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SperlingViews - Bentonville, Arkansas

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83.66% of people are white, 2.67% are black, 7.55% are asian, 1.11% are native american, and 2.60% claim 'Other'. 7.75% of the people in Bentonville, AR, claim hispanic ethnicity (meaning 92.25% are non-hispanic).

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Bentonville, AR
Nice place to live! - 10/21/2014

Bentonville, Ar is a very unique place. It's home to Wal-mart Corporate office which fosters a very thriving economy. Education system is good and crime rate is very low. It is the ideal place to raise a family.[read more...]

Bentonville, AR
Family place - 10/14/2012

Bentonville is the right place to raise. Family[read more...]

Rogers, AR
in a nut shell - 11/21/2010

NWA in a nut shell. its a corporate town. most people are no here any longer than 3 yrs. or so. they do their time here as a vendor or with Wal-MART. Most people are nice. The majority are from the northeast, Texas or California. Primarily big cities. Traffic is more than the towns can handle. They're aren't enough bypasses and rush hours are terrible. They're seems to be quite a division demographically speaking. Corporate transplant and lower income. It's cosmopolitan here with lots of stores. Not much else unless you go to Branson, Mo. which is 2 hrs. away. Eureka Springs is on the way. [read more...]

Tulsa, OK
68% growth in the next 10 years - 2/22/2007

a overwelming 1 million people expected to move to the bentonvile-fayetteville area in the next 15 years over 3,000 people a month move to this area. the total amount of the four city metro area for the next 10 years of growth combined is over 200%. because of the growth: construction,retail,hospitals,food service,business marketing,and production have been needed to fill these demands. i have watched this place grow into a major metro area. the expensive high rise construction litters the landscape off of I-540. showing the muscle of retail giant wal-mart.[read more...]

San Jose, CA (prior: Las Vegas, other regions of C
Sam Walton's turning over in his grave seeing what - 10/12/2006

Since Mr. Sam Walton (rest in peace old man, you had good intentions) passed away in 1992, his family and those now in power of his empire are greedily destroying what "Daddy Sam" had anticipated. Recently, the powers that be have incorporated policy that people who "want to do business with WalMart must at least hold an office in Bentonville." Guess what? NOW, there's million dollar homes popping up, traffic on these tiny little streets that can't handle it, and the natives are PIZZED OFF! One native in particular, an elderly woman who had lived in the area 50+ years told me that "they're mowing down all this beautiful natural things, like streams and pastures, to put up new yuppie housing!" Employees of "Home office" wear their badges on display more than a police officer would display his/her shield. Walmart has its own bank (ARVEST) and church (Cornerstone I think it was called; it was this HUGE church on the outskirts south of Rogers) among other things. Mr. Sam did this economy a noble thing; unfortunately, those who inherited his empire are greedy and corrupt, and are slowly destroying others, and DON'T CARE!! (my apologies to anyone I may have offended; although I only lived in the area a year, I felt that I was rather entitled to my opinion as to how I saw it there)[read more...]

Cave Springs, AR
Economic Greatness - 6/25/2006

I live in Bentonville, Arkansas, home of Wal-Mart. A true mix of small town feel with big city amenities.[read more...]