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knowing what i know about Jacksonville, if i were considering a move to
the sunny state of Florida i would definately choose another city in Fla.
I lived in Jacksonville for 39 years, and i recently just moved from there
because the city has gotten so awful and crime ridden it is just hard to
believe it is in the United States anymore even. Their are multiple reasons
why i would never live there again or recommend anyone even considering a
move there. For review purposes i do not mean to be overly harsh but the
vast majority of people in Jacksonville seem to be just rude for no apparent
real reason and after close observation come across as dangerous with many
being obviously clearly uneducated. If you look at all of the recent crime statistics for the last few years it is verifiably a DANGEROUS PLACE to live.
Notable of the fact that there is practically a church on every street corner
the community in Jax is terribly violent and Crazy. and for the last several years unfortunately jax has been the well known murder and violent crime
capital of the State o Florida. The climate is also a major downside as it
is one of the worst in the country on the comfort scale. overall mostly because of the near unbearable heat and humidity combination. If you do not
believe this check the data from the comfort index on this very site, it is
like 29 or something out of 100. One of the lowest readings i have ever seen.
So there is not much good to say about the Jacksonville area even if you are
looking for a biased positive review. It is the kind of place where you move
to and just end up getting stuck there because the local economy and living
conditions are so bad off. Be fore-warned this city is full of nothing but
crime,racial gangs and rednecks and the city's police force is extremely
overly aggressive proably out of necessity and a clearly dominant military
theme personifies most of the community. at one time as many as 3 military
bases were home to the jax area but now there are only 2 after the closing
of the cecil field base on the westside several years ago. also it is well
documented, the city has enough cops to supply a small army but cannot afford
to keep the cities libraries funded and functioning long enough to support
even reasonable hours. The schools are violent and dangerous and have consistently recieved failing marks from the federal government and the state
repeatedly. a big part of the problem is the city is over run with corruption
and honestly has the highest level of local government official corruption
anywhere i have ever seen in a concentrated area anywhere in a U.S. city.
It is a truly remarkable bad city and a scary place that i would not recommend to anyone short of considering a move from Juarez,Mexico and even
by the south's normally forgiving standards. If you ever visit or move there
remember this review and let it be your guide as few people comment on cities
with so much expierence and many reviews on this site are done to make cities
look pretty and overly attractive as if they were being written by the chamber of commerce people themselves instead of honest long time citizens
speaking from expierence. Obviously because it is in Florida many will logically end up in Jacksonville not knowing the city's history or reputation
and thinking they are in Florida and fall into a real trap expecting Palm
Beach or your typical central South FLA type community. Not so. Instead, they
will be sorely dissapointed and may find themselves trapped in a dangerous
living situation. In my opinion it does not represent the state of Florida
well at all and unless you favor the military/police state lifestyle and
high crime, the mob, government corruption and ridiculously uncomfortable
weather i would never in a million years recommend anyone moving there.

I might add this site is a great resource for other cities and there is one
good thing about Jacksonville,Fl (yes,there is one) and that is the downtown
area is beautiful, with all the lights and bridges and the Jax Landing is a
nice feature for the city but all things considered the St.John's river is
the city's most attractive asset but certainly is not enough to overcome all
of the city's notably scary negatives. If you are thinking about or are
considering moving to Florida think further south! The Central Florida area
is nice and it seems the further south you go in Florida the nicer it gets.




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layla s.

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Hi ,Im looking at moving to Florida and my husband was offered a job in Jacksonville,i found your post after trying to research the best places to live. I am actually from England and have moved to the us with my two children as my husband is from Ohio which is where we currently live. Please can you tell me which area if not Jacksonville do you think would be a good family place to live ?



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