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Escape from Indianapolis
I got transferred to Indianapolis from Denver. I didn't want to go but I knew a guy who knew some people who went to IU and he hooked me up with them and they convinced me to come. They said Indy (that's what they call it even though it's the least Indie city I've ever been in) was up and coming. They said Salesforce was there, and some brewpubs so yeah.

That was two years ago. I'm moving back to Denver. Gotta be honest. Indianapolis is the most backward place I've ever been. Bunch of conformists that think they've found the center of the universe. Maybe it is if you grew up in BFE Indiana, but I didn't. Do yourself a favor. Stay away from this place. It's nasty.






Great Culture
Indianapolis has a rich historical and diverse culture.



Leaving Indianapolis
I moved to Indianapolis from a small town in Illinois. It was here or Chicago, and I heard there were jobs here. There are. Most pay minimum wage. The companies know they've got you, too, and so they treat you really poorly. I don't take it personally. Most Hoosiers (that's what they call themselves) treat everyone poorly. It's weird. I've never seen anything like it. Lots of angry people here. Probably because living here is tedious and dull. Gonna try Chicago. I'm young and have my whole life ahead of me. I can't see wasting it in Indianapolis.



People who have relocated to Indianapolis - How is
I am thinking of moving to Indianapolis, the Fishers area for a better and more affordable housing.

I have many concerns about:
Job Market

I have heard that Indiana is a conservative state.
Is Indianapolis and Fishers tolerant, non-judgmental.

It would be great to hear from people who have relocated into Indianapolis from other states.
I live in New York.
Thank you



Life in Indianapolis
If you're reading this, it's probably because you're thinking about moving here. I'm posting this to help you.

People Who Will Probably Like Indy

If you were a jock in high school you'll probably like it here. This is especially true if you've been out of high school now for at least 20 years, have put on an extra 150 pounds, haven't exercised since the 1980s, still drink like you're in college and you just leased a convertible because you think it makes you look cool. Another thing that makes Indy a good bet for you is if you like to do what everyone else does and prefer not to think for yourself. Voting Republican also helps, if only because Democrats are commies. It also helps if you smoke, hate your job and wife but are too lazy to look for a new one...job or wife. If good enough is your mantra, Indy is your town.

People Who Will Probably Hate Indy

If you like to think for yourself and prefer hanging with a wide variety of interesting people, you probably won't like it here, mostly because you will be shunned if you have the audacity to think for yourself. On the bright side, being shunned by Hoosiers is actually a blessing. It gives you an opportunity to leave town every weekend in search of interesting people.

Seriously, this place is obsessed with itself. I've never seen anything like it. When they had the Super Bowl here, people walked around for months talking about how people from New England and New York loved it here. Seriously. I'll bet none of them have come back. It was just a throwaway comment that people make not to offend others, but here it became the Gospel Truth. There's this guy who has a Facebook page called Indy is Wonderful or something equally inane and he posts article after article about how bad Illinois and Chicago are, as it's either Indy or other choices. The convention people go up against other cities for conventions and they win a few, mostly because they provide kickbacks to the organizers. Nobody anywhere ever said "Gee, I hope they have the hardware show in Indy this year instead of New Orleans or Las Vegas" but the locals actually believe they do say this. Naval gazing is a huge pasttime in Indy and these same people are constantly putting paid pieces in national media to get you to move here. Don't fall for it. You're smarter than they are. You'd have to be. So do your due diligence. Indpendently verify some of their nonsense. Then run.

Or come and marry a Hoosier chick and go to work at IU Health. You'll hate your wife and job soon enough, but you won't have to dump them. Just hang on and whine about it. Indy rocks!



Indianapolis: The Good, The Bad, Some More Bad, T
Here are the things that people like about Indy. It's cheap and they brew beer here. There are some places to party on Mass Ave. It's cheap. Oh yeah, did I mention that it's cheap? It's cheap!

Enough about the good. Let's talk about what it's like to live here. As others have pointed out, the people here are peculiar and that's being nice. They don't respond when you say hello or how ya doin. They kind of look at you like you're from another planet. I guess that's the Hoosier Hospitality they're so proud of. If you come from a place with people who are genuine and honest, you'll think it's you at first. It's not, and you can change your deodorant and whatever, but they still won't talk to you. I really think the local drug company, Eli Lilly, flushes pharmaceuticals into the water supply and it affects people's behavior here. That's the theory that makes the most sense, because people simply can't be this mean and nasty without some sort of narcotic thing going on.

The roads are crumbling and you're going to be spending a lot of time on them because it's not safe to live in most of the city. In fact, there are thousands of abandoned homes that surround the Midwestern chain restaurant downtown the locals are so proud of. These are really nasty neighborhoods and the schools are failing, so nobody who can afford to live anywhere else actually lives in Indianapolis. Most like Carmel or Fishers or Noblesville. That's where a lot of the jobs are too, so if you want to partake of the beerpub and bar scene on Mass Ave you either have to drive drunk to get home or risk getting shot if home is nearby.

And let's be honest, okay? Every city in the world has a bar strip like Mass Ave. There's nothing unique or special about it in any way unless you grew up in Oolitic or Kokomo and have never been anywhere bigger than Terre Haute. Then I imagine it's pretty cool.

Come to think of it, every city everywhere has a neighborhood like Fountain Square and Broad Ripple too. Every city eveywhere has a stadium. Every city everywhere has a downtown mall. Every city everywhere has everything that Indianapolis has, although not many are as cheap as Indy. A few are. Detroit, for example. And Memphis. St. Louis, too. Toledo and Flint are as cheap as Indy. They have almost as many murders, too.

Are you connecting the dots yet? I hope so. This is a great city to live in if all you like to do is drink and make jokes about Illinois. If you're deeper than that, you're gonna be disappointed sooner or later. I'm betting on sooner.



Full of crime, Indianapolis, Indiana. Daily murders, robberies. RUN from this town!!!!!



This town is Crime Ridden Getto, DO NOT MOVE HERE!
Lived here my whole life, getting out very soon, do yourself a favor AND DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!! Murders EVERYDAY! Home Invasions, Robberies and on and on, Im moving soon and cannot wait to get out of here!!!!



Circle Jerk City
I have sold my house and am leaving Indy so take my comment for what it's worth. I've lived here a total of 9 years. They were the longest nine years of my life. There is absolutely nothing I will miss about Indianapolis. Here are the problems, from top to bottom.

1. The People. The old 80/20 rules applies, except in Indy it's the 20/80 rule. 20% of the people are good, decent, nice, etc. The other 80% are among the nastiest people I've ever met. They're rude...boorishly so. They're illiterate. How this can be when they all go to college forever I don't know, but it's true. They have their own brand of behavior called Hoosier Hospitality. They actually believe they're nice. At least in Philly and Buffalo they know what they are. When you say hello to Indy people, they look away or pretend they don't hear you. It's weird. It's like homeschooled kids. No social graces at all. I'd think it was me, but I know too many other people from other places who say the same thing.

2. Downtown. People here go on and on and on and on and on and on about downtown and Mass Ave and Fountain Square as if this is some urban mecca. Uhhh, no. If you want to see cool urban neighborhoods, I suggest going to Bardstown Road in Louisville or anywhere on the Near North side of Chicago. Indy's downtown is mostly empty unless there's a game or convention. That's true of any city. Locals like to point to Livability magazine which said our downtown was #3, but Livability rated Pittsburg #1 and Minneapolis #2. Meanwhile, it ignores Denver, Chicago, Seattle, New Orleans, and a whole host of places with really eclectic and cool downtowns. Livability is click bait, but Indy is a very insecure place and the locals like to brag about such things, even if they are behind Pittsburgh and Minneapolis, two very uncool cities.

3. Crime and Crumbling Neighborhoods. In an effort to prop up downtown, the city has ignored most every other place. The roads are among the worst in America. Crime is off the charts. This city is very dangerous and you'd have to be seriously twisted to invest in it. They have this thing called the CIB that basically funnels money to a few wel-connected billionaires who reap the spoils. Everyone else pays. It's the most corrupt setup imaginable and yet nobody complains because they have this major inferiority complex and gosh, what would they do if Angie's List failed...

4. Hypocrisy. Like most places, Indy is anti-Confederate flag. I had no issue with this until they hoisted a gay rainbow flag on I-70 coming in from the airport next to a sign that says Indy Welcomes All. No, Indy does not welcome all. Indy welcomes gays. It does welcome Confederates or other people who the Convention and Visitors Bureau think will hurt its precious image. Here's the thing. Take a drive through the countryside around Indy and you will see confederate flags everywhere, which is sort of weird since Indiana was a Union state, but hey, what the heck. Anyway, the gay rainbow thing was due to the screeching of a very vocal minority, many of whom are the same people who think Indy is the Paris of the Midwest.

I'm really excited and happy to be leaving. I'm posting this as a public service to help anyone who might be thinking of moving here based on the glowing reviews by the Chamber people, the Visitor's Bureau and the Mayor. This city has duped a lot of people. It duped me, I must admit, but I figured it out pretty quick. Do your homework before moving here. This place is not what the fanboys want you to believe it is.



A city of opportunities yet potential for social i
I've lived in indianapolis for close to a year and a half. I personally have had mixed (good and bad) experience during my stay. The pros: they're abundant of job opportunities backed by a strong economic growth in conjunction with a lower than average cost of living thus it's easy to get up on your own. As far as housing as concerned, people get a lot for what they pay for.. the downtown area has a lot going on like great shops,restaurants, bike trails that are extensive from downtown on, plus the downtown area is very clean and the buildingstate have the finest, modern and sophisticated arcutecture. In the residential areas everyone has a front and back yard with a canopy of tall mature trees in most areas. The cons: many of the people here suck. I find many to be rude, standoff ish and just plan dumb in the ghetto areas. It's best to meet quality ppl from college and or a church and keep your social circle small. The crime rate is insane with at least two murders daily and for the stupidest reasons. Property crime is at a level thats unheard-of, I've have a few neighbors who have had their doors kicked since the past year and had items removed from their apartment. If you're young and starting off like myself, I would recommend indianapolis but with coution. Involved yourself with an educated crowd and trust only a few and you're be fine



Indiana, and Indianapolis Crime- Good place to liv
It is in no way 'Hyped up criticism." First off- it says the average commute time is 22 minutes-- HAHAHAHAAAA! ARE YOU KIDDING?! YOu might get 5 miles most times in 30 minutes or more. Live on the South side and morning commute that should be 20 minutes in 50-60 easy. Coming home- GRID lock! ROAD Construction never ends-EVER! The roads are the worst in the country:year round. I have had to replace 2 bent rims on a 2014 Lexus, because they could not be repaired. The people who commented below about the bland, hum drum, nothing to do unless you want to watch corn grow, and sit outside in the hot sun with no water, mountains, and nothing to do but go drinking on certain nights.Unless you bike or walk the trail- good luck with safety. The crime rate is extremely high! Being involved in Homeland Security, with many friends as detectives, and on the State and local'd be surprised at what goes on!!
I've traveled all over the world..., and moving here is the worst decision I ever made! I have tried to go out and meet people and get into the "CLICKS" that are imbedded here---good luck. Unless you are in college and just want to get drunk or go to Lake Monroe- you're screwed. Avoid this place!! Only Bloomington, Indiana is worth a crap to live- and its overcrowded with tons of students and wait lines for anything is mind blowing. Listen to these people, we who live here and have seen other places- DO NOT COME HERE- YOU WILL REGRET IT!!! The new 'attractions' bring sex trafficking and violent gang activity is ramp-id. There are many police motorcycle gang units because it is bad. the Moto GP, Indy 500, all bring people who trash and gridlock the city- don't buy the crap people feed you and say its great. Everyone I know want to move and plan on it- especially law enforcement and decent people. Those who have never lived outside Indiana don't know any better.. Don't be fooled into coming to this God forsaken place!
I have no reason to exaggerate. Just speak the truth. I am leaving my friends and few family members because it's bad. They are married with kids and tied to generational family farms- or they would move too.
North side of the look are snotty and to have a decent home over $400K easily. East side is filthy and crime ridden for SURE!! BAD. South side is more reasonable but horrid traffic into city- west side of 465 is desolate and everyone drives to Indy. Unless you live on the North in Fishers, Nobelsville or Carmel- you are considered trash by them. Its stupid.



In response to all the criticism
Everything the critics stated here can be said about most areas in the country. I live in Chicago and just spent 3 weeks in Indy for work and guess what? Indy and Chicago offer a whole bunch of the same amenities: there are bars, restaurants, street fests, parks, bike paths, bowling alleys, concerts, museums, mini golf, shopping districts, etc. You think that things are just automatically better for you because you live in a larger city? Move to Chicago or another huge city and you will find you are taxed to death and actually going out and doing things can be pretty difficult because of large crowds, prices and traffic. While in Indy, I looked around at job postings (which I do often when I travel just to gain insight about different cities since I plan on leaving Chicago soon) and found that jobs in my field offer about the same salary in Indy as they do where I currently am in Chicago, which is shocking seeing as the difference in cost of living is huge. A friend of mine is currently working in NYC but is moving back to Indy where she grew up because she has found a job in her same field with the same salary. Do you think she has enjoyed herself in NYC? No, because living in a city with such a high cost of living leaves her with no money to go out and do things. You are also incorrect in stating that Indy inflates their population numbers: The state that the city boasts over 800,000 citizens and the surrounding suburbs brings that number to approximately 1.8 million. These numbers all come from the US census bureau so cities cannot just make up these numbers. A lot of the criticisms stated on this page are happening everyday here in Chicago, except it's much worse seeing as IL is 4 billion dollars in the hole right now whereas IN is not. I actually laughed out loud reading all the criticism about crime rates seeing as I read the Indy news everyday and it is nowhere near as bad as Chicago crime. Indy newspapers have space to actually report on things like "teenagers arrested for underage drinking" whereas Chicago doesn't even have enough space to report on all the crime going on seeing as on a typical weekend in the summer, we have about 40 or 50 shootings throughout the city. You all should get a clue about what's going on in the rest of the country before you post.



Blandianapolis - America's largest suburb striving
I've read the comments dating back to Feb 2006 and, after having lived in Indy for the last 41 years, all of the critical analysis is spot on. Wanted to offer a current perspective given 2015 events, i.e. RFRA Indiana - indicative of the underlying mind set of this god-forsaken hick state and town. RFRA just put it in plain view for everyone to see.

First of all, Indianapolis is not a city. It is a town. A large, small town. America's largest suburb, if you will, with few real city-like amenities. It thinks and behaves like a small town that wants to be taken seriously and known as a city. One could easily see and experience all there is to do in a weekend and wouldn't feel the need to return to Indy. But like many have pointed out, YES, you would have to SEARCH for it. (But who wants to have to search high and low for something to do? Shouldn't the 'things to do' be searching for the people?) Anyway, I digress. My 2 teenagers are constantly bored and, having traveled a lot, notice the contrast when we return home. We are all looking forward to moving soon.

In fact, to achieve '12th largest city' status, Indy cheats by using #'s from surrounding suburbs to reach the 850k+/- residents to become 12th largest city. What a joke. So if you come from a small town and want a small town feel but with a lot more land mass (but without natural amenities such as water, hills, mountains, beaches, etc) then you'll probably like Indy. Maybe. If Indy were a suburb outside of a major city like Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Boston, D.C., Philly, San Fran, NYC, etc, then it would be great. But it's not. For the sake of comparison I'd argue that Denver (comparable size) behaves like a small big-city and is surrounded by a variety of suburbs that are similar to Indy.

When faced with opportunities to behave like a city, local government and the good ol boys turn it down in the name of either fiscal responsibility, family-values or christianity. Indianapolis hates new taxes, even for things that improve quality of life, but local govt seems to love to privatize and sell off assets like parking meters and toll roads to pay for stuff.

With regard to cost of living everyone keeps making a fuss about... it's like making the case for shopping at Wal-mart vs. Macy's. Sure, its' cheap. But it's cheap for a reason. Because there's nothing to do and you get what you pay for! A bunch of nothing... and a drab low quality lifestyle. Indy is miserably BORING, bland and offers very little to do outside of ones home.

If you are an independent thinker, don't come here. If you are single and under 40, don't come here. The singles scene is virtually non-existent. If you are talented and are looking to flourish in your career, don't come here. If you are artistic, don't come here. If you're an entrepreneur, don't come here. If you're a creative and an independent thinker, don't come here. If you want to raise a family AND have a balanced life outside of family stuff, don't come here. There are better cities to raise a family with suburbs like Indy.

In fairness, some of the criticism is relative, as Indy appeals well to a very slim demographic and if you happen to be in that demo (white, 40-75 y.o., from a small town, very conservative, slow-thinking, slow moving, despise change and progressive thought, little fashion sense, simple minded, group thinker, low ambition, moderate to heavy drinker, smoker, ultra-suburban family oriented, out of shape, and hate exercise, homebody or in witness protection) then Indy is perfect for you!! You'll love it here! But if you're outside that demo (like most of America who wants some flavor and quality of life while on earth) you'll go crazy in Indy. In fact, even if I were in the demo Indy tries to appeal to, I'd beg for MUCH MORE. This is a city striving for mediocrity that prides itself on blandness, plainness and cornfields like some bad joke. Consider the name of the suburbs Plainfield, Westfield, Whiteland, New Whiteland, Whitestown, Knightstown, etc.

And you're a racist or homophobic you'll feel right at home here. (The KKK had/has huge support in Indiana). There were public lynchings as recent as the 60's and my friend was hung in the 90's for dating a white woman.

They roll up the streets up around 8 or 9pm and everything closes.. so forget about life outside of your home after that. Sunday's everything closes earlier due to the Bible and religion. No liquor sales on Sunday and stores all close at 5 or 6p. You can't even buy alcohol on game day for the only thing most people worship around here - the Colts.

The city-like amenities Indy does have were reluctantly and slowly developed several years after being adopted by most of America (Naptown naps on trends).

Not to mention the long standing pattern of major national acts cancelling their Indy tour dates. This dates back decades and in part has something to do with apathetic orchestral-like audiences who just stare at the performers.

Simply put, there is nothing progressive, hip, cool, sophisticated or colorful about Indianapolis. Those who find this city 'cool' were the 'not so cool' kids in school who fit right in here. The cool ones mostly moved away to more congruent cities across the country that reflect the way America looks, feels and behaves. This is the land of pastel buildings and trees - lots of them. Trees and more trees. They even frown on billboards here with ordinances banning them.

When compared to other (mostly smaller midwest cities) Indy is ok. When compared to real cities, Indy pales miserably in comparison.



America's Truckstop
You've probably read the Chamber of Commerce stuff about Indy, the Livabilty article that ranks our downtown as the third best in the country, etc. Don't be fooled. Let's dissect this nonsense.

Super Bowl - The Super Bowl is awarded to cities that extort money from the taxpayers to build stadiums. Detroit has had two. Minneapolis is about to have two. Houston has had two. Who hasn't had a Super Bowl? Denver, for starters. Neither has Seattle. You'd have to be on drugs to think that Indianapolis is half the city of Denver or Seattle.

But They Said We Were Great - This is repeated ad nauseous in Indy, a town so incredibly insecure that it actually cares what visitors think of it. New York couldn't care less what visitors think. San Francisco couldn't care less. Even San Antonio, Indy's demographic twin, couldn't care less what people think because the people who live in these cities know they're fabulous. Indy is like the ugly girl that constantly needs to be told she's pretty. She's not. They're lying.

Silicon Beanfield - Indy so wants to be a tech hotbed. We have ExactTarget, aka Salesforce. We also have Angie's List and ChaCha. Now, if you know anything about tech you know that ET is an email company. Email was hot in 1988. Now, so much. Angie's List is a scam and ChaCha is gone. Indy is about as far from a tech city as one could possibly be and still call planet Earth home.

Downtown - This city continues to pour money into downtown why I do not know. Downtown was important before this thing called the internet but not so much any more. The ugly little secret is that most Indy based businesses have fled downtown to Hamilton County. All that's left is city and state government. Circle Center Mall is down to 1 anchor and they're being paid to stay. The GM stamping plant is going to become a two billion jail, even though these same clowns that boost downtown said it was a valuable piece of land that would be snatched up. Yeah, that's why they're putting a jail on it.

Sportstown USA - Stadiumville is more like it. The city has let the neighborhoods decay. They can't fill a pothole. Crime is off the charts and yet every time we turn around Ballard and Company are giving millions to another conman to build another stadium that will sit empty. You would have to be crazy to invest your money in such a city.

I could go on, but instead I'm gonna issue a challenge to EB. Here's the deal, son. Rebut my points. I've already acknowledged that I'm a vile troll, so you don't have to repeat yourself. Just tell me where I'm wrong. Don't repeat the garbage about affordability. We all know it's affordable, mostly because NOBODY WANTS TO BE HERE. The Mojave Desert is also affordable. So rebut my points if you can. I'm guessing you can't. Indy is America's truckstop, a great place to stop and use the restroom while heading elsewhere. Beyond that, there's no reason to be here.


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