Update on Tampa Area - August 2010

 Susan Brown
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Star Rating 8/23/2010
In the Tampa Bay area the housing market is one of the worst in the country. You do have the beaches, sports and nearby attractions. There is no income tax, but they dollar you to death. Example: Duplicate Title for your car last year was $25, this year $85. Be ready to shell out a boat load for new tags now-at lease $300 per vehicle.
Schools here are horrible. I wouldn't put my kid in a FL school if my life depended on it. Crime is totally out of control, with armed robberies on the increase. The only jobs available are low income service jobs or public sector such as schools, government. Traffic is a nightmare and the weather is very hot and humid for 9 months out of the year. (not to mention hurricanes). Oh, and if you purchase a home, your homeowners insurance will cost you $2-3K per year and your property taxes will cost $6K on a $300K home.

Tampa is a nice place to vacation - not to live!



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