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One of the best places to raise a family
Tampa offers year round opportunity for family fun! Beaches, Sports venues, outdoor concerts, Busch Gardens, Lowry Park Zoo, close proximity to the Orlando attractions. Transplanted here 13 years ago from NJ and would never go back.
Sure the summers can get hot and humid, but it's a far cry better than the ice and snow of the Northeast . Traffic can be hectic at times, but for the most part it is far less travel time here then any other major metropolis! Sunshine, palms and beach... nothing better...



Pass if you are single, married, young, old,......
Lived in Tampa for 10 years. Trying to save you from making the same mistake we made. Tampa is hard to love, hard to hate, it is simply lame. No arts, no culture, non educated population, full of rednecks, terrible salaries, lame downtown, non existent public transportation, no walkable areas, below par schools, dangerous to cycle anywhere, no green spaces, super aggressive drivers, rude customer service. Hot, humid, rainy summers; yeah, that season when kids want to be out. My kids could not last 10 minutes. If you've never experienced humidity; it's hell. And being able to wear flip-flops on January does not make up for that. You live perpetually under air conditioner. One plus, affordable housing. You can go to the beach so many times before it gets....boring.
Moving the family back to the Pacific Northwest.



Tampa is no Silicon Valley or Research Triangle
If you are a well-educated professional and are looking for exciting job opportunities, Tampa is not for you! Companies and organizations are stuck in the 1990's way of doing things. HR units are the worst! Commuting to work in the Tampa area is a driving nightmare.



The best of suburban, city, and beach living
I lived in Tampa for about a year and frequented the University of South Florida area during college because my boyfriend lived in the area. I love Tampa because the area is huge, and offers a great mix of city, suburbia, and beach terrain.

The downtown area is fun to explore with unique areas like Channelside and Ybor City. There are also some gorgeous views from the downtown city streets because the whole area is bordered by Tampa Bay. If you're in the area during hockey season, my favorite thing to do is see the Tampa Bay Lightening play. Tampa really loves this team, and getting plugged in with their games and fans is a great way to get involved with the Tampa community.

On the weekends, my boyfriend and I greatly enjoyed day trips to the beach, and our favorite spot to visit was John's pass because it was fun to visit the shops in the area, see the boats pass under the huge drawbridge, and the strip of beach always had entertaining people watching opportunities.

There are also a number of unique locally-owned restaurants in the area that were fun to try. I highly suggest using Yelp to find a few new places to try!

I gave this area 4 instead of 5 stars because I hated the constant traffic and confusing road construction, and I felt disconnected from the community at times.



Need lots of Opinions and Feedback......Considerin
Hello Everyone!!

I am 35 years old African American college educated professional single man that is considering a job transfer to Tampa. I have a few concerns and would like some honest respectful feedback. I have lived in Dallas for 5 years and it's just no longer my cup of tea. I have been to Tampa on vacation and liked the city but would like feedback on issues surrounding diversity, quality of life and possibly dating (women) in the Tampa area.

Here are few questions you can answer for me and of course feel free to add anything else you feel would be of value.

1. Cost of Living?
2. Of course everywhere has it's dash of racism but in regards Tampa do most people get along or is there racial outburst among blacks, white, latinos and etc.
3. Would you call Tampa a singles town?
4. Low or High Crime Rate?
5. Weather and Air Quality? Good or Bad?
6. Lot's of bugs or not too many?
7. City Corruption among law enforcement and local government? None, Normal or Extreme?

Thank you kindly looking forward to your feedback.



Affordable but very hot humid and rainy summer mon
I’ve been living in Tampa for 12 years and unlike, some posters on here, I have no hidden agenda. Tampa is a great place if you’re looking for affordability. Houses are cheap and taxes are low (no state tax and homestead exemption for full time Florida residents). Beaches in nearby Pinellas County are among the best. However, expect to drive an hour each way to get to the beach.

Now the cons –
Hot humid summer - summers are very hot and humid. In fact they’re miserable and it pours heaving rain every afternoon. Any outside activities need to take place early morning or early evening. And all that heat and humidity breeds lot of bugs. Don’t go to any of the parks without bug spray or you’ll be mauled by mosquitoes.

Very low wages – companies much lower compared to other job markets

Terrible system of roads and traffic – many accidents due to poor/confusing signage

Too many bad neighborhoods throughout central Tampa – local ole boy government has done nothing to improve the situation

Minimal walk-able areas – expect to do lots of driving. A lot of strip malls throughout. There are a few walk-able areas downtown that are nothing to brag about.

Overall, I would say Tampa is a good place if you want cheap affordable housing to raise a family if you don’t mind the brutal summers, traffic and can find work that pays a decent salary.



Hate it here...
I've lived in South Florida for the past 10 years and while it was nice for many years, after My wife and I had a child we began to feel that maybe South Florida was not where we should be being that it's overcrowded, people are unfriendly, schools are bad and urban sprawl has caused many undesirables to start encroaching on neighborhoods that were once nice. (Coral Springs, for instance, was a great place until a couple years ago. Now it's packed with people, apartments are going up everywhere so it's only going to get worse, and crime has gone up considerably.) Instead of heading back to Pennsylvania, which is where we're from, we did a little research and found out that Tampa was a supposedly a good place for families, better cost of living, schools and really laid back. We decided to move. Boy were we wrong. It's honestly no different than South Florida and worse to some degree. Not as crowded, but the same rude people, the same horrid drivers, schools are poor. While there are good people here, (I've made some life long friends here), there is a ton and I mean a TON of trash living here too. I grew up in the military so I've been around and I can honestly say I have never disliked a place more than I dislike Tampa. We've got six months left in our lease and we're moving back to Pittsburgh. it can't come fast enough.



Pass onTampa...
I''m originally from Pennsylvania but I've lived in South Florida for 5+years. I also grew up in the military so transitioning has never been an issue for me. I moved to Tampa From Fort Lauderdale for a job I couldn't pass up and I can tell you that I have never wanted to leave somewhere so bad in my life. They say South Florida is its own entity, separate from The rest of Florida. Wrong! Florida crazy is Florida crazy no matter where you are down here. It's just like south Florida, except not as crowded and you live in a swamp as opposed to a growing urban jungle. Maybe once, I would have thought Tampa was a great place to be, but that time has definitely passed. If you're thinking Tampa might be for you and your family, DO YOUR RESEARCH! I've got 6 months left of my lease and I swear it can't come fast enough.



Quality of life gets worse every year in tampa
So you love to sit on roads during majority of day as though you are in a parking lot? Then this is the place for you. Regardless of how much construction has been done here, there are saturation points "everywhere" here. There is nice easy drive to the store or anywhere Elise. I lived here the last ten years and also between 85-88, and right now is the worse I ever remember. If you never have to get in a charm then perhaps not so bad. I never tailgate nor stop quickly yet have been hit five times all the other drivers fault, so has every friend I know. Drivers here get ruder every year, of all ages, all cultures, and sexes, people have just gotten nasty here. Trip from the Kennedy to carrollword less than 6 miles may take two hours, trip from Palm harbor to downtown Tampa now 2 hours to get parked, less then 20 miles to work, public transportation between counties is horrible, four hours to get to work for a short distance, ohm and buses stop on the main roads for there are no pull offs. I as here ten years ago for hurricane evacuations, forget it now, there is no way this tri-county area could Handle such an evacuation now. This place is a haphazard place of development, unplanned, and has become downright dangerous, going anywhere has no become no small task, if I were in the edge of the outskirts of Tampa, I could drive to another state faster than I can get across town. Very sad situation. Once again, population growth here just destroys another land mass here, go ahead Tampa government, incentivize business to come here for tax revenue to put in your coffers, while doing nothing that improves overall quality of life here.



This city is amazing
I was born in and grew up in Fort Lauderdale and it was great, 1990s and all and the times were different, when teachers actually wore button up dresses and before cellphones, Internet, before all of that, the place was incredible, safe and family friendly I used to play outside every single day, bikes, scooters, playing with a tree you know before video games, Xbox, before all of that, when furbies were trendy remember that? I live there for nearly two decades and Ive lived all across the United States in nearly every major metro area in the US and I lived in Tampa for 3 years recently, moved back to south florida for a year and then moved back to Tampa. The quality of life is so much better in Tampa than South Florida, the people are still nice and still have manners, the drivers drive normal if you know what I mean and the place is just perfect. South Florida is only decent for people who have a lot of money or maybe if you're really, really attractive and really lucky you'll be a trophy wife or maybe you'll win the lottery but other than that the rest of the population is just barely getting by and it shows, they look miserable, it's written all across their faces and it was really noticeable after living in Tampa for 3 years. If youre not a trust fund kid from Palm Beach or a successful lawyer, doctor or golddigger youre probably working a minimum wage job at Target or stuck in a dead end job with a wife you dont even like and kids you regret barely scraping by with an average life and hating every moment of it but hey what can you do right? Thats how most people live in South Florida now, rat race, miserable and just getting by pretending to enjoy life but everyone looks miserable! Everyone I know from Fort Lauderdale who went to colleges in different areas of Florida and other states have not gone back to South Florida and have no plans of going back, some go back for a couple months and haul out of there as fast as they can because they notice after living somewhere else that South Florida is not livable anymore. There's no reason to live like that, with the rude people, crazy drivers and high crime rates, it's like a government experiment to see how they can drive you crazy down there, it wasn't always like that! But anyway this is a review for Tampa not south florida, the quality of life in Tampa is infinitely better in 2016 than South Florida, the people, oh my goodness the people are so nice and sweet and well mannered and respectful I feel like I'm living in a pretty perfect postcard like seriously I don't know why you'd love anywhere else in Florida, Orlando without Disney is um, well there's a reason Disney makes so much money, there's nothing in Orlando but Disney and UCF but Tampa is amazing it has everything you could want without feeling like you're in hell, actually quite the opposite it's beautiful, quaint, family friendly, safe you have USF and the military base, you have retirees and tourists from Canada, you have spring breakers but not the lunatics that go to Miami, actually nice, respectable and adorable people from up north. Sure there's only one Costco in clearwater and one in Brandon but I hear they're opening another one near west chase but don't quote me on it. I love it's so incredibly different and there's plenty of schools, restaurants, bars etc whatever you need and God did I mention how sweet the people are? I love Tampa and highly recommend the place to anyone looking for a medium sized metro area in Florida that is family first and yet has everything you need or want. Seriously I don't really want to leave!



Making a little better
Tampa is a wonderful city to live but i think they have potential to turn this medium sized city into a roaring metropolis . I think they should make the rest of the Tampa bay are look like Ybor City ,you know like more apartment buildings and u know just city life instead of the quite medium town city thing , if anyones ever been to Los Angles then you know when i say make it look more like a city i mean like you know small or medium sized building's in every part of the bay area . I think by making it look more like Ybor City it will attract more people to live or visit , ik i'm probably about to get criticized by everyone but just think about it , Thank you.



possible move from Philly to Tampa
I live in Philadelphia, Pa making about $25 an hour ($52000 annual income) supporting a family of 8 on that one income.
Been offered a job in Tampa making just $15 an hour ($31200 annual income). I know it's a hell of a cut in income, but the wife REALLY wants to move to Florida.

Would the cut be offset by the lower cost of living in Florida?
Good move?
Yay or Nay?



Tampa Bay
We would like to go live in Tampa family 2 children.
No comments about living in Tampa.
Very sorry.



Tampa a good place for someone who can't drive? Sp
Hi, we are thinking of relocating to Tampa and we a special needs son that can't drive but can walk and bike. Would Tampa and surrounding areas be a good place?



Summer in Tampa, FL
Summer in Florida is hot and humid. If you're lucky, it rains and then it's bearable. When it doesn't rain.....


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