lived or spent long periods in a few other countries.

Can't say much good about Tucson. I will say I liked the weather, but I love hot, dry places where the weather does not change much. It's sunny most ALL the time and very dry with a one month monsoon and spectacular lighting storms; occasional flash floods. If you like four seasons you will not like Tucson as the weather gets very boring.

The good weather is more than offset by what can only be described as an absolute SH*T town. I won't call it a City even though greater Tucson is nearing the one million mark, because it lacks most good things that are found in other cities of it's size-culture, good parks, good museums, good theatre, good services, government assistance, progressive populace, poltical representation.

It does have good shopping. Lots of big box stores, restaurants and supermarkets to choose from. The restaurants are mediocre at best, lots of fast food joints. Poor food preparation here, got food poisoning multiple times, but the health department will address complaints. Service at the stores is lacking.
wages are low here and the level of service reflects that.

You are easily expendable here as a worker and the treat you accordingly. As in many cities there is an undercurrent of good Ol boy when it comes to applying and getting hired. They like to have cattle call job fairs so they can see you personally, what color your skin is, how old you are. Makes it tons easier to discriminate without getting caught.

Bus system is ok compared to many other cities, but when I left buses did not run past 11pm or so. Taxis are not well regulated and can be outright dangerous. There was no bus service to the airport late at night or early morning. Taxi drivers here are even worse sc*mbags than other cities I have lived in. The government here adopts a hands-off policy and the residents here suffer as a result.The taxi companies do whatever the hell they please, no oversight.

One of the biggest problems with Toosad and most of AridZONEA is the lousy, corrupt, police state type governments here. Both City and State. It's almost as if they are trying to emulate Mexico in this regard. How do you spell CROOKED, INEPT, IGNORANT? The City gubbermint is a joke, exists solely for it's own pleasure with little regard to the average joe walking on the streets. Serious convictions of cops here for felony offenses in the several years I was there, and even more committing unprofessional behaviors-google it, it's on the net. Lots of rogue, ignoramuses on the force, maybe they recruit from the local homeless shelters?

Election "helpers" who try to prevent legitimate registered voters from voting based on what I can only guess is some secret political blacklist. Court system that uses jury duty to punish political enemies. Crooked city prosecutors who prosecute based on their own personal animosities rather than any crimes being committed.
Judges who do not know or follow the law. Welfare offices that deny applicants based on their being white or simply because the state Gov. of AZ is too stingy to help people.

Crooked attorneys who violate attorney-client confidentiality-I personally witnessed this from two supposedly well regarded attorneys. You name it, it happens in Toosad. You are in the Wild West.
Bring your tape recorder and video cam to record your interactions with anyone in authority and/or employees. Bring witnesses with you at all times dealing with these low-lifes. You should also have someone accompany you to doctors appointments. It is the only way you will get quality medical care unless your insurance is the best and you are regarded as a fellow professional.

Political representation at the Federal level is piss poor, with representative mostly concerned about who they can get money from to get reelected. When I left the so called "democratic" representatives were on the payrolls of big business and liberal in name only.

If you are a renter here BEWARE. Lots of slumlords and NO CITY or GOV protection from their bad treatment of tenants. Read your contract carefully and get a copy of the AZ Landlord Tenant Act. Know your rights and record everything. Carefully check all appliances and inspect the unit before moving in and record all deficiencies. Many landlords do not follow the law and will enter your residence without notice when you are not home.

Crime and drug dealing is a MAJOR problem at many of the complexes. These slumlords care only about one thing: getting their rent money on time. Forget about maintenance, you will have to kiss their asses to get anything done or more. Landlords are paying off the City and politicos to protect them from their abuses of the law and human decency. This is more like Mexico, then the USA. But in Mexico they do not have the problems with meth heads that they have in Toosad. This probably does not apply to high end renters who pay large amounts above what they should for better service. But if your rich, do not rent, buy. Renting here is a losing proposition.

Medical care? Hard to find a decent doctor and wait times are months frequently. Also lack of professionalism among doctors and in hospitals. They frequently violate their hipocracy (SIC) oaths. Most doctors here are the same as many U.S. cities-incompetent, old, outdated in their knowledge, providing inadequate care. City hospitals are rated poorly-again google Medicare+hospital ratings.

Traffic here is bad, but not as bad as places like L.A., New York, and other larger cities. Lack of freeways for cross town traffic in a city where SPRAWL is it's middle name. Virtually no traffic enforcement. Lots of bad drivers, run lights, speeding, etc. Cops are allowed to park illegally downtown with meter maids ignoring it. Cops are allowed to violate traffic laws with no repercussions.

Lots of gang activity concentrated on the South Side but all over really. Frequent violent shootings and other violence. You can carry a gun openly here, which is a solution for many. This is the Wild West with judge Roy Bean presiding. Be careful where you live and who your neighbors are.

University here is substandard compared to northern cities. Poor teaching, poor administration, poor libraries. Little to no political dissent is tolerated here-the students are just too apathetic, dumb and status quo to care and the admins are not supportive of free speech. Lack of quality and professionalism throughout. University exists for football and making money on research projects, not for the students. University and faculty/staff do not like old people using facilities and homeless rights are frequently violated to keep them off campus. University police force in this regard is a bad joke. If you're not a young, naive, conservative and stereotypical off-to-college (think 50's movies) student, you are not welcome here.,Prices on campus for food are sky high. They use these facilities to make money for the University, that is their purpose, not to serve the students.

By and large this is a police state. You have no rights here except the right to hire a probably crooked attorney to enforce the rights you are not routinely accorded in other locales. The cops are ignorant and do not care often. The court system is corrupt as are the prosecutors offices here. The whole gov. system is on the take from landlords, businesses and criminals with money-this is a Barry Goldwater/Joesph Bonanno (mafia chiefdon) State & it's all about who gets paid off. Not all cops but a significant percentage are this way. So are many of the politicos here. In short there are no or low standards of conduct, professionalism or justice that are enforced here. This is improving with regards to the police department according to recent news reports-looks like the department is starting to root out bad cops, good.



Do Not Move Here
I moved here about 20 years ago and have not been able to leave even though I think about it every day. It's an awful place. The long summers will kill you, it's a low-paying town where you had better speak Spanish to get even a decent call center job, the traffic has become horrible, and the gang and drug problems are spreading. Much of the town looks like a third-world country with falling down houses.

Yes, it's a nice place to retire if you have money and can get away during the 6+ beastly hot months. It's a place where people come who have already made their fortune. You won't make it here.



Not a good place to live!
I left Tucson and moved far away! If you have alot of money and can afford to live in the richer nicer homes on the North end of Tucson you will probably love it and do well, otherwise I would avoid this place like the plague. Some places are so ran down, you would think slum Lords own them, there are alot of places like that here. The city will not do anything, as there are no real laws to protect renters. The Tucson VA is crap, and attempting to find quality medical care elsewhere is equally as bad, again unless you have money. To say drug use is rampant is an understatement, and I am not talking about weed- which is legal here if you have a mmj card. I am talking about meth, heroin, crack, etc. There is an extremely large homeless population here the base of which is centered downtown around the library, homeless shelters are extremely over taxed and can't handle the numbers so they have homeless camps, alot of the people have mental issues combined with drug abuse.


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