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We are recnt young-ish retiress, seeking a friendly place to live. We have lived in upstate NY for the past 30 years and are not weather driven. Not a big sunshine fan and do not mind rain at all. We very much did not like Florida and have no desire for sunshine all the time or a pool. The weather in Gig Harbor certainly better than where are currently living, except it doesn't get as much snow ,ice and bone chilling cold. I grew in California and have no desire to live there again. In short, we GET the drawbacks for some but they are not OUR drawbacks.
What we mostly seek are decent hospitals, resources for seniors & possible low stress part time employment. We can go to Seattle for culture,if need be or even Portland. 2 of our 3 kids live in the area,as well.
I may choose to go back to work until I am 62 in a couple of years.I find that folks that say there is no employment are looking for a high paying "good" job. I'd be happy to be a bank teller or a retail clerk, where you don't let your work define punch in ,do the job and go home and forget it when you leave.It appears to me there are jobs like that in Gig Harbor and in Tacoma. Don't mind driving.

Am I wrong?


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Robin H.

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I live in Gig Harbor and love it. Its a showcase town for WA state! Very serene, beautiful...near the Harbor, near Puget sound, has abundant shopping. I could go on and on. It's downright lovely!



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