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living in Seattle - 2/12/2012
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I have lived in Seattle most of my life. The best houses and safest place to live is Issaquah, Kirkland, Mercer Island and Bellevue. They are all suburbs of Seattle. Bellevue is more of middle class metropolitan area. Houses likely start at $450,000
Sounds like a lot of money and it is but the quality is not really there unless you live in Medina and that would mean your house is worth at least $1,000,000. Great shopping and food. Some up scale clubs if your into that. Several churches
. Apartments in bellevue ate rather dated and don't have much to offer unless you live near downtown Bellevue. Kirkland is upper middle class city nice parks. Close to the city Redmond where beautiful Marimoor Park is. No real entertainment. Great place to raise children. However very limited in cultural diversity unless Asian and White is diverse enough for you. Very fewlimited apartments. Several privatechurches schools near by. Issaquah is an upper middle class city. Houses start in the high $400,000 but due to the housing market housing cost have decreased and that statement applies to all of the cities
The schools curriculum is top notch for students. That is the reason why I moved here although I don't like my son's teacher. Apartments rentals start at $900.00 but can increase to as much as $2800.00. I have a 3 bedroom apt 2name bathroom and medium quality apartment and the rent is $1545.00 plus water and sewer
Total expense is $1648.00. Each apt gets 1parking space and of you want a garage it will cost $150.00. Issaquah has lots of trails. It's a small suburb. Cultural diversity is limited White and Asian being the majority, a growing Indian population certainly more than Blacks which are 1% of the community. A small Hispanic community likely less than 1%. There are a few mixed race couples and children .
I am mixed heritage Black and White. I have three children that look Black and 1 that looks White. My husband is White. There are a few African families maybe 3.
Severe churches. No nightlife. A few pro football players but we don't them and you will know when you see them because they stand out like a sore thumb. Crime is minimal. Washington state is looking to approve gay marriage on Tuesday. I'm against it and that was the reason why I was on the website looking to move. The communities I mentioned are all the ones I would be willing to live in
I failed to mention Mercer Island. This city is anthe island. It is upper class about 5miles to Seattle connected by a freeway. Houses like start at $650,000
. Schools are meet the highest of standards. Large Jewish community. The majority population os White

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re: living in Seattle - 2/12/2012 - 6/29/2012
So you're commenting on the lack of diversity in Seattle, and you yourself are mixed- race, yet you're looking to leave because they're going to allow marriage for gays and lesbians? Unbelievable.

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re: living in Seattle - 2/12/2012 - 10/12/2012
Oh good God. Everyone has been telling me that I should relocate to the PNW because I'd fit in so well as opposed to NYC. I wanted to be around down to earth people, coffee, the ocean, mountains and culture. But reading this, Seattle sounds worse than New York! People actually ice you out? Come on, why? Because Seattle friendships are in such high demand? That's so unfortunate. I guess it's back to square one on finding a place to live where I can actually cultivate good relationships.

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Fruitland Park, FL

Seattle/Miserable Town - 8/10/2016

I spent five unhappy years in Seattle, going to college. It is true what people say about the place being unfriendly. If you say something to someone at a bus stop, say, or in a grocery store line, you receive an incredulous stare like you are crazy. The people are narrow-minded, arrogant and pretentious. They ridiculed me, a Southern boy, for how blacks were treated down South. I noticed blacks in Seattle were bottled up in a few parts of town, and not real welcome elsewhere around town. Only “white” blacks are welcome about town, and never in large numbers. The place is bleeding heart liberal country with all its folly. Once I complimented a woman on her looks. Another woman accused me of sexual harassment. Political correctness rules, meaning everyone is afraid to do anything because someone will be offended. When white officers were acquitted in the Rodney King trial, robotic students attacked the admin building at the UW, mindlessly running liberal programming code. If you don’t agree with the obnoxious liberal politics, you are singled out to be persecuted. If you are poor, God help you. This is a city in love with money, appearances and pretension. Yes, it’s very pretty despite all the ugliness. Avoid. . . .

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Seattle, WA

Places in the Heart - 5/11/2016

I have lived in Seattle for 36 years. It has changed a lot - for better and worse but is still lovely. Still a place at 23 I would want to move to - even more than the city it was in 1980. I can't imagine finding a city with more resources at your fingertips, more caring about the environment, more beautiful, or a better place to garden. But I do know of places much more affordable - especially now (2016) and much easier to live on a fixed or lower income. That is why I am retiring elsewhere with great sadness but also knowing that I will never have to sit through three months of solid rain again. Days of precipitation surprisingly on 17 more than middle TN (can that be right?) but days of gray 65 more. I'll take the sunshine and the hard rain then sun and the much much lower cost of living. Great place to live with a good job. I love you Seattle, always will.

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San Antonio, TX

Its what you expect - 2/24/2016

Yeah it does tend to rain 8 months out of the year while hovering in the 30s and 40s which makes the rain bite into you a bit. Traffic is very very bad. Rush hour is just a nightmare. People don't seem to want new friends. They will do everything they can to ignore you short of being hostile, although this is becoming more and more common everywhere these days. There is a lot to see and do. It is interesting and pretty to look at. Its a pretty diverse city and proud of it. If you are a liberal minded person you will enjoy it. Its a safe city, violent and property crime is quite low. Expensive, not California expensive but still not cheap at all. In my opinion the thing about Seattle is the scenery outside of the city. Drive 40 miles east to the mountains for some of the most beautiful areas you have ever seen.

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Austin, TX

moving from Austin TX to Seattle WA - 9/11/2015

Wow, I googled the opposite, from Austin to Seattle. Let me tell you the differences. Summer Seattle rocks with its weather/cool temps. Other than that, Seattle is full of young punks and even older people who are very mean - I truly mean MEAN not just discourteous - compared to the loving natural culture of Texas, especially Austin. In Seattle from Austin, you see the map with all the water ... you'll never see a tad of it unless you buy a big multi-million dollar home on the water. Same as in Austin, but all the water is misleading. Traffic - a jillion times worse in Seattle - yes Austin, I really mean this! There are few freeways, or you have to use ***** boats to get your car from the really nice inexpensive homes to the city. It is a pain. There IS a football team, but the QB is a real jerk. You from Austin will love the weather, this is true if you hate sunshine. I hate sun, so this makes me happy. The business climate hugely SUCKS. It is horrible. Whatever business you are doing, expect times 10 more competitors, Seattle-ites to hate you because you are new, and do not move here unless you can live on your savings for a year or so, plus. Living expenses higher. UGLY UGLY UGLY homes in Seattle, all is ugly here including downtown. It's old, very very very UGLY. Not even close to Austin's beautiful new homes all over the place with limestone rocks and loveliness. No here, very few new any's and all even if new is very UGLY. The people are the worst. Seattle, get a grip. Lose your attitude. You are losers. Get over yourselves. Texan friends, people in Seattle are the rudest and truly stupidest (what is with their low IQ?) people I have ever met in my life. Enlightened = Austin people. Thugs/stupidity = Seattle people. Seattle thugs should all be put in a rehab program to learn how the rest of the country -especially Texas - naturally interacts with kindness. It would be a blast of newness for these hard core very mean idiots.

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Seattle, WA

The Wet - 8/5/2015

It doesn't rain nearly as much as people think.

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Seattle, WA

206 - 5/28/2015

I've lived here all 21 years of my life, and I can't wait to leave. It's a beautiful place for anybody without a background. But if you just so happened to be a troubled child, they will for sure hold it against you for the rest of your life. I'm hoping to find a place to call home, have a second chance, and raise my growing family. My hometown is not the place I'll be able to do that. It's infested with drug addicts and whores. I am the 99% and Seattle is a 1% kind of economy.

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Carlsbad, CA

Great city but don't be naive - 2/23/2015

I lived in Seattle for 34 years and worked downtown nearly all that time. I know the downtown and surrounding areas very well and feel I can speak fairly about the place. The city itself is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful cities in the country, if you, like me, enjoy a concentrated skyline that looms gorgeously above the landscape. The Space Needle, Pike Place Park, Gasworks Park, Seattle Center and other landmarks are unforgettable. The old neighborhoods near the city, where I mostly lived, are great but are more of a mix than most cities (beautiful homes next to dumps). T he countryside about 20 miles outside the city consists of endless forest land with all the outdoors enjoyment that comes with mountainous, heavily treed terrain. But with all the pluses, don't be naive. If you think the rain and cloudiness are something you can quickly adapt to, chances are you will be in for a very unpleasant surprise. A grayness, with drizzle and rain, settles in relentlessly by mid-September, lifts for a couple weeks in April as a tease, and then returns well into June. Summers often are short. I witnessed three years in my 34 where summer sunshine lasted less than three weeks. When the rain returns in September, it WILL be gray and rainy for months. Also, while Seattle isn't a big snow city, the damp cold feels very cold and can last a long time. Also, don't be naive about the traffic. The beautiful bodies of water (Puget Sound and Lakes Union and Washington) compress the freeways and traffic into and out of the city is a nightmare. This is a concentrated population with no mass (train) transit. Seattle is not what most people consider an overly friendly or outgoing city (though residents are more open to all types of people than most places). By February or March people tend to be hunkered down and, yes, depression is quite common. This is nearly the ultimate test of how one does with light depravation. I know this first hand. I have read that many people move to Seattle only to leave within a year or two due to the gray and rain. A close friend and long time resident left Seattle for Denver, missed Seattle so much his family returned and bought a house in their "old neighborhood”. A year later they realized they simply couldn’t do with SO LITTLE sun and returned to Denver. It’s a wonderful city but don’t be naive. Seattle is simultaneously a wonder and depressing place.

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Lakeville, MN

Looking to relocate from Minneapolis to Seattle - 10/8/2014

I'm single (widowed) 48 years old and enjoy running, cycling and swimming. I compete in Ironman, marathons and triathlons. I've lived in Minnesota all my life but the winters are just getting worse and we're locked up for nearly 6-7 months with snow and freezing temps. I often hear that Seattle does have rain during the winter months, if I can put up with snow and freezing temps below 0 - I think I can handle rain. I want to be able to enjoy the change of seasons but not have the harshness of winter that I've known for so long. I work for a large financial institution, so finding a condo close to the downtown area so I can commute by walking or mass transit is prime. I want to be close to the opportunity to run and cycle without having to drive my car to get there and then run or ride. I hear Belltown is the place to live but certainly there must be communities around Belltown that can offer me just as good of a place to live. And I know that I don't have to worry about finding a Starbucks - they're everywhere and that's just awesome!

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Monument, CO

Seattle aka furry con 24 7 - 6/1/2014

If you live in and work in the tech industry you chances are you know at least 1 or 5. Furries are a huge thing here in the Seattle and surrounding areas. They have meet ups all the time and even a convention called "Rain Furrest" They tend to be white middle to upper class guys. Most of winch are gay, although you would not know it unless they told you. They always are invading Capital Hill (gay district of Seattle). I had no idea util one of my co-works was talking about furries things...Turns out there are at least 10 of them in my department. I guess if you are a fan of the fur, Seattle is a great place to be. Not so much of one myself but I had to write this because I was fascinated when I found this out. Been trying to encourage one of them to come to work in suit, that would be XD!!

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Arlington, WA

Cool, grey, outdoorsy, educated, polite, reserved - 5/9/2014

There's no racism in Seattle. The black community tends to live in SE Seattle, but there's no problem if black people live elsewhere. Seattle is a liberal city, and almost everyone here is a Democrat. If you lived in Dixie and loved it, don't move to Seattle. Seattle is as different from Dixie as you can get. The weather is cool and grey most of the year. Drizzling is commoner than heavy rain. Snow is rare, and it doesn't last long if it does snow. People are very polite, but Seattleites are not very outgoing. If you are a black person in a white neighborhood, and people seem polite but reserved, it's not a racial thing. That's how people treat each other in Seattle, no matter what their race. If you are careful to recycle, your neighbors will approve of you. If you want to talk about Jesus, or praise the 'job creators,' you will find that your audience has drifted away rather quickly, but politely, very politely. It's a yuppie place - people are very educated here, and often work in high-technology companies in software, the internet, or high end biotec research. If you want to make friends, join a group that engages in outdoor activities, such as the Mountaineers. If you're conservative, Seattle is not for you. Go to east of the Cascade mountains if you want to be a conservative in Washington, and live in a community that is receptive towards your politics. Seattle is for hiking, mountain climbing, kayaking, skiing, sailing (under real sails, not in speedboats,) Go to art gallery openings, and demonstrate for liberal causes. I suspect that the major religion in Seattle is environmentalism. If you think Faux Spews is the best news station on the air, don't come to Seattle, or you will be shunned. Living here is expensive compared to the South or the Midwest. Land in Seattle is at a premium because it is squeezed between Puget Sound and Lake Washington. If you go very far to the east from Seattle, you are in the Cascade mountain range, which is difficult to build on. This is a mountain range that is high enough to have a number of glaciers and volcanoes. There are high mountain ranges both East and West of Seattle, covered with volcanoes, which you see over lakes and sounds. Evergreen trees are everywhere, so it is always very green. Rhododendrons, azalias, and camelias grow everywhere, as do ornamental cherry trees. All of this adds up to a city of stunning beauty.

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Port Ludlow, WA

Rainy - 3/6/2014

But I love it!

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Harrisburg, PA

Relocation and Jobs - 2/17/2014

I live in the northeast. My husband and I are trying to relocate to Seattle. We find it very difficult getting any employers to look at us because we are out of state. People say move first and then apply for jobs. Given the way the economy is right now, I don't find that to be a wise decision. However, I really want to move out there. My husband graduated college with a BA in Computer Science back in 2013. I only have an associates degree and have been working in accounting for quite a few years now. Is it hard to get a job once you move there? In addition, do you find the people to really be distant? I hear about the Seattle Freeze a lot but don't know how true that is. Every place has pros and cons. Just curious if Seattle is really that bad. I've been out there lots of times. I am familiar with the rainy overcast weather. Of course visiting is way different then living there. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

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Seattle, WA

0% Hispanic??? Are you guys blind?? - 2/9/2014

Look up real data! There's over 40,000 Hispanics in Seattle! That's 6.6%! Sperling needs to look up REAL demographic data!

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Seattle, WA

0% Hispanic??? Are you guys blind?? - 2/9/2014

Seattle has a Hispanic population that makes up 6.6% of the population! Not 0%! That's about 40,000 Hispanics and if you've been to Seattle and haven't seen that, just go to South Park! It's FULL of Hispanics! I believe around 40% of the people in that neighborhood are Hispanic! This website gives false information!

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Seattle, WA

Wood Stoves - 12/27/2013

Seattle is suppose to be green? I don't think so, woods stoves pollute the air, old cars, terrible air pollution especially in the winter. If, you a runner forget it. Many of the people I observe here have insalubrious habits.....sleeping and eating after their dogs, sleazy hotel and motels. Lots of hookers though if you are into that. I've lives all over the country and Seattle takes the cake...especially on Aurora Ave from 135th to 80th Ave Colds and Flu abounds.......lots of sickly people.......too much of a liberal city. Very expensive here, it is beating out California now. Crime rates sky high, taxes galore, tolls on all 6 and 7 dollars per trip. Gay Mayors.......quite racist as well here too! I was shocked for a liberal cities....I have found that conservative places are way less racist then liberal cities. And, in reality Liberals are into money and Conservatives are into sex! And, what's with the old-fashion wood stoves, I mean it's not like we are troglodytes. Use oil or electric for God's sakes.

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Annie James
Seattle, WA

Ideal City For Empty Nesters & Nature Lovers - 12/24/2013

I am one of the thousands of Midwest-raised folks who made the pilgrimage to Seattle (seems like every other person I meet here is from the Midwest). If you're from a sunny climate, you won't be impressed. But for those of us who grew up with harsh, continental climates, this is paradise. I can walk outside with almost no jacket one some days in the winter. I can run around outside for hours in the summer and not sweat a drop. It's definitely not as nice as sunny smooth Bay Area, CA but Seattle is probably the next best thing. What don't I like about Seattle? As a 20-something single, I don't feel like this is the most exciting place to be. Don't get me wrong, Seattle is beautiful. The greenery, the clean air, the mountains, the water, it's all here. But socially, this city seems to appeal more to wealthy folks over the age of 40 whose priorities are talking walks and having a garden in their backyard. The nightlife is not great, and you can go for miles and miles without seeing somebody in their 20's in many neighborhoods here. Not many families either, as they can't afford to live in the city. I really don't feel like there is enough noticeable population of singles in their 20s, outside of the University of Washington territory. Seattle is just not a city where people come to socialize and prioritize making new connections. They come here to enjoy the outdoors and live healthy. This could be a good or bad thing, depending on what you're into. It's a good place for LGBT folks. There are enough gay people here to where you won't really have to worry about homophobic discrimination as much as elsewhere. Anyone here who does have anti-gay views is usually more quiet and calm about it because they know they have to be around gay people anyway. So in that sense, it's a safe place to be gay. One downfall about the demographics here is that I don't really think Seattle is a great place to be black. Most of the non-whites (Asian, mostly) live in the suburbs, not in the city of Seattle. Regardless of how "liberal" a reputation Seattle has, I get the impression a lot of people here just aren't accustomed to black people and aren't comfortable around blacks. I am not black myself, but the black people I've interacted with here don't seem very happy and have a chip on their shoulder about being black here (I don't blame them, I would too). I would not want to raise a black child here, out of fear that they would have identity problems because they stick out like a sore thumb. But that's just my perspective. All in all, it's definitely a more interesting cultural experience compared to where I once was in the Midwest, but I still long for something more exciting and social.

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Lake Stevens, WA

Air Pollution - 12/16/2013

Seattle has poor air quality, especially in winter when many people burn (wood stoves, fire places)and air is stagnant. Many believe with all the rain and cloudiness that King county and Snohomish County have good air quality, however, check statistics on EPA "Airnow" web site, air quality is one of the worst in the country.

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Seattle, WA

Great place to live - 12/15/2013

I've lived in Seattle for nearly 40 years. I came here to attend the University of WA, fell in love with the city and have been here ever since. The city and surrounding area are beautiful, with a mild climate, plenty of recreational and cultural opportunities, great healthcare, and good employment opportunities. The one negative about Seattle is the cost of living which is significantly higher than the national average. I guess that shouldn't be surprising since it outranks in so many other categories.

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York, SC

best place to live - 12/15/2013

lived there for 35 years and dearly loved it. Has so much to offer

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Atlanta, GA

Relocating - 8/10/2013

Please send any information helpful in relocating to the Seattle Area. Queen Anne, or Belltown are the areas in Interested in. Thanks

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