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rent - 2/4/2013
average rent for a 2 bedroom apartment is $800
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Ok for SoCal - 6/18/2012
One of best places to live in SoCal.
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Thinking of moving to Yucaipa, CA - 9/16/2009
Looking at retirement in Yucaipa. Lived in redlands and san bernardino around 35 years ago and have family in surrounding areas of Yucaipa. Any opinions on the area now?
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Hidden gem! - 12/12/2008
Living in So. Cal. all my life, I was surprised when my husband came home from playing a round of golf, and told me we have to move to Yucaipa. I thought, 'Yucaipa? Where's Yucaipa?' I'm thinking any further east has got to be a dust bowl. In fact, I was surprised by the beauty of the mountains looking down on us, the Regional Park, the community park, walking trails, churches, restaurants, golf course, community college and the nicest people around! It's a relaxing town, tucked away from all the fuss of big cities. A short trip to nearby Oak Glen is a great way to feel you're miles away! Yucaipa, is the greatest little unknown town around.
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Yucaipa used to be nice - 3/18/2007
There was a time when Yucaipa was a great place. Now it is over populated and you still have to go to Redlands to Shop. Work here is a joke. I am selling and getting out of Ca.
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Going downhill fast ! - 1/9/2007
We have lived in Yucaipa since 1983. We moved here to escape urban sprawl and
congestion. It was pretty nice for about 10 years and then the city "fathers" decided that building over 3000 homes and putting in a golf course and of course,vetoing any decent shopping to support these homes was the way to go. We are now overun with Orange County transplants who have brought their Hummers and Benzes and Starbucks. Traffic is terrible,no planning for growth, just let the developers pay their fees jam the overpriced homes in and leave. Just east, the City of Beaumont is even worse.
Soon, you will not be able to tell where one city ends and another begins.Great place if you dig rude people,congestion,traffic,no shopping,overpriced housing.I for one have had my fill.
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Yucaipa, CA
Yucaipa, centrally located for recreation and enjo - 11/27/2006
Yucaipa is located in the foothills of the San Bernardino National Forest host to the tallest peak in Southern California, San Gorgonio (11,500 ft.)approx. 1 hour from Big Bear, 1 hour from the Beach and 1 hour from Palm Springs, Yucaipa is centraly located for a variety of recreational enjoyment.
At 34 degrees North and 117 degrees West the approx elevation is 2700 ft.

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Yucaipa, CA
Boring and Expensive - 11/16/2006
There is nothing to do here! The people suck, everyone is so stuck up. The traffic is so horrible. It's so crowded now, it used to be all orange groves, now all track homes and a golf course. House prices are crazy. There is still so much more i could say about how bad it is here. I have lived here all my life and can't wait to leave!
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Yucaipa, CA - 7/12/2006
I love it here, however it is getting very crowded and almost too expensive to buy.
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Yucaipa, CA
Yucaipa / Oak Glen - 5/19/2006
Beautiful weather, great people.
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Yucaipa, CA
HOUSING - 8/1/2005
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