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Big City Crime Rate in a little town
We said good-bye to our downtown place and moved here recently from a city metroplex with a population of six million. People warned us that the crime was bad but I laughed it off because we were living downtown in a city much larger than Savannah. We were totally wrong. We are renting in a neighborhood near downtown that everyone keeps telling us is so fantastic. Their definition of fantastic is severely distorted. In the two months we have been here there have been three homicides within three blocks of us, one police standoff six blocks of us and we hear gunshots at least once a week. There are mansions two streets over and the houses on this street range from $275000 and up. I can't even imagine living somewhere any cheaper if this is fantastic. If you look at a crime map of Savannah, it's basically polka dot. It doesn't matter where you live here, you are screwed. CNN did a story on the high crime rate in Savannah recently that had everyone defending their beloved town. These people are so clueless thanks to their local news ignoring important stuff like when a U.S. Marshal was injured by a guy who purposely smashed his truck into him and tried to hit another US Marshal. These are U.S. Marshals! That was a 30 second story that we never heard about again. They don't want to scare off the tourists so they rarely report anything upsetting; it's usually festivals, the weather or road closings. I'm so insulted for these people. I actually read in the paper that they plan on solving the high crime rate using shame. That's right, I said SHAME. Where the hell am I??



dirty city
I never seen so much trash in a city as savannah. THEY throw there trash everywhere including the waterways. The city is over run by people driving in there cars with there windows down pumping subwoofers.The city has a sound of boom boom boom. It is not a place to move if you like to walk. CARS rule here and you can never experience a quiet walk.The drivers drive crazy and fast.






Good, Bad, and Ugly
Pros: Parts of the city are absolutely beautiful like no other. Southern hospitality is definitely here.....if you have good neighbors. Beach, golf, parks, music, museums, festivals, St. Patrick's Day...

Cons: Race problems not being worked on or addressed ON BOTH SIDES. It may not be perfectly evident until you live here for a while, but do not be fooled. The subject gets brought up occasionally by "church leaders" etc and never worked on. The poverty rate here is a staggering 21.8% as of 2013. Most of this is concentrated around the Historic District and Southside among African Americans, many of whom come from fatherless families - no family structure or values- leading to school dropouts, violent crime, and a sense of entitlement to government assistance as a lifestyle. I am white and have several African American acquaintances personally and professionally. If people could just learn to start talking to one another congenially some progress could be made, but here in SLOWVANNAH, both sides are too lazy to care. Oh and if you move here form someplace else (doesn't matter where from) you will hear the word "Yankee" get tossed around in that ridiculous Southern fashion with a smile or chuckle like "I'm just kidding, but really I'm not." What these idiots don't realize is that people who move here from other places actually SEE the beauty this city has the potential of attaining, and they invest HUGE amounts of money starting businesses, restoring and beautifying, (especially in the Historic District where crime is high and the natives have given up and moved away from long ago... White Flight). Government corruption, ridiculous voting districts, and poor representation among demographics are a problem too. Just Google "Willie Lovett, Otis Johnson, Rochelle Small-Toney" and you will start to get a picture of it all. My apologies for the rant...I won't move away (even though I am a two-time crime victim, one involving a gun). There are a lot of of positives for Savannah, but just driving around and seeing what's going on makes me sad. Wake up Savannah, and put your BACK into working on these things.



When you die your soul is sent to Savannah,Ga not
This so called town of historical beautiful whatever.It is just a load of crap.Cops doing whatever they want.People dontwant anything new hell lets put up a new gas station,mall,or something to do with golf.They got the moss pulled over there eyes.This town is a pool of waste,and puke.



Overpriced and rude
way overpriced for what you get



No place for a white girl from the country to live
We moved here a mid 2012 and have been here 9 months. Crime is everywhere downtown, southside, midtown you name it. The historic areas are near the projects. You have to drive through the projects to get to anywhere. Time to move.



Steamy summers and chilly winters
Its nice if you like your weather steamy in the summer and damp and chilled in the winter. Great place to visit.



what happens to a city when the law becomes an ene
I am a student at savannah college of art and design, I moved to savannah from charlotte, nc a few years ago to pursue my dreams and attend college. Growing up I was raised right, educated well, and attended church weekly. When my boyfriend and I came down to savannah to visit we fell in love with the beauty of the city and its closeness to the beach, the city truely inspired me, but in my worst nightmares I never imagined what was in store for us when we started living in this city. the first thing I noticed was the overwhelming amount of public housing throughout the city not to mention the shocking amount of inhabitants there that recieve welfare, foodstamps and other government aid. It seemed at first that more people here lived off of government assistance than their own hard earned dollars. The next thing I noticed was how high the crime rate was everyday there were murders and robberies of people, gas stations, grocery stores, houses, ect. I lived a block or so from the largest square/ park in savannah (forsyth) blocks away from the million dollar houses and I never felt safe walking down my street by myself or to class but I always assumed that those men and women brave enough to protect and serve in this city would do this for me . while we were living downtown we recieved a noise complaint, it was called in, when the police arrived I expected to recieve a ticket or a fine to pay but what happened when they arrived scared and shocked me and does to this day. upon exiting the house we both positioned ourselves on the front porch while we conversed with law enforcement officers my boyfriend (often fidgeting) clasped his hands together then loosley let them fall to his sides he picked up his back foot and eased himself against the wall at this point officers asked him where he was going, to answer he stood up straight again leaning forward he opened his mouth to say nowhere but right as the "no....." escaped his mouth I was forced to watch as three officers threw the love of my life down six stairs onto a brick sidewalk blood pouring out his mouth he tried to breath by lifting his face away from the ground I watched as they repeatedly slammed his head back down onto the bricks. his teeth went through his bottom and top lips, he also suffered a cuncussion from the blows they admistered as well as bruises covering his entire face. he was taken to jail without medical treatment and once incarcerated they continued to deny him treatment. he was held without bond for over a month over christmas and new years because he was too cuncussed to talk or respond to the judge in his innitial bond hearing. at the end of his ordeal he owed chatham county upwards of 2,000 dollars in court costs and the public defender. I thought all of this was some sort of misunderstanding until a few months later when I walked into a gas station to get a pack of ciggarettes when a bystander decided to alert an officer, she didnt think I should be driving. I was in fact completely sober but the officer refused to breathalize me despite my begging him to do so. so he detained me and told me that if I did not submit to a blood test that they would take my liscence for the rest of my life, I now know it is more like 6 mon. but he told me it would be forever, so obviously i submitted to one. he impounded my legally parked car and hauled me off to jail. when I showed up in court the DA was unprepared, they never produced my blood test results..... however they did convict me with absolutely zero evidence. the judge denied my lawyer a chance to defend me and the DA his right to prosecute me she changed a plea that had already been agreed upon. I walked out of the courtroom with upwards of 7,000 dollars in fines and 40 hours community service. the 18 year old african american that was called to the bench before me was charged with DUI, 2 counts child endangerment, open container, and possession of a firearm by a felon, as well as failing to signal; he walked out with 80 hours of community service. I can only assume that justice does not exist in this city anymore and that the county relies on SCAD students like myself, who came here with good intentions, to better myself, and to learn, to pay for their greed because I know for damn sure that they arent using it to repave the roads or fight crime in this city.

its an ugly government that profits off its people's pain




You could fry an egg!!!
If you are looking for a climate with four seasons stay away from here!! It is not only hot here, it's so humid that you can hardly stand it. The air is always moist so you have to be careful of mold growing on things. When the weather finally cools down it is still so humid that your bones hurt. You will be housebound here in the summer, which lasts a long time.



Great place to retire
Moved here from Northern VA to retire. Lower cost of living, great restaurants, good health care, nice airport, close to beach, friendly people, lots of cultural events and love the weather - little hot in summer but wonderful rest of the year. Very comfortable and enjoyable place to live.



Savannah is a beautiful city that everyone should
Savannah is the most romantic city I have ever visited. I love the moss draped live oaks. It is beautiful to walk downtown anytime of year. I do hear the crime rate is high. I live 30 miles from Savannah in a town called Bluffton, SC. I love it in this area. Savannah is 30 miles from Hilton Head Island or Beaufort, SC. We have lived here 2 years and don't ever want to move.



Sep 2012 - 4 homicides in lil over 24 hours
Unsolved I might add, three homicides the people were gunned down.

The fourth, was committed by a 14 year old boy, when he killed his father.

All happened over Labor Day weekend, saturday and sunday, 2012.



Good to visit, bad to live
I am generally amazed at the seemingly uneducated populace commenting on Savannah's profile. I make this comment because no one can spell, and that alone gives the appearance of being uneducated. However, I can attest, after living here for two years, that Savannah and its surrounding 'burbs, are over-glorified. I was born and raised in Georgia, and I can tell you, 95% of Georgia is this way. I couldn't wait to leave Georgia back in the day, and I can't wait to leave it now, as an educated professional seeking better opportunities for my kids and family. If it weren't for SCAD, the entire downtown area of Savannah would be Ghetto-ville. There is a growing sub-community of gays and lesbians in Savannah 'enriching' the diversity, but overall, the SES of Savannah is VERY LOW and the poor population is reflected in the school systems and high unemployment rate. 'White flight' is alive and actively present, with only the upper crust living downtown and being able to afford private schools in the area, such as Savannah Country Day School.

With limited educational opportunities, limited job prospects and zero growth potential through REAL diversity (meaning diversity enriching life, not detracting from life), Savannah is a dead end. Period. End of story. This is a place to retire, not a place to raise a family to adulthood and/or invest/grow your career. Careers die here. Nepotism is RAMPANT, too. And, even if you have all this worked out, you better be 100% prepared to attend Savannah Christian Church. It is the do-all, end-all. And where you attend church defines who you are and what you are able to accomplish. Even the DAR wants to know when/if you join.... If you have been around the block (so to speak), there is a pretty good chance you will not be happy here.



Savannah Climate
I love living so close to the sea. It may get a little hot in the summertime, but the rest of the year the weather is so enjoyable!


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