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"considering moving to Jacksonville? do your homewo"

considering moving to Jacksonville? do your homewo - 1/9/2011
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knowing what i know about Jacksonville, if i were considering a move to
the sunny state of Florida i would definately choose another city in Fla.
I lived in Jacksonville for 39 years, and i recently just moved from there
because the city has gotten so awful and crime ridden it is just hard to
believe it is in the United States anymore even. Their are multiple reasons
why i would never live there again or recommend anyone even considering a
move there. For review purposes i do not mean to be overly harsh but the
vast majority of people in Jacksonville seem to be just rude for no apparent
real reason and after close observation come across as dangerous with many
being obviously clearly uneducated. If you look at all of the recent crime statistics for the last few years it is verifiably a DANGEROUS PLACE to live.
Notable of the fact that there is practically a church on every street corner
the community in Jax is terribly violent and Crazy. and for the last several years unfortunately jax has been the well known murder and violent crime
capital of the State o Florida. The climate is also a major downside as it
is one of the worst in the country on the comfort scale. overall mostly because of the near unbearable heat and humidity combination. If you do not
believe this check the data from the comfort index on this very site, it is
like 29 or something out of 100. One of the lowest readings i have ever seen.
So there is not much good to say about the Jacksonville area even if you are
looking for a biased positive review. It is the kind of place where you move
to and just end up getting stuck there because the local economy and living
conditions are so bad off. Be fore-warned this city is full of nothing but
crime,racial gangs and rednecks and the city's police force is extremely
overly aggressive proably out of necessity and a clearly dominant military
theme personifies most of the community. at one time as many as 3 military
bases were home to the jax area but now there are only 2 after the closing
of the cecil field base on the westside several years ago. also it is well
documented, the city has enough cops to supply a small army but cannot afford
to keep the cities libraries funded and functioning long enough to support
even reasonable hours. The schools are violent and dangerous and have consistently recieved failing marks from the federal government and the state
repeatedly. a big part of the problem is the city is over run with corruption
and honestly has the highest level of local government official corruption
anywhere i have ever seen in a concentrated area anywhere in a U.S. city.
It is a truly remarkable bad city and a scary place that i would not recommend to anyone short of considering a move from Juarez,Mexico and even
by the south's normally forgiving standards. If you ever visit or move there
remember this review and let it be your guide as few people comment on cities
with so much expierence and many reviews on this site are done to make cities
look pretty and overly attractive as if they were being written by the chamber of commerce people themselves instead of honest long time citizens
speaking from expierence. Obviously because it is in Florida many will logically end up in Jacksonville not knowing the city's history or reputation
and thinking they are in Florida and fall into a real trap expecting Palm
Beach or your typical central South FLA type community. Not so. Instead, they
will be sorely dissapointed and may find themselves trapped in a dangerous
living situation. In my opinion it does not represent the state of Florida
well at all and unless you favor the military/police state lifestyle and
high crime, the mob, government corruption and ridiculously uncomfortable
weather i would never in a million years recommend anyone moving there.

I might add this site is a great resource for other cities and there is one
good thing about Jacksonville,Fl (yes,there is one) and that is the downtown
area is beautiful, with all the lights and bridges and the Jax Landing is a
nice feature for the city but all things considered the St.John's river is
the city's most attractive asset but certainly is not enough to overcome all
of the city's notably scary negatives. If you are thinking about or are
considering moving to Florida think further south! The Central Florida area
is nice and it seems the further south you go in Florida the nicer it gets.

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re: considering moving to Jacksonville? do your ho - 2/28/2011
Hi ,Im looking at moving to Florida and my husband was offered a job in Jacksonville,i found your post after trying to research the best places to live. I am actually from England and have moved to the us with my two children as my husband is from Ohio which is where we currently live. Please can you tell me which area if not Jacksonville do you think would be a good family place to live ?

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Jacksonville, FL

Housing Stats from Sperlings are wrong - 4/27/2016

Not sure where this site is pulling their data from, but the Median Sales price in Jacksonville Florida is over $140,000 in 2016. That's a stat directly from the Realtor's Multiple Listing Service.

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Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville Florida - 2/13/2016

Not good place to raise a family. I would get a good security system here and watch your backs because the criminals are hiding There have been over 750 unsolved homicides in Jacksonville Florida, and believe me you cannot tell if you're in a community at first if it's crime ridden, so my adivse is go to the local police station first and get a police report, they will tell you on the report and show what crimes have been there. Just a word of caution "THE GRASS IS NOT GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE"

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Orange Park, FL

Not Friendly - 12/27/2015

This in response to someones post. This city has the worst drivers they dont use their horns dont use turn signals just cut in front of you will not let you merge they just speed up.They dont want an amusement park here.I hear its run by the church.This city still uses the word Yankee and everyone screens you by asking whete are you from.They dont want to attract tourist so I was told thats why they wont build any amusement parks.People only want to be your work buddy nothing else.The jobs pay so low and mandate overtime without your permission. If you get evicted the judge wont even let you appear in court to state your case she will just say sorry you gotta move they make up yheir own rules here.Its every man for himself.So many northerners move here for jobs and no snow but end up leaving this city after certain periods of time. Planning on moving outta this hell hole 2016

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Tallahassee, FL

will be moving to jax - 10/24/2015

There are a lot bad reviews,but large cities have some of every thing. I have lived all over the world and seen the good and the bad. You just have to choose your specific place and make the best of it. I've lived in Jacksonville temporarily before and will be moving back permanently. The worst part about the negative reviews is how the post will accuse the community of being closed-minded and yet will bash every belief held by others that is not in line with their own...go figure. It seems that if you're a conservative then you're "backwards " and uneducated. That's closed-minded! Progressives and conservatives clash but the truth remains unchanged. It's too bad we can't come together to identify truth. Anyway, Jacksonville will be what you make of it. Your lifestyle will either bring peace or trouble. Intelligent decisions will avoid most of the world's depravity and lead to a good quality of life wherever you live.

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Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

St John's county - 7/21/2015

Jacksonville is not in St John's County, it's in Duval. I live in Ponte Vedra Beach which is in St John's County.

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Jacksonville, FL

So, Jacksonville - 12/23/2014

People who have bad things to say about the city probably don't live in a good neighborhood. The overall feeling that you get from being in one section of this city is much different from being in the next. I think the best place to find a house would be in Old San Marco. There are good people there, and it is close to some of the top schools. Plus, house prices aren't as high as in nearby Granada. As for the crime rate, it is pretty high, but most residents aren't affected by it. The problem is that we need more police for such a large city. There are lots of things to do, and you aren't too far from other attractions in Florida (Disney World, Universal, St. Augustine, etc.).

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Jacksonville, FL

Crime in Jacksonville - 11/16/2014

Violent crime is high right now alot of murders and robberies. We need more police for a city of this size.

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Melbourne, FL

went to UNF in Jacksonville then moved away asap - 4/23/2014

I was raised in Brevard County, FL. UNF is a great campus and the beach area in Jacksonville is nice. However both my brother and I could not find jobs after earning bachelor's degrees in Criminal Justice in that area. I moved each year I lived there because the base music from neighbors and cars was so bad. I graduated in 2003 and resided there from 2001-2004. The traffic sucks, the water and power frequently would go out, and the beachside restaurants and bars were too pricey. 3/5 of that city is the hood. I am so glad I came back to Brevard. We have 72 miles of beaches, tons of beach volleyball, parks, and nice restaurants with bands, and no heavy traffic. It is much more laid back here. Lots of medical office, engineering firms, hotels, beachside cities, and stores. We do not have major crime and very small pockets of ghetto areas. Granted out population is smaller but so is all of the bad factors that increase with the population. In Jacksonville 11 years ago you could not even go to pick up your prescriptions at night and use the bathrooms. Pharmacists were getting robbed at gun point through the drive thru window. It is so sad how a city that once thrived now sucks. I am not super old but sometimes I wish I could glimpse into the past to see what it use to be like in hopes of helping to reform it. The cost of living is soo high. My advice is to live in quiet neighboring cities if you must locate to this area. Otherwise do not even go there. Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Orlando also have major crime, traffic, and a significant amount of citizens at the poverty line. Not saying poor people are bad but typically ghettos form nearby and some people get desperate. I was raised down south for a time also. Most of the people who lived there growing up or in the last few decades have all moved to central parts of the state where it is safer and more relaxed as a result. Do your research, this site is a great start.

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Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville Florida YOU WILL REGRET LIVING HERE - 12/11/2013

I came here in 1995 from California, LA. And it was decent when I got here and quiet. This city is so damn expensive, poor quality of life, absolutely no jobs whatsoever! I can't even understand why it is so expensive. It's very expensive to rent, I have lived all over Jacksonville, and Everywhere in Florida. I can understand if you go down south some, but JAX florida takes the toll. We have very poor and ghetto schools all over. I have also lived in many other States and this one is next in line for poverty stricken, bad economy. If your thinking of locating unless you make plenty of money don't bother coming here. They charge Hollywood prices for low budget housing. Of course people from NY would say it's better, NY is more expensive, also CAly people, but I can even understand why Caly is expensive, but even there to is not worth living unless you make more than middle class. That's a fact! HOT BORING HOT BORING EXPENSIVE! I have called every staffing agency in Jax believe me there is no jobs! you want a wonderful place go to TEXAS, Austin that is I lived there.

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Jacksonville, FL

You decide...Jacksonville, FL - 10/31/2013

You can't drive 3 miles in Jacksonville without seeing one, if not all of the following: Sex Toy store, roadside marker of a traffic fatality or a Pawn Shop. Tie that all together with a blistering heat, brutal humidity and a crime rate that ranks 24th out of the thousands of cities in the Nation, and the 10th worst water quality in the U.S. (The website 24/7 Wall St. examined the quality of water supplies in most major America cities, using data collected from multiple sources for five years (ending in 2009) by Environmental Working Group (EWG), based in Washington, D.C.) And I can't imagine being able to do better with no effort whatsoever in choosing a place to work and live.

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Jacksonville needs jobs - 10/25/2013

Jacksonville has high unemployment. The pay is ludicrous. A degree means nothing here. The zoo is vastly improved and a fun place. The air pollution is not as bad as it was 30 years ago. The Saint Johns area has very low crime and excellent schools. The Town Center has been one the more recent bright spots. Most of the people are friendly and considerate. The Middleburg element adds a redneck mean streak. The drivers in Deerwood are very rude. Climate wise it is hot and humid most of the time. Utilities are high, and commutes are long. The St Johns River has been exploited big business and polluted by sewage. It is a good ole boys town and now state. At least the tolls were removed. People may dress poorly but then again we are trying to keep our homes on meager pay. If we could find decent jobs we would stay but that is doubtful. Hopefully the Jaguars will get some sense and bring Tim Tebow here. That would give the city new energy and excitement.

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Jacksonville, FL

family - 10/15/2013

used to be a great city for rasing family now so so nothing special any more .

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Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville Florida - 6/18/2013

If you are educated with at least half a brain...Jacksonville is not the place for you! This is a slave state and it doesn't matter what race you are. I don't know how Jacksonville expects somebody to make a living on $10.00 an hour, JEA is high as hell, apartments are priced really low compared to other cities but you have to be making at least $30,000 to live here comfortably. Do you know why so many people get evicted because they have you sign an "at will" clause when you start working which says if we don't like your ass, we can fire you and there is nothing you can do. And they are right. So you might ask why not just move to another state, well it takes money to move and at 10.00 an hour you better not miss a day of work or you will be like all of us...just a paycheck away from being homeless. I worked at UNF as a custodian...even though I have a degree..I do have to eat..anyway, they wouldn't hire me for any administrative positions but they hired me as a janitor. I stayed long enough to get two paychecks and then I left; you have to pay for parking...go figure. I use to think bad about the people here, really, but after being in this stink hole, its not the people but the people doing the hiring who have been here all their lives and have never left Jacksonville. I worked as a Teaching Assistant with Duval Public Schools, I tell you that my check wasn't even $600 every two weeks and they don't even post their jobs, its all in who you know! Now other cities pay 12 or 13 an hour, same position...go figure. I can't wait to get the hell out of this depressing city and I would tell ANYBODY...do not even THINK about moving here or you really will regret it. On the internet, Jacksonville has good paying jobs, entertainment..that just to make you THINK Jacksonville is all that and a bag of chips! You can tell a real Jacksonville Floridian, they come into the grocery store with their bathrobe, slippers and hair tied up...I am not lying. The have ACCEPTED this way of life because they haven't been anywhere to compare it with.

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Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville Florida - 6/18/2013

If you are educated with at least half a brain...Jacksonville is not the place for you! This is a slave state and it doesn't matter what race you are. I don't know how Jacksonville expects somebody to make a living on $10.00 an hour, JEA is high as hell, apartments are priced really low compared to other cities but you have to be making at least $30,000 to live here comfortably. Do you know why so many people get evicted because they have you sign an "at will" clause when you start working which says if we don't like your ass, we can fire you and there is nothing you can do. And they are right. So you might ask why not just move to another state, well it takes money to move and at 10.00 an hour you better not miss a day of work or you will be like all of us...just a paycheck away from being homeless. I worked at UNF as a custodian...even though I have a degree..I do have to eat..anyway, they wouldn't hire me for any administrative positions but they hired me as a janitor. I

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Jacksonville, FL

The Truth about Jacksonville, Florida - 5/29/2013

I have lived in JAX for two years. We are retired, no kids. I bought a condo in the Southside next to Tinseltown and Town Center. If you are going to come to JAX, THIS IS THE PLACE TO BUY OR RENT. Clean, reasonable prices, great shopping and dining, etc. I paid 67K for my 2br condo overlooking a 22 acre lake and is gated with a pool, gym, Jacuzzi, community center,tennis. Condo fees are 249 a month. I paid $450 in property taxes last year, using the Homstead Act to reduce the tax value by 25K. THERE IS NO STATE INCOME TAX! THERE IS NO TAX ON FOOD! Car tags run around $400 for the first year, after that around $100 a year. I can get a pitcher of Miller at the Ale House for 6.00 all day, every day. We have a winter here in Jan and Feb when the average high is 70 and the low is 45. We had 3 nights at 26 and I put our electric fireplace on 2 nights all winter. September through March are perfect and then it gets warm and then hot in July and August but no worse than Northern Virginia where I came from. The St Johns River flows through the city but the many bridges keep rush hour to a minimum and lasts for about an hour or two at most. There are two Navy bases in the city that helps the economy. We have 5 great beaches here and they are never crowded like our southern beaches like Coco and Daytona. We have professional football and minor league baseball, a soccer team, arena football, even girls roller derby (trust me, it's a hoot). Fishing is great, boating even better, the riverwalk is very chic and the restaurants are so varied and reasonable, you will want to try them all. Since JAX is the farthest west city on the Florida east coast and hurricanes rarely hit here, usually staying out at sea and slamming the NC coast. The schools are not good and the crime is high just like most big cities, but the burbs, like Southside are much better. Lots of colleges, lots of students and lots of military gives JAX a young feel and it is one of the youngest populations in Florida. Us retirees, love it because you can always get somebody to do a small job for you. Also, if you cruise, JAX has a cruise boat and we are 5 hours away at most from Miami, Tampa, Charleston and 2 hours from Port Canaveral. The people are friendly and always helpful. The rents run from 700 a month for a 2br apt to about 1500 a month for a 4br house. You can still get condos on the Southside for 60K if you look hard. These are facts that I have learned since living here and I am sure there are prettier places to live but JAX comes real close.

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Saint Augustine, FL

Don't do it... - 1/23/2013

Jacksonville and the surrounding areas are way more expensive than you would think. Homes & property taxes are significantly lower than NJ (where we moved from). However, the cost of food and gas are much higher, and there are no exceptions to sales tax. The crime rate is higher than NYC's, sometimes topping Chicago's. The schools are awful. I personally listened in horror as the principal of one of the most highly rated high schools in the state, gushed with happiness because 40% of the student body can now read at grade level. The president of UNF described Jacksonville as an "intellectual wasteland". We could not agree more.

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Jacksonville, FL

Don't walk around at night - 12/12/2012

People seem to think everyone owes them something. I have seen someone jay walk across a 4 lane highway, head raised like it would be wrong of me to hit him.

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Jacksonville, FL

Cost of Living in Jacksonville - 6/23/2012

Jacksonville or what is known as the first coast is a great city to live in if you make about $50k a year and you better have the job before you come here as unemployment is really high. If you are on a fixed income I would not recommend the area. Housing costs are high for Florida especially if you rent as are the costs of groceries and gas but electricity rates here are killer. If you run you AC at all below 78 degrees plan on a $400 plus electric bill more if the home is not energy efficient. Summers here can get very hot 100 degrees plus and some of the older homes can not even cool below 80 degrees running the AC full time. I am now on a fixed income and this is the second house I have rented that was foreclosed on. Now I am leaving the area for a lower cost of living area.

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Baltimore, MD

relocation - 12/30/2011

what are the best places in Florida to live? I am relocating there for work and I want somewhere nice If I can get close to the beach,fine... I was recommended Tampa,Jacksonville,Gainesville and basically North Florida...I was also recommended Palm bay and Port St Lucie!!! HELP!!! LOL

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Jacksonville, FL

Not great if you have children - 10/30/2011

I have lived in Jacksonville for 20 years. Having read others negative reviews, I have to agree with a lot of what they say.It has it's good points which are the beach, Riverside, Avondale and various small nice areas. The weather is too hot but great if you hate snow and cold weather. There are 4 seasons but mild and the "winter" is very short, maybe 2 1/2 months of cold weather. The temperature does drop to below 32 degrees about 10 - 20 nights per year. It is very sunny and bright and the months of Oct and April have generally gorgeous and just magnificent weather. Other than that, overall, I have to agree with most of what the negative people said. The people are very closed minded. Coming from Toronto Canada, it was a culture shock when I first arrived. It was almost like going back in time the way the people think. It is hard to believe people are actually like this in this day and age. Like one guy said, they believe everything Glen Beck says. Simple things which would make the city more liveable and attractive are not done. For example, there are almost no picnic tables or benches anywhere. Bridges that cross beautiful, picturesque rivers are built in a way so that concrete obscures the view. Much of the spread out city looks like a baron wasteland of big box stores, car places and parking lots. Roads and public areas are not well maintained and most of the city looks dilapidated and run down. They have overgrown, medians everywhere littered with old yard sale signs and trash. The medians make it harder for drivers to enter businesses and u-turns are required everywhere just to get to for example, into the library. The people don't seem too happy and there are poor race relations. There is practically no cultural diversity and minorities are disliked and viewed with suspician. This goes across the board, neither the blacks nor the whites seem positive toward other nationalities or cultures. The only visable minority other than black are Philipinos who have no real area but are scattered around town. Hispanics are starting to come in but as yet have made no real positive impact to the area. The economy is really bad so that may account for the run down look of the place but in the 20 years I've lived here, it's never been economically doing well. It's just a little worse now than before. The schools are very bad, especially middle and high schools. Bike riding is extremely dangerous. The bike lanes are inches wide and traffic whizzes by at 60 miles an hour. I have personally known several people who have been hit and one co-worker who is completely paralyzed with spinal cord injury after a hit and run while biking in Ponte Vedra, one of the nicer and safe areas. Jacksonville has been determined to be one of the un-walkable cities in the entire nation. In addition to the murders, pedestrians are often hit and killed by motorists. Overall, this does not make for a relaxing atmosphere. Hardly anyone walks anywhere and the whole place looks like a ghost town populated only by cars. I have only lived here and Toronto and Montreal as a young person so I may not be realistic in my assessment as compared to other American cities but I've visited Orlando and Miami which appear much more appealing in every way except the traffic. If you are a retiree and are into a few cultural activities (we do have some here), but mainly would enjoy the weather, gardening and walks on the beach, Jacksonville might work out for you. Housing is cheap. I would not recommend it for a family as there is not a lot for kids to do and a lot seem to get into trouble with the law or drop out of school, possibly due to the lack of things to do and depressing job market.

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