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Kansas City - Wyandotte Co.
Avoid living in Kansas City, KS (Wyandotte Co.) by all means! We made the mistake of moving to this dump. High crime, high unemployment, murders daily, dilapidated neighborhoods, and highest tax area when you can drive a couple more minutes and live in one of the wealthiest counties in the nation (Johnson Co.).

The judicial system is broken here with its revolving door policy for criminals. You can just spend 6 hours in jail for serious crimes and then thrown back out on the street with a court dates months away. Oh here is the best, they let them out of jail and guess what's right across the street? A casino!!! Shame on you Kansas City, Kansas! I cringe at the sight of a jury summons since its in the same area and a disgrace of a sight all around downtown you see when there.

Since I'm on a role I'll tell you about the schools. It's pretty easy as most were unaccredited in the last couple years. You get my drift.

And if you decide to live in Kansas, pay the minimum in state income tax since if your lucky to even expect a refund it may be a voucher!! Yep Kansas is broke so don't risk a voucher instead of your hard earned money owed back to you. I wonder why no decent companies build in Kansas except a few. For being the center of the US you would think much more and the size of Dallas but there is a reason...

So please don't waste your time in Kansas City, KS if your traveling through or especially moving here and make the mistake I did. I'm moving as soon as I can sell. Most live across the river in Missouri and commute if they work in this dreadful place of liquor stores, pawn shops, and payday loaners.

Of course these are my two cents but read the other reviews and I think you'll see something incommon. I've lived in Phoenix, Denver, near Houston, Dallas/Ft Worth, and this is by far the worst place ever!!

Guy 1/24/2016






nice weather if you like changing seasons



Want to Move to Kansas City Area!!!!
I have to say I am an educated person from the west coast, and I had to move to Oklahoma area, I've been to Kansas City area and I hope to be moving there soon. I LOVED it, sure beats the pants off of Oklahoma!!!! AND there seems to be more job opportunities in KC not to mention a vibrant nightlife.
That being said, I'm looking for help finding a nice rental house in the suburbs or outskirts/rural farm house/ place for a few farm animals.



Kansas is ok, but I'm relocating to Tampa Florida. Is Tampa have good small business success? My husband does tattoos and has his own home and auto glass company. Wondering I'd we would do well here. Also, is Tampa a great place to raise kids? I have a 10 yr old and 16.



KS or MO?
lived in both kansas city, ks (wyandotte county) and in kansas city, mo - and we preferred kcmo - there was a little more to do - besides, in kansas it's a b*t*h to get your hard earned refund if you're owed something back. The state was so broke they couldn't give people their State refund checks. sad. Either way, get ready for blistering unbearable humidity and heat, the kind that makes you go mad, hour long waits on crappy buses when all you wanted to do was go to the store, what should just be a 15-20 minute trip, can take you up to an hour or more. Ridiculous cold, harsh winters though you can be in low 20's one minute and the next it will be 80 something degrees...crazy.



in a nutshell...
there is a lot to do here, but the winters are very cold.



Where I currently live
born and raised in KC KS...






4 full seasons
Great city, with the full range of 4 seasons. Hot summers and cold snowy winters..



Kansas City
It is a mid-sized city. I have lived in this area my entire life (29 years). There is no public transportation and the traffic can create a problem. However, this city has undergone a transformation and downtown has been rejuvenated so there are more cultural opportunites around here. If you are smart, crime doesn't really have to affect you. I've never been worried about my safety. As for the weather, the humidity is pretty bad. Winters are cold but tolerable. This city is really spread out. You have Overland Park, which are the affluent suburbs around here. Kansas City proper is where a lot of people commute to work from the suburbs. Overland Park is a very nice bedroom community but you may find it stale if you like diversity and culture. It seems to be a pretty pet-friendly city and many apartments seem to allow larger dogs in their units, which I love, being a huge dog person.

On a final note, it can be very hard to meet people here since people generally have that keep-to-themselves mentality, at least with strangers. It is not a city where a lot of friendliness abounds. I would say that people here are down-to-earth as compared to a lot of cities I've visited. A lot of people I know that weren't from here made their friends through work. Overall, a decent city but lacking in scenic beauty. We do have a lot of good parks, though.



Get more than you pay for
The prices in the city and burbs is great. You definitely get more space here for your buck than anywhere else I've seen.



Not sure what to title this...
I was born here, lived in Arkansas (just don't send me the jokes; heard enough during the Clinton administration) while a child, then moved back here. Thus, my entire life has been here. I have travelled; loved what I've seen of NYC (upper east side) and the culture, loved the beauty of NJ, love the Mall of America, love the beauty of suburban Atlanta the men and the culture, love the shopping in Dallas, love the beauty of San Diego, seafood of San Francisco (and I hate fish) and NONE OF THAT IS IN Kansas City KS or MO. The cost of living is what keeps me here. It's relatively inexpensive, but if you don't have children, hate NASCAR, have grown tired of the bar scene and sports, there's nothing to do. These cities are not cities. They are large country towns. There is no metropolitan attitude and no sight of change in the near future. Overland Park KS is part of this metropolitan area, and it's noted as one of the best places to live. True if you are white, make over $100k per year. Even Overland Park has a facade of wealth; number of homes that are empty; couple can only afford the mortgage and leasing the BMW and Benz in the drive. I could go on, but what's the point. As long as the almighty dollar is ruling the country; that's every "great" city in America isn't it?



Is there truly "a best place to live"?
I have been reading commentary mostly on Dallas/Ft. Worth and Atlanta. In light of what I've read, where I've travelled and where I live, there is no best place to live in this country. Life is what you make of it, but what have we, and I say WE because this country is made of people; what have made of this country. Everything has evolved everywhere around money. Nothing in this country is done anymore on benevolence or the good of the common man. Everything is done in support of money. So, when you choose somewhere to live, make what you can out of it, or go and try to make something out of another location. However, if you're not part of the political engine that runs the city and the money, you're not going to be happy regardless of where you go.



The "Other" Kansas City
Kansas City, Kansas (KCK), the smaller and less popular sister city of Kansas City, Missouri (KCMO), is on the move. Few cities in Kansas cities--if any--have experienced the level of housing and retail growth that KCK has the past few years. The Kansas (NASCAR) Speedway and The Legends, a retail and entertainment destination attraction, have made Kansas City, Kansas, a major tourist attraction. Aside from development, though, there isn't much else for Kansas Citians to brag about.

KCK's downtown, once lively and full of stores, is unattractive and has few stores and eating establishments. Most Kansas Citians complain that downtown is a shell of its former self. But, while downtown is surrounded by older neighborhoods, the local government IS committed to revitalizing the area--and they've done a fairly good job thus far. Several housing developments have been built in the last few years and more are underway (unfortunately, retail, which will support the new communities, has not kept pace).

Most of KCK's development (Kansas Speedway, Village West, e.g.) has taken place out west in the more affluent part of the city. Lots of Kansas Citians take issue with the local government, arguing that too much attention is being paid to retail development out west and too little on residential development in the east.

KCK is located in Wyandotte County, one of the poorest counties in Kansas; and it borders Johnson County, one of the most affluent counties in THE entire country! Most of KCK's consumer dollars are spent in Johnson County, though Village West has helped keep some of those dollars in the county.

Most of the best jobs in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area are in KCMO and Johnson County--and, sadly, many of the best jobs in KCK are held by Kansas City Missourians or Johnson Countians!

Kansas City, Kansas, is not a BAD place to live, but it's nothing special either. The development notwithstanding, it's not a city I'd recommend.


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