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Star Rating 8/17/2011
There are no perfect places. Some have high unemployment but beautiful views, or high wages but unfriendly people. North Carolina does not have the highest wages, unless you go near the Research Triangle area or Charlotte, but we have generally helpful people and the advantage of a relatively mild climate and the mountains and coast with many beautiful places. Those who are native to the area have been raised to be respectful and helpful to others. We are also proud people and believe in being as self reliant as possible. NC is part of the Bible Belt and while church going is not as prevalent as it used to be, moral values are important to most people. If you are looking for a place where designer clothes are important and keeping up with the Joneses a way of life, you may not like NC. If you are looking for friendly people who are more impressed by your inner character than your status, you will love NC.



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Michael Rodriguez
Sanford, NC
From California, living in North Carolina
I was born and raised in California, and lived there a ...
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Margaret Conway
Bay Village, OH
North Carolina is not safe.
To Best Places: Due to an archaic discriminatory commo...
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clay harrell
Unadilla, GA
Love the parts of NC I've seen !
I don't live in NC, I'm from GA. But wish I was wealthy...
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Allison Fick
Reading, PA
Keep an open Mind
Typical northerns who cant appreciate southern culture ...
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Debra Kay
Durham, NC
Durham NC
I love where I live in Durham NC. It is nice that it i...
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Ken Johnson
Icard, NC
Dobbs Youth Development Center
No place to vent this information. Dobbs Youth Developm...
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