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Life in Tarpon - 12/31/2007
I have lived in this town my almost my entire life and yes, I have tried to relocate only to find that I missed my hometown! Tarpon still has a small town feel to it. We have recently acquired many new franchises and enjoy a variety of shopping and dining experiences, but we still have that special ambiance that only comes with living in a small town. The Greek community is a very integral part of Tarpon, but not the only culture one can experience here. The dining experience encompasses many cultures and many price ranges. We are lucky enough to have an excellent Historical district that includes the "Golden Crescent" and Tarpon Ave which is also known for it's many antique shops. The Sponge Docks are a tourist haven for shopping and dining, many locals can be seen enjoying that area as well. We have many attractions and if night clubs are your thing, there is something for every taste. Schools are wonderful here as well, my boys are aged 8 and 3 and my oldest attends Tarpon Elementary School, a fantastic facility with a caring and well qualified staff. My little guy will soon be attending one of the many fine preschools in the area. All in all, Tarpon is a pretty great place to live!
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Hot and Humid - 9/7/2006
Winters are great, summers are brutal.
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