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52.50% of people are white, 9.51% are black, 11.41% are asian, 0.51% are native american, and 22.66% claim 'Other'. 48.37% of the people in Los Angeles, CA, claim hispanic ethnicity (meaning 51.64% are non-hispanic).

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Beverly Hills, CA
wow - 12/23/2012

L.A is waaayyy to packed. [read more...]

Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles - 10/20/2012

Great weather, great restaurants, and lots of things to do, LA is a great place to live and work when you're in your 20s-30s. With that said, in my 40s I feel I need a change of environment to something a little less congested and less stressful. The traffic in LA alone is enough to make anyone want to move, but all in all it is actually a pretty good place to live.[read more...]

Redondo Beach, CA
Cost of Living - 9/5/2012

I moved to LA 24 years ago, from the Northeast. It was the best thing I have ever done in my life. That being said, Los Angeles has a lot to offer, but it comes at a high price. Los Angeles is a massive suburban area with more developed cities scattered from place to place. There is more diversity here than anywhere else I have seen in the US, Though places like NY are probably pretty comparable. I have found over the years, with downturns in the economy, LA is usually among the last to be impacted, but once it is, it is also among the last to recover. With the high average cost of a home here(around 1/2 million), only about 10-15% of the population can afford to buy here. Most rent and currently, I rent a 1 bedroom, 800 sq.ft., 2 stall garage, on a busy street, in the southbay area for $1400. And that's a deal. A lot of studios are going for $1000 and up. Employment is down, There's always work, but it's gotten a lot tougher to find it over the last few years. Everyone wants to pay very little, but are very demanding and expect your life to revolve around your work. You swim with the sharks here, so either learn to bite back or get eaten. Many come and turn tail and run within 1-5 years. And it's only getting worse, but people keep coming, traffic gets more congested. So if you're thinking of moving here better grow a thick skin and sharp teeth and persistance should be you're middle name.[read more...]

Los Angeles, CA
Best place to live - 8/23/2012

Yes, every block is different. In Zip 90042, there are some excellent blocks/communities on/near the border of South Pasadena.[read more...]

Newport News, VA
Los Angeles - 7/19/2012

I heard that it was suppose to be a good price to live there but to read about the real price from a person that is living there changes the whole thing around. At first i thought it would be great to live there but after that i dont really think so.[read more...]

Los Angeles, CA
Melrose elementary magnet school - 6/4/2012

Best school ever even with budget cuts and limited resources this school thanks to the teachers, coordinators and parents are doing a great job. My son is in third grade ready for four I'm extremely happy, because he is way ahead in math science and art. Yes!!!! I forgot He just perform at house of blues thanks to the Rock star program amazing.[read more...]

Los Angeles, CA
Arete Digital Imaging - 6/4/2012

Based in Los Angeles we offer premiere digital printing for small business and corporate clients. We specialize in Car wraps,Vehicle Graphics and all forms of mobile advertising design,printing and installation. [read more...]

Venice, CA
Venice - 5/25/2012

I've lived in Venice longer than I've lived anywhere (I'm originally from San Diego). I love it. Venice is a little piece of paradise on earth. Yes, there are problems with homeless, with parking, with very high housing costs, but it is a wonderful, walkable community, with great funky restaurants and wine bars, the boardwalk, the ocean, an eclectic mix of architecture and a creative population. [read more...]

Northridge, CA
LA - 5/22/2012

Of course, the traffic sucks. The heat in the valley and downtown area suck. Price of living sucks. Inflation and gas sucks. But! Everything else is beautiful. Besides the rich people, everyone's really friendly. You get more sunshine in LA than you do anywhere else in America (with FL an Hawaii exceptions). If you enjoy a good climate, low humidity, and just sunshine and heat (plus cool evenings), LA or even California is the place for you. Depending where you live, beach could be a half hour to an hour or so away. Mountains and hills are everywhere. The culture is rich. There is some pretty fine Mexican food. LA is hip on the latest trends, however you have to be quite a trend-follower or well-connected to find these places. Good advice. Live by your work or school, wherever you have to drive to 8 in the morning on a daily basis. Second advice, Silver Lake is for the prestigious hipsters, Venice Beach for prestigious hipsters, Pasadena and Beverly Hills for the college minded, Long Beach--Manhattan Beach and Thousand Oaks area for families. Explore first: Urth Caffe (specifically Venice Beach), Intelligentsia Coffee (try that location or Silver Lake), Santa Monica Pier (if your touristy), Zuma Beach Malibu (if you're just a beach person in general), Laguna Beach (if you got the money to park), the Edison (20s style cocktail lounge), and Chicos (great Mexican food), Tender Greens (Santa Monica), the Getty, and blah--you can't fit it all in. Good luck trying. But one thing, you will need a car to survive unless you live close by, a road bike might work. Other hint hints (Echo, Highland, and Griffith). Angora Hills and down the coast to Dana Point are fun to explore too.[read more...]

Los Angeles, CA

This school is good but the recent Vice Principal has really packed a punch onto the seniors graduating year 2012. I know that student who graduated before 2012 did NOT need 20 hours of community Service hours or anything like that. I am a Current student in Lincoln High School, a school with great teachers and a principal but the new Vice Principal or whoever she is really did knock me out on the year of 2012. I have Senior Classes and now i have to worry about Community Service hours. Now, i can BARELY even keep my feet on the floor anymore, books, quiz, homework, projects, essays and many more coming left and right then i get a knockout punch for Community service hours and other stuff required for Graduation. Too much stress is going on right now for me to even FOCUS what i want to do. College apps, Community Service hours, Homework, Quiz, Test, Senior Portfolio. My god..what else is there?! Even my Dad who attended this school said it wasn't this horrible before, he graduated this school as if it was a piece of cake, but now? Damn...I think I'm going to die young for being unhealthy due to all the all-nighter i need to pull for school than live to be able to even see my future! I just hope that Administrators of this school/district do not just add stuff for students to do before they graduate. They had it easy back in high school, maybe not SAT/ or ACT or even CAHSEE, now? Oh man is it a horrible just to even get all of that done..maybe our Administrators/Principals and teachers should try to understand what students are going through rather than killing the with education that wont really help them in life.[read more...]

Rosemead, CA
info - 2/21/2012

good.[read more...]

Los Angeles, CA
Great Climate - 1/24/2012

Great climate[read more...]

Beaverton, OR
L.A. is almost beyond definition - 8/13/2011

It's white collar and blue collar. It's manicured lawns, but also barred-up windows. It's yoga-practicing vegans living next door to barbecue enthusiasts. It's whites and Hispanics, but also blacks, Asians, Europeans and Middle Easterners. It's a college town, but also a financial powerhouse. It's Disneyland, sunshine and miles of sandy beaches, but it's also graffiti, gangs, smog, earthquakes and riots. It's glamorous, but also gritty. It's Hollywood and the entertainment industry for sure, but it's also about every other conceivable industry you can think of as well. That is L.A. It's beyond definition. It's almost anything and everything you can think of in a city rolled up into one. From Beverly Hills to Compton, Pacific Palisades to Watts, Manhattan Beach to Long Beach, L.A. doesn't just represent a part of our country, it represents a microcosm of our world. Thousands from everywhere flock to L.A. every year to follow their dreams. For many, that's acting, but for some it's writing, music, a start-up business, a graduate degree, an apprenticeship with a leading law firm or financial firm, etc. Thousands every year leave L.A. Sometimes their dreams are unfulfilled, sometimes they are ready to for a slower pace and sometimes they just can't take being away from home. I always read about the doom of California and let's make it clear: California has a ton of problems, but it still has thousands moving there year after year and the decline of industry in California is heavily exaggerated. There are still tons of jobs out there with new businesses popping up every day. However, you have to be the best and the brightest to get them. When you compete with a huge size of talent, you have to step up your game. L.A. has everything. The best shopping, the best weather, the best restaurants, the best entertainment, arts and culture galore, hiking, biking, surfing, skiing, pro sports, theme parks, kayaking, boating, you name it, it can be found here. When you are in the right mind set and at the right age, L.A. is fun central. Work hard, but play even harder. If that's how you operate, you'll love it here. I did for many years. I moved here from the Midwest to "follow my dream," which was to be a screenwriter. After working for many years as a script consultant, I finally gave up the dream. I lost interest in playing the networking game and having that ever so slim shot that I would ever make it actually writing movies. Am I sad? No. Do I regret ever moving here? Absolutely not. I have made new friends, I have tried new experiences, and I found my future wife. We moved up to the Portland, Oregon area, which is a much slower pace of life, but has many of the big city advantages we miss about L.A. We are ready to have a family and have a life, so the change was a needed one for us, but we had a great time when we were in L.A. While many communities are about giving back to the community, L.A. is about taking and making your mark. Some do, some don't. I doubt I did, but I had a blast for four years trying. Oh, and yes, you do need a car. Everyone drives. L.A. tries to act like they are becoming this public transportation mecca, but the automobile is still king. And make sure it looks good. Appearance is key here. Look sharp or get lost. Win or go home. That's how it rolls with the Lakers and Dodgers and that's how it rolls in this city. L.A. is the ultimate summer camp for adults. It's fun, it's unforgettable and it allows you to try new things. But eventually, it's time to go home and grow up.[read more...]

La Habra, CA
LA and my Love/Hate relationship - 6/22/2011

Well, I've lived in LA since 2006. Before that, I spent 7 years in Portland, OR, and 3 years in Houston, TX. Now what I do like about LA is that there is lots of great food, plenty of diversity, politically open-minded people, though in the suburbs are typically more conservative than those in the city, but still open-minded in their attitudes. Plenty of places to see and things to do, and great beaches and great mountains. However, the main downside is that it is DIRTY, just filthy. It's rated the dirtiest city in the US, and to me it's possibly the dirtiest in any developed country. The fact that there is not enough inner-city nature makes the place even more disgusting, and every time there is a space of land that you can build on, city developers will build on it! I also don't like how it is a city of no-opinion. When a trend hits LA, everyone follows it. If you don't, you look like a black sheep. Also, the weather. As a person who prefers cooler and rainier weather (being from Oregon originally), not my place. If you like sunny and hot, be my guest. You could live in the beach towns, but it is horridly expensive. And on that note, yes, really expensive place to live. You might make five times as much as anywhere else, BUT you'll be paying ten times more just to even live. Don't get me started on the houses too, oh and the taxes, we have high sales tax and state income tax. BOTH! It seems like it's impossible to have a different opinion of this place without being ridiculed. Also the traffic, and the fact that it's virtually unavoidable. There is hardly any mass transit, the metrolink is not the most efficient light rail, yes there's buses everywhere, but they're not that efficient either. In other words, it is almost a legal requirement to have a car here, not joking on this one. I miss having the MAX train of Portland, that went almost anywhere. Once I have my chance, I'm leaving this place, most likely it'll be San Francisco or New York, or some place like those.[read more...]

international student - 5/11/2011

Hi, I am an Iranian Student and I've decided to continue my studies in the US. I want some information about Los Angeles, could any body please help me ? ( Sorry for my probable grammatical mistakes )[read more...]

Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles is not is as expensive as most people - 5/7/2011

I am retired and live near Downtown L.A. Most people think that this would be one of the worst places to retire in the world. Not true. It is cheap to live here. I just bought 8 pints of strawberries for a dollar! I drink to that and get a potent greyhound cocktail at one of the local bars for $3. Too many, I sober up with a good huevos rancheros breakfast w coffee for under $5. Not that chain store crap, but good food. I use my heat and air conditioning rarely and my typical gas bill is less than $10 per month. My electric bill is around $50. The weather is free here and it's mostly room temperature. I wonder how much New Yorkers would be willing to pay for that? The weather solves another problem. I get around town on a motor scooter which I couldn't do as easily in Omaha. It has solved 2 problems: parking and gasoline cost. I highly recommend 2 wheels in congested cities. Los Angeles is more like Florence, Italy than Florence, Kentucky. I wouldn't want one there or in some of the outlying exurbs of L.A. either. When gas went up to $4.50 per gallon, it cost me an extra $4 per month and blew away my budget! I never need change for parking meters. So what does cost so much in L.A.? Housing so many say. Not true either. Entry to housing does. I bought my first house for $127,000 and sold it 10 years later for $330,000. I bought my second house for $174,000 and is worth around $350,000 even after the housing crash. I should have sold it for $575,000 two years ago:(. But if you consider that I profited $200k on the first home, wasn't the second home free? Of course it was. It was just the things that I had to sacrifice in the beginning to come up with that first down payment. Finally, I would get bored quickly if I ever lived in any other city. Believe me, I can't imagine ever getting bored in L.A. Maybe that is why we generally out-live most other people. In spite of all the perceived threats to Angelenos from earthquakes to smog and wildfires, we tend to stay interested and alive.[read more...]

Los Angeles, CA
Positive - 2/26/2011

Well the one thing that remains positive about Los Angeles is the culture. You are surrounded with things to do because its the entertainment capital. Hollywood always has something going on. I'm a native so I don't really go out much, but I like nature so I like going to the beach and hiking. As among other things here, this city needs a makeover...from education to the cost of living and the jobs really paying enough so you can afford an apartment to live in, since getting a house is like financial suicide for most here...okay it says not to say anything I'm just going to leave it at that.[read more...]

North Hollywood, CA
Los Angeles: A Place For Youth - 2/24/2011

I moved to LA when I was 23 years old. I absolutely loved everything about it. The big city, the beaches, the night life, the celebrity culture, all the activities and events. The proximity to the mountains, weekend trips to Santa Barbra and Palm Springs. It was great. Then I grew up, got married and had to kids. Now at 32 I am tired and worn out. My time to enjoy the night life is now gone. My ability to get away on the weekends has dried up. I stress over not being able to afford anything but a small 2 bedroom condo (which is the cost of a nice 4 bedroom house anywhere else). My work in the film business is good and the pay is good, but it's cut throat, with a rat race of traffic and long hours to stay on top. There are back-stabbing fake people everywhere, so your friendships are shallow. An no matter what I do to try and save money, my pocket book seems to always be empty as I have to shovel out more money in sales tax, property tax, car tax, utility tax and personal income tax then almost any other place. The air I breath and the roads I drive on are always dirty. I love my wife and kids, but at the end of the day all I want to do is go to bed...I'm exhausted. So now after 8 years of living here I will be leaving. Not sure where yet (depends on work) but there are so many better places to raise a family. I still love California and will most likely stay in the state, but the city of Los Angeles, no way. It is time to say goodbye. So for anyone who really wants to be in LA, make sure you are prepared for extra stresses you don't face in other cities. Make sure you are able to deal with a city that is overwhelmed with people and not sure how to handle it. Make sure you are not alone and have a support system that will help you when times get tough. And also make sure you are able to get out when you've achieved all you need to achieve, because this is not a place to be long term.[read more...]

Los Angeles, CA
Climate in L.A. - 2/3/2011

It is dreamy perfection.[read more...]

Los Angeles, CA
Born in LA, raised in LA, would have probably died - 12/17/2010

This is how it really is...If you can't take the heat, don't read on. Too many illegals sucking up public resouces making LA look like a giant toilet. Can't stand all the fake people driving cars they can't afford, which is causing them to jockey for position of #1 asshole. McMansions are overpriced and I don't like the culture of neighbors not talking to each other because I have the bigger dick so it's not cool to talk to people. Moved to AZ and it was the best thing I ever done, with the exception of all the LA A-holes that followed me trying to ruin that place.[read more...]

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