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"why are homes so cheap? (ogden)"

why are homes so cheap? (ogden) - 3/19/2006
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ogden is a pretty run down old and struggling economic area. it also has a pretty good sized college that keeps prices pretty low but the main reason is probably since al capone had a hideout there its just been a hub for all things illegal. not much jobs up that way also is a factor.

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Ogden, UT

No comment - 3/22/2016

I jus need a place to stay i lost my job because it wasn't certified for welding now I'm just trying to get into a place besides these crappy motels before I go completely broke from paying these outrageous prices I just want 2 have a nice space to myself and get away from the drugs here in Ogden so I can focus on what I need to do I need help

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Ogden, UT

Junction City - 10/28/2009

Read your history. Ogden has long been an industrial/commercial center and with the decline of the railroad industry, Ogden's economic foundation went with it. City leaders and residents have done the best they can with what they have to revive the city. It's not that bad of a place to live. It's actually very beautiful and for the cost of living it's a great value.

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Sacramento, CA

Ogden's Not Too Bad - Fresno Is Worse - 7/22/2009

I moved here from Fresno, CA for a job transfer in Jan 09, and it has been a bit of a culture shock as well as a bit of a disappointment too. Years ago I lived in Boise, ID and noticed how polite and well mannered the kids were, especially the LDS kids, and expected to find the same here in "Mormon Country". I'm not Mormon, although I have never had any problems living with them and enjoying their friendship, and I was surprised to see that generally the older kids here in Ogden are basically pushy, ill-mannered and rude, whether they are of Mormon families, or not. And yes, there are gangs here too (well at least wannabe's as compared to Fresno), which are dangerous with their drive by shootings, especially in the older, middle part of Ogden. Of course crime and other problems depend on which part of Ogden you live in, as the hills and edges are much nicer and newer, and are also more costly. If I were still young and raising my family, I'd search out one of these areas, or perhaps (with a little more money) consider living in North Ogden (a very nice town), or in Davis County. The City of Ogden is really trying to upgrade a lot of the older run down areas, especially around down town, and is also doing a lot of roadwork so as to reduce the traffic congestion here, and hopefully if these efforts are successful, in a few years Ogden may evolve into a really nice city. The biggest plus to the area is the recreation, which is great. Wonderful hiking and fishing areas are very near Ogden in the summer, and if you're a skier or snowboarder, Utah snow is very good. Fresno does have Yosemite, but it's not nearly as convenient as recreation areas are to Ogden. As for me, Ogden will work ok for the next few years, and then I'll retire and move to a small town somewhere in Oregon or Washington, like many of the other retirees on the West Coast do.

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Eugene, OR

hispanic population - 7/22/2009

Last time I was there seems like the mexicans were taking it over.

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Ogden, UT

Crime - 9/29/2008

Ogden is mild compared to Newark, NJ or other urban areas. Although I have seen my fair share of high-speed chases and drug-busts, it is still ok.

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Ogden, UT

New Growth Opportunities - 4/2/2008

In the last few years Ogden has seen excellent job growth especially in the high tech industries. The primary focus is the growth in aerospace including engines, avionics, carbon graphite composites and components. In the last three and a half years twelve ski and recreation companies have moved their corperate, North American or US operations to Ogden. This move is because of the access to outdoor sports and recreation of all kinds in just minutes. The third growth area is in tourism taking advantage of the incredible year around outdoor recreation. Ogden is one of the most written about cities in the last few years, people are finding out that it is a great place to live, play and do business. The cost of operation is relitively low including labor, lease space, taxes and availbility of transportation. Manpower's recent study ranked the Ogden area as tenth best in the US for job creation. For more information Contact Dave Hardman President of the Ogden/Weber Chamber of Commerce.

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Ogden, UT

DONT COME, you'll probably like it too much! - 11/26/2007

I have come to the conclusion after living here for a year and a half and coming from Salt Lake City that anyone that complains about Ogden is someone that either has no clue what Ogden is really like or is someone that is afraid of change. Change can be good... and it has been. Ogden has a stigma of being a dirty rundown city and I'd like to keep it that way. That way we keep out all of the closed minded individuals and will unite with our progressive, fun and focused community. We have one of the sweetest places in the country as far as quailty of life, outdoors-adventure, and so many neat places with in a few hours of here to visit. Each time I travel I am excited to go home... this is new to me. I have a sense of pride for what Ogden has become and am proud to be part of the renaissance. Snowboarding, biking, hiking, water skiing, horseback riding, and kayaking is all in my back yard. The city life is all at my front door step. You should probably stay away though, you might like it too much.

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Ogden, UT

Please Dont Move to Ogden--I want it to myself. - 11/15/2007

The best way to do this is the do a comparison. Walt Disney had a vision for Disney Wolrd and built it. God had a vision for the best high adventure recreation and created Ogden with that in mind. The city is about two mile by two miles. Within that perimeter is all this stuff. http://www.ogdencity.com/awr_rec.main.html and this stuff http://www.ogdencity.com/index.php?module=ibcms&fxn=awr_rec.highadventure and thats just what they tell you about. The locals know for example that you can play golf and ski all season..in the same day as it only take 20 minutes to drive to Snowbasin Ski resort--home of the 2002 Olympics. Locals also know that for a few months during the spring you can Golf in the Am, Water ski at noon and Snow ski...or kayak..or hike..or fish..or mountain bike..the "or's" are only limited by your imagination and inclination. So please dont move to Ogden I want it to myself. I left out reviews of all the great restaurants,people and night life because if i told you about it you might want to come for a visit.

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Ogden, UT

Ogden has it all - 8/23/2007

My family recently moved back to Ogden after 8 years in the East. We love it here. I am 5 minutes away from the library, gym, shopping, resturants, movies, high-adventure complex, not to mention fantastic mountain trails. Where else can you get all that at your fingertips? As a mother, I am very concerned about crime. Although Ogden crime statics appear higher than I'd like, I have yet to have one problem living here. Futhermore, neighbors here band together to create neighborhood watches and the one time a neighbor saw anything of concern (teenagers wandering the neighborhood during school hours) the police arrived within 2 minutes of her phone call and immediately resolved the issue by contacting the police liason at the local high school. Problem solved! If you're thinking of moving to Utah, check out Ogden. 2008 brings the light rail and with more lanes beingadded to I-15 North, I predict the home prices in Ogden will quickly catch up to the rest of the Salt Lake City area. Buy now!

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Bend, OR

new ogden - 6/17/2007

Ogden sure has a bad reputation. Seemingly undeserved. I don't live there, but I have spent quite a bit of time there lately. Everyone there complains about how dangerous it is, so I started asking them to qualify these feelings. I would just ask if they had any personal problems with crime in Ogden. To a person the answer was no. Then I asked if they knew anyone personally who had been the victim of crime. Again the answer was no. It seems that there is just this perception, possibly exagerated by the media, that Ogden is dangerous. Or it is just that it is a culturally diverse city surrounded by homogenous suburban sprawl. I don't think Ogden is a perfect place, but it is a nice smaller city surrounded by great outdoor activities. The downtown is also undergoing an amazing urban renewal. I agree with some other comments that people should visit before making any major decisions, but my opinion is that Ogden is a nice city with a ton of potential.

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Layton, UT

ogden is horrible - 5/29/2007

ogden has alot of crime. I dont know how it made one of the best places to live . I only live 10 minutes away from there and I try my best to avoid it.

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Ogden, UT

Matthew - 5/29/2007

Ogden is an incredible place to live. Where else do you have a downtown 5 minutes from kayaking, mountain biking, rock climbing and just 25 minutes from world-class snowskiing or waterskiing? Incredible scenery, wonderful neighborhoods and it's still affordable. I just read the posting of someone who left Ogden years ago and protrayed it as a crime ridden city. Where has he been the past ten years? That would be like someone who visited Paris in 1945 posting a comment today saying it was a rundown city with crumbling buildings and ruble! Ogden has undergone major revitalization and will not disappoint.

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Fairbanks, AK

Their cup must be half full, Ogden has it all - 3/21/2007

We bought a home on the north east bench of Ogden after hanging around and checking it out. The neighborhood is awesome, I have never had new neighbors come to meet me and bring chocolate before. There is everything an outdoor person could want, golf, skiing, boating, fishing, hiking, you name it. The downtown is being upgraded big time, ski and clothing companies are moving in en masse', and the views and the weather are great. You can go to your favorite chains, big box stores, or patronize small businesses of your choice, all within minutes. Culture? Everything you can handle, plus all the biggest name shows 30 miles away in Salt Lake City. Here's something really encouraging; on the Snowbasin gondolas I have met literally dozens of folks who have also purchased homes in Ogden and gleefully agree that it has the best skiing in America and even new home prices that are too low to believe ("how can they even BUILD them for that?". Not to mention it's a golf paradise, with green fees under $25 at dozens of cool courses up and down the Wasatch. I feel very safe, in fact, I don't know any place I've seen more police cars cruising the neighborhoods. I would be very uncomfortable if I was a criminal here. I think the crime rate is reflective of the number of perps being caught per capita. Go for the mountain benches for the best views and nicest neighborhoods, costs a little more but still a fraction of what you'd pay in a crummy LA or Vegas or Phoenix neighborhood. And they don't have the skiing. Give it up, naysayers!

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Farmington, AR

ogden is cool - 2/25/2007

went to school at weber state. love utah mountains, want to move back. p.s don't go to oklahoma stay in utah..

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Bountiful, UT

Do your research and visit here before moving... - 2/25/2007

I grew up in Ogden, used to be a pretty good place to live. But that has totally changed! Gangs are taking over the city, shootings and robberies are almost an every day occurance anymore. Wonder why homes are cheap here... let's see... gangs, no average paying jobs unless you commute to Salt Lake - at least an hour drive, more during the "rush hours". It's taken me 4 hours to get home on several occasions. The town is dying, just drive downtown and notice the number of business' that have closed their doors and left town, heck, even the old mall has pulled out and left, the railroad is gone, the defense depot is gone, not sure who will be next, but they're all leaving!!! Don't move here without checking it out first, we're leaving this summer as crime has gotten too bad. Don't leave ANYTHING outside, it will be gone before morning! I hate to see what has happened to this city.

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Ogden, UT

Ogden is great... if you dont mind the smokers - 2/24/2007

Ogden is a wonderful place to live, and I'd say cost of living is highest the closer you get to the outside edges of Ogden. The most beautiful neighborhoods are located along the perimeter of the city. The center of the city has been neglected as far as landscaping and home upkeep, but you can buy a nive 4 bedroom place in the center of the city for about $60,000 which is a very good deal. But if you want a good neighborhood and good schools with good kids attending, you'd need to go to either South Ogden, or North Ogden, but not central.

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Ogden, UT

Ogden is one of the best places to live and I've l - 1/17/2007

But not if you like to barhop or go dancing where you live. Ogden is a town for people that enjoy the outdoors, appreciate rich cultural opportunities, like to ski, kayak, climb, hike or bike. The scenery is beautiful. With Weber State University here, and an active but small arts community, Ogden has something going on constantly. Usually I have too many choices of what to do. This is a great place for families. Besides having excellent public schools (that do struggle meeting the needs of migrant populations that pass through here), good choices in private schools, there are also national class organizations that provide great experiences for kids: Ogden Nature Center, Treehouse Museum, and the Dinosaur Park. I would never be able to live in a house or setting like I do if this were another part of the country. Cost of living is lower that just about everwhere, and getting around is easy. I love being a five hour drive from Moab, Jackson Hole, and Sun Valley. Most of all, this is a community of interesting people, and I have never had any problem finding like minded folks as friends.

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Ogden, UT

Pinch me, I must be dreaming - 6/22/2006

I read the posts about Ogden left here by others, and I just gotta say, they must be referring to an entirely different town. I've lived in the Ogden area for the last 15 years and in Ogden proper for the last 4, so I can speak from experience. Ogden is a much maligned, hidden jewel. I guess I don't mind if it isn't experiencing the crazy growth that many other areas of Utah have to constantly deal with. That means there is a stability here with the population, traffic, business, etc. I am vey lucky to live in the shadow of the Wasatch mountains with hiking trails a few blocks away. I live in a neighborhood with old trees so I have shade and birds and changing colors and fresh air. I didn't have to pay very much for a wonderful historic home because real estate is undervalued in Ogden and the trend in Utah is to build new "Garage Mahals". I don't have to go far to see the Utah Symphony, the Utah Opera, Ballet West or Utah Musical Theater. I can go to festivals, parades, a farmer's market, the library, art galleries, fine restaurants, etc. I live near Weber State University, so I can enjoy all that has to offer. My children benefit from the University now, because it is involved in the Ogden City Schools. There may be high crime statistics, but I suspect that is the case because so much is done to catch and deter crime here. I have never felt unsafe by myself or with my family. As for employment, if you have a hard time finding work here, I can't think of why. There are plenty of jobs. There are no "slums" here. There are certainly areas that need more care and attention, but I don't know where to go where that isn't the case. As for the people here--they are the friendliest, nicest, most neighborly I have ever experienced. The last 4 years here have been a joy, and I can't believe how lucky we've been to live here.

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Ogden, UT

Ogden is a wonderful place to live - 6/16/2006

I do not know why there were so many rude and negative comments about Ogden. Ogden has a thriving economy. We have more jobs than we have people. I bet the people who made those comments haven't been here in a very long time, if at all. Ogden is under a revitalization and undergoing beautification...Our historic district is just fabulous. Homes are affordable and neighborhoods are nice. Of course, as with any other city, there are some "blighted" areas... nothing I would call "ghetto"...just older homes. Anyone who has lived in a big city will appreciate the "un-ghetto-ness" of Ogden. Every city has different economic classes living with in it. Ogden has some WONDERFUL people, wonderful businesses, a wonderful mayor and is a community that I choose and am proud to raise my children in. I moved here from California (San Diego) and it has been the best decision ever. No regrets. I would never move back to CA. I love the fresh air and quality of life. I honestly rarely go outside of Ogden as far as shopping or entertainment...everything I need is right here and it's AWESOME!

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Modesto, CA

Is there anything GOOD about Ogden?? - 3/30/2006

My family and I are planning to relocate to Utah in June and had planned to buy a home in Ogden, but your negative comments are scaring me off. Does anyone have some positive comments to add some balance?

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