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SperlingViews - Ridgewood, New_jersey

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77.00% of people are white, 1.82% are black, 16.96% are asian, 0.00% are native american, and 1.86% claim 'Other'. 7.19% of the people in Ridgewood, NJ, claim hispanic ethnicity (meaning 92.81% are non-hispanic).

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Ridgewood, NJ
Ridgewood - 9/15/2009

Great place to live and visit.[read more...]

Ridgewood, NJ
Close to NYC - 1/26/2009

Ridgewood, a suburb of NYC, is an ideal bedroom community. This well-established upscale community is located 30 minutes from Manhattan (by car), and is easily commutable by train or bus, though you will be one of thousands each morning. Home to many corporate CEO's and upper to mid-level managers, the village offers a wide variety of services to all age groups from young marrieds to senior citizens. The school system is excellent and the high tax rate reflects the emphasis on education. I've lived here for more than 30 years and there is no better place to raise a family, if you can afford it. The village is safe, clean and beautiful, especially in spring and summer. The pretty downtown area has become well-known for its restaurants, though parking on a Friday or Saturday night can be ba challenge. Overall Ridgewood is one of the nicest towns in northeastern NJ.[read more...]

Ridgewood, NJ
quality of life - 9/26/2007

One of the most beautiful places to live outside New York City[read more...]

Ridgewood, NJ
Ridgewood has the finest school system. - 2/26/2007

If you are looking for a nice town with a great public school system, yo have to check out Ridgewood, NJ.[read more...]

Ridgewood, NJ
Great town. - 8/28/2006

Ridgewood is a beautiful village in Northern NJ, Bergen County. You are a short distance from New York City, by car, bus, or train. There are plenty of malls nearby but the village itself is quaint and quiet, a great place to raise children. It is also very expensive to live in this area, which is difficult. The weather is hot and humid in the summer, but doesn't last so long and the spring and fall is well worth living in this area! The wintertime brings snow, but it isn't typically very much and does not usually prevent you from getting out and around.

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[read more...]

Ridgewood, NJ
A suburban paradox - 3/5/2006

Ridgewood is a beautiful picture-perfect town with virtually no crime with a school system lauded by the Wall Street Journal. Housing is outrageously expensive, taxes are insane, traffic is horrid (i.e. Burgen County and the tri-state area), with planes buzzing over night and day. Home appreciation is stellar while auto insurance costs are over the top. Manhattan is 20 miles away and takes 2 hours to get there (by car) during rush hour traffic and 3 hours in bad weather as trains and busses ferry people to and from work. The county-wide blue law affecting over 800,000 people prohibits all commerce on Sunday except food services and gas stations. Winters are too long and cold and summers are hot making spring and fall the best times of the year. The beaches are mediocre and the people are a mixed bag. Excellent professional and executive salaries get you through all of the shortcomings. It’s a true love/hate relationship.[read more...]