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Considering relocating - 12/17/2015

Just recently visited my daughter in Wilmington and visited her college. I have been considering moving here to be closer. I am currently in Las Vegas and hate it. I haven't been here long and the crime is absolutely overwhelming. I am a CA native but don't want to go back there either. Everyday someone is getting murdered here in Las Vegas and you're constantly being serenaded by the sounds of police sirens and the helicopters. I read alot of mixed reviews about the town so its hard to make up my mind. I did love the town and surrounding towns i visited while there. I felt safe, did not feel threatened in any kind of way. How is the job market, housing, etc. I have lived in many states and i'm pretty good at settling in. I appreciate any helpful advice!
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It really is less expensive here - 12/16/2014 - 8/31/2015
To Sonya

I forgot to put two m's in my email address..


Hope to here from you

Thanks so much

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It really is less expensive here - 12/16/2014 - 8/31/2015
Hi Sonya,
That was a great read on NC., I been wanting to move down to NC from Philly for a
while now, but I m moving on my own so I really want to move where it is safe and
where all the shopping and stores are..I've been looking on Neighborhood Scout to
find the safest places to live in NC., but that's starting to look scary. Is there
anything that you can send me some info on places where there is less crime rate and
where the area is around things to do. I have a house here in philly so with the money
that I have left over I want to buy a house outright if I can about $65,000., do you
think that's enough for a nice house in NC? If you know any of the above can you send
it to my email at:

I really appreciate any help you can offer

Thank You

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Wilmington has too much crime and too many cover u - 7/26/2015
Wilmington is a place where cops can buy houses with the money they made by selling cocaine, as Ron Hewett proved to the world. It's a place where crime is covered up and racism lives. It is where a murder of a great actor ruined the film industry slowly and the locals put the blame on incentives when the truth is that no one can be trusted in the area to work on films, or actors will get shot, or props will be stolen or famous people will be stalked. Even Dennis Hopper had to get out after his restraining order didn't stop some crazy local gold digging woman from being a constant annoyance to him in town. He brought business, and money and like all others who came here to relax and slow down, he LEFT unhappy with the ways of the area.
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Relax, you're in the South now. - 6/22/2015
I get a chuckle out of the negative reviews here regarding Wilmington (especially the cultural aspects). Wilmington was just rated the best riverfront city in the country by USA Today. I have never experienced any real unpleasantness from anyone but visitors from the Northeast who are very tense from, well, living in the Northeast. As a former Yankee, I can sum it up for you: Wilmington is a great friendly little city on the coast in North Carolina that is 90% transplants and exploding with people fleeing the Northeast for a better quality of life. Many Northerners just can't handle the friendliness of the people here and have to find something about which to complain rather than being grateful for all the great things. The glass is either half full or you are a Yankee. As you read the reviews here, keep in mind that most people are coming here to escape the weather, tension and economies of liberal states. Expecting Wilmington to change for your tastes is such a silly Yankee idea. As such, some immediately love the laid back friendly lifestyle here, some take a while to relax and some just can't get along and complain until they leave. We love New Yorkers, for example, at least after they lose their arrogance and rudeness and realize that New York is not the center of the universe and they don't know everything. Enjoy paying less than your taxes were up North for a mortgage and wave back at others-they are using all 5 fingers and are genuinely friendly. Everyone is welcome here, just be nice if you can and quit complaining.
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Amazing place to call home! - 4/14/2015
Wilmington, NC is a truly awesome place to live! Having lived here for over 11 years now, I'm pretty sure I'm never leaving :)

Since Wilmington is a peninsula - it's surrounded by water! We have the Cape Fear River and historic downtown on one side while we have intracoastal waterway and the ocean of Wrightsville, Carolina and Kure beaches. The weather is pleasant here too - with all 4 seasons - albeit the winter is pleasantly short with barely a dusting of snow! We have history, culture, great schools, delicious restaurants, and a good sense of community here.

I love it and I'm passionate about helping folks relocate to the Wilmington area. My husband and I work as a real estate team, If we can help any of you with an real estate related questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

-Stef Archer
#TeamArcher, RE/MAX Essential
hello AT
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Jobs - 11/21/2014
Living wage middle class jobs are in short supply here. Few decent paying jobs here.
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Neighborhoods of Wilmington - 8/21/2014
I’m a 65 y.o. male from NJ, about to retire and am considering Wilmington NC in which to retire. Made two trips there and am still impressed. I’m married, but wife might stay in NJ a while longer for business reasons. I need advice on neighborhoods, however. Whether it’s homes, apartments or condos. One big goal in retirement is to reconnect with people. I poured myself into my career, in order to become financially secure, but I’ve lost all/most friends along the way. In retirement, I want to volunteer, maybe get a “small” job and make new friends. I don’t want a development where half the people are UNC students and the other half are young, working families. I don’t hate golf, but I’m not an avid golfer at this point. Downtown appeals, but limited choices of housing. Might consider the beach, so that I could live there in the off-season and rent out in the summer, but I don’t want a ghost town existence. Anyone have some good advice?
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Bashing Wilmington North Carolina is a sport for m - 7/5/2014
I don't get all the negativity about Wilmington. Perhaps it's to keep more people from moving here and clogging up the roads? I just moved here from a very large city in the Northeast and I'm impressed by the variety of live music here, including outdoor concerts at Greenfield Lake Amphitheater, that for 2014 includes Travis Tritt, Government Mule, Dweezel Zappa, Bruce Hornsby and more, plus film and theater at Thalian Hall, plus Art Garfunkel was just here performing. There's also Screen Gems Studios and the filming of movies and TV shows in the area. And there's also beautiful beaches on top of it! If you hate Wilmington so much, just leave and give the rest of us more space!
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Hot Summers, Okay Winters - 6/8/2014
Winters here are milder than farther north, but not "beach warm." Summers are hot and sticky humid, even at night.
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Living and working - 3/27/2014
What is it really like for a single woman, 50's and still needing to work?
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Living in Wilmington - 3/21/2014
I have lived in Wilmington, NC close to 2 years now. I moved from the Philadelphia area to attend UNCW here. There are a lot of pros and cons to living here. If you like the beach, you will love it here. If you like big cities and good food, Wilmington is lacking. The job market is OK, not great. I had a few friends move here unable to find a job in their line of work, so are waiting tables instead. I hear Wilmington has grown a lot compared to past years, but it is still not big enough for me. If you don't mind smaller places, it has lots of food options, shopping, affordable housing -- just don't expect a city!
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High schools - 9/14/2013
Wilmington's High Schools are riddled with children who openly admit to substance abuse in one form or another - they are a friendly bunch though. My child's school is considered "a good school" according to all persons I asked, but the level of education is about 1 year below what my child was used to - she is a Junior doing Sophomore work.
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HELP, Husband may relocate to Wilmington!!! - 6/17/2013
Hello everyone. I desperately need some input on the Wilmington area. My husband, myself, and our 2 children (8 & 6) currently live in Greenville, NC. My husband recently interviewed with a company in Wilmington and I need to find out more about the area. We visited this past weekend and were not immediately impressed. After reading the reviews on this site, I am absolutely petrified to move to the Wilmington area and I am extremely worried about my children.
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Best thing about living here....the weather! - 3/2/2013
Two defining characteristics of the Southeast NC coast: sunny and breezy. The winters are mild, in the 40s and 50s most of the time - sometimes warmer - with a few dips into the 30s and 20s at night. Snow is rare, if it does happen its a small amount (half an inch or less), doesn't stick to roads and is gone within hours. It is humid here year-round, which could be a con for some people since the summers can get very sticky. However, multiple beaches are very close!
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