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 Joseph Griffin
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Star Rating 3/24/2011
Plano is a good place to live if you work in Plano. If you work in Dallas you will have a 45 minute to 1 hour commute each way. Housing is good just like the rest of Texas. Plano is too crowded, too many people, too many Indians and H1B workers, and immigrants. Too many immigrant Doctors. Overall health care is poor. The cap on Medical Malpractice is 250k which attracts all of the poor quality health care providers. Plano attracts all of the immigrant and low quality health care providers because it is rated as the highest income per capita town in the state. You have to go into Dallas to get good health care. East Plano is like little Mexico with an abundace of illegals.



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moosa q.

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those are all LEGAL immigrant doctors. No Illegal immigrant can practice as Doctor in State. Do your home work. USA is all about Immigrant. if you like to go deeper then the Land originally belongs to Red Indians. In begining all the settleres came from around the world. the eastern european who has a white skin color can easily mingle among other whites so do any white skin even places like Iran, afghanistan can easily mingle. USA is a country of IMMIGRANT. Do your home work. also i always emphasize on education. if more white people become Doctors then you dont need Indian doctors even though the Indian Doctors are very highly qualified. The town where I currently live 80% indian and asian Doctors and people are happy with their services. not only that some white folks go to Mexico to get better services in health care. you dont know any thing. you cannot stop immigration, immigration happens throughout history people move always for betterment. You are just Narrow minded person who live in a NUT shell.



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