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Fairfield, CA
Housing Too Expensive - 5/1/2015
I am finding out the cost of living here in Fairfield is way too high for my retirement. I am looking for a place where the cost of living is in line with my retirement income.
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good - 7/30/2011
good schools
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Upland, CA
Up In the Air - 7/9/2008
The schools have been undergoing some renovations but as for the quality of education, that greatly depends on which schools one attends. Armijo high school has an International Baccalaureate (IB) program that is much like other AP programs but in general means that those in the program graduate with a year of college coursework under their belts. It also agricultural science studies. Fairfield High School is recognized locally for its football and band programs, the band being such that it participates in the Rose Parade every four years. Rodriguez high school is the newest in the district and is known locally for its orientation toward computer science/technology. Elementary schools tend to participate in the GATE program (an honors program) which often yield students that go on to participate in AP/IB programs in high school.
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Inexpensive location for houseing - 5/17/2007
Housing in Solano County is not as expensive as other Bay Area locations.

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Fairfield, CA
Fairfield - 4/18/2007
I've lived in Fairfield 56 years and can hardly wait to leave. What was a town is now a city. City living brings crime, overcrowding, less country side and unusual human behavior. It was a great place to grow up, 50 years ago. I wouldn't miss the wind, the allergies, building codes or the mall.
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Solano breeze - 2/20/2007
It never snows but it can blow. In the hot summers the Delta Gale keeps us cool.
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Crime and Cost - 7/6/2006
Too expensive too live in this area, especially because of the failing infrastruture of California, education is very weak, crime is high. Stay away.
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Cost of Living - 5/28/2006
Cost of living is very high and homes are small
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Fairfield, Ca - 3/4/2006
Decent place to live. Has gotten fairly expensive lately. School sysyem not very good.
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