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Development an Gentrification - 1/19/2016
We just had a huge rent hike in Los Angeles where a studio apartment averages $1,200.+ hundred dollars. I just saw one that was $1600. It's ridiculous. Gentrification is happening in all of the affordable areas and is displacing a lot of families. Especial 'limited income' households, single people and people of color. It's seems the higher paid few are taking over the cities. They bring their dogs too. They crap on the street and leave their dander to annoy those with asthma conditions. As long as they have their income, Starbucks and outdoor cafes they seem to be happy. They are not friendly yet are moving into the neighborhood. Cost of living went up. Seems as though Los Angeles is becoming New York. Food costs more however, COL (Cost of Living) Allowance hasn't matched it.

They are squeezing the people out and developing former African American landmarks/neighborhoods to accommodate the rich. This isn't fair. I've seen two bedroom apartments go for as much as $4000-6000 thousand dollars but the average is 1900-2500 hundred.

If you're on a limited income, you are up sh*t creek without a paddle. There are many newly homeless people here.
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Nothing New to Report - 8/19/2015
Los Angeles is still under major construction and will be for years to come. Nothing new to report.
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Tired of California - 8/17/2015
Moved here 30 years ago for the weather.
Can't wait to get away from the crazy rules and regulations and liberal view point - not to mention the cost of living.
Last one out close the door - seem accurate to me.
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Studio City Dental Center - 7/28/2015
Dr. Kouyoumdjian received his Doctoral of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Southern California. He has received several professional awards and regularly attends training sessions to stay up-to-date on the latest cosmetic dentistry. The whole staff at Studio City Dental Center strives to make patients feel comfortable and have a pleasant experience. They offer solutions to various teeth problems includes effective dental veneers in Studio City & more.
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Los Angeles-Stayed too long - 5/15/2015
I moved here twice. Once in 1978-81 from Chicago. I was 23 the first time and it was magic. Had a chance to play on an album with some great studio guys, met the Beach Boys a couple of times, Brian and Carl Wilson. Played at the Improv and Dennis Wilson and Christine McVie came in just as we were about to get up and play. Back then it was busy, but it was a bit more relaxed. Apartments were somewhat affordable, and the Universal Amphitheater had no roof but was an open air concert venue. I was a kid, had dreams, but was totally unprepared for what I fell in to. But at 23 who really knows anything about anything.

Moved back here in 1986 for a job, and fast forward to 2015. The place is too crowded, too expensive 80% of the population rents here because homes are out of reach. Apartment owners know this so apartment rentals have gone sky high with more luxury apartments going up all the time.
This crap about the weather, the surf, sand and mountains is all well and good if you can find time and the money to play after you've worked 10 hours just to keep pace with the cost of living.

This town is for young people. I am 60, though I think the lifestyle and the weather have kept me young minded and young looking, it really was time to get out of this town about 10 years ago before it got to this stage of insufferable. If you are looking for community, friendly neighbors, and warm amd fuzzy, you'll get hit over the head with a ton of bricks. The transportation sucks, and if you want to get from the valley to the West side, give yourself about 45minutes to an hour to go 16 miles.

Don't get me wrong. If you aren't making enough money, no place is going to seem too friendly. It just takes a whole lot more of it here, and it's getting worse. If you want something affordable, you'll have to move to the Antelope Valley or Santa Clarita which are areas with druggies and meth labs all over the place.

You will have to be at the top of your game, whether you're a doctor, lawyer, webmaster, SEO, etc.
If you are an actor or musician, stand in line, and have your chops together before you get here.
The level of musicianship especially for the studio is second to none. It's a great pleasure to watch, but if you want to compete on that level, you will have to be an extremely high level musician.

I met my wife here and that's one of the best things about the place I can say happened to me.
We took a reality check and it's time to get out. I make low 6 figures/year, and we're barely making it. But I have learned a ton of stuff about myself here, and if you have want your buttons pushed, this is the place to come. BTW, the chicks look great, but that's about it. THey look great for the sake of looking great, and that's about as deep as it goes.
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education - 1/27/2015
I live in a suburb of Los Angeles, Woodland Hills. I am constantly reading about how bad the educational system is, yet the people writing these posts have poor grammar themselves. For example, they might say: "Me and my family want to move to Bakersfield." No! "I want to..." and you always put others first. Should be: "My family and I want to move to Bakersfield." Come on people! Education first, then everything else can follow!
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Why I want to leave Ca - 1/24/2015
The cost of living has skyrocketed in the last five years. It is good if you have a large extended family because they are the only ones who can fit 2-3 families in one house to meet the high rentals here. A single apt with no bedroom starts at 950,00 a month. I rented a house in Van Nuys for 14 years
and saw my rental increased to 1,000.00 a month from 650.00 even though I maintained my property in excellent condition and never was late with my rent.
Van Nuys is rent control, but over the years my rent was increased. I have
dogs and coudn't bear to part with them. I am now ready to retire. Although
the climate is wonderful traffic is insane for the most part you are judged by
what you drive and how you dress. My neighbors with the large extended family
and anchor baby moms coming and going calling the fire department because they
decided to build a fire in the back yard draining sewage onto my lawn had to
call the sanitation department. Throwing trash in front of my house-not containing their dogs and they would go after the mailman who ultimately refused to deliver mail there. This large extended family ethnic group has taken over Los Angeles and had marched down town and brazenly burned our American Flag and hoisted their flag up in the air with absolutely no consequences I try to be open minded and fair-but enough already

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Looking to possibly Relocate - 1/8/2015
I've been living in the North Hollywood/Toluca Lake area for a while. It's a nice part of LA, being close to Burbank, Universal City, and close to the freeways. However I feel like I'm getting a little burned out on LA and looking to possibly relocate soon.
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Los Angeles public transit sucks - 12/23/2014
Everyone knows that LA's traffic sucks. That's because the city grew too fast for it's freeway system. The freeway was not designed to support so many people. By the time it had grown, it was too late (costly) to fix it.
This is also evidenced by our poor public transit system. The train makes a couple of T's and L's across this massive city, but from there, you'll have to get on the bus. Buses have to deal with LA traffic and have to make round-about routes, so you could be waiting for hours if you are trying to get to the other side of town.
But the weather is great! haha
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Changing Climate - 11/18/2014
Los Angeles is facing an ongoing severe drought that is becoming chronic (circa 2014). There are more windy, dusty days. The winter weather is lovely and mild and becoming a bit warmer. The summers are quite hot unless you live near the beach areas.
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water problem - 11/10/2014
Due to California's historic drought, many home owners that have lawns in yards are suffering from watering the lawns
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Los Angeles Transforms - 10/5/2014
While I was born in Southern California I was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. After traveling while enlisted in the Army I moved to LA and have lived here since 2009. I have spent two years living in Santa Monica, three years living in the Valley (Northridge/Reseda) and a year living in Koreatown (a mile or two west of Downtown LA).

The city has certainly gone through some rough years however it is apparent that neighborhoods all around are changing for the better. LA is known for its traffic (everything you've heard is true - nay - it's worse) but the people of LA are finally finding an alternative to driving in LAs Metro Rail system. Its' network of subways and light rails is expansive and is growing rapidly; residents everywhere are ditching their cars (and gas and parking) and "going Metro".

I live in a beautiful 90 year old 1 bedroom apartment situated right on the Purple Line subway just 5 minutes from Downtown and 10 minutes from Hollywood. A space with equivalent square footage and access to popular neighborhoods, nightlife, transit, and restaurants in SF or NY would cost at least twice as much.

There is a lot left to fix here but the changes are happening and the community seems motivated - I recommend this beautiful city - come and be part of its transition back into greatness.
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Los Angeles - 8/12/2014
Great City
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Living in California - 6/20/2014
Cost of living is very very high here... But! the weather is Great :)
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Enjoy the Variety - 6/20/2014
Born and raised in LA, and having travelled all around the country, we are lucky to have a wide variety of home styles here. Many US cities enjoy miles and miles of the same thing.
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