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 Vito Zaverella
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Star Rating 7/25/2010
I have lived in Hampton for 19 months now since getting stationed at Langley AFB. I must say that after traveling much of the United States and being exposed to most of the major cities, Hampton is by far the most pathetic place that I have ever been. For one thing, it is incredibly boring, and there are absolutley no cultural elements such as arts, sports, or recreation. There are no good restaurants or shopping areas for people who actually have taste. Additionally, the people here are exceptionally cold, rude and poorly schooled in the art of driving. I have never before been stuck in traffic for absurd periods of time due to a single car accident or inclement weather. Hampton must be home to the worst drivers in America. As far as crime, Hampton is full of low-life degenerate scum bags who exist as dead-beats with no future. I legally carry a concelaed weapon in order to ensure my safety from these despcicable people. Anyone who has the great misfortune of actually being from this area probably has never even ventured outside of the penninsula. Most people here have lived in a bubble their entire lives and have never been anywhere in the U.S. outside of this decrepid town. In every aspect of everyday life, Hampton is a fitting example of regresive backwardness, and I pity anyone who has to live here, especially those who are serving their country like myself and have no choice in where they are sent. Damn this city and everything that it represents!! I will only be here for a temporary amount of time because I am active duty in the USAF and have the great privilage of seeing different places. TO HELL WITH HAMPTON!!!!



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