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 Dan Halverson
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Star Rating 7/11/2009
Kalispell is a great city. Please do not move here. WE do not take to outsiders We cling to our guns and religion. This is a one party town Republicans If you are a Democrat we will run you out of town



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carolynn w.

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I'm sorry, but I live in Kalispell, too, and I happen to love it here. I'm a democrat. I've lived here for 16 years and I haven't been shot or converted. I moved here. The community was warm and welcoming, for the most part. The people like Dan(see first post) are not the norm. Kalispell is just like any other town-there are all types of people, political views, religions, cultures, and ethnicities.



james g.

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where i come from only f@gs and women say pleeze and you don't sound female , but respond to this email and I'll give you my location and bring your gun sissy, I'll be there



jordan s.

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hi i was wondering how its racial diversity is like in kalispell ive visited once and have planned on moving there ever since but i get a feeling if i move there i will run into some radical racists or something so can someone get back to me on this?? half white half black just for the record =)



Explorer J.

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A member of my family moved to Kalispell a few months ago, and the people have been wonderful and welcoming. They certainly DO take to outsiders! Nobody would care much less ask what political party anyone belonged to. I would not take the above post seriously, as he does not sound like an honorable, respected member of the beautiful Kalispell community, much less have any of the religion he claims to have.



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