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The schools are overcrowded but the county is trying to rectify the situation by building new schools.



zip code 28052
I moved here from Massachusetts one year ago, and I have enjoyed myself. The housing market is great, property taxes low, car insurance low and the food is wonderful. The weather can be very in hot in the months of July & August, when the fall/winter arrives it is beautiful. Living up North the winter months can be very long, if anyone remembers the blizzard of 1978 in Massachusetts. Since coming to the Carolina's I have found that the people are friendly, there is still that underlined racism, but the folks are trying improve, the employment is great if you work in the city of Charlotte. There are more people from the North, Midwest that are moving here that I found and have spoken with. The crime is low, school system needs some improvement, commuting can be very hectic, there is no commuter rail or transit system other than the town of Gastonia's bus system. All your textile industries are gone, so its mostly city government, retail, food chains and banking employment. A college education with a degree higher than Associates is a most if you want to make decent money. The cost living is absolutely wonderful.



General thoughts
My husband and I have been living in Gastonia for almost 4 years. We moved here because of my husbands job in Charlotte. We decided on Gastonia because of a house that we fell in love with in the historic district (York-Chester). It is a beautiful, large home that would have cost twice as much if it were situated in one of Charlotte's historic districts. The neighborhood is great, our neighbors are nice but the city overall has not been a good fit for us. The crime rate is fairly high for such a small city and the downtown has yet to be developed, but it is finally getting started. Gastonia, in general, is not a bike friendly town (there are no bike lanes - but lots of DUI bikers). The best part of Gastonia (in my opinion), outside of our great neighbors, is the proximity of Crowders Mountain State Park. Great for hiking and getting out into what feels like mountains even if it isn't. We will probably leave Gastonia for a milder summer and more mountains someday. Right now we're just working on our house and enjoying the YC hood.



East Gastonia
It's is possible that east Gastonia is worse than other areas in Gastonia?



South Gastonia
I'm in New York, and I'm trying to relocate to NC. For some reason I'm thinking in Gastonia. any 0ppinion or suggestions please.. We are a family of 3 my son is 5 y. Any good schools in the area. Gastonia south or Gastonia north which one is better? also any inf. ON THE MUSIC LIFE. We are also musicians. Thanks.



Awful Place- Never Ever Go!
I grew up in Gastonia and never realized how bad it was until I moved away. Downtown is a dump. Nothing but chain resturaunts and mom and pops, nothing exciting. You have to deal with 16 year olds in suped up imports swerving around and cutting you off. It seems every girl has a kid by the time they are twenty. You can't even go to the movie theater without dealing with loud obnoxious teenagers. Add to that the areas that are ok are full of want to be yuppie-hipsters that think they are way more important than they are.

The only three good things about gastonia are ROs BBQ, sundrop, and tony's ice cream.

I moved to Greenville, SC and am in love with the city, the people, and the relief of not having to life in the vacuum of class that is gastonia. If you do decide to life in that area, move to Belmont, its smaller but has more to offer. Good(but small) downtown, water, less garbage to deal with. Plus you get the tax incentives of gaston county, but are actually closer to Charlotte bcause you are right on the river.



In a small town near Charlotte, NC
Even though we are near Charlotte you get the feeling of a small town. You are likely to run into people outside of work that you know at work. The robust economy offers many jobs nearby.



Life in Shelby
Nice place to visit but....

I don't live there but WAS looking in the area for a home. I was there in 7/06 and from what I understand from a FEW locals I talked to there the big problem is crystal meth (yeah drugs) One of them even reffered to the county of Cleaveland as the meth capitol of NC. Drugs usually fuel a high crime rate and this town has a rating of 7 for voilent crimes! I was told that a few days before I got there that in downtown Shelby two young ladies were robbed at gun point and relieved of 2 whole dollars.

I noticed when you drove through the town and went in to the residential areas that you could go one block either way and change from a very nice neighborhood to what appears to be ghetto! Imagine wlaking out your back door and having to look over the fence at a meth deal going down...



What is it like to live in Gastonia, NC and Shelby
My family is considering moving to the Gastonia/Shelby area of North Carolina and we're uncertain what the real quality of life is like in these two cities. It seems as if the area will only grow and develop with more shopping etc., as Charlotte grows across the Catawba River. We are coming from the Brentwood/Franklin area of Nashville and are accustomed (spoiled) by excellent schools/shopping etc.

Would appreciated any information, especially from professionals that have been associated with the area. Also, any info on public schools in Shelby/Cramerton/Belmont areas?


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